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  • Jam7

    Happy birthday to me!

    July 10, 2014 by Jam7

    Today's my birthday! I was born on July 10, 1990. That means that I'm turning 24 years old today. I know, I know, I'm ANCIENT. I'm practically the wiki's grandma. :B

    Anyway, I don't plan to celebrate until Saturday; in fact, I have to work a 4-hour shift this afternoon that I somehow forgot to book off, lol. This also means that I'll miss the new TDPI episode today. :c You know what would make a great birthday present though? If that sweet little songbird Ella wasn't voted off today. That's all I really want. ♥

    And if you happen to stumble across my house this weekend, I'll share some ice cream birthday cake with you. c:

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  • Jam7

    Hi all! I posted this on Tumblr a few days ago, and thought I’d share it here too. Basically, it's simply what ethnicity I think each of the campers are. Note that unless specified otherwise, they’re hyphenated Canadians (“English-Canadian”, “Italian-Canadian”, etc.)

    • Alejandro: Peruvian
    • Anne Maria: Italian, specifically Sicilian
    • B: West Indian (as in the Caribbean, not the Indian subcontinent)
    • Beth: German
    • Brick: English
    • Bridgette: Swedish
    • Cameron: African-American, of distant Ethiopian descent; his great-grandparents were immigrants to Canada though
    • Cody: English
    • Courtney: Puerto Rican
    • Dakota: Born in the United States to American parents of English and Dutch descent, but raised in Canada
    • Dawn: Icelandic
    • DJ: Jamaican
    • Duncan: Scottish
    • Eva: Polish; born in Poland, bu…
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  • Jam7

    Welp... this episode blew.

    November 20, 2013 by Jam7

    This is more of a rant than a review. I personally thought this episode (Sundae Muddy Sundae) was terrible. Like, flat out the worst one of the season.

    First off, we start the episode with a brain scene. Granted, it featured the only Mike personality I actually like (Vito, who really should have been Mike's default and ONLY personality imo), but it was still, like all his brain scenes, ridiculous beyond belief.

    Second, the lack of continuity in this season has been annoying as hell. After spending much of the season building up the Gwentney friendship, it suddenly comes crashing down within one episode. Yeah, I get that the show is called "Total Drama", but having Courtney renege on her desire to have Gwen and herself face off in the final tw…

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  • Jam7

    This will be short and sweet, although I may expand on my picks later. :3

    14. Lindsay

    Poor Lindsay. Her sweetness and naivete will end up making her a target for early elimination from both Courtney and the ROTI characters. Although methinks that she's also one of the candidates most likely to return later on too...

    13. Cameron

    I have a feeling that the bubble boy will be one of the first ones eliminated, since even his intelligence can't completely overcome his inherent physical weakness, especially when faced with the challenge posed by the Vultures.

    12. Sam

    As much as I'd love to see Sam get far in TDAS, he's unfortunately another likely candidate for an early exit. Since he didn't do so well in ROTI, he's destined to be either an surprisingly … Read more >
  • Jam7

    Hello again guys!

    July 30, 2013 by Jam7

    Hiya! My name is Jam, and I used to be an administrator (and bureaucrat... I think...) here. I've been away for a while, so for those interested, let me explain:

    I was in Europe. I participated in a study abroad program at the University of Leeds in jolly old England, spending a semester there for my Fine Arts degree. It was a great experience, but I was gone for over half a year, and during that time, I focused on my studies and the feeling of living in a whole new country. :3

    I got back to Canada in late May, but I've spent much of the summer catching up on my social life and looking for a part-time job. However, I missed this place, since I used to be somewhat active here. So... here I am. I'll try to edit a bit, even if it's just my prof…

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