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    Ok... here we go.

    Hello again guys ! Joaquin here, and today I'll do my top 86 of all the contestants and hosts that TD had on the history! As this will be a big list, it'll be divided in blogs, so this is the first of the top! 

    86.-Staci: "And my great great great...(x100)" OH PLEASE SHUT UP. She's chatty, annoying and a compulsive liar. I can't with her. I mean, Why was she even on TDROTI? they could've introduced more interesting characters, but they chose her.  I'm glas that she  got eliminated first and don't want to see her again. But I think that no one deserves to get bald. (Neither Heather, I mean, she was evil, but, her Karma could've been another thing...whatever)

    85.-Leonard: Should I say more? lmao. Everything I think about him i…

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    Hello, Joaquin here again!

    I wanted to thank y'all who commented on my last blog, I really aprecciate it!

    Now here's my next top, enjoy!

    18.- LARPers. Annoying. Boring. I'm glad they were eliminated first. 0 development. Tammy with that confetti thing was stupid, and Leonard's voice was also annoying. The producers could've put a more interesting couple

    17.- Stepbrothers: Also another annoying couple. They just fought. Nothing else. They didn't even interact with another teams. Their fight at first were hilarious, but then they became extremely tiring. How did they lasted so long? And when they became friends, they were ALSO annoying.They should've been eliminated instead of the Vegans or Fashion Bloggers.

    16.- Geniuses: They barely talked, and…

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  • Joax1411

    36.- Leonard: Wow. He was the worst character of Pahkitew Island, and they chose him. They could've chose another, like Ella, or Samey, but they chose him. He's annoying, and incredibly silly. Glad he was eliminated first. As Don said, this show isn't about magic.

    35.- Chet: Also, an annoying, unneccesary character. His fights with Lorenzo were stupid and tiring. Why did they go so far?. Him doing gymnastics on episode 7 was the only funny thing he had done.

    34.- Tammy:  I feel bad for her. I mean, she's still as silly as Leonard, but she's also a totally forgettable character. On the first episode, she didn't even had dialogues!. Her Ocarina and that confetti were lame. 

    33.- Mary: Nothing to say, I think she barely talked. Very forgettable.…

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    Hello! I'm New.

    October 11, 2015 by Joax1411

    Hello there!

    Let me introduce myself, I'm Joaquin, and I'm a big fan of Total drama since the first season.

    I had a few years ago a YT channel about TD, but I deleted it. Now I want to post some blogs over here.

    I love ALL the seasons. Some more than others.

    My favorite characters are MacArthur, Duncan, Gwen, Noah, and more!

    So if you want me to talk about some topic, like my top characters, or my top 7 seasons, or some reviews, let me now!

    I'm glad to join this community, see you later ;)

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