Hi all! I posted this on Tumblr a few days ago, and thought I’d share it here too. Basically, it's simply what ethnicity I think each of the campers are. Note that unless specified otherwise, they’re hyphenated Canadians (“English-Canadian”, “Italian-Canadian”, etc.)

  • Alejandro: Peruvian
  • Anne Maria: Italian, specifically Sicilian
  • B: West Indian (as in the Caribbean, not the Indian subcontinent)
  • Beth: German
  • Brick: English
  • Bridgette: Swedish
  • Cameron: African-American, of distant Ethiopian descent; his great-grandparents were immigrants to Canada though
  • Cody: English
  • Courtney: Puerto Rican
  • Dakota: Born in the United States to American parents of English and Dutch descent, but raised in Canada
  • Dawn: Icelandic
  • DJ: Jamaican
  • Duncan: Scottish
  • Eva: Polish; born in Poland, but raised in Canada
  • Ezekiel: Ukrainian Mennonite
  • Geoff: Swiss, specifically Swiss German
  • Gwen: Mixed race; has Native American, English, Norwegian, and French-Canadian ancestry
  • Harold: Scots-Irish
  • Heather: Chinese, specifically Cantonese
  • Izzy: Irish
  • Jo: Austrian
  • Justin: Mixed race; has Pacific Islander (Hawaiian), Japanese, and Portuguese ancestry
  • Katie: Native American, specifically Ojibwe
  • Leshawna: Barbadian
  • Lightning: African-American, of distant Senegalese descent; born and raised in the United States
  • Lindsay: Dutch
  • Mike: Filipino*
  • Noah: Indian, specifically Goan Catholic (due to his name)
  • Owen: English
  • Sadie: Métis (half-Native American and half-French-Canadian)
  • Sam: Scottish
  • Scott: Irish
  • Sierra: Mixed race; has German and Trinidadian ancestry
  • Staci: Danish
  • Trent: Serbian
  • Tyler: Italian-Argentinian, but born and raised in Canada
  • Zoey: Mixed race; has Korean and Russian ancestry

Thoughts? Comments? Do you agree with some of these, or disagree? Let me know. c:

(*I originally had Mike as Portuguese in my original Tumblr post, but after giving it some thought, I changed it to Filipino, mostly due to his hair and his dark complexion.)

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