I agree with what other people are saying that since TDR is basically the same as TDI so there won't be a special introducing the cast. However, I still believe that a special could be made to give us better ending to the original characters for the time being. also, while i want all of the competitors back for season 5, 39 competitors (that's including Blaineley and Mr. Coconut as competitors, which they were) is too much for one season. so, the special could also determine which of the originals will be back for season 5.

It starts on an island and some of the contestants are in a hospital room with injuries- Heather, Alejandro, Blaineley, and Ezekiel from what we saw in the TDWT finale, DJ and Sierra who couldn't swim all the way to the island because DJ can't swim and Sierra has broken legs, and Cody and DJ's Momma who are accompanying Sierra and DJ, repectively. Chris enters and tells that in order to avoid any lawsuits, he will allow all of them to be competitos in a new season. As he is saying this, Owen gets wheeled in who caught a wave and crashed into the island. He rolls over to reveal Noah, crushed (popular gag amongst the writers).

Chris leaves the hospital to tell the news to the remaining 16 competitors of the news. he then tells them that there are still 7 spots available in the season. in order to determine this, he has them divide themselves into pairs and they are: Duncan&Gwen, Katie&Sadie, Eva&Izzy, Tyler&Lyndsay, LeShawna&Harold, Beth&Justin, Geoff&Bridgette, and Courtney&Trent. In an Amazing Race-type race around the island to determine which pairs are still eligable, all of the pairs make it back except for LeShawna&Harold, who get lost somewhere on the island. Duncan&Gwen and Tyler&Lyndsay are the last two teams to arrive. Chris puts them in a tiebraker and, in an upset, Tyler&Lyndsay win. Both of them are now competitors and as a consoltion prize, Chris appoints Duncan and Gwen as the hosts of the Aftermath.

The remaining 5 pairs must split up and have one member go to the Screaming ---------- and the other member go to the Killer ---------- . Screaming ---------- : Sadie, Izzy, Geoff, Beth, Courtney ; Killer --------- : Katie, Eva, Bidgette, Justin, Trent. They have to then compete head-to-head with their former partner in order to gain points for their team. Beth and Courtney win for the Screaming -------- while Eva and Bidgette win for the Killer ---------. Katie and Sadie refuse to go against each other so Chris tells each team to pick their strongest player to go against one another for a sudden-death showdown. it tuns out to be Courtney vs. Eva and Eva wins. the members of the Killer -------- take up the final 5 spots. then, for extra drama, Chris appoints Courtney as a third co-host of the aftermath. Next, it is announced that, so the others can recover, there will be a season with 13 new competitors.

Chris then signs off with "New teens means new drama. tune in next season when we return to Camp Wawanakwa on Total......Drama........RELOADED!!!!!!"




PEANUT GALLERY: LESHAWNA, HAROLD, SADIE (will enter later in the competetion as a result of Katie winning a reward chllenge for her team), IZZY, GEOFF, BETH

This makes everyone happy. Coderra fans can see that relationship, the Tler/Lyndsay relationship can grow stronger, Trent and Bridgette can redeem themselves after bad seasons, Katie, Sadie and Eva will get more screentime and development, Noah fans will be satisfied, and the Gwen/Duncan/Courtney love triangle can still happen on the aftermaths.

so,,,,, what do you think? leave me you comments/concerns and i'll respond

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