Ello! The admins held a council meeting earlier tonight, and we agreed on several upcoming changes that we'll be implementing.

Before I get down to it, I want to stress that you're absolutely free to dispute some (or all) of these changes. But please do so without resorting to name-calling and personal attacks. Also, I should point out that we're not done with the changes, and there will be more in the coming days. Keep those suggestions coming! Trust me, I've been hearing and considering a lot of them. Me and the other admins are trying to find a happy medium in all this.

Alright, let's get down to it then!

  • We have two new admins and one new rollback. The two new admins are WM and Bigez, and the new rollback is CD-TDA. Congratulations to these outstanding users! For now, these will be the only promotions. However, we'll likely be revisiting this issue in the near future.
  • We're phasing out the post of Wiki President. Kg and I will be the last users to hold the position. It's largely a ceremonial title anyway, since all admins are equal and nothing can get by without the approval of the other admins. Having said that, I (and Kg) still stand by the platform I ran on during the election; I'm always looking for a way to improve the wiki, as any good president would do.
  • We're going to start reducing the amount of images in the galleries of the character pages. There's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much as it stands right now. We're going to limit the amount of images per season to 12. The decision of which images to display will likely be decided on the character's talk page. Keep in mind that this only applies to the gallery, and not the biography. However, this doesn't mean that you should move any unused images from the gallery to the biography. >.> We'll find a suitable place to relocate the other images to, if possible.
  • The relationship/friendship/attraction/conflict pages are going to be renamed. They'll be renamed to "Interaction" in lieu of the previous labels, which is entirely justified when you consider the status of some of those interactions. For example, Courtney and Duncan were in a relationship but are now in a conflict, and that may change yet again in a future season. We're also going to phase out the "Everyone" interaction pages, with perhaps a couple of notable exceptions (particularly the Everyone-Owen Friendship page, which was chosen as a Featured Article.)
  • We're discontinuing Roundtable. Participation has been disappointing, and it's better if we just got rid of it altogether. However, judging by all the suggestions I've gotten in recent days, I'm not at all concerned about you guys voicing what you'd like to see here on the wiki. Please, don't be afraid to post on my talk page, or the talk page of any of the other admins!
  • The background of the wiki is going to be changed. Ideally, I'd like to see some TD characters incorporated into the background image, much like how it was under the previous Monaco setup. We'll see. But this is one of the more popular suggestions, and frankly, I agree. The current one seems pretty plain. xD
  • Forums is going to be cut back. I'd like to see it trimmed to just two sections: Total Drama Wiki and Club Crazy. Why? Well, as it stands right now, most of the forums are unused, with the only popular section being Club Crazy. And speaking of Club Crazy, the admins want to limit the fanclubs to just the characters and the canon relationships, to cut down on all the clutter in there. I imagine that this is going to be controversial, so I should point out that the Club Crazy change isn't written in stone yet. But the issue of clutter does need to be addressed, as Club Crazy currently looks quite disorganized, messy, and aesthetically unpleasing. Do we really need fanclubs for some of the stuff in there?
  • We're going to start displaying rules of conduct more prominently as a service to our newer users, especially on the popular talk pages for TDWT and TDR. Though I've made a considerable effort to monitor activity on those talk pages, I can't do it all the time, and nor should anyone be expected to. Any help in doing so would be appreciated, of course, but I think the problem is that newer users simply aren't as familiar with the rules of conduct as we'd like them to be.

And that's it! Comments? Suggestions? Don't be afraid to speak up! ~ Jammytalk|La|info 02:19, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

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