Hey Total Drama Wiki! I have some shout-outs for y'all today about some special users that deserve a spotlight! :D

Ale-Alejandro : Ale's one of my best buds on the wiki, also one of my first real friends, I think. She's this month's FU, and totally deserves it. All in all, she's an awesome lady who we should all bow down to and obey be friends with. Also, you showed me Alice is Dead! 8D

Mikey : Mikey's a great editor, good enough that I just might call him an edit beast. He's also really friendly.

Bbhinton15 : BB's pretty friendly, too, and he's definitely a great author. He's always been that kind of "big brother" figure for me here on the wiki.

Mouse Jones MJ Screwdriver Musou : Oh my, where to start with Musey...she's super friendly, super funny, super Mouse-y, and super awesome! A fellow Goldtoe-mate, that automatically awesome. ;)

Ishni : Ishni's one of the sweetest users I've met here. Even though I just met her recently, she's really awesome, friendly, cute, and she sounds FREAKIN' ADORABLE. C=

WebkinzMania : WM is defintely one of THE most valuable user here in my opinion. Have you seen his edit count? He blows me away, with his purple-haired head.

Ryan : Ryan is...Ryan. Need I say more? To be honest, I can't find any words to describe Ryan, but he sure makes my days interesting! =D

Nalyd : Nalyd's a toga-loving freak, and I love it. He started Countdown, which is an amazing thing, and...yeah. :3

KG : I don't know KG all that well. From what I do know, Kug is pretty cool. =P

Fedora : Feddy is a hardcore Ezekiel fan, but he makes plenty realistic theories/points on TD talk pages. A very sensible, down-to-earth user. He also was a member of Goldtoe 8D

Missy : Missy is my fiance, and she's really sweet, pricy, amazing, happy Missy. =3

DJ2 : DJ2, you are, like, the friendliest person I've met. You also play Alice is Dead, yay! I wish you could be on the IRC more, but you also run an awesome camp.

Landry : Landry is another really friendly guy. He's another one of my best wiki buds. I was in his hometown earlier today, actually...=P

Neko : Neko is an amazing little kitty. I will have her awesome sauce someday, I swear! >:3

I can't think of anybody else, so tell me if I forgot! By the way, I just reached 500 edits, but that's beside the point :P

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