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  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
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  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
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  • Haunted House
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(A view of the main valley is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Jack: Last time, on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama. Things got rough as we entered the Dustbowl region for a game of Earthquake, or wrestling, or whatever you wish to call it.

Maxwell: There were quite a few surprising match ups, some ended well, others... not so much.

Jack: But through it all, Blaineley managed to come up on top, winning it for team Fashion Squad. And sadly, there was some trouble with the likes of team Mind Blast, and that meant they were off to elimination.

Maxwell: I swear, I though Courtney or Scarlett would be screwed over. But in the end, it was Leshawna we had to say farewell to, courtesy of our giant plastic b-

Jack: Maxwell, no innuendos, there could be children watching. (Transitions to the brothers in front of a cloudy field, that looks like it's about to rain heavily)

Maxwell: C'mon Jack, like you never thought of it.

Jack: How dare you! I am a gentleman, and would never think something so disgustingly!

Maxwell: That's not what you were doing last time. (Jack blushes angrily)

Jack: Shut up you- (Lightning strikes in the background as rain falls behind them, they jump, but are untouched)

Jack: Well anyway, let's move on to something more familiar with most people. Familiar, but just as deadly if not more.

Maxwell: Better make sure your power is on for this one.

Jack/Maxwell: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

(Episode starts within the underground bunker the following day after the challenge and elimination, team Iron Will is meeting up to discuss a strategy)

Jasmine: Man, that challenge seemed like a doozy.

Duncan: You would know, if you actually fought!

Jasmine: Hey, Shawn and I already got into one fight, and it took a while to fix. I wasn't about to make the same mistake twice.

Harold: At least the person you love is still in the game. (Flashback to Leshawna's elimination)

Harold: I can't believe they voted for her, and now she's gone.

Duncan: Get over it Doris, she wouldn't want you sulking like this. It's better that you keep going forward, or else you'll be joining her very soon.

Harold: Good point, a bit rude, but still a good point. You're right, I can't let Leshawna down now!


Duncan: Look, it's not like I feel sorry for the guy. We came this close to winning last time, and if we want to win, we'll need to give it everything we have. If you end up sulking over losing someone like that geek, and you may as well paint a large target over your body saying, "Vote me out".

Confessional End

Scott: Pst, Amy.

Amy: Yeah?

Scott: When do we try out this plan you have?

Amy: Just wait, we need to see what we're doing first.

Lightning: I can't believe I lost that last match, how could I lose to someone like that Blaineley chick?

Owen: Maybe because she had the support of her team?

Jasmine: That's a good point. Fashion Squad seems to be the only team with a leader. Perhaps we should have someone be our team leader.

Duncan: Good idea, you seem to fit the part.

Jasmine: Me?

Amy: Well yeah, you did act like a leader of sorts back on Pahkitew Island, so why not take command here?

Jasmine: I'm not sure, maybe someone else should-

Harold: Well, it's not like we have many options who seem fit for the role. Especially on our team.

Duncan: Look out of everyone here, besides you, the only other fit would be me. And personally, I'm not into bossing people around, let alone be a leader.

Anne Maria: Whether you like or not, you're the only one here who would actually work as a leader. Everyone else would, well, let's just say things won't end well.

Jasmine: Alright, if no one has any problems, from this point on I'll be the leader!

Duncan: Splendid. (Meanwhile with Fashion Squad)

Lindsay: How's your wrist?

Dakota: All better, I should be able to participate in the next challenge. By the way Blaineley, nice job!

Blaineley: Thanks, I knew that hand-to-hand combat training would be useful.

Cameron: Why would you need that?

Blaineley: When you're in the entertainment industry kid, you don't know what to expect.

Cameron: Okay then, I'll just leave it at that.

Blaineley: Besides, it makes this all worth it. (Blaineley reaches into her dress pocket and takes out her immunity token)

Lindsay: Man, I wish I had one of those.

Dakota: Just be sure to use it wisely, things like that are hard to earn.

Blaineley: I'll make sure. In the meantime, let's give this challenge everything we got!

Lindsay: Yeah!

Dakota: You know it!

Cameron: Speaking of which, I wonder what sort of weather we'll be dealing with this time?

Dakota: Guess we'll just wait and see.

Jack: Trust me, it'll be a real shocker! (They turn to see Jack behind them)

Dakota: Jack, when did you get here?

Jack: Just now. Where's the rest of the team?

Lindsay: They're in the dining hall, having breakfast. We wanted to check on Dakota first.

Jack: Glad to see you are working well with your leader. And with the likes of Jo gone, you are working together even better than before.

Cameron: Well hey, a team works better without a villain on it.

Jack: Anyways, we better get to the dining hall. I'm sure you guys are hungry.

Dakota: No kidding, c'mon guys. (Transition to the dining hall, where the teams are eating breakfast and the brothers are cooking/serving the food)

Maxwell: OJ, coming around!

Dawn: Over here please. (Maxwell walks over to Dawn and fills her glass with orange juice)

Dawn: Thank you.

Maxwell: No problem. (Maxwell walks away)

Heather: Okay people, focus. We failed last challenge and lost Leshawna as a result, so we can't afford to screw up like that again.

Noah: Tell us something we don't know.

Heather: Those Fashion guys won because they had the support of a leader, so I like to nominate myself as team leader.

Courtney: Excuse me, but who said you should be leader?

Heather: May I remind you that I actually made it to the finale and won. If only someone hadn't made me lose my money.

Ezekiel: I said I was sorry, eh? But can you blame me, that game was totally mine!

Noah: Look, even if you weren't eliminated first, you could've been in a certain someone line of sights later. Trust me, you got off lucky.

Alejandro: Yeah, given how determined he was, I would've dealt with him later.


Ezekiel: Those guys think they're better than me, that they can run circles around me. Well, I'm not eliminated first this time, and I'm doing pretty good this time. This time, this game is mine, eh! Mine!

Confessional End

Scarlett: Well why can't I be leader? I may have been on for one season, but you can't deny my knowledge is vast.

Heather: Sure, why don't I let you try to kill everyone here while I'm at it?

Scarlett: Hey, you would've done the same thing!

Heather: Maybe, but unlike you, I would actually do it right.

Scarlett: Grr.

Alejandro: Look, several of us want to be leader, and we need a way to determine that. So, why don't we let the challenge decide that?

Heather: What do you mean?

Alejandro: Simple, whoever does the best in this challenge becomes team leader, at least among those who are interested.

Noah: Count me out.

Dawn: I prefer not to lead.

Ezekiel: I don't want to lose focus of the game, so no way.

Trent: No thank you.

Alejandro: Anyone else?

Max: I believe this will suffice.

Courtney: Wait, you want to be leader too?

Max: Why shouldn't I? After all, I am an evil genius with a superior intellect.

Scarlett: I'm right here!

Max: Unlike you, I won't actually fail.

Scarlett: And who says I will this time?

Max: Is that a challenge? Fine, lets see who does more evil.

Courtney: I'm not into the whole evil thing, but I deserve team leader so I'm in.

Heather: Alright, so whoever among us five does the best in this challenge becomes team leader. But let's not sabotage each other, if any sabotage needs to be done, then save it for the other teams, who actually deserve it.

Alejandro: You read my mind. (Unaware to them, Scott and Amy were listening on the whole thing)

Amy: This team, they're perfect for it.

Scott: Okay, but who?

Amy: The guys who don't want to be leader. They're a dead even to those who do, and will be focused on the challenge. The others won't, so if we sabotage them, they'll head straight for last place.

Scott: Alright, we'll try it.


Scott: I gotta say, I'm curious to whatever Amy is planning. Though we don't know the challenge yet, so I won't be surprised if she doesn't have anything... yet.

Confessional End

Gwen: Talk about too close for comfort, we were this close to elimination last time, and it was not fun.

Geoff: Yeah no kidding, I think I speak for all of us dudes when I say, we need to do better.

Zoey: I'm not a "dude", but I have to agree. Last time was okay, but we got third. Anymore mistakes, ant that could've been us last time.

Sky: Let's just work hard this challenge, we can't afford to get this close to losing again, so let's give it everything we got!

Maxwell: Next challenge in ten minutes, meet us in the valley!

Cody: I hope I won't have to do as much cleaning this time, I got way too much dust in my clothes.

Sierra: Want me to help?

Cody: Please tell me you mean the challenge.

Shawn: Well, I'm ready when you are, so let's go! (Transition to the teams being led by the brothers to another part of the valley)

Duncan: So what's the deal this time?

Maxwell: Wel felt last time, we put you through weather you didn't have much experience with. So this time, we felt we might familiarize you guys with something you've experienced more times than you think you should have.

Dave: What's that supposed to mean? (They notice a danger sign, meaning it's another disaster zone)

Cameron: Um, should we be worried?

Jack: Yes. (The brothers suddenly stop, and the contestants do too)

Rodney: Why did we stop?

Maxwell: Because we've reached the border.

Eva: What border? (Suddenly, they hear thunder and light strikes the ground in the distance. It starts raining in front of them, but they are untouched)

Leonard: What manner of witchcraft is this?

Jack: Welcome to Lighting Valley, home to continuous rain storms accompanied by lightning and thunder.

Lightning: Aw, you shouldn't have.

Jack: No Lightning, this was not named after you.

Lightning: Sha-what?

Jack: This is your next challenge, traverse the Lightning Valley. (Maxwell walks over to the third curtain and removes it, it reveals a sign with the picture of a raining cloud on it)

Anne Maria: You mean, we have to go through there? No way, I am NOT ruining my makeup!

Jack: Get over your looks already and be a team player for once!

Anne Maria: Fine, I'll just work on it when we get back.

Maxwell: To explain, you simply have to make to the finish line we placed on the other side of this valley. To help you, we placed several towers with lightning rods along the path, but we also placed some trick ones so be careful.

Jack: In order to win, all members of your team must cross the finish line. And of course, last full team to cross will be going to elimination. Any questions?

Sky: What's the whole cheating situation like this time?

Maxwell: While we like to say none, we can't exactly monitor it. We don't want to lose any power and this area isn't exactly cooperative in that regard. So for this challenge, go nuts, but don't kill anyone.

Heather: That won't be an issue.

Justin: So we have to go through there, without any protection from the rain?

Jack: Only if you want to, otherwise- (Maxwell reaches into his hat and pulls out an umbrella stand and a coat rack, Jack helps with the coat rack since it's so big)

Jack: -pick whatever you want. And don't worry, we'll be more than happy to dry your clothes if you need it.

Dave: Can we get boots too?

Jack: Maxwell, do you have any rain boots?

Maxwell: Let me check. (Maxwell reaches into his hat, but can't pull it out. He turns his hat and shakes it, then several pairs of rain boots fall out)

Maxwell: I guess we do.

Jack: Then yes, you can. So, if that is everything, grab what you need and let us know when you are ready. (Transition to everyone at the starting line, either donning a rain coat or carrying an umbrella)

(A.N. I won't say who has what as that would take a while, at least every contestant as I will point out a few, so use your imagination for those that go unmentioned)

Maxwell: Okay, just to let you know, if you get lost we have a squad of interns waiting to pick you up. Try not to take long, and avoid anything that looks dangerous. And don't touch the towers, they hurt a lot.

Courtney: Just start already!

Maxwell: Got it! On your mark......... Get set..................... Go, go, go, go, go! (The teams run towards the first tower in sight, they head over the hill past it and out of the brothers' sights)

Maxwell: You think they'll be alright?

Jack: Given what they had to go through in the past, one can only hope they can.

Maxwell: So, what now?

Jack: Not sure, Mario Party?

Maxwell: Okay, can we set it up by the finish line?

Jack: But of course, I had it tested out earlier.

Maxwell: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go! (Transition to team Iron Will, a massive storm is going on in the background with the occasional booming of thunder)

Jasmine: Everyone stick together! It's easy to get lost in these storms!

Tyler: Easy for you to say, I don't wanna get struck by lightning!

Lightning: Well duh, who would?

Amy: He wasn't talking about you.

Lightning: What?

Harold: Relax, the chances of getting struck are 1 to 12,000, and 90 percent of people survive. We don't have anything to worry about. (As he finishes, lightning strikes close to the team)

Duncan: But does that mean we shouldn't avoid it?

Harold: Um, no but...

Duncan: Then shut it and move!

Harold: Fine, gosh!

Scott: Hey Amy, so what we do?

Amy: Let me think, they said there were trick towers. So let's use that to our advantage.

Scott: So we trick them into going to the fakes? Wouldn't that be, I don't know, easy to see through?

Amy: Who said the sign was going to the fake? Besides, if they think it's a trick, they'll go the other way. And who would think that?

Scott: The ones focused on winning the challenge. Actually, that's not bad, maybe we can trip up the other teams as well.

Amy: We just need to get in the lead first, and find a branching path. If Jasmine acts wisely, like a leader should, she might be able to take us to the right path. And as for the others...

Scott: They're going to take the long way around, and never see it coming. Alright, you're good.


Amy: I think Scott's scheming is rubbing off on me. Glad to see I can use it, it's only a matter of time before I take that smug sister of mine out of the game. I'm coming for you Samey, and don't think I won't!

Confessional End

Courtney: Let's head over that hill!

Heather: Excuse me, the path that way is the right way, so we're going that way.

Scarlett: Why don't we just go on the hill and get a clearer vantage point? We should be able to tell where the tower is from there.

Heather: Yeah, but if it isn't over the hill, which it's not, we'll waste time and fall behind.

Max: But we won't go anywhere by running down the path, we've already been doing it and found nothing!

Courtney: Exactly my point.

Heather: Please, it's not like the towers will be straight to the finish.

Alejandro: She has a point.

Courtney: I didn't ask for your opinion!

Scarlett: Well, it's clearly better advice than you've ever given! (They start arguing, much to the dismay of their other teammates)

Leonard: May I ask why they squabble?

Noah: They're trying to determine who should be leader.

Leonard: Oh my, five warring leaders, locked in a never ending struggle for command. Tis dark times that have befallen us.

Ezekiel: I don't even know what this guy said and I agree with him.

Dawn: I was afraid of this happening. I know what kind of people they are, and they aren't afraid to use others to achieve their goal.

Noah: Well, I guess since they're busy seeing who's best, it's up to us to win the challenge. So where do we start? (They see lightning strike in the distance)

Trent: I think we start over there.

Dawn: Hurry, over the hill!

Heather: Okay, it's decided, we're going down the path. Let's get moving. (Half the team doesn't listen to Heather, and they go over the hill)

Heather: Hey, we're not going over the hill! Get back here!

Ezekiel: We saw lightning strike, and there's a tower over here.

Heather: What?

Courtney: Told you.


Heather: Leave it to home-schooled Ezekiel to show me up. You're gonna get yours soon, freak show!

Confessional End

(Meanwhile with team Speed Demon)

Zoey: Anyone got any idea how long this is?

Samey: Nope, not a clue.

Gwen: Just stick together, we all have to cross the finish line, and it's easy to get lost.

Shawn: Guys, the path branches here. (They see two towers, one to the left and one to the right)

Mike: So, where do we go?

Sky: They told us about fake towers, so we need to be smart here.

Cody: We better hurry, I think someone else is catching up on us.

Samey: Let's just go right, it always works on television, right?

Mike: Yeah, not sure if... (Lightning suddenly strikes beyond the first tower to the right)

Mike: ...well, right it is! (They run right, but team Iron Will notices them and gives chase)

Anne Maria: I think those speed guys are going right. You thinkin we should follow them?

Scott: We should, they aren't bad enough to try and deceive anyone, they just want to try and win.

Jasmine: Okay, let's go right. (Iron Will follows them, but Amy and Scott manage to slip away)

Amy: Okay, here's the perfect spot.

Scott: How should we do it?

Amy: Luckily they gave us rain boots. (Amy uses her boot and draws a large arrow in the ground pointing right)

Amy: With luck, they'll think it's a trap, and fall for the actual one.

Scott: Wait, someone's coming! (They see team Mind blast in the distance)

Amy: And there's our target just on cue. Let's get moving.

Scott: Right! (Amy and Scott run right, team Mind Blast notices)

Dawn: They must have set a trap, there's little chance they were here and weren't up to no good.

Max: Looks like they left us a sign. (They see the arrow in the mud pointing right)

Alejandro: I guess they gave us fellow villains a hand.

Noah: Earth to Al, wake up and smell the trap. It's clear they went that way just to trick us.

Alejandro: It's Alejandro, not Al!

Trent: That still doesn't change the fact that this is way too suspicious.

Courtney: Say what you will, but we're going right.

Noah: Okay, but don't come crying to us if you have to walk back. (Scarlett, Max, Alejandro, Courtney, and Heather go right. Dawn, B, Trent, Leonard, Noah and Ezekiel go left)

Leonard: *gulp* I hope we are fortunate, it's not wise to get lost in a storm.

Noah: Yeah, especially when it's nothing but storm for miles. Glad I went with the raincoat.

Dawn: Let's not waste any time. If we're quick, then we can catch up!

B: *nods head*

Trent: Then let's get moving! (Meanwhile with team Fashion Squad)

Dakota: *groan* Why did I go with the umbrella?

Lindsay: Because you said none of the coats that were left seemed to fit your style.

Dakota: I knew I should have been quicker.

Sam: Don't worry, just hold on and you'll do fine.

Cameron: Looks like the path branches here. Where should we go?

Blaineley: I think we got our answer. (Blaineley turns her team's attention to the arrow in the ground)

Beth: You think it's a trap?

Blaineley: Given that we're in last it's not easy to tell. What do you think Dakota?

Dakota: Let's not stand here debating. We should follow it.

Topher: Alright, let's go everyone, my audience awaits.

Dave: What do you mean 'your audience'?

Topher: I just don't want to keep my fans waiting. Last I checked, people are going head over heels for the Topher Experience.

Brick: Then get moving, we can't lose here!

Topher: Whatever you say.


Dave: Is it just me, or does that guy start to annoy you after a while?

Blaineley: I hope that kid can start focusing on the game. Otherwise his 'fans' will be crying over his elimination from the game. After all, he was close once.

Confessional End

(Meanwhile, at the front)

Katie: I think we're making good progress!

Cody: It's just a matter of time before we hit the finish line!

Sky: Stay focused people, we don't know how long before then. Just make sure you don't make any major mistakes.

Bridgette: Guys, we're coming up on another split path. (They see two more towers on two separate paths)

Gwen: Right worked last time, so I doubt they would repeat that. Left?

Sadie: Makes sense, I think.

Zoey: That actually makes a lot of sense.

Gwen: Okay, we head left. (Team Speed Demon runs to the left, Iron Will shows up after they left)

Rodney: Another fork, what now?

Tyler: Right worked the last time, so let's do that again.

Sugar: He's got a good point.

Harold: Yeah right, I doubt they'd repeat the pathway a second time in a row.

Jasmine: Well, I don't see why it shouldn't be the right way.

Amy: So it's official, we go right?

Eva: I guess.

Owen: First place, here we come! (Amy signals Scott, and he draws an arrow in the mud with his shoe pointing left. He gives a thumbs up to let her know it was done, and the team runs right shortly afterwards)

Scott: This is a bit of a gamble.

Amy: A 50/50 shot. It could either be the right way, or the wrong way.

Scott: So what, we just hope we get lucky?

Amy: I can't think of anything better we could do.

Scott: To be fair, I wouldn't either.

Lightning: Think this might get us in the lead?

Jasmine: Possibly, I don't see Speed Demon in front of us. Maybe they went the other way?

Duncan: No point in speculating, so let's just push forward.

Lightning: Now you're talking Lightning's language.


Jasmine: Hmm, I know Duncan said he wasn't the leading type, but he doesn't have problems with ordering people. I think I need to talk with him when this is over.

Confessional End

(Meanwhile, with the members of Mind Blast that went left)

Trent: Guys, I see something up ahead.

Leonard: That doesn't look like a tower. (They see a sign in the distance, but they can't read it)

Ezekiel: Any idea what that says?

Noah: I'm not sure, I'll take a look.

Dawn: I'll go with you. (They walk up and read the sign)

Noah: Uh oh.

Dawn: "Uh oh" is right, I was afraid of this.

Trent: What is it?

Noah: It says: "You have went the wrong way, sorry but you have to turn back"

Ezekiel: WHAT?!

Dawn: So they pointed out the right way.

Noah: They must've thought we'd think that was a trap, but this was the real trap all along.

Leonard: Enough with the twaddle and gobbledegook, if they fooled us then the other half of our team can be just as easily fooled. We need to hurry, and fast!

Noah: Glad to agree for once, let's move!

Leonard: I knew I should've studied that teleportation spell. (Transition to the other half of Mind Blast)

Max: How much longer must this confounded walk take? My feet are getting tired.

Heather: It will take as long as it needs to, so stop complaining!

Alejandro: Guys, we're reaching another fork. (The stop at the intersection)

Courtney: Well, looks like we went the right way. And it doesn't look like there's gonna be an arrow pointing us the right way this time.

Scarlett: I wouldn't be so sure. (Scarlett points to an arrow drawn in the mud pointing left)

Heather: Well, looks like we have our answer. Let's move! (The group moves left)

Courtney: You know, I'm surprised they're actually helping us. Is anyone getting the feeling they could, I don't know, trick us?

Scarlett: Unlikely, I mean after all we attempted to steal the prize money a few episodes ago, you normally wouldn't turn on people like that.

Courtney: I can only hope you are right.

Heather: If you can't trust her, then trust me when I say, this will work.

Courtney: Not sure if should to be honest.

Heather: Let's just get moving. (Meanwhile, with Fashion Squad)

Blaineley: Sheesh, this rain is just not letting up. Anyone see anything?

Ella: I think I see something.

Cameron: Where?

Ella: It's that way. (Ella points to the intersection, and Cameron sees the towers)

Cameron: It's another intersection.

Lindsay: I think we should go right again.

Dave: Why?

Lindsay: Well it worked last time didn't it?

Dave: But who says it will work again?

Lindsay: Well who says it won't? (Dave is about to say something, but closes his mouth because he can't think of anything)

Lindsay: See, exactly my point.


Dave: Outsmarted by Lindsay. Guess I know how Courtney feels at least.

Confessional End

Sam: So, does that mean we go right?

Dakota: I think it does, come on!

Ella: I think we should hurry, I hear someone coming!

Blaineley: Wait someone's coming? I thought we were in last place?

Topher: Did someone make a wrong turn? (They hear someone from behind them call out to them)

Trent: Hey! Guys, is that you?

Leonard: Don't fall for the arrow, it's misdirecting you!

Beth: What arrow?

Justin: I don't know, but I'm not sure I want to find out.

Dakota: Guys wait... (Dakota calls out to them)

Dakota: ...what arrow!?

Ezekiel: The one in the ground, eh?

Brick: I think that's team Mind Blast. But why are they behind us?

Dakota: Wait a minute. Over here! (Dakota calls out to them again, and sees only half of Mind Blast behind her)

Noah: What the...? Is that team Fashion Squad?

Leonard: It appears to be so. And they don't seem like they want to bring us harm. (They walk towards team Fashion Squad)

Justin: Shouldn't you be with the rest of your team?

Noah: We were, but we split up at the last intersection. And sadly our group chose the wrong path.

Dawn: Someone deliberately attempted to confuse us. And for half of us it worked, it's only a matter of time before they go for the other half of our team.

Lindsay: Well, the arrow pointed left, but we chose to go right. So, that means, um what does that mean again?

Dave: If they followed that arrow, then they may have went left. And who knows if that's the wrong path.

Lindsay: Oh yeah, that.

Dakota: You guys clearly aren't as bad as the rest of your team. Want to come with us?

Noah: Are you sure that's a smart move?

Dakota: If your whole team was here, then it wouldn't.

Noah: Good point, but someone need someone inform the others about the false info.

Trent: I may as well help out. I'll stay behind in case the others come back.

Dawn: Are you sure you can handle them?

Trent: It's a risk I'm willing to take, for the team.

Leonard: You sir, are one valiant bard. I normally expect such bravery in knights, but never in a bard.

Trent: Uh, thank you?

Noah: If you're done praising him, then we need to get moving.

B: *gives Trent a thumbs up*

Trent: Don't worry guys, I'll be fine, promise.

Lindsay: Good luck Trent, say hi to Tyler for me.

Beth: Lindsay, Tyler is ahead of us.

Lindsay: *gasp* He is? (Lindsay quickly runs right)

Dakota: Come on, let's follow her! (The group moves right, leaving Trent behind at the intersection)

Trent: I hope I can keep those guys together, otherwise we're done for again. (Transition to Iron Will)

Sugar: Wow, I ain't ever seen this much rain and thunder since that storm that hit our farm a few years back. Pappy was stuck in a tree when the whole thing ended.

Harold: Actually, you can't see thunder. Thunder is just noise, and...

Sugar: Did I ask?

Harold: No, but...

Sugar: Then shut your face!!

Harold: *gulp*

Duncan: Thank you.

Owen: Hey guys, another tower! (They see lightning strike in the distance, and the tower as well)

Jasmine: Yes, we went the right way. Hope you guys still got spring in your step, cause we're not done yet!

Amy: Trust me, I'm just getting started.


Amy: Looks like they went the wrong way. And with that, the lead is all ours. See you at elimination, Mind Blast. *laughs*

Confessional End

Scott: Okay, so that's the third one. Anyone got any idea how long this is supposed to be?

Harold: Not sure, they didn't say.

Jasmine: That's not important right now, what's important is maintaining the lead. It can't be to the right three times in a row, so let's head left this time.

Duncan: I'm with you all the way. There's no way they're THAT predictable. (Meanwhile with team Speed Demon, first shown from a distance...)

Sky: What do you mean its the wrong way? (...Then closes into the team)

Geoff: You mean, we went in the wrong direction?

Zoey: Last I checked, that's what going the wrong way means. I guess that means we have to turn back.

Shawn: Then let's get moving, we need to get that lead back. Or at least make sure we don't lose. (The team starts running back, transition to Trent waiting for half of his team)

Trent: *sigh* What's taking those guys so long? Glad I went for the coat, because my hands would be tired from holding a... (Suddenly, he hears arguing in the distance)

Trent: Wait, what's that? (The sound starts to get closer, and he makes out a few figures through the rain)

Trent: Guys! Over here! (They notice him, one calls out to him)

Courtney: Who are you? Are you on our team?

Trent: Its me Trent!

Heather: Trent? Is it just you?

Trent: Yeah, its just me. (The figures start getting closer, sure enough its the other half of Mind Blast)

Heather: What are you doing here?

Trent: Waiting for you guys. I volunteered to stay behind to make sure you guys were alright.

Scarlett: Well if you're done playing the waiting game, we have a challenge to finish.

Max: Enough lallygagging, I refuse to lose again! Onwards! (They start heading right, not long after team Speed Demon shows up)

Bridgette: Okay left didn't work, so right?

Gwen: Sounds good to me. (They start running right, following the half of Mind Blast that's behind. Transition to team Fashion Squad with half of Mind Blast, as they're running)

Brick: So, how are you guys doing with this game so far?

Noah: Alright, but its still better than Chris so, step up.

Dawn: I'm certainly doing alright, and the hosts are without a doubt an improvement. I don't have to read their auras to understand they care for us, Jack especially.

Dakota: Well, they gave Sam and I the opportunity to be together, so I'm not complaining.

Sam: Me neither.

Ella: Pardon my intervention, but Dawn why did you say, "Jack especially"?

Dawn: Um, no reason. He just seems more caring based on outward appearance. Maxwell does care for us, but it's harder to tell just by looking.

Leonard: The sorceress brings up a valid point.


Ella: I already knew he had an interest in Sky and I, and that there was one other left. But could it be Dawn? I have a feeling it might be, and if its true then I'm worried I may have to really fight for Jack's heart at one point.

Confession End

Lindsay: Guys, we need to hurry. I can't stand being in this rain for much longer.

Beth: Don't worry Lindsay, we'll make it through this.

B: ! *points forward*

Topher: Does he see something?

Dawn: He saw lightning in the distance, we must be getting close.

Blaineley: Then what're we waiting for? Let's speed this up!

Dakota: I have to agree. Let's go team!

Everyone else: Right! (Transition to team Iron Will, while they're running)

Anne Maria: Are we there yet?

Amy: No.

Owen: How about now?

Duncan: No.

Owen: Now?

Duncan: No Owen.

Anne Maria: Then how much longer?

Amy: Like we told you already, we don't know how much longer. GOT IT!?

Anne Maria: ...

Owen: ...

Duncan: Never thought I'd say this to you, but thanks.

Amy: No problem, they were getting on my nerves as much as yours.

Eva: Still, you have to wonder how long they made this.

Jasmine: These guys wouldn't want to torture us in this, so I imagine we don't have much longer.

Rodney: I hope you're right, my darn feet are killing me.

Tyler: Cheer up, I think we'll be done soon.

Rodney: You think so?

Tyler: Its not exact, but I think so.

Duncan: Then quit standing around in the rain and start moving already.

Tyler: On it! (They keep running until they see another crossroad in the distance)

Tyler: Yeah! 3 for 3!

Duncan: Don't get too cocky, we can't let up now or else our lead is done like dinner.

Lightning: Exactly, and Lightning hasn't even had dinner yet.

Duncan: That's not what I- *facepalm, then sigh* never mind just move.


Duncan: I know I said I wasn't interested in the whole leader thing, but just ordering people around can be a goldmine of personal enjoyment in of itself. When we get back, I'm gonna have to talk to Jasmine, I wanna see if there's anything about this I can do.

Confessional End

Eva: So, where to next?

Owen: Let's go left again, it worked last time.

Amy: Well, we don't have much to lose since we're so far ahead.

Jasmine: Left it is then, come on! (The team reaches the crossroads and go left, transitions to the other half of Mind Blast)

Heather: Seriously, how are we supposed to settle this bet if we're doing so horribly?

Courtney: Keep in mind, it was your idea to go left at the first junction. So if anything, you're to blame for us being so behind.

Alejandro: Not as behind as you think. (He points behind them, and they see Speed Demon in the distance, and they're getting closer)

Max: What are they doing back there?

Courtney: I don't know but I don't want to stay here and find out why. I am not risking another elimination.

Heather: Then less talking and more running! (Meanwhile with Speed Demon...)

Shawn: Hey guys, I think I see some guys ahead.

Mike: Really? Then we could catch up!

Sky: I don't want us to deal with elimination again, especially considering what they may have in mind for today. Start speeding up guys, we're not done yet. (They start catching up until they're neck and neck)

Shawn: Hey, where's the rest of your team?

Courtney: We split up because this one had to pick the wrong way (Points to Heather)

Heather: If you had an issue, you should've said something back then.

Gwen: As much as I hate to say it, she's got a point.

Courtney: Like I needed your input. May I remind you it was thanks to you I had that horrible elimination back at All Stars?

Gwen: Hey, you brought that on yourself!

Courtney: So? What's wrong with having a game plan?

Gwen: Well- (Suddenly, lightning strikes in a few places close to both teams)

Zoey: Eek! (Though they stop to dodge the lightning, it stops after a few seconds)

Alejandro: Well, glad to know that that's done. Now can we get back to- (Suddenly, Alejandro realizes something)

Alejandro: Um, where's Courtney? (They look to see her cowering behind Gwen)

Heather: And here I thought green jelly was your fear.

Courtney: Hey watch it, I never saw lightning that close up before. It caught me off-guard.

Gwen: Then you did you hide behind me?

Courtney: Um... you were closest?

Heather: Aw, isn't that sweet? They care for each other that much. (Said teasingly)

Courtney: What? As if!

Gwen: After what we've been through, not a chance!

Sierra: If you two are done flirting, we have a challenge to win!

Gwen: What? We are not-

Samey: Then stop worrying and let's go!

Gwen: Alright...

Trent: Best we get going too, we'll need to to catch up with the rest of the team.

Max: Where are the others anyway?

Trent: They're up ahead with team Fashion Squad.

Max: You mean those goody-two shoes are racing alongside the enemy? Traitors!

Scarlett: It's probably for the best, after all we could catch up to them.

Heather: Then let's hurry already! (The teams continue to race on, but it appears that Speed Demon has a slight edge. Meanwhile at the finish line, with Jack and Maxwell)

Maxwell: I told you I could set this up.

Jack: You already told me that brother. Now its your turn, so roll already.

Maxwell: Fine, fine, fine! (Maxwell presses on the controller)

Maxwell: Darn it, just two spaces away from the star!

Jack: Ha! I got this now! (Suddenly...)

Maxwell: *gasp* Hidden Block!

Jack: What? It better not be...

Maxwell: Yes!! Star on the last turn baby, woo!

Jack: Grrrrrraaaaaagggghhh! Son of a <censored, censored, censored> stupid <censored, censored> total league of <censored, censored, censored, censored> with a <censored, censored> on top of a <censored, censored>!!!! Aaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!

Maxwell: Somebody butthurt?

Jack: I hate you so much right now.

Maxwell: Hahahahahaha! By the way, how many towers did you put?

Jack: Five, so hopefully someone should show up soon.

Maxwell: So, minigames?

Jack: You know it. Don't expect to win with luck this time.

Maxwell: Trust me, I expect to win with my expert gaming skills. Skills that you sir, are lacking.

Jack: We'll see about that. (Meanwhile, with Fashion Squad and half of Mind Blast, they have reached the 4th crossroad)

Lindsay: I think we're getting close to the lead.

Beth: I hope so, I'm starting to get scared this lightning will strike.

Noah: Relax, lightning never strikes twice in the same area. We should be- (Suddenly, lightning strikes several times in the general vicinity around them)

Justin: You just had to open your mouth, didn't you smart guy.

Noah: Well, what else should I expect, considering its this show?

Topher: Um guys, I think we're missing some people. (They look to see they are missing Leonard, Lindsay, Brick, Ezekiel and Ella)

Dave: They must have run off due to the lightning, where did they go?

Dakota: Not sure, let's head left, maybe they went that way?

Sam: Worth a shot! (They start to go left, scenes cuts to them catching up to Iron Will)

Blaineley: Look, its the leaders!

Dawn: This may be our chance, lets go.

Rodney: Uh guys, we got company. (They look behind them)

Amy: What, how'd they catch up?

Scott: And look who's with them.

Duncan: Last I checked, some of those guys weren't on their team. (They eventually start running neck and neck)

Harold: So, what's going on with you guys?

Dakota: Some of our team members went missing, you guys seen them?

Sugar: Nope, we ain't seen anybody 'cept you folks since the beginning. (Fashion Squad and Co. suddenly stop running)

Dakota: Shoot, they must have went the other way. We have to go back!

Sam: But what if its the wrong way?

Dave: They said the entire team needs to cross, we can't win without them so lets just go back anyway. (Just as they're about to go back the way they came...)

Tyler: Hey wait, where's Lindsay?

Sam: I think she was one of the guys that went missing.

Tyler: Then I'll go find them!

Duncan: What? Dude, you're crazy. They're not even on your team, plus its a freaking storm out here. Better to let them find them instead of you.

Tyler: I'm not letting Lindsay get caught out here, I'm her boyfriend and I have to help her. Its something called, loyalty, and last I checked it didn't go so well with you on either relationship.

Duncan: *groan* I'd smack you if you weren't right.

Dakota: Are you sure, we can handle this so you don't have to-

Tyler: Look, Lindsay is my girlfriend, I have to help her. Besides, I may as well help out everyone else. May help for bonus points.

Dakota: Alright, if you insist. Head back and go right, we'll let you know what way we went when you catch back up.

Tyler: On it! I'm coming Lindsay! (Tyler runs off, determined)

Scott: Think he'll make it back?

Duncan: Trust me, he will. He loves Lindsay like I used to love Gwen and Courtney, so don't count him out too soon.

Blaineley: What a brave man. Now, if you'll excuse us. (Fashion Squad and Co. start running ahead)

Amy: What the..? Guys, they're taking the lead!

Jasmine: It won't matter, without their teammates they can't win.

Owen: But by that logic, we can't win without Tyler...

Scott: So, that just leaves team Speed Demon, and I doubt they're coming apart anytime soon.

Anne Maria: So let me get this straight, if he comes back with those other guys, then it could mean either we win or tie. But if those Speed guys make it back here before he does then...

Duncan: Yep, they would win by default.

Owen: Should we help him?

Duncan: If you ask me, if we do lose, its just a reason to put him on the chopping block.

Jasmine: I'm not sure I like the sound of that. He really want to help his girlfriend, and you're saying if he fails to get back on time, then we possibly send him home over it?

Duncan: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Lightning: I gotta agree with him, he may be making a big play, but its to help the opposition. What other reason you could have?

Jasmine: I'm not sure I like the way you're talking about this. You're saying this is a pointless move that could get him in trouble if he fails.

Duncan: Exactly, girlfriend or not, she's still on one of the other teams. Even I wouldn't risk a bold move like that.


Jasmine: Being in a relationship, I find that really black-hearted. Though I can't deny there's some truth to that, he shouldn't talk like Tyler's gonna fail.

Confessional End

Eva: If you guys are done, I'd like to get out of this rain sometime soon.

Jasmine: Right, sorry. Let's move team. (They start running towards the last crossroads. Transition to Mind Blast, who are just behind Speed Demon having gone past the 3rd crossroad)

Courtney: Seriously, how long did they make this?

Heather: We're not gonna go faster just by complaining.

Courtney: Well I wouldn't be complaining so much if it weren't for the storm above us! Seriously, what were they thinking?

Alejandro: The only reason its been so long was because we got derailed. We should be getting close to the end soon, and hopefully, we can put this behind us for good.

Courtney: I hope you're right, maybe this wasn't the best time for that leader bet.

Scarlett: Oh yeah, the bet. In the heat of the moment, I forgot we made that deal earlier.

Max: You forgot? Guess you're not as smart as people say. (Scarlett stops)

Scarlett: Please, you probably forgot it after five minutes. The last time I even thought about it was back at the second tower, the correct one. (Max stops as well, the rest of the team shortly after)

Max: You're bluffing and you know it. I haven't forgotten about it one bit.

Heather: Would you stop complaining? You know, neither of you are making a good impression of being a leader.

Courtney: Like they would trust you.

Heather: Says the girl who's done nothing but complain the entire challenge.

Courtney: I've been trying too help, you've just been cutting me off so you could take the credit. No wonder no one likes you.

Heather: Right back at you, Miss "I want a prize".

Courtney: *gasp* W-Well, at least I got one. Unlike you who got cheated out of a million.

Heather: Grrrrr. That's it! (Heather and Courtney start fighting, Alejandro tries to break them apart, but is having difficulty)

Alejandro: Ladies please, this isn't going to solve our problem.

Heather: Get out of the way and let me at her! (As for Trent, he is just standing there watching the events unfold. Team Speed Demon is long ahead, and he sees Scarlett and Max are busy arguing while Alejandro is trying to stop Courtney and Heather from fighting)

Trent: Guys, we need to win this. Stop fighting and focus! (Unfortunately, no one hears him)

Trent: Fine, if you guys are going to be like this, then have fun at elimination tonight! (Trent runs off, Courtney notices him)

Courtney: Trent wait, don't run off! We can't win unless everyone is here! (They start running after him, but they use sight of him)

Max: Just great, he's gone.

Heather: Fine, let him run. If he doesn't show up at the finish line, then its straight to elimination for him.

Scarlett: Let's go, we'll worry about him later. (Meanwhile, with Tyler)

Tyler: Hey guys! Guys! Are you there? (He calls out to them, but no answer)

Tyler: Lindsay! Where are you? (Still, no reply)

Tyler: I can't leave her behind, not like this! GUYS!! (Suddenly...)

???: Hello? Is someone there?

Tyler: Someone heard? Where are you?

???: Over here! (Tyler runs in the direction he heard the voice, and he finds them)

Tyler: Guys!

Lindsay: *gasp* Tyler!! (Tyler runs over and hugs Lindsay, like it had been so long since he last saw her)

Tyler: You okay?

Lindsay: I think so. I mean, you're here, right?

Tyler: *chuckles* Still the same Lindsay I know and love.

Lindsay: Guys, over here! (The others who went missing: Ella, Brick, Leonard and Ezekiel run over as well)

Brick: Thank goodness you found us, that way was a dead end.

Tyler: What happened?

Ezekiel: Lightning came down and nearly struck us, so I ran off. I think some others followed.

Brick: I was hoping this was the right way, but unfortunately I was sorely mistaken. I knew we should've turned back.

Ella: Why are you here Tyler, you aren't even a part of either of our teams.

Tyler: I heard Lindsay went missing with you guys, so I ran after her.

Ezekiel: Why?

Tyler: Well, she's my girlfriend. And I need to prove to everyone I still love her.

Brick: Well, why do you need to prove that? Just looking at the show alone would've told us that.

Tyler: Well, you see, something happened.

Ella: What was it?

Tyler: Sometime ago, I took Lindsay to see my parents. It was their first time meeting her, so I hoped things would go well. Unfortunately, Lindsay had trouble forgetting my name, so they didn't want us dating anymore.

Leonard: Such tragedy.

Tyler: I managed to convince them to let us keep dating, heck Lindsay even apologized saying she would never forget my name again.

Lindsay: That was about 4 and half months ago I think. And I haven't forgotten it since.

Tyler: Yeah, but word got out, so people started spreading rumors that she and I weren't together anymore. I tried saying otherwise, but people post messages everyday, so it ended up getting lost.

Lindsay: I'm so sorry Tyler, I never meant for any of that to happen.

Tyler: Its alright, at least now I got the message across.

Brick: In more ways than one thats for sure.

Ella: Aw, how sweet. Its like a fairytale come true.

Tyler: C'mon, we gotta get to the finish line, or we're done for!

Ezekiel: He's right, eh?

Brick: Then lead the way!

Tyler: Stay close guys! (Lindsay hops onto Tyler's back)

Lindsay: "Stay close"? No way am I ever letting go! (Tyler smiles, then they head the other way. Transition to the brothers back at the finish line)

Maxwell: Get ready to weep, cause your about to lose!

Jack: No, not again! (Suddenly...)

Dakota: Guys! Over here!

Maxwell: What the...? (Maxwell turns around, Jack takes the opportunity to win)

Video Game Announcer: Finish!

Maxwell: What?

Jack: Looks like you just lost! Ha!

Maxwell: What, but I... they......... FFFFFFU*************** (While Maxwell is raging, team Fashion Squad and Co. make it)

Jack: Glad you could make it, and I see you aren't alone.

Beth: We found them after they separated from the rest of their team, so we decided to help them.

Jack: That was nice of you. Is this everyone?

Dave: Sadly no, some of our team and their group ran off after some lightning struck a bit too close. Believe it or not, Tyler of all people decided to get them for us.

Jack: Well until they return, I can't give you the victory just yet. But you're welcome to wait her and warm up.

Topher: Gladly. (They remove their coats and put away their umbrellas, and just sit around the sunny valley and relax)

Noah: By the way, is he alright?

Maxwell: You stupid (censored, censored, censored, censored) you just had to win behind my back like a (censored, censored, censored)! You're a real (censored, censored, censored) you know that?

Jack: You think he's mad now my friend, listen to this. (Calls out to Maxwell)

Jack: Oh Maxwell.

Maxwell: What!?


Maxwell: I hate you!!!

Jack: So, how's about another round, for sport?

Maxwell: Oh, you are on!

Jack: Care to try it out?

Noah: Sure, why not. I got nothing else to do. (Suddenly, team Iron Will shows up)

Jack: Glad you made it, but I'm aware that Tyler is not with you. Until he returns, I cannot hand down a victory.

Rodney: So, what now?

Maxwell: Just relax and be glad this challenge is done.

Duncan: You took the words right out of my mouth. (Scott pulls Amy aside)

Scott: So, you think the plan went well?

Amy: Definitely, Mind Blast split up at the first possible moment so who knows if they can win at this point?

Scott: Well keep in mind, we haven't seen anyone from Speed Demon so they must be behind by a lot. Ironic that the team called Speed Demon, is currently in last place.

Amy: Well hey, at this point we managed to mess with them. So if anything, at least I showed we could get away with it.

Scott: Let's just hope those two don't catch on, no way am I facing elimination because I cheated.

Amy: Relax, they don't suspect a thing. (Two hours later, some of the contestants are playing with Jack and Maxwell, others ae just relaxing on the ground)

Maxwell: Come on, is that the best you got?

Cameron: You may want to watch your step.

Maxwell: Huh? *boom* What?

Cameron: And that's how its done.

Sam: Wow, didn't think you this good at video games.

Cameron: Well, after I left my bubble again, I started playing as a hobby. I didn't know I was this good myself until I started playing.

Maxwell: Ok, I gotta give you props. GG Cameron. (*shakes Cameron's hand*)

Maxwell: Anyone else wanna play?

Duncan: I'm good, thanks.

Jasmine: Hey Duncan, mind if I talk to you for a minute.

Duncan: Sure, I got time. What's up?

Jasmine: I know you said you didn't want to be leader, but, mind helping me out?

Duncan: I don't know, like I said I'm not one for bossing people around, if my girlfriend is any example of that.

Jasmine: I know, but its clear this team needs someone to pull it together, and given who's on it I'm afraid I can't do this myself. Mind giving a gal a hand with this one?

Duncan: Hmmmm... (*ponders for a few seconds*)

Duncan: You know what, sure. This game could use a bit more excitement in my book, so I may as well to keep myself from getting bored.

Jasmine: Excellent! (Suddenly...)

Tyler: Hey guys, over here! (Tyler is heard from the distance)

Jack: What in good heavens was that?

Jasmine: I think its Tyler!

Maxwell: Tyler if that's you, then run over here! (They see him in the distance, with the others that went missing)

Jack: By jove, it is him! Hurry over here! (The group runs over to the rest)

Jack: Glad you finally made it! Any damage?

Tyler: Nope, I've never felt better in all my life.

Lindsay: *jumps down to the ground* Thanks Tyler, it means a lot to know you still care.

Maxwell: Wow the shipping is real.

Jack: *smacks Maxwell in the back of the head*

Maxwell: Ow, what the heck?

Jack: Don't push it Maxwell!

Tyler: Its fine, I want the world to know we're still together, no matter what anyone says.

Maxwell: I told you they were still together Jack, I told you!

Jack: Shut up! Anyway, since Fashion Squad and Iron Will had the last of its members cross the finish simultaneously, we'll need to have a tie breaker.

Dakota: That won't be necessary.

Jack: Huh?

Dakota: Its thanks to Tyler that we were even able to cross the finish line with all our team members alive and well. So therefore, we decided to give Iron Will the victory.

Rodney: What?

Anne Maria: Really?

Eva: You better not be lying!!

Beth: We're not, it was a group decision.

Dakota: Well, a majority vote. *turns to Topher*

Topher: Well excuse me for wanting to win.

Maxwell: Are you guys sure? You're basically handing the win away so-

Dakota: Trust me,we aren't going back on this.

Jack: Then it is my pleasure to award team Iron Will first place in the challenge! (Team Iron Will cheers for their victory)

Maxwell: Fashion Squad, you guys get second.

Justin: Well, we're not last so that's still a plus, right?

Dakota: Right.

Maxwell: And Tyler, since it was your heroic act that gave your team the win, you have earned the immunity token for the challenge. *hands Tyler the immunity token*

Tyler: Ah sweet!

Lindsay: Yay for Tyler!

Jack: That still leaves about half of Mind Blast and all of Speed Demon. They better get here quick or else someone is getting eliminated from their team.

Maxwell: Hey guys, I think I see them in the distance.

Dave: What? Where?

Maxwell: Hang on. (He reaches into his hat, but is having trouble trying to find what he needs)

Blaineley: Looking for something?

Maxwell: Last I checked, yes. Ah, here it is! (Pulls out a telescope, holds it to his right eye and sees Speed Demon and the other half of Mind Blast neck and neck)

Maxwell: Holy smokes, they're in a dead heat!

Scott: Well, this should be interesting.

Ezekiel: Come on guys! Win! Wiiiiiiin! (Meanwhile, with the remaining contestants a few feet from the finish)

Sky: Come on guys, we're almost there!

Heather: No way are we letting you win after all the crap we've had to go through today!

Samey: Well no way are we giving up!

Heather: Of course you'd say that. You're trying to play hero, but you're not even that interesting in the first place!

Maxwell *in the distance*: Shots fired! *gets smacked* Ow!

Samey: I know, but at they very least, I'm actually helping my team!

Maxwell *in the distance*: Man that burn was hot! *gets smacked again* Let me give my comments damn it!

Scarlett: Please, in the grand scheme of things you're not really that unique. Look to the media and you'll find people like done before, but better.

Sky: Ignore them Samey, they're just jealous that they haven't been doing as good as you.

Heather: Coming from the girl who couldn't keep a relationship for a whole half-season, yeah right.

Sky: Well at least I still have my prize money from winning!

Heather: *gasp*

Maxwell *in the distance*: Oooooooooh! That was brutal!

Jack *in the distance*: I believe she will be feeling that one in the morning!

Heather: That's it! (Heather punches Sky in the nose, knocking her into Samey and sending both falling onto the wet ground below. The rest of their team goes to help, leaving Mind Blast to cross the line first)

Jack: Not how I would've liked, but a win is a win. Congratulations to team Mind Blast! (Mind Blast starts cheering while Speed Demon crosses the finish line slowly, looking disappointed)

Jack: Sorry Speed Demon, you gave it your best, but its time to return to elimination.

Maxwell: Wait a minute, something's off.

Jack: What is it?

Alejandro: What's the problem, we have all our team members. (Maxwell examines team Mind Blast closely)

Maxwell: Um, has anyone seen Trent?

Dawn: Last I saw, he stayed behind and waited for them.

Jack: You're right, Trent is nowhere to be seen.

Heather: Trent? Um well, about that- (Suddenly...)

Trent *in the distance*: Guys, hold on, I'm almost there!

Noah: You left him behind!?!

Courtney: He ran off! I said we should've went back for him, but Heather insisted we let him go to have someone to eliminate tonight if we lost.

Heather: Well its his fault for running off like that.

Jack: Well regardless of who's fault it is, one thing has been made certain.

Sky: Does that mean-?

Maxwell: Yep, Speed Demon is safe for tonight!

Heather: What?

Scarlett: Then that means-

Jack: Precisely my dear, its back to elimination for you. Meet us back here in a few hours, Mind Blast is going back to elimination!

Trent: *panting* Sorry I ran off, but these guys were complaining like crazy.

Maxwell: I can imagine it wasn't easy. Well, see you guys later!

Courtney: That's it! Heather, I am so voting for you tonight!

Heather: Go ahead, Trent was the one who messed up, so I'll be putting my vote in the right place.

Jack: If you girls wanted to fight, you should have done it at the Dust Bowl. Enough of your babbling, and get back to the bunker. You all really need to dry up! (Transition to the bunker, with Team Speed Demon)

Sky: Well, that challenge would've gone better.

Bridgette: I know, we just avoided elimination by the skin of our teeth. Its not a good feeling to be honest.

Shawn: I think we oughta put our skills together for the next challenge, we cannot end up like that again.

Mike: I gotta agree here, things are only going to get tougher and we won't get anywhere just by being dragged closely to being eliminated.

Sierra: Exactly, if you've viewed the TD fanbase as much as I have, dragging is NOT the way to go. Plus, some of those guys are really unhinged.

Katie: So, what do we do?

Zoey: I think the main point here is work harder at these. Like Mike said, we won't get anywhere by being dragged by our feet. We're a team for a reason, so we need to start cooperating like one if we have any chance of preventing elimination. So I say, next challenge, we give it everything we got and win!

Team Speed Demon: Yeah! (Suddenly, over the speaker)

Jack: Attention competitors, return to the sunshine valley at once. Especially you Team Mind Blast.

Maxwell: *boom* Jack, its working!

Jack: I thought I said to do that AWAY from the microphone!

Maxwell: I guess I misjudged the distance, sorry.

Jack: Pay no mind to Maxwell everyone, Jack Vonguarde out!

Sky: I'm glad that won't be one of us tonight.

Samey: Same, lets go see what they have in mind this time. (At the sunshine valley, Team Mind Blast stands in the center while the others fill the viewing galleries)

Jack: Team Mind Blast, you stand here at elimination for the second time in a row, and third time overall.

Maxwell: Man you guys suck. (Heather gives Maxwell a threatening look)

Maxwell: Look at me like that all you want, its your keister on the line tonight. Care to give your thoughts tonight?

Heather: I was simply trying to adhere to the rules of our bet and be a leader. Its not my fault that Trent decided to run off like a coward, its his fault we lost tonight, not mine.

Jack: Actually, if thats the case, then your loss can be attributed to everyone involved with the bet.

Max: What do you mean, "everyone involved"? Are you criticizing me?

Jack: No... We are criticizing all of you!

Alejandro: What?

Maxwell: You guys are too focused with wanting power. The fact still remains that you're a team, and your loss can only be contributed to the fact that some were too busy playing, "I want to be leader"!

Jack: The reason Dakota works as a leader is because she has her team's support, and she is able to work with them. What we witnessed with you lot tonight was far from that. I personally hope one of you gets the boot tonight, that way you will learn your actions have consequences!


Amy: And I hope someone who wasn't involved with the bet gets the axe tonight, that way my tactic will have worked

Scott: Got to hand it to Amy, thanks to her Mind Blast lost. Now let's see if her plan goes through with elimination.

Confessional End

Jack: Enough with this, let's get right to the voting. Cast your votes for who you want to eliminate tonight. (One voting session later)

Maxwell: And the votes are in! Mind reading this one bro?

Jack: Very well, I will read off the ones on the chopping block.

Maxwell: Who's going to go first in our question game?
















Jack: ....Ezekiel goes first. (Ezekiel starts to look worried)

Maxwell: Who goes second, with the third highest amount of votes?





















Jack: ...Max will go second. (Max appears unfazed)

Maxwell: Who received the second highest, and will go third?


























Jack: ...Trent will go third. (Trent's eyes widen)

Maxwell: And last, but certainly not least, who received the most votes and will go last?











































Jack: The person going last is........ Heather.

Heather: What?

Maxwell: Alright, the rest of you, consider yourself lucky, and I mean it.

Alejandro: *phew*

Scarlett: Talk about dodging a bullet.

Maxwell: The four of you, step forward. (Ezekiel, Max, Trent and Heather step up and follow the brothers to some things covered by sheets)

Maxwell: I bet you're wondering what we have here?

Trent: Kinda, yeah. (Maxwell uncovers one of the objects, revealing a chair on top of a bunch of TNT. They start to look worried)

Heather: Um, w-what is that?

Jack: Tonight's elimination! Courtesy of the sun, and a few hundred pounds of explosives.

Ezekiel: A few hundred what!?! (Maxwell uncovers the others)

Jack: If you get this wrong, you are off the show, and here is how.

Maxwell: You four will be strapped to these chairs. The chairs happen to be on top of some explosives, which will propel the chair up into the sky! If you get this question wrong...

Jack: ...and one of you will...

Maxwell: We will magnify the sun's heat, onto the fuse, igniting the TNT sending you high into the air. Will you come down? Not sure, we didn't get that far into testing. We call this one, "You Fuse, You Lose"

Heather: Charming.

Jack: Grab some goggles and take a seat, and I suggest you start praying that you get this correct. Otherwise...

Maxwell: KABOOM!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! (They grab some goggles and strap themselves onto the chairs)

Jack: Glad to see you are all comfortable, so let us begin!

Maxwell: Here is your question, but first, the answers. They are:

Bruce Willis

Neil Gaiman

Gwen Stefani

and finally, Miley Cyrus

Maxwell: The question is, which of these three celebrities have their own perfume brand?

Heather: Hmph, easy as pie!

Jack: Well you better hope you're left with something good. Ezekiel, we begin with you.

Ezekiel: Um, okay.... Uh....

Maxwell: You don't know about perfumes or celebrities, do you?

Ezekiel: Kinda, no. I'll just go with Neil Gaiman. (Neil Gaiman is highlighted)

Jack: Are you sure?

Ezekiel: Yeah.

Maxwell: Positive?

Ezekiel: Yeah!

Maxwell: Really really really positive?


Jack: Sounds like Zeke is afraid of the boom. Very well, Neil Gaiman is off the board! (Neil Gaiman fades to black)

Maxwell: Now, onto Max!

Max: Well, unlike that yokel, I have a decent knowledge of the popular world. I know at least enough to select the one called, Gwen Stefani. (Gwen Stefani lights up on screen)

Jack: You believe Gwen Stefani has her own perfume brand?

Max: Don't bother with those mind tricks, given her work its a flawless reasoning.

Scarlett: *whispers to Al* Though his grammar could use some work.

Alejandro: *chuckles*

Maxwell: Very well. (Gwen Stefani fades to black)

Maxwell: So Trent, people are saying you're a key cause in your team's failure tonight. Nervous?

Trent: How could I not be?

Jack: You have Bruce Willis and Miley Cyrus left. Choose wisely, or else its KABOOM!

Trent: I think a pop star is likely to have a perfume brand than an action star, I'll go with Miley. (Miley Cyrus lights up)

Maxwell: No problem Trent, Miley Cyrus is off the board! (Miley Cyrus fades to black)

Jack: And now, to the other root of the problem, Heather the Queen of Mean.

Heather: Grrrr.

Jack: Be honest, was Bruce Willis even a consideration? (Bruce Willis light up)

Heather: Are you kidding, no! There's no way an action star would be able to have something as sophisticated as a perfume.

Maxwell: I think Bruce Willis and his fans got offended by that comment.

Heather: Whatever, just get this over with already (Bruce Willis fades to black)

Jack: Everyone has locked in their answers, goggles on and pray to your heart's content that you are right!

Maxwell: I've been waiting for this one! (They put on their goggles)

Trent: Oh man.

Max: Hmph, this does not faze someone as evil as I.

Maxwell: We'll see about that when we... (Maxwell grabs a magnifying glass)

Maxwell: Ignite the fuse!

Ezekiel: *Gulp*

Jack: To recap: Ezekiel went with Neil Gaiman, Max chose Gwen Stefani, Trent decided to go with Miley Cyrus, and Heather was left with Bruce Willis. (The camera pans to the contests and their respective answers light up on screen)

Heather: Just get on with it already.

Maxwell: I think I know how we should start this. (Maxwell walks over to the fuse connected to Max's TNT pile)

Max: What do you think you're doing?

Maxwell: Simple, you seem so confident in your answer. So let's test that, shall we? (Maxwell holds the magnifying glass close to the fuse and lights it)

Max: Fine, go ahead. I'm not afraid. (The lit fuse grows closer)

Max: No, not frightened in the slightest. (And closer)

Max: Not even a-a bit. Heh heh... (Until it reaches the TNT pile...)

Max: Ah! NO! Please don't blow me up! PLEEEEEAAAAAASE! (It takes him some time to notice it didn't blow up)

Max: Huh? What?

Jack: You are correct Max, Gwen Stefani is the right answer! Feel free to stand up and away from the blast. (Gwen Stefani lights up green on the screen, and Max removes his goggle and rushes away from the TNT piles)

Max: That was NOT funny!

Jack: Of course not, it was bloody hysterical! (Scarlett and Alejandro are heard laughing in the background)

Max: Oh sure, maybe you two would like to be here next time.

Maxwell: Don't get your undies in a bunch Max, you're safe... for tonight.

Max: *growls*

Jack: Anyways, the three of you remain. And one of you is about to get sent sky high. May I have the next one?

Maxwell: With pleasure, bro. (Maxwell hands Jack the magnifying glass)

Jack: So, who to light? Who to ignite? Who to send soaring up into the night? (He walks over to Heather)

Heather: You better not if you know what's good for you!

Jack: I certainly do, and entertainment is one of them. (Then walks over to Trent)

Trent: No please! Don't do it man, don't do it!

Jack: I have no control over that decision Trent, you should know that. (Then he walks over to Ezekiel)

Jack: This one.

Ezekiel: No, not me! I don't blow up, eh! (He lights the fuse leading to Ezekiel's TNT pile)

Jack: Let's see if this one goes up in flames! (It draws closer to the TNT as Ezekiel starts to worry, closer... closer... until)

Ezekiel: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (It stops and the TNT doesn't explode)

Ezekiel: YEAH! The Zeke is still in it!

Jack: Yes indeed Ezekiel, Neil Gaiman is correct! (Ezekiel removes his goggles and joins the brothers and Max a safe distance away from the blast)

Maxwell: And then there were two.

Trent: Oh man.

Heather: Ok, now I'm actually starting to get worried.

Jack: Tonight's failure can easily be attributed to both of you. Trent for running away from the rest of your team, and Heather for trying to be too much of a control freak and driving Trent off.

Trent: I know, I messed up. I just hope I have another chance to fix this.

Maxwell: Yeah, otherwise its a straight shot upward.

Trent: *gulp*

Jack: So, its either Miley Cyrus, or Bruce Willis. Which one will stay, and which one will go?

Maxwell: Oh, the anticipation is killing me. Not literally, but you know what I mean.

Noah: Okay, this is going to be something for sure.

Dawn: I can't watch!

Jack: Avert your eyes if you must, because the time has come.

Maxwell: The honor is all yours brother.

Jack: Thank you. (Jack walks in between the fuses to both Heather's and Trent's pile)

Trent: Please, please, please, please, please.

Heather: Okay, um... I'm a bit scared here.

Jack: You know what? Let's have a bit more fun! (Jack lights both fuses, going right to left)

Heather: What?

Trent: Oh man.

Jack: Its finally time, the wrong answer is... (The fuses grow closer to the TNT, closer, closer, CLOSER)

















































(The fuse connected to Heather's TNT reaches first, but it doesn't blow up)

Heather: YES! Woohoo!

Maxwell: Well there's your answer. Miley Cyrus was wrong!

Trent: No! No! Please, no! Don't blow me up!

Jack: You know the rules Trent, should've stayed with your team. Au revoir! (The fuse reaches Trent's pile and explodes, sending him and the chair he's on upwards. As he's going up)

Trent: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Oh my god! (His elimination is repeated multiple times in multiple speeds from multiple angles, such as from the side, a panned down view, a top down view from the chair, etc. The final one is from the ground as he goes up and out of sight. Once that's done, the theme starts playing...)

(Theme, or closest I could find:

Maxwell: And that's all she wrote ladies and gentlemen!

Heather: Aw thank god I'm safe!

Jack: You better thank him. And above all else you better not end up here again, because next time will be MUCH worse!

Maxwell: Find out what we have in store next time, on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! See ya later dudes! (They walk off camera, shows Trent's elimination one more time as the theme finishes)


Scott: Nice work Amy, not only did you make Mind Blast lose, but Trent got the boot... to boot!

Amy: Guess I am a villain after all huh?

Scott: And the best part, no one will ever find out about this. (Unbeknownst to them, they were overheard, by Sugar)

Sugar: Huh? They got that guitar guy blowed up? Well, Mama always said, if you have dirt, use it. Then again I ain't sure if it was this kind of dirt, but heck, I'll still use it. (Sugar sneaks away)

Scott: So, what's next?

Amy: Hopefully, we'll have a chance to pull this again. But we'll need to find a scapegoat if this gets found out.

Scott: Who?

Amy: I don't know, but I'll find one soon. End of Episode

Contestants remaining: 45

52nd: Izzy

51st: DJ

50th: Staci

49th: Beardo

48th: Jo

47th: Leshawna

46th: Trent

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