Hello, Joaquin here again!

I wanted to thank y'all who commented on my last blog, I really aprecciate it!

Now here's my next top, enjoy!


18.- LARPers. Annoying. Boring. I'm glad they were eliminated first. 0 development. Tammy with that confetti thing was stupid, and Leonard's voice was also annoying. The producers could've put a more interesting couple

Stepbrothers Hang Glider

17.- Stepbrothers: Also another annoying couple. They just fought. Nothing else. They didn't even interact with another teams. Their fight at first were hilarious, but then they became extremely tiring. How did they lasted so long? And when they became friends, they were ALSO annoying.They should've been eliminated instead of the Vegans or Fashion Bloggers.


16.- Geniuses: They barely talked, and they HAD potential. If they developed more, they would've been good antagonists. But they didn't. Ellody did had some good lines, but Mary... Was she even there? All she did was do creepy faces. She didn't talk at all, and when she talked, it was her elimination episode. I don't miss them at all, all they did was talk Math annoying stuff.


15.- Tennis Rivals: I was really sad they were gone so fast. They could've gone as far as the AdversityTwins, but they were the second last place... They were hilarious at every scene they were in, but the scene where they mocked the Vegans was not good. They're in this place because they didn't had as much screen time as i wanted to.


14.- Mom and Daughter:I liked this team, but sometimes they (especcially Taylor) were annoying. But they were some episodes like the one in Hawaii or Hello or Dubai that were really good for them, because they made their characters develop a lot. The scenes of Taylor swimming and thinking that she was the best until Kelly told her the truth were really good.

Miles Yells At Laurie
13.- Vegans: They were really good. I got to admit that Laurie was way better than Miles, but they two were really good. Sometimes they were a little bit annoying, but a good time overall, their elimination was unfair,  I really hope yo see them again. They both had really memorable scenes, like Laurie's freakout with Don or they two eating meat.


12.- Adversity Twins: I liked Mickey better than Jay, because he at least talked to people, while Jay only talked about their allergies. Also he was adorkable. But they two were a really good team, I liked how they wanted to win every challenge no matter what, but that sad music was really lame, as same as their elimination. But they were gone at the right time.


11.- Goths: As I said before, I find them very overrated. I mean, They're good at comedy, but that's it. They had 0 development, their best episode was Episode 11, where they showed their true selfs, but sadly, that wasn't repeted on any episode. Special mention to Loki, he was awesome! I wish he did something to the Ice Dancers, sadly, he didn't. Anyways, I really liked them, because they were hilarious, but I think they are way overrated


10.- Fashion Bloggers: A really cute couple, I loved how they are best friends and I totally ship them. Them blogging on the show was really funny, and I think they were eliminated way to early. The scene of Tom sleeping on the plane was hilarious, and on the episode where they were eliminated, they were extremely cute and likeable, seeing Jen cheering for Tom was really cute. And then, the things they said to each other while running to the Chill Zone... wow. I'll really miss them.


9.- Rockers: At first, they were a Meh team for me. Spud was really annoying while not doing anything, and Rock was okay. But then, their characters started to develop more, speccially Rock. Seeing Spud reacting late was really funny. Also, watching how much Rock cared for Spud was really cute. Spud was funny sometimes also. But I liked Rock better, because he was more realistic and mature.


8.- BestFriends: I have to admit. I got some trouble with this group. Sometimes they were annoying as hell. And sometimes they were extremely cute and likeable. I loved how Carrie as much as she loved Devin, she never stopped focusing on the Challenge, but then, Devin caused really anger at me, specially when Shelly broke up with him and he started being such a d****. But then, he was really funny. Seeing them becoming a couple was really cute, but they still had some trouble on the way.


7.- Daters: For me, at the start they were good. But just good. Not funny but not dislikeable. Then, when they broke up, they were starting to grow on me. At first, they were annoying, because they looked like the 2nd Stepbrothers, but then, watching Stephanie being so bossy was really funny, and Ryan strated to be more likeable with his interactions with Carrie and losing control with Stephanie. Then, watching him agreeing with Steph at everything was hilarious. But, their elimination was the most stupid that I've seen, after that Lindsay's elimination on TDA.

Rtv pros
6.- RealityTVPros: I really liked this team, but had some trouble with Owen. I mean, I like this guy, I liked how he has to carry Noah for a few episodes when he was "broken" and I liked how he was more mature than another seasons, but his fart jokes are REALLY tiring and disgusting. On the other hand, Noah was really likeable and funny. They two were a good couple together, they really worked as a team, and they are good as best friends.

5.- Father and Son: This picture says everything. I loved them. I loved their relationship, how not everything is perfect, and they are fights. They were really cute and relatable together. Also, Dwayne had really funny scenes too. Their elimination was the saddest of the season. I cried, a bit. haha

Geoff and brody married
4.- SurferDudes: Also, an extremely likeable couple. I liked how they supported each other even at the bad times and I saw how Brody made Geoff a better person. They two did some really good gestures, and show how more gentleman they are. The fact that they eliminated themselves just to save the BestFriends, and then share their money with them was incredible. I, different than the others, am happy that they won, for what they had done, they deserved it.

3.- Ice Dancers: They're my third favorite antagonists, after Heather and Alejandro. They were awesome, I lo0ved how they were not perfect, they wanted to sabotage other teams but sometimes they failed. They were hilarious also, specially Jacques, and I loved how Josee and Jacques showed how much they cared for each other. I think Josee was the main antagonist, but Jacques was a really good and funny partner. I liked how he tried to chill Josee when she freaked out, specially on the finale, when they got eliminated, and he accepted it. I want to see them again, but I think that they not being antagonists would be also good.


2.- Sisters: I loved them, I loved how at first they showed Emma as the mean, bossy sister, but then she showed how much she cared for her sister, and how much she loved her. Their friendship with the BestFriends and her rivalry with the IceDancers was really good. Kitty was also a lot of fun with that selfie thing. And they worked really good as a team, supporting each other and never giving up.


1,- Police Cadets: They're the coolest PoliceCadets I've ever met. They were hilarious, specially when they acted like real cops and MacArthur acting like "bad cop". Sanders was really good and interesting, at first she was a little bland, but then she develop more, and showed her will to win. Their rivalry with the IceDancers was GOLD. It's one of the highlights of this season. Also, it was nice to see them do nice thing, just because it was the right thing. Like when MacArthur helped Josee, ignoring that they were enemies. That showed what kind of person MacArthur is. Also, that scene at the end of "How Deep is your love " was incredible. It made MacArthur's character develop a lot. I'm happy they lasted a long.

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