Generation 1Edit


1st Choice Courtney "The Type A"

I want Courtney back for 3 reasons. 1) She needs a good ending! 2) Needs redemption because of All Stars. I would have her in the final 2 but would I make her win though is the question that remains in my head. She would cool off and be like she was in Island competitive, polite, and fair. 3) The Love thing with Duncan, Gwen, and Trent needs to be resloved. Although I'd rather have her friends with Duncan and fix her relationship with Scott. CxD was nice in Island and Action, but....I'd rather have Scott be her boyfriend. Also she and Harold figure out that Heather and Alejandro are cheating and becomes friends with him.

Dancing leshawna

2nd Choice Leshawna "The Ultimate Bullshit Detector"

I missed Leshawna's Sassy personality and her dancing, it was so funny to watch. I want her and Harold to end up being a couple in this season so bad. I've been  shipping since Island and haven't stopped since. I wanna see her friendship with Gwen and Her rivaly with Heather again. I also wanna see her befriend characters like Dave and B. Dave so that she can Help him with getting Sky to like him again. B to get him to talk more. And new rivalries with characters like Jo and Eva.

Tyler the Gummy Man

3rd Choice Tyler "The Failed Jock"

He is one of those Characters that are so forgetful to me. His relationship with Lindsay was amazing in Island but really haven't seen much of it. Lindsay is the reason I remember Tyler so in this seasn I want him to do something that will make him not so forgetful to me. He should be friends with Eva and DJ and have an alliance but I'd make him eliminated 4th, 5th, or 6th but return to make merge.


4th Choice Gwen "The Loner"

I want her back to be friends with Courtney, Duncan, and maybe some Gwent? ;) (NAH)She is not making the merge though, gotta give others a chance to shine. Although on her stay I want her to go back to her roots in Island as the bad ass loner goth girl. Her interactions would be with: (Friends) Courtney, Duncan, Leshawna, Trent<3, Owen, and Sky. (Enemies) Heather, Jo, Dave, and Eva.


5th Choice DJ "The Big Scaredy Cat"

DJ x Eva must happen. Sure DJ x Katie and DJ x Courtney was nice and all but DJ and Eva are my personal choice. DJ is a calm kind person and Eva is short temepered bully. DJ would teach Eva how to make friends and to control her anger, getting her far. His main interactions are with Eva but he has others like Leshawna, Tyler, and Dawn. When DJ get eliminated Eva gets angry and uses that anger to push through the game for DJ.

Lindsay happy from heather

6th Choice Lindsay "The Lame Brain"

A rivalry with Courtney for team leader would be great to watch. I want her to become the leader of her team and get smarter instead of dumber like in All Stars and her downfall would be leader the team straight to failure and get voted off and become ex leader.

Heather panic

7th Choice Heather "The Queen Bee"

She still has a rivalry with Jo that we haven't seen that much. Also this season Alejandro is an intern and is cheating for Heather but they end up getting caught by Courtney. Together they are eliminated and gone for good. Also she'd be less mean because she's dating Alejandro.

Eva holding a bucket

8th Choice Eva "Rage Filled Bully"

She becomes a protaganoist with the help of DJ in this season. Eva overcomes her anger issues mostly, gets friends like Tyler,Jasmine, and Owen, and Eva confesses her love for DJ then they end up as a couple. Oh! And she'll have a rivalry with Jo! (Damn does Jo have any friends? XD)


9th Choice Trent "The Musician"

I want him in this season make up with Gwen, and Duncan. Maybe a friendship with Dave and Dawn? Also I want him to have a crush on Ella and Gwen offers to help him. Trent and Ella become a couple and when Trent gets voted out Ella quits to stay with him.


10th Choice Harold "The Nerd with Mad Skills"

He will aid Courtney in finding out how Heather is doing great in challegnes that she would suck in nad ends up befriending her. He will also become Leshawna's Boyfriend at his elimination caused by Heather to keep her cover. He could also be friends with Shawn and Dave and be on Leshawna's side during the Heather vs Leshawna rivalry.

Owen pants fall down

11th Choice Owen "The Loveable Food Disposer"

Owen is gonna be fodder this season. He's been mostly the star of every season so this season he's gonna be the opposite. This icon of Total Drama is gonna be eliminated first this season and goes out eating his team's cooking! During his short stay he'll befriend Eva, Eat, hang with Chris, Eat, make an enemy in Anne Maria, and eat some more.

Hawaii chris tells alejandro he won

12th Choice Alejandro "The Evil Justin"

Alejandro is the first boot this season lol, but actually Alejandro quits to save Heather from elimination, but as soon he saw the rocket of shame he asked Chris if he could be an intern and stay with Heather. Chris said yes and the next day up until their elimination Alejandro cheats for Heather. Courtney figures out what's going on and confrots and exposes the couple which results in them getting DQ'd off the show. I mostly have him here to get Heather far again as the rest would vote her out early if he wasn't there.

Justin is perf

13th Choice Justin "That....Guy"

I would bring him back for Anne Maria to finally be done with men on the show. My plan would be Justin would feel something for Courtney and Anne Maria, and after many tries Anne Maria gives up and eliminates Justin for distracting her. He's only gonna interact with Anne Maria tho.

Duncan assumption

Last Choice Duncan "The Prisoner"

He's gonna debut in the pre-merge with a Courtney hungry additude and start a rivalry with Scott and eventually eliminate him with the help of Dawn and Jo. Courtney finds out through Gwen about Duncan voting off Scott and she confronts Duncan and they resolve their problems when Duncan is eliminated and they become friends in the end.

​Generation 2Edit


1st Choice Scott "The Goofy Villian"

I would bring him back to make CxS alive again(with no Cameron to break them up again. He'll be enemies with Duncan who sabotages his dates and gets him eliminated. He gets confroted by Dawn and B with Jasmine and Shawn on their side and Scott starts a rivalry with them. His interactions are mostly with his enemies, Gwen, Duncan and his GF Courtney. He is also humoruos like in All Stars and a little nicer like Heather.


2nd Choice Beverly "B" "The Slient Intelligent Guy"

This season Leshawna gets him to talk which gets him farther then 3rd boot. He is the most helpful asset to his team and is usually praised for it but when the opposing team gets a chance to eliminate one of the Eagles they vote B due to being to strong. During his stay he'll befriend Leshawna and Beardo and help get Scott eliminated for revenge from season 4.

Jo wins

3rd Choice Jo "The Ambitious Jockette"

I only brought Jo back to have a fued with Heather and Brick. She might merge, but I don't think I'll let her. She did flop in All Stars so this would be her redemption season. She's gonna have only enemies and except Scott who keeps the team from voting her off, but when she comes out with her past people pity her and she uses it against them to get farther. She gets called out by Leshawna "The Ulitame Bullshit Detector" and gets eliminated before anyone votes.


4th Choice Brick "The Cadet"

This is his redemption season. He will lead his team and be the great leader he is after Lindsay goes, and have a rivalry with Jo. He will teach Courtney how to lead her team right and become friends with her and he'll get cheated out by Jo, but before he leaves he confrots Jo about her actions then she revals her past and they find common ground.