I am creating this blog, because like others I have an opinion of who of these finalists deserved it the most. This is judged on how much these contestants deserved to win, not on how funny or great characters they are. These are also my opinions so sorry if you don't agree...but too bad. I'll do a "My Elimination Blog" after.

12. MikeEdit

The reason I think Mike was the one contesntant that totally did not deserve to win is that he didn't even compete in the game. It was Mal who was competing for him the entire game, while Mike was um...walking around in his brain.  Who knows? Mike might not even have gone that far in the game if he was playing just as him or he maybe would go as far as he did.  Either way, he was the one contestant who got to the final without actually playing the majority of the game. I hate that he won.

11. DuncanEdit

Duncan Axe


Duncan...Sorry guys, but he most certainley did not deserve to win. First, he is one of the few finalists that has never won a single immunity challenge in the season. Also, when it comes to team playing he was often useless, loosing to courtney twice, etc.  He also is one of the few finalists who was saved from elimination when he really should have been eliminated (instead Lindsay voted for herself).  I mean like he honestly didn't deserve to be in the finale.  Plus, he would have totally lost, if Beth didn't save him. I just found him not nice like the good guys in the final two, but had no strategy like the villain finalists.  He drifted in my opinion.

10. OwenEdit

Owen drifted his way through the game, and sometimes actually did the oppsoite of helping his team. First, like Duncan he didn't win a single immunity challenge other than I triple dog dare you. The only reason he won that was the same reason Sugar got so far, because they both are incredibly gross. Plus, in the cooking challenge and the camping challenge he totally destroyed his team.  Also in tri-armed triatalon he almost got both himeself and Heather eliminated. The reason he was never eliminated was becase: 1. He was a writer's pet. 2. He was always under the radar because of all the different romances and argments going on. Gwen should have won TDI imo.

9. LightningEdit

File:LightningConfEp10.jpgLightning is a real kunckle head. First off, I don't understand why his team didn't vote him off...and how he lasted so long considering he might be dumber than Lindsay. Secondly, the only reason he never did get voted off in the merge was because two major conflicts started and he was put under the radar.  The whole Jo vs Cameron and Zoey/Mike vs Scott put Lightning in a perfectly safe position.  Thirdly, again he was tricked and manipulated by Jo, and really never used any strategy or helped his team quite a bit.  Finally, the reason he won in the finale was terrible.   I don't understand how Cameron could have lost to him...Cameron worked hard on his suit, created an amazing protection system...and what did Lightning do? Oh yeah he put a pot on his head, and took a stick. He was so cocky and so full of himself...  There was so many reasons why Lightning should not have won.  The reason he was not put lower is because in some cases he did work hard.  He also won the final immunity challenge when it was 2 v 1.

8. CameronEdit

Cameron adrenaline
I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this. I honestly thought Cameron was doing well his season, he was nerdy weak yet he was surviving and he helped both his team and his fellow competititors (Mike).  I actually thought he deserved it a lot until the final two episodes before the finale.  I didn't like how he grabbed on to Lightning and literally got "carried" to the finish line, I admit it was funny but it was also pretty weak. Also I did not like how Zoey saved Cameron multiple times in the second to the finale episode, and even if she godplayed I feel she deserved to go to the finale a bit more in TDROTI. Although I loved him in the finale as he built an amazing suit, and should have won.

7. ZoeyEdit

File:ZoeyConfBATB.jpgThe thing about Zoey is that she really deserved to win the season. She won uncountable challenges and helped her team a lot.  But as everyone knows she totally godplayed.  Her title is "The Indie Chick" (what?!) it wasn't "Gold Medal Gymnist" or "Extremely Fast Reflexes". How can this normal girl do all these incredible things?  But, she did help her team like in Evil Dread she had a great way to dig up the pieces and even if she godplayed at least she got to the final herself (NOT LIKE MIKE). So she's the lesser of two evils kind of.  She also never made conflict with anyone which is pretty incredible.  But I found her to have lack of tactics.  I mean like I know bringing Mike to the finale was her descision because she wanted normal Mike back but who does that? How would she even be able to bring Mike back? Does she know anything about his disorder? (Well obviously the writers don't, RESET BUTTON!)

6. BethEdit

Ah Beth, I don't understand why she recieves so much hate...she's pretty cool.  I really think she worked extrmely hard in Total Drama Action. Look at her transformation from a mere pawn in Total Drama Island to an all star in Action. Even though I love Heather, I liked when Beth crushed her at everything. Those scenes showed she was a better at competitions then she let out in TDI.  All those victories she got against Heather really helped her team in the non-merged challenges. The only reason she isn't ranked higher is because I don't like how she was manipulated by Justin at the start of the season.  Although, she was nice to the majority of the contestants and given she made it to the finale that's pretty suprising. It showed a nice and naieve person can do well.  Also, I loved how she stood up to Courtney and survived her wrath, that rshowed she had a backbone. But, to be fair, she never really had any conflicts with anyone and was often under the radar (Other than Courtney). She also won two immunity challenges, even when Courtney was winning all the others.  She definetly deserved it more than Duncan.

5. SkyEdit

Sky is a contestant that really embodies a player who has her head in the game.  Throughout the game she always focuses on the one most important part of the game, the million.  She uses her skills to really help her team, and she always tries to be a leader and usually sucseedes. She also tried to keep her team always calm. Finally, when time came she even had to be a bit ruthless to betray Dave and help her team. When the merge came, she survived even with Jasmine x Shawn alliance and Scarlett x Max alliance.  She even tried to make an alliance with Sugar, which at the time was extremely strategic.  She used her skills to win the Hurdle competition and would have won the tree jump competition. In the end she was a perfect player. The only thing I didn't like was that at some points her game was messed up because she was falling for Dave. Also in one episode she was supposed to be the one to go, but was saved by Dave. In the end, Sky did deserve that million.

4. ShawnEdit

Shawn was an incredible player on Total Drama Pahkitew Island.  In his team he was by far the most useful character.  First, he found a place for his team to actually live in.  Without this shelter, who knows how his team would have functioned? Secondly, he found food and water for his team, which basically kept them alive.  He was certainly the MVP of his team. He also helped win or secure victory in a number of challenges. By first being the last person to survive on his team in Twinning isn't Everything to helping in A Blast From The Past.  He also won/almost won a variety of merge challenges such as Hurl and Go Seek, Sky Fall, and Pahk'd with Talent.  Not to mention he saved everyone in the cast in Scarlett Fever by destroying the ChrisBots The main reason I think he really deserved to win is because he really cared about people. He made sure that his friends like Dave and Jasmine we're doing alright. That was a great personality.  Finally he had to endure so much pain, like remember Sky Fall and Pahk'd with Talent where he got hit...where it hurts.  Anyways, the reason he isn't number one is because his Zombie Phobia sometimes got the best of him. Also, in some scenes Jasmine had to carry him like in the finale.  All in all though, he was a great finalist.

3. GwenEdit

Gwen charmed


Ah...Gwen. I wished she beat Owen, she really deserved that place in TDI finale. Let's recap shall we?  She was the first member of her team to really win the challenge for her team in the Big Sleep. She single-handedly won it for her team. Even when she was tired in DodgeBrawl she still offered to help? Talk about team-playing.  Then in Not Quite So Famous, she continued to play the game even after being terribly humiliated.  She even had herself be BURRIED ALIVE to help her team win again. In Who Can You Trust? she continued the challenge, when Heather tore her pants off. Then she single handedly got the win for her team in Basic Straining. She won a variety of immunity challenges, for example she was the only person smart enough to survive Chef in Hook, Line, and Screamer and got her animal first in the animal capture challenge.  She even survived the wrath of Heather, that many others were unable to survive. Further, she GOT RID OF HEATHER. GASP. Gwen ould be number 2 or even number 1, but in some challenges she needed Trent or ssomeone else to help her. Plus, she did not use much strategy in the game, and other than Heather, no one else really hated her.  But, Gwen was an amazing finalist.


Heather verses Alejandro.  Who will win?!

NOTE: My #3 and #2 are extremely extremely close in my opinion.  I just feel that my number 2 has more reasons than my number 3.