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Even in episodes where they don't get along, there are still obvious signs that they're attracted to each other. For example, in The Sucky Outdoors, she jumped into his arms when she was frightened and she cuddled up to him in her sleep; I strongly doubt that both actions were done without a subconscious desire to do so. As for Duncan, his actions in that episode seem like they were a misguided attempt to grab her attention. His chauvinistic remarks as they were setting up the Killer Bass tent, his (successful) attempt to frighten her at the very end... they were his way of demonstrating to her that she's on his mind, and yet he can't act upon these feelings in a more friendly or romantic manner because of his obligation to maintain a tough demeanor.

If you stop to think about it, the constant conflict between the two is actually a major reason why they're continually attracted to each other. The most important thing to remember about this relationship is that they actually admire each other's negative traits as much as they admire the positive traits. Thus the reason why Duncan is usually the only one who puts up with Courtney's oft-insufferable attitude is because:

  • He has long-standing feelings for her
  • He often likes it; he likes to be challenged by her
  • He knows that the feelings he has for her are mutual

However, despite this, they're unable to express their feelings for each other when the other is present. I have a theory on why this is.

In Courtney's case, her romantic attraction to Duncan conflicts with the ambitious expectations of her A-Type life. She wants to be with him, but she's constantly worried that he'll be too much of a bad influence on her career, which seems to be heading in the direction of law school and politics... you know, professions which are usually associated with the good side of the law.

As for Duncan, his romantic attraction to Courtney conflicts with the tough guy image he strives to maintain. This is the same guy who has stated on several occasions on-camera that he "has no friends" and would prefer to keep it that way. This is the same guy who would prefer that others not know about his soft side.

Both Duncan and Courtney are too stubborn and too proud to give in to feelings of romance when present around each other, at least on-camera. The only way they seem to be able to express it is by kissing, which doesn't really betray the images they carved out for themselves. But when they're apart, they often do pine for each other in an uncharacteristically romantic manner. In The Aftermath: II, Courtney was beaming happily when she saw that clip of how much Duncan was missing her, likely because that was the first time she's ever seen him express his feelings for her in such an overtly romantic way. She knows that it's very hard for him to do that when he's around her.

Will they remain a couple? I believe so. Courtney may often disagree with him, but she's also much too in love to let another girl have him, even if she won't admit it. As for Duncan, he's attracted to Courtney on so many levels, including ways which would simply confound other people (he loves it when she goes all psycho and tears up the studio, after all). I don't think he'll end up with Gwen due to this. Gwen doesn't challenge him as much as Courtney does, nor does she really display the traits that Duncan loves in a girl. Ultimately, Duncan will be most attracted to Courtney, and that's who he'll remain with.

Or at least I hope so.