I really do wear glasses irl! See? xD


Hello all! My name is Vanessa, aka Jam. As I've announced recently, I'm running for president of this quirky little wiki we call our home. We have some fantastic people running for president this time around, so I understand the odds are stacked against me. However, I also feel like I have some good ideas on improving this wiki, and it'd be easier for me to implement them if I was your president.

There are a few things about my candidacy that I'd like to highlight:

  • I'm one of only two rollbacks running.
  • At 20 years old, I'm the oldest of the candidates. That's not to say I'm the most mature though, hehe. But I am in university. Just sayin'. >:D
  • I'm a girl. My good friend FH -- who is also running -- is also a girl. Girl power!
  • I'm on this wiki, like, all the time. I can easily access it from work and school, so there'd always be an opportunity for you to give me feedback and expect a speedy response (unless something unexpected comes up, of course).
  • I'm absolutely lovable and I promise to fill the wiki with sunshine and rainbows if elected~!


Alrighty, on to the bread-and-butter of this post. There are a few ideas I've been discussing with my confidante (who shall remain unnamed at this time >:3) about implementing should I be elected. Here's a basic outline of some of the more notable ideas I had in mind.

This is a common idea amongst the candidates this time around. Roundtable was a great feature! But should it be brought back, I'd like to give the opportunity for attendees to bring up what they feel needs attention on the wiki, rather than simply discussing about a preselected topic like in previous Roundtables. And for those who don't come on the IRC, I'm open to keeping the suggestion blog as well.

Orphaned Special Pages
There are a lot of images and pages that are "orphaned", which means that no other page links to them and they are basically just floating around in wiki purgatory. I'd like to either find a way to use those pages or otherwise simply delete them outright. And as I'm sure a few of you have noticed recently, there are some inappropriate redirects. I say get rid of 'em! >:/

New Rules for Talk Pages
This is one of the more personal issues I'd like to address. As it stands right now, there aren't many rules set in place for what can be discussed on talk pages, especially the monstrously huge talk pages like Talk:Total Drama World Tour. And for the few rules that do exist, they aren't enforced all that often. I often feel like I'm the only one enforcing them! But if elected, I'd ratify some new rules, such as limiting the amount of images allowed, discouraging the posting of overly long predictions, and setting a minimum word count for new sections that are created.

Enforcing Blog Rules
Despite the new blog rules we've set in motion recently, there are still far too many people (mostly new users) posting blogs that are either overly short or wildly off-topic. I'd like to fix that. I would delete such blogs and post a message on those users' talk pages explaining the blog rules. Better yet, I'd like to clarify such rules on the welcoming message that the Welcoming Committee posts on the pages of new users. Which brings me to my next idea...

Set a Standard for Welcoming Messages
The Welcoming Committee has been doing a good job. But each of them uses their own welcoming message, which can appear to be a little disjointed. What I'd like to do is come up with a standard welcoming message for them to use (with their input, of course) that would be updated periodically to reflect any rule changes made recently. Such a message would be friendly and welcoming, but clear about the policies we follow here on the wiki.

Character Quotes
On each of the character biography pages (such as Noah's), I'd like to highlight one specific quote in their overview that exemplifies their personality or they're otherwise best-known for saying. Such quotes would be voted for on their respective talk pages. I feel it'd be a fun little addition to their articles that also brings users of the wiki together. And speaking of the character articles...

Image Cleanup

There are far too many images on the character articles, as well on the episode articles. I'll admit, I'm partly to blame for this, as I tend to upload a lot of images for use on the wiki. But there have also been fanmade images uploaded, which simply looks out of place. Therefore, I'd like to organize the images by placing them in categories and subcategories. There's a specific template for galleries that wonderfully organizes the images in such a manner, and I'd make sure that anyone who uploads images to these pages uses this template in order to keep the articles neat, tidy, and professional. :D

So there you have it! Please keep in mind that these are only some of the ideas I've been planning, not all of them. I'll be elaborating on some of these ideas in the days to come. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment or give feedback on anything I've said in this blog post.

Vote Jam! Goes good with peanut butter.

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