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If you read the last entry, you may know for this series that Chris and his workers will not be hosting. Instead, I am going to be using two original characters that will act as the cooperating hosts. Without further ado, allow me to introduce to you, the twin brothers Jack and Maxwell Vonguarde, AKA your hosts for this event.


Here's a little backstory on them. Jack and Maxwell are twin brothers, born to a family of TV show participants. Game shows, quizzes, reality shows of all kind, you name it and their family was part of it. The two had a roughly slow start in their TV competing years; but had a big break when Jack managed to successfully win a game of Query (parody of Jeopardy), and walk away with a modest $22,000. Since then, both brothers have been on a winning streak, becoming a success on show after show after show. They eventually set their sights on the reality series Total Drama, but by chance Maxwell ended up in an elevator with one of the producers for Total Drama. Considering how popular he and his brother were, the producer offered them a spot on Total Drama... as hosts. They were admittedly shocked, but after seeing why the producers wanted to temporarily replace Chris after the lawsuits he received due to his various danger-filled acts, they happily agreed. The other contestants as of now are unaware that Chris will not be hosting, so the brothers are sure they will be surprised to hear of this development; plus they are excited to see them considering they are big Total Drama fans.

Jack Vonguarde

Jack considers himself a proper gentleman, especially compared to his twin brother. Despite his looks, he is actually a caring guy. He is willing to do a lot of the hard work to help prepare, but can not stand constant stupidity or tomfoolery. Though he himself can not help himself to cracking a joke once in a while. Despite that, he has issues controlling his anger, and can lash out at anyone if he isn't careful. He usually wears a fancy suit and white shirt, bow tie, and a bowler hat. He, like his brother, are 21 and have short brown hair and average-looking body figures. To keep with the gentleman-look, he carries a pocket watch inside his suit jacket. Plus, due to a bet he made several years ago, he speaks with a British accent. He has kept it for two reasons; one because he feels it goes with his gentleman astetic, and two because he can not drop it after using it for 7 years, so he is quite literally stuck with it.

Maxwell Vonguarde

Unlike his brother Jack, Maxwell is energetic, constantly positive, and full of energy. Though he can be annoying to some people, when people need his help he is willing to do what he can. However, he constantly feeling like having fun, though he has a habit of going dangerously overboard, even to the point of inadvertently threatening others' lives. He never truly means any harm, but no one, not even his brother can truly know what goes on with him. Since he was a young boy, he was fascinated with magicians and the concept of stage magic. Because of that, he usually dresses like a magician; complete with top hat, black cloak and cape, white shirt and bow tie, and magic wand that is as long as a cane. He, like his brother, are 21 and have short brown hair and average-looking body figures. Like the average magician, he usually carries around several decks of cards, and his magic hat is a bottomless pit full of many items, all of which he could grab at any time. Though sometimes, as he expects, he usually has trouble finding what he needs. He is never afraid to make jokes of any kind, good or bad, old or new, referential or thought of on the fly, constantly said or not said enough, he is never afraid to crack jokes at any point regardless of the situation.

Final Words

Well, here are the hosts for the show. Tell me what you think, because I have big plans for these two and their interactions with the contestants. Also, one more thing about the two; don't be fooled that they intend to be just nice. They know a show like this can not have hosts with consistently kind personalities. So they will show their sadism towards the contestants when they feel the time is right. But be warned, they are aware they could be more sadistic then even Chris and Chef Hatchet; and they intend to go the distance so they can stand out amongst the crowd. Anyway, the next one I intend to make will be the introductions, the introductions of the hosts and of the contestants, so look forward to that. Until then, farewell!

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