• Jasminefan114

    1st Choice Courtney "The Type A"

    I want Courtney back for 3 reasons. 1) She needs a good ending! 2) Needs redemption because of All Stars. I would have her in the final 2 but would I make her win though is the question that remains in my head. She would cool off and be like she was in Island competitive, polite, and fair. 3) The Love thing with Duncan, Gwen, and Trent needs to be resloved. Although I'd rather have her friends with Duncan and fix her relationship with Scott. CxD was nice in Island and Action, but....I'd rather have Scott be her boyfriend. Also she and Harold figure out that Heather and Alejandro are cheating and becomes friends with him.

    2nd Choice Leshawna "The Ultimate Bullshit Detector"

    I missed Leshawna's Sassy personality…

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  • Jasminefan114

    Winners: Screaming Gophers

    • Bottom 2: ​Ezekiel: 6, Courtney: 5
    • Eliminated: 22nd ​Ezekiel
    • Reason of being eliminated: His sexist comments have spared Courtney from being the first boot.
    • Votes:
      • Courtney: Ezekiel, Geoff, Tyler, DJ, Harold
      • Ezekiel: Sadie, Izzy, Duncan, Courtney, Eva, Bridgette


    Winners: Screaming Gophers

    • Bottom 2: ​Eva: 9, Bridgette: 1
    • Eliminated: (Returns)Eva
    • Reason of being eliminated: Eva attacked Lindsay and was voted off for being too voilent.
    • Votes:
      • Eva: Her whole team
      • Bridgette: Eva


    Winners: Killer Bass

    • Bottom 2: ​Noah: 10, Heather: 1
    • Eliminated: 21st Noah
    • Reason of being eliminated: His was lazy and never helped in any of the challenges.
    • Votes:
      • Noah: His whole team


    Winners: Killer Bass

    • Bottom 2: ​Cody: 9, Trent: 1
    • Elimin…

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  • Jasminefan114

    • Winners: Gwen and Trent
    • Bottom 4: Geoff: 11, Bridgette: 10, Heather: 4, and Duncan: 2
    • Eliminated: 16th/15th Geoff and Bridgette

    • Reason of being eliminated: They annoyed the cast with non-stop make out sessions.
    • Votes:
      • Bridgette: Heather and Duncan
      • Geoff: Heather and Justin
      • Heather: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Harold: Geoff and Duncan
      • Duncan: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Trent: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Gwen: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Owen: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Lindsay: Heather and Bridgette
      • Beth: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Justin: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Leshawna:Geoff and Heather
      • DJ: Geoff and Bridgette
      • Izzy: Geoff and Br…

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  • Jasminefan114

    14th Leonard

    13th Beardo

    12th Samey

    11th Rodney

    10th Sky

    9th Amy(and Samey Again)


    8th Dave

    7th/6th Sugar/Topher

    5th Max

    4th Shawn

    3rd Ella

    1st/2nd Jasmine/Scarlett

    Plot Points/Notes

    • ​Scarlett is the main antagonist, the other is Max
    • ​Max and Scarlett let Sugar into their alliance in Episode 3
    • ​Scarlett failed to kill Jasmine 6 times during the finale
    • ​Sky gets cheated out by Sugar because Max told Sugar Sky was planning to vote her out for being mean
    • ​Rodney and Scarlett(Using him for an extra vote) start dating, but then Rodney begins making goo goo eyes at Amy which makes Scarlett distrust him and exposes him in front of everyone making him unpopular and disliked
    • ​Ella and Sugar's one sided conflict ended when Ella confessed her love for Sugar who a…

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  • Jasminefan114

    13th Staci(Rats)

    12th Brick(Maggots)

    11th/10th Dawn/Scott(Rats)

    9th Zoey(Maggots)

    8th Sam(Rats)

    7th Lightning(Rats)


    6th Mike

    5th Anne Maria

    4th B

    3rd Dakota

    1st/2nd Cameron/Jo

    Plot Points/Notes

    • ​Jo is the main antagonist and the other is Scott
    • ​Scott was orignally gonna play fair but Jo influnced him into being a villian and teamed up with him and order him to take out B, and Dawn but since he failed Jo punished him by send him and Dawn home by rigging the votes
    • ​Anne Maria is the reason for Zoey's auto elimination which causes Mike to not like her, Anne Maria attempts to get Mike to like her after Zoey's elimination to no success and only being voted out for being annoying
    • ​B starts to talk when Cameron befriends him
    • ​B and Staci become a couple
    • ​…

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