Hi, I'm Jaxswim, commonly known as Jax. You may not know me from seeing me around as I'm not as active on THIS wiki anymore, but I used to be! And hey, those 2000 edits aren't going anywhere. Anyway, I basically thought of this idea last night and I want to put it to use. 

Leading up to the well-anticipated premiere of All-Stars, I am going to make a list of the top 15 moments in Total Drama history! These are the greatest moments, the highlights of the show. Times when you could sit back and think "THIS is why I love Total Drama." There's a reason we all flocked to the Total Drama wiki and it's not because we hate the show. 

Any of the four seasons (Island, Action, World Tour, and ROTI) are eligible for entries, but it doesn't have to be even. For example, I don't imagine ROTI will get very many moments while Island may get a lot. 

"Moments" don't necessarily have to be single scenes. If you think an interaction between two characters, a plotline, an episode, a challenge, or even just one character deserve a spot on the countdown, don't be afraid to put those, either!

So this is where I need your help. I can think of plenty moments on my own, but I'm human and I can't think of everything. If you're thinking of something that you want to see on the countdown, please comment the moment with the season and episode number in the comments below! Thanks so much!

Just as a reminder, these are nominations and not everything here will end up on the eventual countdown. Feel free to nominate anything, the more there are, the easier it'll be to pick through and select the 15 best! :D

Total Drama Island

Lindsay Curses Out Heather
Heather Forms an Alliance
Beth Rebels The Alliance
Chef vs. Izzy
Trent’s Blindside
Owen Jumps Off The Cliff
Bridgette Crosses The Line
Eva’s Triumphant Return—Aaaand it’s over.
Courtney and Duncan in Basic Straining
Gwen and Trent’s First Kiss
Heather’s Devious Plan
Hook, Line, and Screamer
Geoff’s Elimination
Harold's Beatboxing
Owen's Mental Breakdown
Izzy's (First) Elimination
Duncan's Scary Story
Heather's Comeuppance
Ezekiel Screws Himself Over
Justin's Talent Show Act
Sadie's Reaction to Katie's Elimination
Courtney Fails Her Own Fear
Katie & Sadie Reunite
Harold Rigs The Votes (aka: Courtney's Elimination)
Harold Becomes a Man
Leshawna's Too Popular
Bridgette's Elimination
Izzy Pretends To Be a Bear
The Killer Bass' Comeback
Heather Reads Gwen's Diary
Sadie and the Apples
Gwen, Bridgette, and the Love Note

Total Drama Action

Courtney Returns
Owen’s Elimination
Gwen Accidentally Gets Rid of Trent
Beth & Courtney’s Alliance
Princess Courtney Singing
Owen's Confession
Duncan's Acting
Harold Beats the Bully

Total Drama World Tour

Duncan Quits the Show
DJ's Animal Curse
Blaineley Debuts
Cody Befriends a Donkey
Heather's Triumphant Win (Unless You're Canadian)
Owen the Human Cannonball
Tyler Climbs The Fence
"Come fly with us, come die with us"
Sierra Blows Up a Plane
I See London...

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Lightning Thinks Jo is a Guy
Mike Defeats His Personalities
Crazy Zoey
Up, Up, and Away in my Pitiful Balloon
Donkey Kong vs. Sam
Duncan Destroys Mount Chrismore
"It's cool man, Lightning don't judge"
Brick's Share of the Money


Heather: Queen of Mean, Happy Homewrecker, & Grade A B-i-t-c—
Admiral Lindsay, her Hotness

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