My Way

14th Leonard

Leonard Balls

13th Beardo


12th Samey

Samey needs to stand up for herself

11th Rodney

Rodney loves the pig too

10th Sky


9th Amy(and Samey Again)



8th Dave

Dave out

7th/6th Sugar/Topher

Sugar blind

Topher with phone

5th Max

Max drown

4th Shawn


3rd Ella

Commercial Break Ella

1st/2nd Jasmine/Scarlett

Scary Scarlett

Jasmine frozen blue freezing cold shivering confessional

Plot Points/Notes

  • ​Scarlett is the main antagonist, the other is Max
  • ​Max and Scarlett let Sugar into their alliance in Episode 3
  • ​Scarlett failed to kill Jasmine 6 times during the finale
  • ​Sky gets cheated out by Sugar because Max told Sugar Sky was planning to vote her out for being mean
  • ​Rodney and Scarlett(Using him for an extra vote) start dating, but then Rodney begins making goo goo eyes at Amy which makes Scarlett distrust him and exposes him in front of everyone making him unpopular and disliked
  • ​Ella and Sugar's one sided conflict ended when Ella confessed her love for Sugar who accpeted and kissed her before Sugar was blasted off
  • ​Amy poses as Samey to get out of being eliminated but Samey retuns which exposes the truth and Chris just eliminates both twins out of annoynce
  • ​Leonard and Beardo are friends
  • ​After Sky left Shawn and Ella made Dave determined to keep going for Sky
  • ​Scarlett and Max had a falling out with their alliance so Scarlett rigged the votes to save herself as Max was more liked than her
  • ​Samey and Rodney become friends at the finale by taking about how much they don't like Amy
  • ​Scarlett is responsible for the eliminations of every jury member(Mergers) and and Rodney
  • Topher has the same plot as in canon but befriends Jasmine and has a crush on Chris

​Couples: Ella/Sugar. Shawn/Jasmine, Rodney/Scarlett(Broke Up), Sky/Dave

​That's all folks