36.- Leonard: Wow. He was the worst character of Pahkitew Island, and they chose him. They could've chose another, like Ella, or Samey, but they chose him. He's annoying, and incredibly silly. Glad he was eliminated first. As Don said, this show isn't about magic.


35.- Chet: Also, an annoying, unneccesary character. His fights with Lorenzo were stupid and tiring. Why did they go so far?. Him doing gymnastics on episode 7 was the only funny thing he had done.


34.- Tammy:  I feel bad for her. I mean, she's still as silly as Leonard, but she's also a totally forgettable character. On the first episode, she didn't even had dialogues!. Her Ocarina and that confetti were lame. 


33.- Mary: Nothing to say, I think she barely talked. Very forgettable. And her design... idk, just weird.


32.- Lorenzo: Even more forgettable than Chet, what was the point of fighting? It just got tiring and tiring. No memorable scenes, 0 development. The only reason he's higher than Chet is that his design is cool. That's it.


31.- Miles: Now, I think the chracters I don't like are gone, but I don't like her either. She's just Meh. Also not memorable, but her freak out while eating meat was hilarious. Nothing More. But I think that she could've done better.


30.- Ellody: Her voice is totally cute, also, she talking with Geoff was good. But nothing more. I think that they could made her an antagonist, mayble like Scarlett, from Pahkitew Island, sad she was gone early.


29.- Pete: He was okay. Not memorable, but not bad, some of his lines with Gerry were good, but I didn't like when they mocked the vegans.


28.- Laurie: Idk, I found her extremely hot imo. She eating meat was funny, and when she freaked out and punched Don... hilarious. Her elimination was unfair, she could've done better.  More memorable than her partner Miles, tho.


27.- Gerry: Way funnier than Pete. His lines on the ziplines and on episode 3 were really funny. But I think it was good they got eliminated early, if they lasted longer, they would've become annoying.


26.- Taylor. Idk wghy she was so mean to her mother, I mean, she gave birth to her! On those moments, I hated her, but she also had many funny scenes like when she was swimming, or in Hello and Dubai.


25.- Jay: I liked him at first, but then I got tired of him being so weak and being there just to talk about him and his brother's  allergies and medicals conditions. I think they got eliminated on the right time, not so early, not so high.


24.- Kelly: I like her, her interactions ith Dwayne and with Taylor were awesome, she's one of the coolest moms I have ever met imo.



23.- Owen: Dont missunderstand me, I like Owen, I really do. I like how he is loyal and friendly, but his fart jokes are really isgusting. And this season he's even worse. The scene when he drank water from the camel, and when he kissed that komodo dragon, were just disgusting af. But he did had some good scenes, like that wit Noah on episode 11, or with his Teddy Bear.


22.- Mickey: He's just soo adorkable. His voice is really cute, an hearing him cheering for his brother or even talking is very funny, sad that all his allergies and stuff like that made his character tiring.

21.- Spud: At the first 11 episodes, he was just tiring and stupid during that air guitar and gestures. Seeing him doing nonthing and leaving Rock with all the hard work was extremely annoying.
Then, he became more funny, fourtunately. His interactions with Carrie was really cute, and his song was comedy gold.  Also, him reacting to things late was a lot of fun.

20.- Tom: Also, a character I started hating him and ended liking him. When he refused to put his helmet on episode 1 I was really annoyed, also with some others scenes, but then, he became more and more likeable, and his elimination episode was the first RR elimination I felt really sad. Hope to see him again.


19.- Dwayne: He's the funniest dad I have ever met. Him trying to impress Junior, and trying to look cool were cute and funny. That episode when he lost Junior was awesome. His elimination was extremely sad, and when I heard his voice saying: "Of course Son, of course we can", made me burst into tears.


18.- Jen: She's also a lot of fun. Her interactions with Tom were really funny and cute, and seeing her blogging is really fun. Also, some good character development when he apologized to Tom, and cheering for him.


17.- Devin: He's probably the  character that had me confused the most. I mean, on some of the first 16 episodes, I really got tired of him, with him not realizing that Carrie was in love with him, and then him being a total d**** when Shelly broke up with him. But then, he became more and more funny. Still got tired with him being about to tell Carrie his feelings but couldn't.


16.- Crimson: All the lines she says is comedy gold, but, let me tell you something. I think........don't hate me please..... the goths are OVERRATED. I mean, they didn't do much. Just being there and say things tu make us laugh. And they succeeded in it.They should've been eliminated on the place of Father and Son.


15.- Rock: Rock is extremely likeable. Sometimes I got annoyed by him, but sometimes I don't. He was right all the times when he said that Spud was dragging him down, an I was glad that since episode 12 he didn't. He was a great teammate, hope to see him again.


14.- Stephanie: Her being bossy was really funny, and when she gets annoyed by Ryan, even more. I thought she was a very interesting character and I was surprised that she made it this far.


13.- Carrie: I really .like her, she's really cute and I didn't thought she was annoying. Even when she loved Devin, she never got sad or depressed, she kept trying to win the race, and that's something I admire of her. She's not stupid, she's realistic. I also liked her relathionship with the sisters.

12.- Ennui: He's way funnier than Crimson,lines like: "Do you want to look alive on this" or "noooooo" were comedy gold. I liked his hate towards the Ice Dancers. I'm missing him, but as I said before, he's overrated.


11.- Ryan: He's one of my favorite males of this season. At first, I thought he was a bland, one-dimensional guy. But then, he became more and more funnier. His interactions with Carrie were really good, and seeing him agreeing with Stephanie at all was comedy gold.

Noah air guitar
10.- Noah: HE ROCKS. See what I did there? He rocks...yeah. Whatever. Since TDWT, he was way funnier that I expected him to be. Being sarcastic, funny and extremely likeable is what makes him that high on this list. Also, that Nemma plotline was really good.


9.- Junior: He could be the youngest of the characters, but it's one of the most mature of all. It's amazing how first he didn't wanted to be on this show, and then he took it seriously and enjoyed it. Also, his relationship what his dad was really good and relatable, and him falling in love with Carrie was really funny also. I really want to see him again. He has a lot of potential.

8.- Josee: I love this girl. I love her evil laugh, her rabbit thing, everything. She's an amazing villain, I loved her rivalry with the Sisters, MacArthur, and how she betrayed her .I think she and Heather would be unstoppable. Her freakout when they got eliminated was hilarious, but they deserved it. 


7.- Brody: Dude! He's awesome! Geoff couldn't have a better partner. He's loyal, friendly, funny, competitive, and everything a good partner should be. The fact that they got eliminated on purpose, instead of the Best Friends, was probably the most courageous elimination I've ever seen. His attraction to MacArthur is also hilarious.


6.- Emma: Best.Character.Development.Ever. I started hating Emma, I found her bossy and arrogant to Kitty, but then, she began to express her feelings to her sister, and how much she cared about her. Her elimination was sad, but her last words were really cute. Also, Nemma was really good, and I'm happy it went out well, not like Skave. I was really rooting for The Sisters. 


5.- Jacques: This guy is really hilarious. I loved him since his introduction with the " I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT" line. I knew he was going to be comedy gold. I think that Josee was the main villain, but Jacques was also a really good one. He had many memorable scenes, like that with the bull, or when he put all the oil on his hair. And I liked how he calmed Josee down when they got eliminated. Definetly a good character.

4.- Geoff: I loved him on TDI, but on the aftermaths of TDA he was kindof a d****. I'm glad he's cool again in this season. Like Brody, he's loyal and funny. I liked how he made many friends and decided to share his money with the BestFriends, what  a nice gesture! He's really a gentleman.


3.- Sanders: At first, I thought he was a bland character, but then, he started to become more and more strong, showing more her personality, her strenght, and her will to win. She also had many hilarious lines like that on the tree with MacArthur when she confessed that she didn't pay something she bought. Dang, she's more evil than Mal. On the finale, she was even better. I loved how she took of her cast just to win. Idk she reminds me of Courtney for her design.


2.- MacArthur: Valentina rocks! I love her. Every time she speaks, it's gold. I love all of her Nailed It! Lines, and also when she talks about her glutes. Her rivalry with Kitty was really good, sad It only lasted for one episode. But the rivalry I really enjoyed and loved was her vs Josee. That's why The Shawshank Ridonc-tion is probably my favorite episode of the whole series. I didn't like her fart jokes, but I'm glad that didn't last long. Also, i absolutely LOVED her at "How Deep is your Love" That last scene was PURE GOLD. She showed how much love she had for her partner. Huge character development. An amazing character.


1.- Kitty: I love her. I love her I love her I love her. OK. Chill, Joaquin. She's the smartest, funniest, kindest person of this season. I loved her relathionship with her sister Emma, and the fact that she wanted to take a selfie with all she saw. I also loved her relathionship with Carrie, and when she slapped Devin several times while saying " ARE YOU KIDDING ME" I decided she was my favorite. I liked how she wanted and at the same time didn't wanted Nemma to happen, and how she wanted to win  because she wanted to help to pay for her sister's law school. She's a queen. 

So, that's it guys! My first Top! Comment your opinions, I'd really aprecciate it. Also comment what do you want to see next, maybe some reviews or some other tops. See you later ;)

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