• Jjdel8895

    Episode 1- Welcome Back, Campers!!

    just like season 1, Chris is waiting for all of the competitos to arrive on the dock of shame. once the last person arrives, they immediately jump into their first challenge to determine teams. The first two people to pick up an item from each chalenge of TDI will pick the teams. The winners are Cody and Alejandro. Cody won by being given the items by his stalker, the crazed superfan Sierra, and Alejandro won because he was playing his hadest because after embarrassingly losing to Heather on TDWT, he vowed to never lose again. Cody would pick first and become the Killer Bears and Alejandro would pick second and become the Screaming Sasquatchanaquas. The order is- Sierra, Lyndsay, Trent, Tyler, Heather, Kat…

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  • Jjdel8895

    TDWT Special Idea

    December 27, 2010 by Jjdel8895

    I agree with what other people are saying that since TDR is basically the same as TDI so there won't be a special introducing the cast. However, I still believe that a special could be made to give us better ending to the original characters for the time being. also, while i want all of the competitors back for season 5, 39 competitors (that's including Blaineley and Mr. Coconut as competitors, which they were) is too much for one season. so, the special could also determine which of the originals will be back for season 5.

    It starts on an island and some of the contestants are in a hospital room with injuries- Heather, Alejandro, Blaineley, and Ezekiel from what we saw in the TDWT finale, DJ and Sierra who couldn't swim all the way to the …

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