​(Not Finished)

Episode 2

  • Winners: Screaming Gophers
  • Bottom 2: Ezekiel: 6, Courtney: 5


  • Eliminated: 22nd Ezekiel
  • Reason of being eliminated: ​Same as Canon
  • Votes:
  • Ezekiel: Courtney
  • DJ: Courtney
  • Duncan: Ezekiel
  • Geoff: Courtney
  • Tyler: Courtney
  • Sadie: Ezekiel
  • Eva: Ezekiel
  • Katie: Ezekiel
  • Bridgette: Ezekiel
  • Harold: Courtney
  • Courtney: Ezekiel

​Episode 3

Winners: Killer Bass

  • Bottom 2: Beth: 10, Heather: 1



  • Eliminated: 21st Beth
  • Reason of being eliminated: ​Was the first one to fall asleep making herself look weak.
  • Votes:
  • Beth: Heather
  • Heather: Beth
  • Owen: Beth
  • Leshawna: Beth
  • Trent: Beth
  • Lindsay: Beth
  • Izzy: Beth
  • Noah: Beth
  • Gwen: Beth
  • Cody: Beth
  • Justin: Beth

​Episode 4

Winners: Screaming Gophers

  • Bottom 2: Katie: 5, Sadie: 3, Eva: 2

Katie boat of losers


  • Eliminated: 20th Katie
  • Reason of being eliminated: ​The bass couldn't stand Katie and Sadie together so when they lost thanks to the duo failing worse than Tyler ​they got rid of Katie because Sadie did better in Challenges
  • Votes:
  • DJ: Katie
  • Duncan: Sadie
  • Geoff: Katie
  • Tyler: Katie
  • Sadie: Eva
  • Eva: Sadie
  • Katie: Eva
  • Bridgette: Sadie
  • Harold: Katie
  • Courtney: Katie

Episode 5

Winners: Killer Bass

  • Bottom 2: Lindsay: 6, Noah: 4
HC-Noah Mad


  • Eliminated: 19th Noah
  • Reason of being eliminated: He refused to do the talent show and the dodgeball challenge and was voted off for being lazy
  • Votes:
  • Heather: Noah
  • Owen: Noah
  • Leshawna: Noah
  • Trent: Lindsay
  • Lindsay: Noah
  • Izzy: Noah
  • Noah: Lindsay
  • Gwen: Lindsay
  • Cody: Lindsay
  • Justin: Noah

​Episode 6

Winners: Killer Bass

  • Bottom 2: Leshawna: 8, Heather: 1



  • Eliminated: (Returns) Leshawna
  • Reason of being eliminated: ​Heather wanted to get rid of her rival Leshawna so she sneaked Leshawna the wrong map to get back to camp and Leshawna got her team lost in the woods for hours. The whole team blamed Leshawna for their loss
  • Votes:
  • Heather: Leshawna
  • Owen: Leshawna
  • Leshawna: Heather
  • Trent:  Leshawna
  • Lindsay: Leshawna
  • Izzy: Leshawna
  • Gwen: Leshawna
  • Cody: Leshawna
  • Justin: Leshawna

​Episode 7

Winners: Killer Bass

  • Bottom 2:  ​Izzy: 5, Lindsay: 3


  • Eliminated: (Returns) Izzy
  • Reason of being eliminated: ​She was unable to face her fear of striaght fries which annoyed her team
  • Votes:
  • Heather: Izzy
  • Owen: Lindsay
  • Trent: Izzy
  • Lindsay: Izzy
  • Izzy: Lindsay
  • Gwen: Izzy
  • Cody: Izzy
  • Justin: Lindsay

​Episode 8

Winners: Killer Bass

  • Bottom 2: ​Justin: 5, Heather: 2
Justin never walked the dock of shame yes he did


  • Eliminated: 18th Justin
  • Reason of being eliminated: ​Was attacked by a Bear and was deemed useless by team.​
  • Votes:
  • Heather: Justin
  • Owen: Justin
  • Trent: Justin
  • Lindsay: Justin
  • Gwen: Heather
  • Cody: Justin
  • Justin: Heather

Episode 9

Winners: Screaming Gophers

  • Bottom 3: ​Eva: 4, Courtney: 4, Sadie: 1

Angry Eva

  • Eliminated: 17th Eva
  • Reason of being eliminated: Chris needed a tiebreaker so he said for Courtney and Eva to fight it out in a boxing ring. Suprisingly Courtney won and send Eva home.​
  • Votes:
  • DJ: Eva
  • Duncan: Eva
  • Geoff: Courtney
  • Tyler: Courtney
  • Sadie: Courtney
  • Eva: Sadie
  • Bridgette: Eva
  • Harold: Courtney
  • Courtney: Eva

17th Harold(Bass)


16th Cody(Gopher)

SLWB User Spotlight Imagery

15th Eva(Bass)

14th Tyler(Bass)

Tyler the Gummy Man

13th Bridgette(Bass)


Merge Leshawna and Izzy Return

12th Trent

Punching trent

11th Courtney


10th Sadie

Sadie sexy pose

9th Lindsay


8th Owen


7th Izzy(Again)


6th DJ


5th Leshawna(Again)


4th Duncan

Duncan has the hook again

3rd Heather


1st/2nd Gwen/Geoff


Windblown Gwen

​Couples: Trent/Gwen, Courtney/Duncan, Sadie/Noah, Geoff/Bridgette, Beth/Tyler/Lindsay

That's all folks!

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