​ My Way

13th Staci(Rats)

Staci (Ridonculous Roleplay)

12th Brick(Maggots)


11th/10th Dawn/Scott(Rats)

Eavesdropping scott

9th Zoey(Maggots)

Zoey arrow

8th Sam(Rats)

Sam Funny Noises

7th Lightning(Rats)



6th Mike


5th Anne Maria


4th B


3rd Dakota


1st/2nd Cameron/Jo

Jo competing


Plot Points/Notes

  • ​Jo is the main antagonist and the other is Scott
  • ​Scott was orignally gonna play fair but Jo influnced him into being a villian and teamed up with him and order him to take out B, and Dawn but since he failed Jo punished him by send him and Dawn home by rigging the votes
  • ​Anne Maria is the reason for Zoey's auto elimination which causes Mike to not like her, Anne Maria attempts to get Mike to like her after Zoey's elimination to no success and only being voted out for being annoying
  • ​B starts to talk when Cameron befriends him
  • ​B and Staci become a couple
  • ​Brick and Jo have a short lived rivalry
  • ​Jo caused the eliminations of everyone but Staci and Brick
  • ​In Truth or Laser Shark it's reveled that Brick is gay and likes Sam which Scott is disgusted by
  • ​Zoey, Cameron and Dawn cheer Brick up and befriend him
  • ​Dakota and Sam aren't a couple but friends
  • ​Zoke's still a thing
  • ​Lightning and Jo become friends until Jo's Betrayal in Episode 7
  • ​Cameron and Jo are the finalists

​Couples: Zoey/Mike, B/Staci

That all folks!

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