14th-Beardo-Already proving to be voted off probably in a 4-3 vote. 13th-Ella-Probaly her singing was getting annoying so she was voted off in 5-1 vote. 12th-Shawn-He tried to get his team to lose which Leonard found out about with him getting out in a 4-1 vote. Topher switches to Team Maswak! 11th-Leonard-he was bottom 3 three times in a row so they considered him useless with him voted off in a 3-2 vote. Topher is voted off with 3 votes. 10th-Max-Amy convinced the team to vote him off instead of Rodney with Max getting out with 5 votes. 9th-Rodney-He quits Amy's alliance so she convinces everyone to vote him out with 4 votes. Merge-Topher returns- 8th-Jasmine-Dave wins immunity and Amy tells everyone that Jasmine was planning on voting everyone out so she is voted off with 5 votes. 7th-Sky-Samey wins immunity and Sky and Sugar tie in votes with Chris choosing to make Sky take the cannon of shame. 6th-Sugar-Dave wins immunity and Sugar is voted out with 4 votes. 5th/4th-Topher and Samey-Amy wins immunity and votes for Samey and Topher to go home. 3rd-Scarlett-With Amy winning immunity she gets to choose who she wants to go to the finale with and chooses Dave. Runnerup-Amy-Dave beats her in the finale. Winner-Dave-He beats Amy in the Finale.


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