This is for Neko c: because we love her so much and want her to know that we're always there for her and...well, without further ado, here's what everybody has to say:

TDA15 : "She's nice."

CD-TDA : "She's sweet and she's a good person to be watching movies with and stuff. And she always brings peace to discussions.

KG : "neko, you're, like, the only one I can talk to. LET ME LOVE YOU. AND YOUR ABNORMALLY LARGE BREASTS."

N3 : "NEKO IS REALLY AMAZING!!! I love her sense of humor and niceness. She always puts a smile on everyones faces in the IRC. "

Indi : "Well, Neko is intelligent, sweet, and one of the users I feel I connect with the most. She also loves cats, which automatically makes her a member of the top echelon of awesome"

Ryan : "She's one of my best friends on here. Even though I'm frightened of her most of the time, I can always count on her and she always has my back; she's one of the kindest, most level-headed people I've ever met. "

TDF : "Neko is nice, easy to talk to, and we both like Disney movies so she is cool. :3"

Ale : "Neko is sexy and so am I which is why we get along and she's pretty and gets Tumblr which no one else does"

Nalyd : "Dear Neko,

you're the best pretend-internet-daughter I could have ever asked for

you're my very best friend on the wiki

I'm very glad I know you

Love nalyd"

That's everyone in the IRC right now, aside from Blaster. Except for me.

Jax : "Neko, it always brightens my day to see you. I get excited whenever you come on the IRC. I see you as a good friend of mine and I hope you feel the same way. Thanks for being a great RB, writer (I just love your victorious ff), and friend."

Big thanks to ALE for helping me gather quotes and everything.

We love you, Neko. c:

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