The second half of the fifth season was to say the least was another breath of fresh air that we haven't experienced since Total Drama World Tour.  This season contained an excellent array of characters along with engagaging plot lines.  



While this character recieved only one episode of screen time, he has been one of my favorite first charcters to be eliminated. Unlike characters like Ezekiel and Staci, he was not annoying and added comedy to the first episode he was in. Of course he was not the best, but he was most certainly not the worst.


Leonard, in my opinion, was the most annoying character this season.  Even though he irritated me, and I'm assuming others he also added comedy.  Going back to Beardo it's hard to have characters who are only around for one to two episodes and still be interesting. So kuddos to the writers.


Honestly, what bothered me about this character is not that the whole "Samey vs Amy" conflict was resolved too's that this girl could have been a good antagonist/anti - hero.  She reminded me of a mix of Dakota and Heather.  But, alas, she was eliminated before she could do anything. Still the end of the conflict was very good, imo.


All I can say about this character is that he was pretty hillarious.  Also, he was unique which is rare when it comes to the fact they already have dozens of characters. He was, in my opinion, a filler. But, he was a good one.


Samey was my favorite character for the short time she was here. She had great character development in the short time she was here. Her friendship with Jasmine was my favorite friendship.  They both had a hard time making friends, and they found each other.  Her revenge on Amy was amazing. What I HATED, is that Amy came back.  I wish that did not happen, or that Samey would kick Amy's butt.


Ah...Ella...poor Ella. I originally thought Ella would be terribly annoying.  Instead I fell in love with her character.  No one in my opinion has been as nice as her.  She didn't have a mean bone in her body. Even when Sugar was treating her terribly, she was still trying to be friends with her.  When Dave rejected her, I felt sad. The fact that I can feel this character's emotion is a great sign that she was made wonderfully.


Oh topher. When I first saw him I thought "Oh god no... Sierra 2.0", but just like many other characters in this season he was much more.  Never have I seen a true adversary to Chris, and this Topher might have pulled it off.  He was mostly original, and his plotline was great and ended great.  Good character.


My opinion of Dave this season changed....a lot.  At the start of the season I thought he was great, then he got more Sierra-like.  Then he turned evil. But....this shows me that this character who was seventh place had one of the most character development. Out of all the people on the show his personality changed the most.  Even though I'm pretty sure everyone hates him, like me, I love his development. He was definetly better than Mike, who had no change in his personality.  Did Zoey and Mike even ever fight? Mal doens't count.


Ah will always be "EVIL".  Max was the comedy relief of this season.  His one liners were priceless.  I burst out laughing when he said "Maybe the cave thinks your wierd too".  He was not evil he was funny.  Unfortunately he didn't change that much this season, but there was nothing to change about him.



Oh god, Scarlett.  At the start of this season she was a quiet nerd, who was likeable.  She had some great ideas, and semt like a strong player.  But what bothered me is that she had no development like Max.  Then slowly, episode by episode she got more and more annoyed with Max.  Her ideas became more gruesome.  Her confessionals became more scary. "He's still in therapy".  Her looks *@TOPHER* became extremely creepy.  Scarlett was the greatest curvball Total Drama has ever thrown.  She was a total surpise, even if there were a few clues, she was a great surprise.  Total Drama really lacks in surprise, I think the last one was Duncan in World Tour.  The one episode "Scarlett Fever" changed Total Drama. It was more "intense" then the finale imo.  She was amazing, but not perfect.  What I hated, hated, hated, hated was that her other side as only there for one episode.  She could have been so much more, she could have been better than Heather.  She had so much potential like Courtney in season 5...but alas they destroyed it.  I hope she's in future seasons.  She still is one of the best characters.


My favorite character this season.  She changed so much this season, I think the most.  From being a strong cold player ready to do anything, to a friend of an outcast, to a confused lover, to becoming a strong cold player again, to a lover, to a hater, and then to a lover.  She was amazing, and she had something that many total drama cast members lack, a conscience.  I fell in lover with her change and her well-rounded character.  She was excellent.  I have no flaws to talk about.


At first, I hated Sugar, with all my heart.  This was because I loved Ella...and Sugar was a total you know what.  But then once Ella left I noticed how funny she is, how great she is with strategy and how good of a player she is.  She was an amazing antagonist/anti-hero.  She was really funny and her send off was perfect. She also was an original character.  Finally she had a skill-set that was perfect for total drama, but in the end didn't notice what her true skill set was. Still a great character.


Like many others I thought Sky was a Zooey 2.0, but she was not. She wasn't there to make friends she was there to win.  Even though she didn't have much character development and somehow instantanieously fall in love with Dave, I f felt bad for her.  She did deserve a win, she tried hard.  She also was quite nice, and when she was mean it was not her fault.  Dave annoyed her and ultimetly was her downfall.  I feel bad for this character, but still NOT a Zooey 2.0


Shawn was a perfect hero.  No he wasn't always nice, no he wasn't all that smart, and no was not perfect. But that's the thing, what hero is?  He changed from being scared of love, to expressing love.  His relationship with Jasmine has been the best relationship since Al and Heather.  Both of them fought each other, but they both still cared for one each other.  That is what a true relationship is.  He made Jasmine, Jasmine made Shawn.  Shawn was most certainley not a canidate to win...but in the end he was perfect.


My character ranking.

13. Leanord

12. Rodney

11. Beardo

10. Amy

9. Samey

8. Max

7. Topher

6. Dave

5. Sugar

4. Shawn

3. Ella

2. Scarlett

1. Jasmine

The thing that seperated this season's characters from TDROTI's is that I could relate, and I fell in love with these characters.  A true great set of characters is when you feel bad for these characters, you feel their pain and you can root for them.  In TDROTI I was indifferent, but in TDPI I knew who I wanted to win, and I knew that I felt sad when characters like Ella or Scarlett were elimnated.  That is when you know you did a great job with the characters and these characters were amazing.

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