As you're aware of, three administrators have quit this past weekend: Freehugs41, TDIFan13, and Lizcat68.

And since people are worried that this will lead to some sort of "domino effect" where a whole bunch of other users will quit upon seeing others do it, I'm here to diffuse the situation.


We still have a LOT of great users that are active here, so it would be silly for anyone else to quit just because these three did. After all, Musou is still here. CD is still here. WM is still here. Gleek is still here. Addict is still here. Fedora is still here. Nalyd is still here (and an ADMIN again, might I add!)

(Don't get offended if I didn't mention you in that list, I was just naming the ones off the top of my head. xD)

The point is, nobody should start believing that this is a domino effect that will end up affecting the entire wiki. Those three admins that left were each other's biggest allies when it came to adminship and support, so once one left, and then the other left... the one still remaining would eventually leave as well. It sucks, but what can you do? All we can do is look forward to tomorrow.

This wiki will begin to become very active soon, due to the new season quickly approaching. Why leave before all the excitement is about to start? Besides, I can guarantee that the drama of the past couple of days is largely past us now. We will quickly replace those three admins with new ones, ones which many users have been wanting to see become admins for quite a while now. And there will be no more fighting. Trust me.

All in all, hopefully you'll stick around. Things around here aren't nearly as dire as some might have you believe.

~ Jammytalk|La|info

EDIT: As I wrote this, TDIFan13 returned, albeit as a regular user. Which I hope is encouraging news for the rest of you.

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