Two years.

I joined this wiki on December 8, 2009. Today, it's December 8, 2011. Two years since I've joined this wiki. It's honestly been a great journey; our wiki has evolved into something great. Sit 'round, kids, and I'll tell you a short story.

I saw previews for TDI before it premiered on Cartoon Network. I told my family about it and I thought it sounded good. I didn't see the first couple episodes, though. I asked my best friend if it was any good, and he said, "Oh, that show is awesome!" So I watched it. I loved it. I eventually found this wiki, and I'm still here today. Wanna see lil' Jax's first edit? ;D

first MS edit. It wasn't very helpful. DJ fan reverted it, but whatever. That's not the point.

I hit the 1600 edit mark yesterday, but I only really started editing over the summer, so don't be all "Two years and only 1600 edits? *scoff* D:<"

Okay, I'll keep this short and sweet, but thank you all for shaping this wonderful wiki into such a beautiful pearl and I'm proud to be a part of it. *gigglesnort* Two years. :3

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