Hi. I'm Izzy and I'm making another blog about the dreadful yet sometimes okay season Total Drama All-Stars.

I didn't really like many of the eliminations that was seen in All-Stars so that's why I am making a blog about TDAS eliminations and how I think some of them should have went.

Heroes vs. Villains

Winners: Villainous Vultures

Eliminated: Sam

Bottom 2 and Votes:
Sam: Cameron, Courtney, Lindsay, Mike, Sierra, and Zoey
Courtney: Sam


Sam takes the Flush of Shame in Heroes vs Villains.

Reason for elimination: Courtney told the heroes that Sam would push the carriage because of his girth. He turned out to be very slow which caused them the lost.

Official Placement: 15th

Evil Dread

Winners: Heroic Hamsters

Eliminated: Jo

Bottom 2 and Votes:
Jo: Lightning, Heather, Duncan, Gwen
Lightning: Jo, Scott, Alejandro


Jo takes the Flush of Shame in Evil Dread.

Reason for elimination: Lightning figured Jo might want him to get out so he convinced others to vote her out over him.

Official Placement: 14th

Saving Private Leechball

Winners: heroic Hamsters

Eliminated: Lightning

Bottom 2 and Votes: Lightning: Heather, Alejandro, Duncan, Gwen and Heather: Lightning and Scott


Lightning takes the Flush of Shame in Saving Private Leechball.

Reason for elimination: Heather knew he caused Jo's elimination and he was a physical threat so she created a temporary alliance with the original villains and voted him off.
  • Mike and Gwen switches teams.

Official Placement: 13th

Food Fright

Winners: Villainous Vultures

Eliminated: Zoey

Bottom 2 and Votes: Zoey: Gwen, Sierra, Lindsay, and Cameron and Gwen: Zoey and Courtney

File:Mike and Zoey.pngReason for elimination: With Gwen now on the Hamsters, Cameron and Gwen instantly click and become best friends. They create an alliance with Lindsay and they vote Zoey off.

Official Placement: 12th

Moon Madness

Winners: Villainous Vultures

Eliminated: Cameron (But he switches to the villains)

Bottom 2 and Votes: Cameron: Courtney, Sierra, and Lindsay(accidently) and Courtney: Gwen and Cameron

Cameron volunteers

Cameron about to get eliminated.

Justin TDI Rank

Justin debuts in Moon Madness.

Reason for elimination: Courtney got Sierra's vote against Cameron and Lindsay accidently voted for Cameron.

  • Justin debuts on the Villainous Vultures.
  • Gwuncan finally ends!

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Winners: Villainous Vultures (I making it to where Heather's egg makes it to the egg holder and they win)

Eliminated: Sierra and Cameron

Bottom 2 and Votes: Sierra: Courtney, Gwen, and Lindsay and Courtney: Sierra


Sierra takes the Flush of Shame in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition.

Reason for elimination: Courtney knew Sierra might be a threat at the merge so she convinced the other girls into voting for her.

Cameron takes the Flush of Shame in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition.

Reason for elimination: Cameron quit because he didn't want to be on a team of villains.

Official Placement: Sierra: 11th and Cameron: 10th

Suckers Punched

Winners: Heroic Hamsters

Eliminated: Duncan

Bottom 2 and Votes: None!

Reason for elimination: The heroes had the choice of eliminating a villain so they chose Duncan for being a threat and for being a loser when he was with Gwen.

Official placement: 9th

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Winner: Alejandro

Eliminated: Mike

Bottom 2 and Votes: Mike: Alejandro, Heather, Scott, Courtney, and Justin and Heather: Gwen, Mike, and Lindsay

Reason for elimination: Alejandro decided to eliminate every contestant who wasn't really considered a villain. So he decides that Mike should go first.

Official Placement: 8th

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

Winner: Courtney and Scott(I decided to make it a double immunity episode)

Eliminated: Heather

Bottom 2 and Votes: Heather: Alejandro, Courtney, Scott, Gwen, Lindsay and Alejandro: Heather and Justin

Skeptical heather

Heather is confused on how she got the boot in Zeek and Ye Shall Find.

Reason for elimination: Heather and Alejandro's and Heather and Courtney's conflict reaches their boiling point for this season and so Courtney and Alejandro work together and convinces some of the others to vote her off.

Official Placement: 7th

  • Courtney and Scott officially become a couple.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Winner: Lindsay

Eliminated: Scott

Bottom 3 and Votes: Scott: Alejandro, Gwen, and Lindsay and Gwen: Courtney and Scott and Alejandro: Justin


Scott takes the Flush of Shame in The Obsta-Kill Kourse.

Reason for elimination: Alejandro knew of Courtney's relationship with Scott and thought they might create an alliance so he schemed against Scott and got him voted off.

Official Placement: 6th

  • Alejandro and Justin create a conflict.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

Winner: Courtney(wins the race part) and Lindsay(wins the eating part)

Eliminated: Justin

Bottom 2 and Votes: Justin: Alejandro, Lindsay, and Gwen and Alejandro: Justin and Courtney

Justin never walked the dock of shame yes he did

Justin walks to the Flush of Shame in Sundae Muddy Sundae.

Reason for elimination: Justin came in the last in both parts of the challenge and Alejandro majorly disliked him so Alejandro got him voted off.

Official Placement: 5th

The Bold and the Booty-ful

Winner: Lindsay

Eliminated: Gwen

Bottom 2 and Votes: Gwen: Courtney, Alejandro, and Lindsay and Courtney: Gwen

Reason for elimination: Courtney wanted Gwen gone so she got Alejandro and Lindsay into voting her off.

Official Placement: 4th

Eliminated: Alejandro


Alejandro takes the Flush of Shame in The Bold and the Booty-ful.

Reason for elimination: Courtney convinced Lindsay to choose her over Alejandro by telling her that she could easily win due to her being smarter then Courtney. (She was obviously lying.)

Official Placement: 3rd

The Final Wreck-ening

Courtney and Lindsay in Heroes vs Villains

The Winner(s) of TDAS!

Winner(s): Courtney and Lindsay

Courtney defeats Lindsay in every other country except USA and Canada.

Reason: Courtney earns the help of Alejandro and Heather. Heather doesn't want Lindsay to win so she works with Courtney and easily takes down Lindsay without her even making it to the second mote.

Lindsay defeats Courtney in USA and Canada.

Reason: Lindsay gets the help of Gwen and Zoey and since Courtney created a conflict with them, they wanted to make her lose. They helped Lindsay get to the final mote and she wins!

Elimination Order

15th: Sam

14th: Jo

13th: Lightning

12th: Zoey

11th: Sierra

10th: Cameron

9th: Duncan

8th: Mike

7th: Heather

6th: Scott

5th: Justin

4th: Gwen

3rd: Alejandro

1st/2nd: Courtney

1st/2nd: Lindsay

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
3 Alejandro Villainous Vultures WIN IN IN WIN WIN WIN IN WIN LOW LOW LOW OUT
5 Justin Villainous Vultures Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive IN WIN IN IN IN IN OUT
6 Scott Villainous Vultures WIN IN IN WIN WIN WIN IN IN WIN OUT
7 Heather Villainous Vultures WIN IN LOW WIN WIN WIN IN LOW OUT
8 Mike Heroic Hamsters IN WIN WIN IN IN IN WIN OUT
9 Duncan Villainous Vultures WIN IN IN WIN WIN WIN OUT
10 Cameron Villainous Vultures IN WIN WIN IN LOW QUIT
11 Sierra Heroic Hamsters IN WIN WIN IN IN OUT
12 Zoey Heroic Hamsters IN WIN WIN OUT
13 Lightning Villainous Vultures WIN LOW OUT
14 Jo Villainous Vultures WIN OUT
15 Sam Heroic Hamsters OUT


  • Courtney was the main antagonist of the season and caused 6 eliminations.
  • Alejandro was the secondary antagonist of the season and caused 4 eliminations.
  • Alejandro is the only contestant this season to be in the bottom 2/3 three times.

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