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    December 23, 2013 by Jaxswim

    4 whole years. Can you believe that? 4 years on this wiki. I'm late, yet again, but a day earlier than I was last year, so hey, you gotta give me some credit! 

    I remember the first time I watched Total Drama. I saw a preview for it on Cartoon Network back in '08 and this show definitely caught my eye. I told my family about it and I was so excited because this show just looked great. ... Of course, I missed the first episode and kind of forgot about it like most 3rd grade boys would. A couple weeks later, I had a friend over and we were talking, and I remembered the show... what was it called again? Total Drama Island, that's right. "Hey, did you watch that new show Total Drama Island?" I asked him. We were probably playing with Legos or ac…

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  • Jaxswim

    Hi, I'm Jaxswim, commonly known as Jax. You may not know me from seeing me around as I'm not as active on THIS wiki anymore, but I used to be! And hey, those 2000 edits aren't going anywhere. Anyway, I basically thought of this idea last night and I want to put it to use. 

    Leading up to the well-anticipated premiere of All-Stars, I am going to make a list of the top 15 moments in Total Drama history! These are the greatest moments, the highlights of the show. Times when you could sit back and think "THIS is why I love Total Drama." There's a reason we all flocked to the Total Drama wiki and it's not because we hate the show. 

    Any of the four seasons (Island, Action, World Tour, and ROTI) are eligible for entries, but it doesn't have to be ev…

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  • Jaxswim

    A Little Milestone

    December 24, 2012 by Jaxswim

    Greetings, Total Drama Wiki. It's Jax. I'm here with a very special, albeit late, message. I've been here 3 whole years! 

    I'm not really sure what to say. I'm not on this wiki as much as I'd like to be anymore, and that's because it's not as active as I think it should be, and a lot of my friends seem to have disappeared. 

    As lame as it sounds, this wiki has shaped my life in a lot of ways. And no, I probably will never get to be an admin or even a rollback again. No, I'll probably never hit that 5000 edit mark. It's bittersweet in a lot of ways to realize how long I've been here and how much has changed. 

    I suppose that's it. I'm not really in a sentimental mood here. Merry Christmas, y'all. Miss ya.

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  • Jaxswim

    Why We Love Neko

    August 4, 2012 by Jaxswim

    This is for Neko c: because we love her so much and want her to know that we're always there for her and...well, without further ado, here's what everybody has to say:

    TDA15 : "She's nice."

    CD-TDA : "She's sweet and she's a good person to be watching movies with and stuff. And she always brings peace to discussions.

    KG : "neko, you're, like, the only one I can talk to. LET ME LOVE YOU. AND YOUR ABNORMALLY LARGE BREASTS."

    N3 : "NEKO IS REALLY AMAZING!!! I love her sense of humor and niceness. She always puts a smile on everyones faces in the IRC. "

    Indi : "Well, Neko is intelligent, sweet, and one of the users I feel I connect with the most. She also loves cats, which automatically makes her a member of the top echelon of awesome"

    Ryan : "She's o…

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  • Jaxswim

    Ode to TDF

    May 28, 2012 by Jaxswim

    Okay, TDF, here you go. This is the first step in our "friendship", I guess. >.>

    Hey you,

    yeah you,

    your name is TDF!

    And I know,

    yes I know,

    that you aren't the most superb chef.

    Oh, oh, oh!

    This is an oooode, to TDF.

    Oh, oh, oh!

    This is an ode, to TDF.

    We both like ducks,

    We both like clucks,

    We both like Total Dra-ma!

    I don't like Bebop,

    You don't like DH,

    But we both like Total Drama Rama Whatevah.

    Oh, oh, oh!

    This is an oooode, to TDF.

    Oh, oh, oh!

    This is an ode, to TDF.

    Through thick and thin,

    through sickness and health,

    you will always be my friend!

    Though your grammar needs some work,

    and you're a bit of a shirk,

    We'll be together, until the end.

    takes a bow*

    Can I go home now?

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