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    oh my its been forever since I've posted anything on here

    Well I need an opinion based on a picture I made

    I was watching a few TD episodes and I wanted to make a re-make picture of one that already existed.

    I thought, what if the final 4 were Leshawna, Bridgette, DJ, & different would the season be

    My question to you guys is, if you can change the final 5 for World Tour, who would they be, or who deservered to be in the Final 5 & why?

    BTW, picture found here on my deviantart:
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  • JackyDelRey


    February 7, 2013 by JackyDelRey

    so im making another season type story likg Around The World, this one is called , Lights Camera Action, its going to be like ATW but this time im making the pictures and...its gonna be written in the eyes of Jacky like ATW. The season challenges are going to be around the same as TDA, just that its going to be in a different order. 


    I'm gonna try to finish it since i have some free time. yeah, stay tuned?

    derp. k bye 

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  • JackyDelRey

    I'm going to be leaving the Wikia....

    soooo yeah, i just think...its my time to leave, like...we all gotta leave sometime, no?

    I'll miss everyone :c

    heres alitte shoutout for my friends

    Aimers: ohh boy, i will miss you alot :c even though you werent on most of the times i always consider you as an friend :c

    AJ: another admin i'll miss :c even though i know you for.....a while i thought you were cool

    OHF: ha, you sure do know how to make me laugh(x i'll miss you're lame perverty jokes

    Temi aka Tamatha: you little brat, i will miss you alot, you're the only one other then nat that knows everything about me :c

    Nat: my sistaaaa, even though i have u on Da i'll miss making fun of you know who :c

    Cavi: you usually never get on, but i'll miss you 2 girls, :…

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