4 whole years. Can you believe that? 4 years on this wiki. I'm late, yet again, but a day earlier than I was last year, so hey, you gotta give me some credit! 

I remember the first time I watched Total Drama. I saw a preview for it on Cartoon Network back in '08 and this show definitely caught my eye. I told my family about it and I was so excited because this show just looked great. ... Of course, I missed the first episode and kind of forgot about it like most 3rd grade boys would. A couple weeks later, I had a friend over and we were talking, and I remembered the show... what was it called again? Total Drama Island, that's right. "Hey, did you watch that new show Total Drama Island?" I asked him. We were probably playing with Legos or action figures or whatever we were into at that time. "Oh my gosh, yeah, that show is AMAZING!" he replied. "I'll check it out later," I said. And that I did. In fact, I didn't just check it out... I fell in love. Cody was my favorite character at the time, followed closely by Beth, and Lord Almighty did I have a white-hot hatred for Heather

Flash forward a couple episodes and Cody's elimination and I knew I would be sticking with this show for a long, long time. I found out all the elimination order through my first experience with spoilers on TVGuide. I looked forward to moments like Heather's downfall and Duncan making it far. I read the youtube rumors about how Heather was going to win in France and Duncan was going to win in Australia and all of that. My friend and I organized a Total Drama game, a roleplay of sorts, at school and it was one of the most fun days of my life. And through the years, I've watched a lot of Total Drama. In fact, I just calculated it, and in total we've all seen 39.6 hours of Total Drama if my math is right. Add that to countless rewatchings and extra videos and I've spent a lot of my life dedicated to this show, and I've loved it.

But you know what? After 4 years here, there's only one thing I can say about this wiki. One thing that I like more than the show. One thing I like more than the characters I've loved, hated, and rooted for all along. And that's the people I met along the way. That's for every one of you reading this, whether we've talked or not, because chances are I know who you are. And it's for all the people who aren't reading this, the people that aren't here anymore, the ones that I miss dearly but treasure memories of every day. There's a lot of history in this wiki, deep-seeded in the people. If you go through my blogs, you'll find inside jokes and fun nights galore, and honestly this is just one of the best places I could have been. For some of the older users, you've seen me grow up from the little bright-eyed kid 4 years ago who was in chat the day when everybody was fusing names together and said "C** on Mygeto! :D", oblivious to what the word actually meant. Thanks for tolerating me, I know I can be kind of annoying.

So if there's anything I can say after 4 years, 2000 edits, and many, many wonderful people... it's thank you. To everyone. If you're reading this, thank you. If you ever knew me, thank you. If you've ever worked on the show, thank you. If you're a fan of the show, thank you. If you've ever made a fanfiction, a youtube video, or some crazy story in your head about the show... thank you. 

-- Jax

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