Okay, never really done a blog post or review before, so just gonna go ahead and give this a shot. Constructive Critisism is encouraged in comments!

Okay, the beginning of the episode was nice, in my opinion. I liked getting to see TCIRRRRH in first class, and Noah's line was hilarious(Thanks for noticing I was missing all night! Who am I, Tyler?). Heather...well, trying to get in good with Cody was a good move on her part, but she probably should've thought of it before she needed it. Hence Cody's reply. Lindsay seems to be remembering her role as Admiral Lindsay, Her Hotness. Her speech at the beginning was very Lindsay-ish. Now, the challenge. I enjoyed watching the challenge a lot. DJ was a little OOC when they got to the top, he's supposed to be afraid of heights. Heather trying to prove her worth to her teammates was good...and her rivalry with Alejandro was GREAT in this episode. I loved to watch it play out. And to find out Sierra is actually playing Heather...well, I wondered when her knowledge would actually help her in the game. And Sierra dishing all of Chris' secrets...classic! I wonder why he doesn't give her immediate boot like he gave Zeke, however. Zeke. I would've wanted to see him in this episode...too bad. I liked how Alejandro was genuinely worried about Heather when they didn't exit the sewer right away. And it's nice to see Gwen and Courtney agreeing on something for once. Musical number would have to be my second fav, with Before we Die in first. The baby carriages were funny...."Better make a mental note of that, bro"..."I don't have a pen!" FTW. Heather switching the baby carts was great, and then Izzy...well, Izzy will be Izzy. At the end(I wish Team Victory would've won, even though Team Amazon is my favorite), Heather's wolverine thing...*shudders*. Oh Heather, why did you toss the meat grinder out the window? Anyway, overall, my favorite episode. Each one for me gets better and better.

So? Comments?

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