Heather - Far

Yes, I know she is a "screen hogger", but it's kind of a pattern. Heather went really far the first season, did not even make it to the merge the second season, went even more far the third season, and did her worst in All Stars. I am sure she won't get 1rst 2nd or probably 3rd, but I'm fairly certain she'll get to the merge at least.

Alejandro- Mid-Season

Alejandro has been in TD for two seasons, and both seasons he went far.  He got 1rst/2nd in TDWT and 6th in TDAS.  He probably ould go out early, but he completes Heather's plot.

Courtney- Not Far

All her problems have been "resolved", even though not in a good way.  There is not much to do with her, but we'll see. She's a powerful competitor 

Gwen - Not Far

She did really well in All Stars, plus her plot is over, since she broke up with Duncan and Gwen and Courtney conflict has been resolved...she won't go that far.

Owen- Far

He wasn't in All Stars and he did okay in World Tour, plus the writers love him. He is probably going to go pretty far.

Noah- Far

He's a fan favorite, has never gotten to the merge, and wasn't in All Stars.  He has the potential to go very far.

Jasmine- Far

She's like the new zoey. Not by her personality, just that she and Shawn have a lot of potential and she would be a great winner.

More to be added soon!

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