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    New TDAS Footage

    July 15, 2015 by Jakusz

    Hello! I found all of these earlier and thought why not just show them now. So...

    The link above is for Ezekiel!

    The link above is for Mike! 

    The link above is for Scott and Gwen!

    The link above is for Courtney!

    The link above is for Alejandro!

    The link above is for Cameron!

    The link above is for Duncan!


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  • Jakusz

    As we all know Duncan quit because he didn't want to sing and because of Gwen and Courtney arguing. Now this blog is about if he didn't quit and was actually placed on Team Amazon.

    Duncan, Gwen, and Courtney are all placed on Team Amazon and Duncan is eager to start the challenge. He begins talking to Gwen and Courtney gets mad and so does Cody. Heather just laughs and Izzy is busy talking to Ruby. Izzy and Sierra swap teams and he doesn't seem to care and laughs when Sierra begins messing with Cody. He sings Lovin' and Rowin' time and he helps the team win the challenge.

    ~Will Update!~

    Tell me in the comments what you think will happen next and if you like the blog so far!

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  • Jakusz

    As we all know Beth would have competed in Total Drama World Tour but that didn't happen due to Geoff's conflict with Blaineley.

    But what if she had actually answered the question in time and had debuted in Niagra Brawls...

    If the TD team had let Beth compete, she could've had a lot of interaction with the remaining seven contestants. She could have also in Chris' case catch more ratings as she had conflicts with both Courtney and Heather, a friendship with Duncan and she could've easily been manipulated by Alejandro.

    Now here is the part where I put how her time on World Tour could've taken place:

    In Niagara Brawls, she debuts and receives mix reactions (hate from Courtney and Heather and cheers from Cody, Owen, and Duncan). Blainerific could…

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  • Jakusz

    Hi! My blog is about if Sierra and Al never competed on World Tour and if Blaineley was placed on a team.

    Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot: Blaineley, Duncan, Izzy, Noah, and Tyler

    Team Amazon: Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, and Sierra

    Team Victory: Bridgette, DJ, Ezekiel, Harold, Leshawna, and Lindsay





    16th: Ezekiel
    15th: DJ
    14th: Bridgette
    13th: Harold
    12th: Tyler
    *Beth Debuts on Team Victory*
    12th: Sierra
    *Owen Debuts on Team Chris*
    12th: Duncan
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  • Jakusz

    Hey! Its me Izzynoah12 and im creating a blog on how I wish the TDPI eliminations should've went.

    • Dave doesn't like Beardo or Leonard.
    • Ella and Sugar's conflict is mutual.
    • Dave is an antagonist.
    • Sugar is an antagonist.
    • Amy is an antagonist.
    • Amy has a conflict with Jasmine and Samey.
    • Topher doesn't crazy for wanting to host the show.
    • Dave likes Sky but doesn't go obsessed with her.

    Winners: Team Kinosewak

    Bottom 2 and Votes: Leonard: Beardo, Dave, Shawn, and Sky; Beardo: Leonard, Ella, and Sugar

    Eliminated: Leonard

    Reason for elimination: Leonard lost the challenge for the team and Dave caused his elimination because he didn't like him.

    Winners: Team Kinosewak

    Bottom 2 and Votes: Beardo: Dave, Shawn, Sky, and Sugar; Dave: Beardo and Ella.

    Eliminated: Beardo


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