This will be short and sweet, although I may expand on my picks later. :3

14. Lindsay

Poor Lindsay. Her sweetness and naivete will end up making her a target for early elimination from both Courtney and the ROTI characters. Although methinks that she's also one of the candidates most likely to return later on too...

13. Cameron

Cameron Countdown
I have a feeling that the bubble boy will be one of the first ones eliminated, since even his intelligence can't completely overcome his inherent physical weakness, especially when faced with the challenge posed by the Vultures.

12. Sam

Sam Countdown
As much as I'd love to see Sam get far in TDAS, he's unfortunately another likely candidate for an early exit. Since he didn't do so well in ROTI, he's destined to be either an surprisingly successful underdog, or a comic relief character that's doomed to fail. I'm betting on the latter scenario.

11. Jo

Jo Countdown
Jo is going to be the first Vulture to be eliminated. My guess is that her power struggle with Heather over leadership of the Vultures is going to fail as a result of Alejandro's return.

10. Sierra

China wheres the epipen
Super-fan Sierra isn't going to last long in this competition, I bet. No Cody? An often-aggravating cheerfulness and enthusiasm? I can't see her making it to the merge.

9. Lightning

Lightning Countdown
With Jo gone, Lightning will have lost his primary ally in the competition, and thus will be targeted for elimination. His athleticism, past success, and self-centered attitude are the primary reasons for his elimination.

8. Gwen

Ah, Gwen. The pressure of having to deal with both Duncan and Courtney, as well as being labelled as a villain, is going to drain her of any enthusiasm for winning the competition. I could see Duncan being instrumental in getting her eliminated. Hopefully she reconciles with Courtney and breaks it off with Duncan before (or after!) she takes the Flush of Shame.

7. Heather

Heather's weakness? Alejandro. While the two of them will struggle over the feelings for each other, they will also seek to eliminate each other at every opportunity because of this. And I can see Alejandro getting his revenge on her for what she did to him in TDWT.

6. Duncan

Duncan will step on too many toes, or dip his fingers in too many soups during his time in TDAS. He'll make it to the merge, but I could see his numerous attempts at alliances backfiring on him. Alejandro? Scott? Courtney? Nope. The punk will get his comeuppance.

5. Zoey

Zoey Countdown
Zoey will go before Mike this time around. She'll make it far if only for the sake of her romance with Mike, but that same romance will be the cause of her elimination. I can see Scott and Alejandro teaming up to get rid of her, and perhaps unwittingly dragging Courtney or even Mike along for the deciding vote.

4. Alejandro

As the alpha male antagonist of TDWT, Alejandro will likely last a few episodes after his return. But in TDAS, the main antagonist will likely be the devious Scott. Scott will get Alejandro eliminated, perhaps by suggesting that he was the only guy responsible for Zoey's elimination.

3. Scott

Scott Countdown
Scott will be working behind-the-scenes as the true antagonist of TDAS. While Heather, Jo, and even Alejandro battle it out in the spotlight, Scott will slip by by posing himself as a lesser threat compared to his Vultures teammates. But ultimately, Mike will get his revenge on Scott.

2. Mike

Mike Countdown
Mike will shine in TDAS. He'll have control over his personalities (or at least most of them...) and will utilize them to his advantage. And let's face it; the writers will probably portray him as fighting for both himself and for Zoey. I see him as the most likely ROTI character to make it to the final two.

1. Courtney

Courtney has a lot to prove in TDAS. After being thrown off her game by Duncan's betrayal in TDWT, she'll be more determined than ever to win the competition and prove that she can overcome the bad luck she has experienced in past seasons. Plus being on the Hamsters will likely draw out more of her "sweet" side, comparable to her first season on the island; this will have the effect of making her even more of a fan favourite, and thus a favourite to win it all in TDAS.

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