This is it, folks! Season five! The big finale! But there's a's made completely of the fans! Total Drama Wiki users will join to battle it out for a userbox and honor on the wiki for the final season of Total Drama! Are you ready for this? Hold on to your seat, because you're about to go for a wild ride, right here! On The Users of Total! Drama! Wiki!

NOTE: Dakotacoons came up with this. It seemed fun, however, and I decided to try it. -w-


Screaming Admins



Bridgette dj10




Webkinz Mania





Killer B-Crats



Mr. Totaldramaman




Nalyd Renrut






Not So Happy Users

The campers all arrive and are placed onto their respective teams. Some immediate friendships are clear: Ale and Bigez, Ryan and FH, AJ and Neko, and more. Some enemies were also clear right off the bat; Ryan and TDF, Dakota and Oatmeal-, Ryan and CD, and still more. To continue, some relationships were also evident, as Bigez and Neko were clearly attracted to one another, while Ale and AJ were also attracted. Their first challenge was a relay race, and the Killer B-Crats lost. At the elimination ceremony, everybody teamed up to vote off TotalDramaNaruto, who was deemed useless in the challenge. In confessional, Ryan said that he planned to keep his team on top, and that everyone else was going down. Also in confessional, TDA15 remarked that he hated his team, but might as well have some fun and make an "alliance or something." Chris closed the episode.

The Big Sheep

At the beginning of the episode, both teams are in their respective cabins. Dakota was fighting with Oatmeal over Oatmeal's snoring. Dakota claimed it had kept him up half the night. In the other team's cabin, Jam and Neko were bonding and vowed not to lose the challenge again. Both teams soon learned their first challenge: to go on a 5 kilometer run around the camp. All the campers knew exactly where this was going, but followed suit anyway. On the run, TDA15 approached TDF and MTDM to ask for an alliance. Both of them quickly agreed. After the run, they ate a huge meal. Chris announced the real challenge: to find and shear a giant sheep somewhere on the island. All the contestants were confused, but went anyway. The Screaming Admins split up into teams of two: Ale with AJ, CD with Dakota, and so on. Meanwhile, the other team completely split up. The Killer B-Crats had very little luck. However, Ale and AJ were bonding in the forest when they found the sheep. They used sticks to shear it. AJ was seen looking at Ale and dreamily shearing a heart. In the end, the Screaming Admins won the challenge again. TDA15 got his alliance together and voted off Aimers. He mentioned in confessional that there was no reason to this really, he just wanted to see if his alliance-mates would do anything he said, and they did.


The beginning of the episode showed all the campers eating in the mess hall. Bigez was talking to BB and Mygeto about how he didn't like the way MTDM and TDF were sucking up to TDA15. BB brushed it off as nothing, but Mygeto agreed. The three decided on the spot to make an alliance of their own. Meanwhile, at the other table, Ryan is joking around with Ale and FH. Missy is gushing with CD-TDA over AJ, who she finds very cute. The challenge is revealed to be Dodgeball with a twist: they can't throw dodgeballs, but instead have to buy throwing items from a makeshift mall. Some popular items include burgers, Rustin Hieber dolls, and baseball gloves. There is a montage of many people getting out of the competition until there is three left for both teams: WM, Addict, and Oats for the Screaming Admins, and Jam, Neko, and Bigez for the Killer B-Crats. Jam made a daring move, which got Addict out, but Oats quickly got her out to follow. Neko was doomed when WM threw a killer curveball with a softball at her, but Bigez jumped in front of her to save her. At this point, Neko, WM, and Oats were left. Neko didn't know what to do, but thought on her feet and grabbed a Rustin Hieber doll, which started playing "Infant". Oats and WM immediately covered their ears, leaving them defenseless. Neko got them both out, winning for her team for the first time. At the elimination ceremony, nobody knows who to eliminate. The votes turn out to be all over the place, but in a very close vote, Addict gets eliminated.

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3
? Ale-Alejandro WIN WIN IN
? Bbhinton15 IN IN WIN
? Bigez620 IN LOW WIN
? Bridgette dj10 WIN WIN IN
? Dakotacoons WIN WIN IN
? Freehugs41 WIN WIN IN
? Misstditylerfan WIN WIN IN
? Mr. Totaldramaman IN IN WIN
? Mygeto IN IN WIN
? Nalyd Renrut IN IN WIN
? Neko-naito IN IN WIN
? Oatmeal- WIN WIN IN
? TotalDramaFan1000 IN IN WIN
? Webkinz Mania WIN WIN IN
20 TotalDramaAddict WIN WIN OUT
21 Aimers IN OUT
22 TotalDramaNaruto OUT

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