As we all know Beth would have competed in Total Drama World Tour but that didn't happen due to Geoff's conflict with Blaineley.

But what if she had actually answered the question in time and had debuted in Niagra Brawls...

If the TD team had let Beth compete, she could've had a lot of interaction with the remaining seven contestants. She could have also in Chris' case catch more ratings as she had conflicts with both Courtney and Heather, a friendship with Duncan and she could've easily been manipulated by Alejandro.

Now here is the part where I put how her time on World Tour could've taken place:

In Niagara Brawls, she debuts and receives mix reactions (hate from Courtney and Heather and cheers from Cody, Owen, and Duncan). Blainerific could have never happened and she could've competed in the challenge with Owen since Blaineley wouldn't be competing with him. After the challenge, Alejandro would try to flirt with her and succeed in a very short amount of time and he could've convinced her to vote for Owen.(I said could've not that he did.) (Also Courtney and Duncan won the challenge.)

In Chinese Fake-Out, she is in loser class with Alejandro flirting with him and Heather and Courtney would get jealous and eventually plot against Beth. Beth finishes 6th/5th in the challenge as she would most likely barf first. After the challenge, Courtney complains to Duncan about Beth and her and Beth argue. At the elimination ceremony, she and Courtney glare at each other and is announced that Beth and Courtney are in the bottom two but Courtney is ultimately eliminated. (Everyone besides Cody votes for Courtney and Courtney votes for Beth.) (Also Sierra had won the challenge.)

In African Lying Safari, Beth talks to Duncan and they both cheer when Courtney is gone. Beth decides to ask Duncan for alliance to which he agrees to and together they along with Alejandro work together in the challenge. After the challenge is over with, Alejandro convinces Beth to vote for Duncan to which she does so eliminating him and ending their alliance. She smiles when Chris announces that another contestant is leaving and that they must vote again. (I added that because I think it would have been cooler and it would make since why I had Sierra place 5th!) She votes for Heather but Sierra is eliminated instead with three votes. (Alejandro wins immunity.)

In Rapa Phooey!, She partners up with Alejandro during the challenge and they plot against Heather. When she finds Lindsay's carved head, she goes in the confessional wishing she was in the final four with her. She makes out of the cave second and wins the challenge after she gives the condor her eggs. She then takes Alejandro to first class with her. At the elimination ceremony, it is revealed that she voted for Heather.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, she wakes up in first class only to see that Alejandro is gone. He goes in the confessional stating that Beth outlived her usefulness and begins to plot to eliminate her. She creates a dinosaur and votes for Alejandro dinosaur to win the first challenge. She places second in the first part and receives the pick axe ad she begins finding a barrel. She and Heather race to Chris to win immunity but Heather wins. At the elimination ceremony she is eliminated with three votes due to Heather disliking her, Alejandro plotting against her and Cody thinking of her as a threat for winning last season. She is then seen crying and states that she should've never trusted Alejandro and that she hopes Cody wins the season. (Heather wins immunity.)

In Hawaiian Style, she is rooting for Cody to win.

In Hawaiian Punch, she roots for Alejandro to win after Cody is eliminated.

Beth's Votes:

  • Episode 19 - Not shown but she voted for Sierra.
  • Episode 20 - She votes for Courtney.
  • Episode 21 - She votes for Duncan.
  • Episode 22 - She votes for Heather.
  • Episode 23 - She votes for Heather.

That's how I think Beth would've competed on World Tour! Tell me in the comments if you agree and if you don't feel free to write your own version.


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