Ok... here we go.

Hello again guys ! Joaquin here, and today I'll do my top 86 of all the contestants and hosts that TD had on the history! As this will be a big list, it'll be divided in blogs, so this is the first of the top! 


86.-Staci: "And my great great great...(x100)" OH PLEASE SHUT UP. She's chatty, annoying and a compulsive liar. I can't with her. I mean, Why was she even on TDROTI? they could've introduced more interesting characters, but they chose her.  I'm glas that she  got eliminated first and don't want to see her again. But I think that no one deserves to get bald. (Neither Heather, I mean, she was evil, but, her Karma could've been another thing...whatever)


85.-Leonard: Should I say more? lmao. Everything I think about him is on other blogs, check them out.


84.- Sadie: So, my least favorite 1st generation character here. I don't hate her. I just thought she was useless and annoying. She never did anything without Sadie, and when she got eliminated, she cried for like two episodes.Lame. 

83.- Katie: I liked Katie better than Sadie, but that doesn't mean she's a good character. I really didn't know why i didn't put Katie and Sadie on one, because everything they did was together. The only reason I liked Katie more than Sadie where DodgeBrawl and The Sucky Outdoors.


82.- Tammy: Sadie 2.0. With magic. One-dimensional and annoying. I thought she had potential, but it's sad that she had such a bad partner. Also, seeing her with her confetti and that ocarina was lame.

81.- Ezekiel: I feel really bad for this guy. I think he shouldn't have been the first eliminated, it should've been Justin....idk. Whatever. He was, and then he was under the radar until TDWT happened. Omg. I thought he as a stowaway on the first episodes was really good, and a good running gag. But then... he became Gollum. WHY? He's just an inocent, homeschooled guy. I feel really bad for him, and there's no way back, that's why he's at this place.


80.- Chet: Also another boring, annoying character. I think he's the worst character of RR originals. Because from the first episode he looked as a person with 0 potential. All he did was fight, fight, fight. They were eliminated soooooooooo late. They should've been eliminated on the place of the Tennis Rivals.


79.- Lorenzo:Just as I said on previous blogs, same as Chet. Only liked him better for his design tbh.


78.- Mary: Design weird. 0 development. I can't say more, because she barely talked until her elimination. 

File:Tdpi beardo 180x180.jpg  77.- Beardo: He was weird. He was funny sometimes, but I thought what was his point on the series. Being comic relief? Probably. I thought he should've been eliminated after Leonard, seeing him for another episode would've been funnier. But not more     


Anne Maria

76.- Anne Maria: I really can't get why she's some people's favorites. On TDROTI he was just bratty, annoying and spoiled. I thought her "relationship" with Vito was useless, and seeing her treating Zoey bad... I couldn't with her. Her elimination was PERFECT, tho. But it should've been earlier.     



75- Sugar: By far the worst antagonist TD ever had, in my opinion. Heather, Alejandro, the IceDancers, even MAL were better than her, because they weren't annoying. But I think my biggest problem with her was her disgustingness. What was her point??? She's the reason why TDPI is definetly not my favorite season. Also, she treated bad Ella, for NO REASON. Even Max is better than her if we talk about antagonists.lmao.   

74.- Ellody: A perfect example about wasted potential. She was annoying sometimes while talking about math. But I think that if she lasted more, she would've been a perfect antagonist, like Scarlett. If there's a season with RR contestants again, I would really like to see her again, but without Mary. But I think it's stupid how people consider her one of her favorites. At least, now no. She has 0 development. Maybe they're just hipsters.Lmao. Idk. 

73.- B: I searched for B and found anything but him. I even found Amy and Samey on bikinis. Lol. Whatever, B was weird. Idk why they thought he has a good relationship with Dawn, I don't remember them together. He was just there, being a genius. And I wasn't a big fan of it. I think silent persons don't work well at TD, because they need to develop to be liked. That's why he's not higher on this list.  



72.- Amy: I saw a blog post some days ago that asked who's worse, Amy or Taylor. Definitely Amy is. Taylor after apologized, but we don't even know why Amy was so mean to her sister. She was just bossy to her, and I couldn't tolerate it. Her elimination was probably the most shocking and amazing of TDPI.       

71.- Justin:  Justin. The "perfect!"Justin. The "Beautiful"Justin. I hate how girls fall deeply in love with a man only because her face, and body. They don't even know his personality. And that's what happened on TDI, that's why I hated him. Then, on TDA, it was the same. But he had some funny scenes as an antagonist, and his elimination was also perfect.  


70.-Pete: Well, he never developed, but he was funny the 2 episodes he was in. (I say 2 becasue on the episode 2 he didn't speak). Nothing more to say, sadly.    

So these are my first 15 characters on the list. Show your opinions so far and make your predictions! Thanks for watching, I love y'all ;)      

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