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    Top 12 Finalists

    August 15, 2014 by Javin15

    I am creating this blog, because like others I have an opinion of who of these finalists deserved it the most. This is judged on how much these contestants deserved to win, not on how funny or great characters they are. These are also my opinions so sorry if you don't agree...but too bad. I'll do a "My Elimination Blog" after.

    The reason I think Mike was the one contesntant that totally did not deserve to win is that he didn't even compete in the game. It was Mal who was competing for him the entire game, while Mike was um...walking around in his brain.  Who knows? Mike might not even have gone that far in the game if he was playing just as him or he maybe would go as far as he did.  Either way, he was the one contestant who got to the fina…

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    Heather - Far

    Yes, I know she is a "screen hogger", but it's kind of a pattern. Heather went really far the first season, did not even make it to the merge the second season, went even more far the third season, and did her worst in All Stars. I am sure she won't get 1rst 2nd or probably 3rd, but I'm fairly certain she'll get to the merge at least.

    Alejandro- Mid-Season

    Alejandro has been in TD for two seasons, and both seasons he went far.  He got 1rst/2nd in TDWT and 6th in TDAS.  He probably ould go out early, but he completes Heather's plot.

    Courtney- Not Far

    All her problems have been "resolved", even though not in a good way.  There is not much to do with her, but we'll see. She's a powerful competitor 

    Gwen - Not Far

    She did really well in…

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    The second half of the fifth season was to say the least was another breath of fresh air that we haven't experienced since Total Drama World Tour.  This season contained an excellent array of characters along with engagaging plot lines.  


    While this character recieved only one episode of screen time, he has been one of my favorite first charcters to be eliminated. Unlike characters like Ezekiel and Staci, he was not annoying and added comedy to the first episode he was in. Of course he was not the best, but he was most certainly not the worst.


    Leonard, in my opinion, was the most annoying character this season.  Even though he irritated me, and I'm assuming others he also added comedy.  Going back to Beardo it's hard to have c…

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