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List of new areas:

  • Beach
  • Caverns
  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Medieval Castle
  • Haunted House
  • Bayou
  • Casino
  • Quarry
  • Forest
  • Scrapyard
  • Factory
  • Seasonal Plains
  • Ruins


(A view of the main valley is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Maxwell: Last time, on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama. We decided to leave our carnival-circus behind in favor of the valley. The only catch is, the weather is more inconsistent than New England!

Jack: For our first challenge, we decided to throw both caution and our contestants, to the wind. And competed in a parachuting competition to see who had the most guts.

Maxwell: Quite a bit of drama went on behind the scenes though. Ranging from Jo finally taking control of the team, to me and Samey giving Amy a much needed reality check. Turns out that reality check was what she needed to stop talking and start doing.

Jack: With a newfound courage thanks to Maxwell's words, Amy led her team to victory in the harsh, windy conditions. And due to Jo's incompetence as a team leader, Fashion Squad was sent to elimination once again. And thanks to some help from us, Jo was sent off the show.

Maxwell: I guess you could say she got, blown away by our work, hahahahaha! (Transition to the brothers in the main valley)

Jack: Maxwell, not now, we're doing an intro.

Maxwell: Right, now, will Fashion Squad prove they don't need Jo once and for all? Will Amy keep up her performance? And just what crazy weather do our contestants have to deal with this time?

Jack: Hang on to your seats folks, because this is going to be another rough one.

Jack/Maxwell: So welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start Of The Episode

(Episode starts in the underground bunker the day after the challenge and elimination, team Fashion Squad is meeting together for discussion in the main hall)

Cameron: Man, it feels so nice to finally have Jo gone.

Blaineley: Agreed, she was all talk and too controlling. Guess she was glad to have power in this game.

Lindsay: Still that elimination was pretty rough. (Flashback to Jo's elimination)

Lindsay: Even if she was mean, I'm not sure that was something I would have wanted to happen to her.

Sam: If it was someone else I would agree, but considering what Jo did to Dakota, I'd say this was her just desserts.

Brick: Speaking of which, is our leader okay?

Sam: Maxwell told me she may have to sit this challenge out, but she'll be fine tomorrow. She just can't be a part of any physical activities that could hurt her.

Topher: Any chance that could be foreshadowing?

Dave: Possibly, by the way where's Ella?

Beth: She wanted to visit Dakota and see how she's doing, they're both in the infirmary with Jack.

Topher: But all she got was a broken wrist.

Sam: Yeah, but they wanted to make sure it wasn't just that, or there wasn't anything else broken. They really wanted to be thorough and make sure she was alright. Luckily, it was just the wrist, but she insisted she stay there for the night to make sure she got any needed rest.

Justin: Can't blame a girl for caring, right? Those two are pretty close friends, not like Katie and Sadie close, but still pretty close. (Meanwhile, at the infirmary)

Ella: Is everything alright?

Dakota: Yep, no worries. My wrist was the only thing that got broken, so I should be fine by tomorrow. Thing is, they said I should hold off on the challenge today, think you guys will be fine without me?

Ella: We will, I promise. I'll even lead if I have to.

Dakota: *chuckles* Don't worry, I can still be there. I just won't be directly involved with the challenge is all. (Jack walks in, carrying breakfast for Dakota)

Jack: Thought you might be hungry.

Dakota: Thanks. (Jack sets it down for her, and she starts eating)

Jack: Not too much pressure on your left wrist, remember.

Dakota: No worries, thank goodness I'm right-handed.

Jack: I know this is a bad time for it, but Maxwell and I planned on visiting one of the 'Disaster Zones' for today's challenge. Given Dakota's injury I feel we may have to change our plans.

Dakota: Don't worry about it, I'll be fine.

Jack: Are you sure, keep in mind you may risk your injury, or another one.

Dakota: No worries, as long as my team is willing to help, I think I can make it through.

Jack: Alright, we leave for it in two hours. Best you get changed into your normal clothes.

Dakota: Right, hey Ella, mind coming with just in case I need help getting out of this hospital gown?

Ella: Sure. (Dakota gives the empty plate to Jack, and she and Ella walk toward the bathroom. They close the door as they enter)


Jack: I am surprised that Dakota is being strong through this. Then again, she is the team leader so she need to set an example for her teammates. I must say, I honestly admire such courage.

Confessional End

(Meanwhile with team Iron Will)

Jasmine: I thought for a second my life might flash before my eyes. Gotta say, that was quick thinking Amy.

Amy: Thanks. I gotta do something to help my team, or else I could get sent home before Samey. I'm hoping I could at least beat her before she or I leave the show.

Eva: Still talking about that?

Amy: Trust me, I'm not giving up on that anytime soon.

Duncan: This chick's determined, I'll give her that. Best you do well in today's challenge too, or else you could be donezo.

Amy: Even so, I have an immunity token. (Amy holds up her immunity token)

Amy: So for at least one challenge where I screw up, I think I'll be fine.

Rodney: I hope I can get one of those before I go home. Maybe I could use it to save one of my... Uh, nevermind, I didn't say anything, honest! (Everyone looks at Rodney, confused)

Amy: O.....K then. (Maxwell comes in)

Maxwell: Get ready guys, we're about to trek into our first disaster zone.

Scott: Goody, now we're about eat dirt courtesy of Mother Nature. (Transition to the main valley, where the hosts are standing with all the remaining contestants)

Jack: Everyone, the time has come for you to meet the disaster zones. For this one, we'll require you to put goggles on to protect your eyes. Trust us, they will come in handy. (Everyone puts on the goggles that were handed to them)

Alejandro: Why do we need these?

Maxwell: Allow me to show you, please follow me this way. (Maxwell leads them across the main valley, transition to another section where they reach a danger sign)

Samey: Uh, does that sign mean anything?

Jack: It means we're getting close. Hang on to your stuff, don't want any of you to lose it, now do we? (They keep walking until they see the ground up ahead is just dirt, no grass)

Cameron: Huh? Where's the grass up ahead? (Suddenly, a large dust storm blows over, just barely reaching over the dirt line)

Cameron: And why was there a dust storm, this climate or the ground aren't dry enough for that.

Maxwell: Like we said, this has crazy weather. Welcome to the Dust Bowl region, where dust storms reign non-stop, wrecking the land around it. Luckily, the area is controlled and won't spread beyond where it is now. But, this is where our next challenge lies.

Jack: We shall explain when we get to our destination, but in the meantime... (An intern shows up driving a jeep with two large carrying carts trailing behind it)

Jack: ...we will have to get there. Better by a vehicle than by feet, am I right?

Courtney: Thank goodness, there's no way I could walk in that.

Anne Maria: No way I'm going in that, I ain't risking my looks.

Maxwell: Get over it primadonna, and get on. All aboard! (Everyone walks into the carts behind the jeep, some more reluctant than others. Once everyone is in, the jeep starts and the brothers start driving it)

Dave: Guess these goggles were a good call on their part.

Owen: Wonder what we have to do out here.

Justin: Well, one things for sure. Someone's gonna be cleaning sand or dirt out of their pants once this is all over.

Duncan: Someone, if not everyone. If they intend to bring us out here for a challenge, then they must have something else up there sleeve, something we're not getting. (On the other cart...)

Katie: Any idea what they'll make us do?

Zoey: Your guess is as good as mine. I hope I won't have to clean dirt out of my pants, I've not had good experiences with that.

Mike: Huh?

Zoey: Long story, but that's what I get for digging up the yard when I was a kid.

Dawn: It's hard to tell what those two are up to, but I can imagine it's not something conventional.

Heather: As long as the dirt contact is minimum, I'll be fine.

Jack: We are arriving at our destination! (They all look to see a large plastic dome)

Lindsay: What's the dome-thingy for?

Maxwell: Protection against the dust storms as we perform our challenge.

Scarlett: Guess they came prepared. No matter, we're walking away winners this time. (They stop in front of the dome, and everyone jumps out)

Maxwell: Run in there quick, we'll explain everything once we're in! (Transition to everyone in the dome, with their goggles off)

Jack: Now, I am sure you are wondering why we brought you out to the middle of a dust storm inside a large plastics dome, are you?

Noah: Why wouldn't we?

Jack: Maxwell, if you would? (Maxwell walks over to the typical four challenge curtains. He opens the second one, and shows a wrestling ring)

Jack: We will be having a round of what we call, Earthquake, in the middle of the Dust Bowl! Surprised?

Tyler: Wait, we're wrestling?

Maxwell: Yep, and sorry ladies, but you're not getting out of this that easily. You're competing in this too.

Gwen: Well, that's not good.

Heather: What?

Anne Maria: As if the sand wasn't bad enough.

Eva: Whatever.

Jack: Here's how it will go: we will have a tournament style bracket, with eight members from each team. Their objective is to knock their opponent off the platform, win and they move on, they lose then they're out. This will go until we have a winner, who will win the challenge for their team.

Maxwell: And the first team to have all its members knocked out of the tournament will be up for elimination. Now, we will require some people to sit this one out, so we have ten people even, they will have immunity to make things fair. Jack and I have decided they will be; Cody, Bridgette, Geoff, and Gwen from Speed Demon; Anne Maria, Scott, Harold and Amy from Iron Will; Dawn, Heather, Trent and Noah from Mind Blast; and Dakota, Cameron and Justin from Fashion Squad.

Anne Maria: Thank goodness!

Cody: Phew, dodged a bullet there. No way I could've survived that.

Cameron: Thank you so much!

Noah: Thanks, I'm not really into physical stuff, wrestling especially.

Dawn: I'm not into violence myself, thank you.

Heather: Well, I guess that works out for some of us.

Scarlett: Hey, why do they get immunity?

Maxwell: *puts on shades* Deal with it.


Scarlett: That was unfair and uncalled for.

Jack: Internet, I'm blaming that reference on you.

Confessional End

Jack: And with that, release the ring! (Suddenly, a circular ring starts rising out of the ground. The hole it came from closes as it suspended itself a few feet over some safety mats)

Maxwell: Also, something you should know. Jack and I will occasionally open the dome and release the dust to disorient the fighters. And to make things even more interesting, non-competitors will be allowed to throw debris at the competitors of their choice, as they are fighting. But that's all you're allowed to do, no messing up anything behind the scenes, please.

Jack: And with that, let the games begin! (A few minutes later)

Maxwell: We have our bracket! First match will be Lightning vs Leonard!

Courtney: Um, doesn't that seem unfair?

Maxwell: If you have any problems with the match ups, blame the random number generator we used. Competitors to the platform!

Leonard: Fear not, for my magic will be more than enough to quell this Orc back to the realm from which it came! (Leonard proudly walks to the arena)

Heather: Well, this round is a bust.

Noah: I can imagine this won't end well for him, or take long as a matter of fact.

Lightning: Sha-please, Lightning has to go up against that twerp? Don't waste Lightning's time with walking toothpicks.

Leonard: It appears the Orc is too afraid to face me, as it should be.

Lightning: What did you just say?

Duncan: Yeah, not sure if you should've said that pal. (Lightning runs up to the platform, where Leonard waits on the opposite side)

Leonard: So, you wish to battle me after all? Very well, you shall regret this.

Lightning: No one... says the Lightning... is too afraid!

Jack: Begin battle!

Leonard: Meteor Storm! (They wait a few seconds, and nothing happens)

Leonard: Huh, but I haven't run out of mana yet.

Lightning: Time to take you down, wizard! (Lightning charges towards Leonard. He hits him so hard, Leonard hits the wall of the dome, then slides to the ground in a daze)

Maxwell: Ooooh, that's gotta hurt! Lightning moves on to the next round!

Lightning: Who's afraid now?

Leonard: Does anyone have a health potion... or some extra mana... or something to drink?

Jack/Maxwell: MEDIC!! (Two interns in white clothes come with a gurney, and take Leonard to the make-shift infirmary)

Maxwell: Try to go easy on them Lightning, we don't want the infirmary to get crowded.

Lightning: No problem!

Jack: Next up, we have Zoey vs Dave.

Dave: Why so soon?

Zoey: I hope I do good.

Mike: Good luck Zoey! (Zoey and Dave walk up to the platform)

Zoey: Try not to make this easy for me.

Dave: Likewise.

Jack: Begin battle! (Zoey and Dave charge for the center, but are at a standstill when they meet)

Zoey: I'm not giving up! (Suddenly, she throws Dave to the side, and he slides off the platform to the safety matts below)

Zoey: Whoa, didn't think I had it in me.

Jack: And Zoey moves on, tough luck Dave.

Dave: Yeah, I know. (Dave gets up and walks to the sidelines)

Maxwell: Two down, and thirty more to go. Man we'll be here a while. Okay, next we have Leshawna and Blaineley.

Leshawna: Uh-uh, no way I'm getting up there and fighting.

Jack: Leshawna, you don't have much of a choice. We've already picked our non-fighters, and if you refuse to fight then you're automatically out. Not sure if that's the best move considering what will happen if you get eliminated, which actions like this generally lead to.

Blaineley: It's okay, she's not tough enough for this anyway.

Leshawna: What did you just say to me? That's it, I am tearing you a new one!


Heather: Consider yourself lucky you decided to go through with it, because I can't risk having you on here for too long.

Confessional End

Jack: Begin battle! (Blaineley and Leshawna meet towards the center, and a circling each other, but neither choose to move)

Jack: Okay, supply the debris! (Interns bring out carts full of clutter to be thrown, and some start to do so. They avoid them and start swinging at each other, but they keep dodging)

Leshawna: Is that all? This'll be a cinch. (Leshawna pushes Blaineley, and is about to fall off)

Beth: We need to do something!

Brick: I got this! (Brick grabs a baseball from the cart, and hits Leshawna in the back of the head. However, that just annoyed her)

Leshawna: Ow, hey what was that for? (When her back is turned, Blaineley grabs her and throws her to the bottom)

Blaineley: Thanks for turning your back on me!

Heather: Nice going Leshawna.

Leshawna: I got distracted, anyone would have.

Maxwell: Blaineley moves on!

Blaineley: Oh yeah, who's the queen, it's me baby, woo! (Blaineley steps off the platform)

Jack: Well, that was interesting. Anyway, next is Sugar and Sierra.

Sierra: I'll do it for you Cody!

Sugar: Puh-lease, this'll be as easy as walkin' a pig. (Both step up to the platform)

Jack: Begin battle! (Both instantly charge toward each other, but neither will budge)

Sierra: I won't lose in front of my man! (Sierra knocks Sugar to the ground, but she gets back up)

Sugar: I ain't gonna lose to you, my cousins would hate me if I could lose at wrastlin'!

Sky: Start tossing, she'll need the help. (The contestants start throwing stuff again, and despite some hitting them, they don't stop fighting)

Maxwell: Man, these ladies are tough. Let's crank things up a notch! Releasing the dust! (Maxwell presses a button on the wall behind him, and a hatch opens on the side of the dome. It releases dust into the arena, limiting the field of vision)

Sugar: Hah, I've wrestled in twisters before. This ain't nothin'!

Sierra: Where are you? I need to prove myself to my man! (Out of the dust, Sugar tackles Sierra. She eventually picks her up and throws her off to the ground below, the hatch closes afterwards)

Jack: Congratulations to Sugar, you will be moving on.

Sugar: Yeehaw!

Sierra: Sorry I failed you Cody.

Cody: Don't be like that, you did your best.

Sierra: You're not mad at me, yay! (Sierra grabs Cody and squeezes him)

Jack: Alright, on with the tournament! (Mini-montage of matches) (A.N. Here are the matches and outcomes)

Sky vs Max/ Sky wins

Lindsay vs Tyler/ Lindsay wins due to Tyler slipping

Alejandro vs Beth/ Alejandro wins

Mike vs Owen/ Owen wins

Samey vs Brick/ Brick wins

Katie vs Sam/ Sam wins

(Mini-montage ends here) (A.N. Bigger one coming soon)

Maxwell: Okay, next we have Rodney vs Ella. Oh my, interesting match up.

Dakota: Look, I know you're not a fighter period, just try to dodge him and see if he falls off.

Ella: O-Okay, I'll try. (Ella and Rodney walk up to the platform)

Rodney: I can't do this, the girls will think I'm a woman beater.

Jack: What girls? (Rodney remains silent)

Jack: I thought so, begin battle! (Ella and Rodney at first don't move, but then...)

Rodney: I'm sorry about this.

Ella: Huh?

Rodney: Raaaaaaaaaagggghhhh! (Rodney charges towards Ella, but she calmly steps out of the way, and Rodney runs off the platform to the ground below)

Rodney: Did I win?

Maxwell: Well, that ended pretty well. Congrats to Ella. (Ella steps down in silence, but smiles for her victory)

Jack: Alright next we have... (As Jack checks the match-ups, his eyes widen)

Jack: What? This can't be right!

Maxwell: What, what is it? (Jack shows him the paper he wrote them down on)

Maxwell: Holy moly, this I did not see coming!

Lightning: What is it?

Jack: I can't believe this, but it's Duncan vs Courtney. (Everyone gasps, but Duncan and Courtney glare at each other)

Duncan: Oh, I've been waiting on this for a long time.

Courtney: You too huh? Well we saw how it was last time, this time won't be any different.

Duncan: Bring it on, Princess! (Duncan and Courtney run to the arena, and are eager to fight)

Maxwell: Try not to kill each other, there could be kids watching.

Jack: Begin battle! (They run towards each other, and Courtney seems to have the upper hand)

Courtney: What did I tell you, second verse, same as the first.

Duncan: Sorry sweetie, but this ain't the same song and dance as last time. (Duncan slaps Courtney off him and starts fighting back)

Duncan: You know when they say prison changes you, well it certainly did something for me.

Jack: Let's crank this up! (Jack release the dust into the ring, but the lower visibility seems to do nothing to affect the fight)

Courtney: No way am I going to lose to you!

Duncan: Sheesh, what don't you like being on top in?

Maxwell: Oooooooooh! Kill 'em!

Jack: Okay, that was brutal!

Courtney: You sicko! (Courtney starts throwing punches, but due to the dust in her way she can't hit him)

Courtney: Stay still so I can smack that stupid grin off your face!

Duncan: Sorry princess, but I ain't losing to you this time. (Duncan managed to grab Courtney from behind)

Courtney: Let me go!

Duncan: What's wrong, don't like taking it from behind?

Maxwell: She's gonna need some ice for that burn.

Courtney: Do something guys!

Scarlett: Hang on! (Scarlett throws a frying pan into the ring, and it hits Duncan in the back of his head)

Duncan: Ow, what the heck? (He lets go of Courtney, who grabs the frying pan at her feet)

Courtney: Well well well, guess who's going to get dominated now?

Jack: Duncan, protect your sweet spot! Angry girls always go for that! (Courtney starts swinging the frying pan, and Duncan walks back until he's close to the edge)

Duncan: You better not do what I think you're going to do!

Courtney: Maybe, I'd look down if I were you. (Duncan looks down, and Courtney smacks his face with the pan. He falls down, only to land with his legs open)

Duncan: Ow... (Duncan says in a high pitched voice. The brothers close the hatch, and visibility returns to normal)

Maxwell: Guess things never change, Courtney wins!

Courtney: That's how you do it. (Courtney drops the frying pan, which lands on Duncan's head, knocking him out)

Jack: We need another medic in here, STAT! (As Duncan is carried away)

Maxwell: Up next is Scarlett and Sadie.

Scarlett: Is that it, piece of cake. (Scarlett and Sadie step up to the platform)

Jack: Begin battle! (Sadie stands there confused on what to do, while Scarlett circles around her slowly)

Scarlett: Please, you think you can beat this superior intellect? Not a chance.

Katie: You can do it Sadie!

Sadie: Okay, let's do this! (Sadie starts circling as well, keep her body face at Scarlett's, when suddenly...)

Sky: Get her, now! (Sadie charges towards her, but stops just before she makes contact when she sees Scarlett move to the side like Ella did)

Sadie: Hah, nice try!

Scarlett: Wait what, you didn't fall for that?

Sadie: Nope, but you fell for this. (Sadie rams into her with her arm, and Scarlett falls)

Heather: Smooth plan, genius.

Scarlett: Like you could do any better.


Max: Hahahahahahahaha, my former sidekick now understands what it feels like to be humiliated. Don't think I'll let this go, Scarlett, mwahahahahahaha!

Confessional End

Jack: Three more for the qualifying rounds. Let's go with B vs Topher. (Topher and B step up, B signals his team to aim for Topher)

Dawn: He wants us to aim for Topher.

Scarlett: Well, best not go against it.

Jack: Begin battle! (Mind Blast starts throwing stuff at Topher, who tries to dodge them)

Topher: Hey, watch the face! I worked on it for three hours today! (While he dodges, B grabs some pipes that were thrown and makes a makeshift bo staff out of them)

Topher: Holy cow! (B swings the staff, and Topher falls off while trying to dodge everything)

Maxwell: Smart move on B's part, he will move on.

Jack: Now we have four people left, so we'll have our next battle. Eva and Ezekiel, step up please. (They do as instructed)

Maxwell: Last person left moves on, so let's do this!

Jack: Begin battle! (Eva charges for Ezekiel, and he gets hit and sent flying to the side of the dome)

Ezekiel: Ow, that a major pain yo. (He slides down to the ground)

Maxwell: Well that was quick. Medic, take care of this please. Anyway, all that's left is Shawn and Jasmine.

Shawn: What, I can't fight Jasmine, she's my girlfriend!

Jasmine: I don't want to risk fighting Shawn and ruining our relationship, last time really didn't do so well for us.

Jack: Well what, we skip the match and select a winner?

Jasmine: Can I just concede to Shawn so we can move on?

Maxwell: Any objections Shawn?

Shawn: I won't argue it, I'll just get this over with and take it.

Jack: Okay, Jasmine concedes, and Shawn moves on.

Amy: Seriously, you didn't even want to fight?

Jasmine: You'll understand when you love someone.

Maxwell: Anyway, onto the next round! (Cue montage) (A.N. Here's some music:

Jack: Begin battle!

(Shawn and B are going at it, B having constructed another bo staff. It appears that Shawn is about to lose when...)

Zoey: I got you Shawn! (Zoey throws a rock from the bin and knocks the staff out of B's hands. Shawn takes the opportunity to toss B off)

Shawn: Yes! Thanks!

Zoey: Any time. (Next match: Ella against Sadie. Though both are refuse to attack each other, they are bust dodging the other teams throwing stuff at them)

Brick: This is a lot harder than it seems.

Dakota: Anyone got any ideas? (Suddenly, Sadie charges towards Ella. She tries to hold her ground, but she's being pushed to the edge)

Ella: Somebody, help!

Cameron: Throw something at her legs, she'll lose balance.

Brick: I think this will do. (Brick grabs a bolas from the bin and throws it at Sadie's legs. They hit their mark and tie her legs up)

Sadie: I don't think this is good.

Ella: Sorry, but I can't lose here. (Ella pushes Sadie off the platform, her team goes over and unties her)

Sadie: Sorry guys.

Gwen: Don't worry, you did your best. That's all that counts. (Next match: Owen vs Courtney)

Courtney: I'm not letting you beat me! (Courtney is trying to push Owen, but is failing)

Owen: Wow, you really need some muscle strength.

Scarlett: If you can't move him by force alone, then add a little incentive.

Heather: What do you mean? (Scarlett brings out a cake from the bin)

Scarlett: I noticed this earlier. Should be helpful.

Max: Then toss it already! (Scarlett tosses the cake, and Courtney catches it)

Courtney: A cake, how's this supposed to...? (She stops when she notices Owen drooling over the cake)

Owen: Are you going to eat that?

Courtney: You want it, go get it! (Courtney tosses the cake off of the platform and Owen follows it)

Duncan: Owen, you idiot!

Owen: Oh.... sorry.

Courtney: Thanks for the win boys!

Confessional (A.N. Pause montage music here)

Duncan: Oh, she is good. I'm sure she'll get what's coming to her soon.

Confessional End (A.N. Continue playing montage music here)

(Next match: Lightning vs Brick. The two are locked in an epic power struggle, and the duststorm has flooded the arena)

Lightning: No way Lightning is going to lose to some sissy cadet!

Brick: Like you lost that million back in your debut?

Lightning: Graaagh! (Both start swinging punches, but Lightning manages to land a few strong hits and knock Brick out)

Brick: *cuckoo, cuckoo* (He falls on his back, Lightning picks him up and drops him off, the duststorm stops after that)

Lightning: How's that for losing? (Lightning flexes his biceps and kisses them, much to his team's displeasure)

Amy: Can he be any more self-centered?

Scott: You have no idea. (Next match: Sugar vs Lindsay)

Lindsay: Guys, I think I could use some help here.

Sugar: I ain't letting anyone beat me, no matter how pretty they are.

Lindsay: Um, can we talk about this, maybe over lip gloss? (Suddenly, Sugar punches Lindsay, sending her flying into the wall)

Lindsay: ...Ow.

Maxwell: Sheesh, Lindsay's fans aren't gonna be happy by that one.

Sugar: That's what you get you walkin' toothpick! Yeehaw! (Next match: Blaineley vs Alejandro. The two are going at it while the dust blows through the arena)

Alejandro: I have no intention of losing to you here, señorita.

Blaineley: Likewise with you hot-stuff, I won't make it easy.

Scarlett: Quick, catch this! (Scarlett throws a rock towards Alejandro, but by the time he notices it, it ends up hitting him on the forehead, knocking him out)

Blaineley: Hey, thanks for the win. (Blaineley picks him up and throws him out of the arena, the dust dies down soon after)

Heather: Way to fall for her, Alejandro.

Alejandro: Ugh, don't blame me. Scarlett threw the rock.

Scarlett: I told you to catch it!

Alejandro: A bit hard when there's a dust storm happening!

Heather: He makes a good point, for once. (Next match: Zoey vs Sam)

Sam: Take this! (Sam takes jabs at Zoey, but she successfully dodges his strikes)

Maxwell: Duststorm incoming! (The hatch opens and dust engulfs the arena again. The fight resumes as normal until...)

Zoey: Ah, sand got in my eyes! (Zoey tries to wipe the dust out of her eyes)

Sam: Thank goodness for glasses. Sorry, but I can't let my team or Dakota down, time for you to take a dive. (Sam grabs Zoey and manages to drag her off the platform, the duststorm stops soon after)

Sam: Good game.

Zoey: You too, anyone got a napkin to get this dust out?

Mike: No worries, I got it. (Mike brings one over, Zoey wipes the dust out)

Zoey: Thanks Mike, you're really nice.

Mike: Hey, it's the least I can do. (Next match: Sky vs Eva. Eva charges for Sky, but she keeps dodging her and her blows)

Eva: Just stay still!

Sky: No way, I'm not losing here!

Shawn: I got you Sky! (Shawn tosses her a red cape, Sky suddenly gets an idea)

Sky: Come and get me.

Eva: You asked for it! (Eva charges towards Sky, she moves out of the way with the red cape and Eva falls off)

Sky: That's how it's done. Olé!

Jack: Gracefully done, onto the quarterfinals! (Montage over as the scene transitions to preparations for the quarterfinals begin) (A.N. End music here)

Maxwell: Alright, we have at least seven matches left, so let's get these done and we're out of here.

Gwen: Thank goodness.

Dakota: I know right, this dust is getting all over my clothes.

Jack: You can wash them when we return, but for now, the quarterfinals! Let's begin with Courtney vs Lightning. (Courtney and Lightning step onto the arena)

Courtney: You may as well give up now.

Lightning: Sha-please, Lightning isn't giving up to some girl. Start the match already!

Jack: Alright, begin battle! (The hatch opens immediately, and dust starts pouring in)

Courtney: Is this going to be a thing from here on out?

Maxwell: Gotta makes things more epic, so it'll be occurring much quicker.

Lightning: Sounds good to me, Lightning strikes! (Lightning charges towards Courtney, but she pushes him back)

Courtney: Like I said, I'm not losing here. (Then Courtney charges towards him, he holds his guard up and manages to knock her off her feet)

Lightning: No way, Lightning... is not losing... again!!! (The two start trading blows, everyone just watches in awe)

Scott: Man, he actually IS good.

Duncan: I guess that bragging is for a good reason.

Noah: Never thought Courtney could put up that kind of fight.

Ezekiel: I think I got more of a reason to be afraid of her. (Suddenly, Courtney punches Lightning in the gut, and she manages to knock him close to the edge)

Lightning: No, Lightning can't go down here!

Courtney: Sorry, but fun's over.

Tyler: Lightning, catch! (Tyler throws a shield into the arena, Lightning catches it, but only after it hits Courtney on the forehead, putting her into a daze)

Leshawna: Hang on, I got you!

Dawn: Wait don't- (Leshawna throws a club towards Courtney, but due to being in a daze it hits her on the head)

Dawn: -throw it.

Leshawna: Whoops.

Heather: "Whoops" is right. (Camera shifts in and out Courtney's perspective, where it is shown that she has double-vision due to being in a daze. Lightning gets up and prepares to charge)

Lightning: This time, Lightning has got you in his sights! Raagh! (From Courtney's perspective, she can make out two figures running towards her. By the time her vision recovers, she can see Lightning closing in)

Courtney: Oh great. (Lightning charges into her with all his might, and though she struggled, Lightning was able to push Courtney off the arena)

Lightning: Oh yeah, I'm the best, no one messes with Lightning. Sha-boo ya! (The dust starts to die down again)

Max: Just great, can things get any worse?

Maxwell: Oh yes they can, since Courtney was your last rep in the tournament, you guys are officially out. That means you're off to elimination.

Scarlett: You just had to open your mouth.

Heather: Thankfully, I have nothing to worry about. Can't say the same for the likes of others, right Leshawna?

Leshawna: What are you looking at me for, it was an accident.

Alejandro: Hey, we'll take what we get.

Jack: Alright the next match is, Ella and Sugar.

Ella: What, I can't fight Sugar!

Sugar: Oh, thank you! I've been waiting a long time for this.

Dakota: It's okay Ella, you can do this. We got your back.

Ella: Okay, but just one thing. Remember what I told you back at the eating challenge?

Dakota: Your sugar addiction?

Ella: Yes, we may have to use it.

Brick: Are you sure, aren't you afraid something bad could happen?

Ella: It's a risk I'm willing to take.

Lindsay: Be safe Ella. (Ella and Sugar walk up to the arena)

Dakota: Hold off on the dust storm, there's something we need to try.

Jack: If you say so, begin battle!

Sugar: You're mine!

Ella: Eek! (Sugar starts chasing after Ella, but she keeps running)

Ella: Sugar, I think you're a bit too into this! Help!

Sugar: Get over here so I can knock those teeth out of your 'pretty little' head! (Fashion Squad searches for something to use, but Sam finds something)

Sam: Hey a whipped cream pie, this should work.

Dakota: Hurry, Sugar looks like she's about to trample her.

Sam: Ella, catch! (Sam throws the pie, and Ella catches it. She stops running and Sugar stop just in front of her)

Ella: I'm... warning you Sugar. Stay back... if you know what's... um, good for you.

Sugar: What, are you going throw that at me? Hah, nice try, but that ain't gonna work.

Ella: Sorry, but that's not going to be what happens. I'm sorry ahead of time about what happens. (Ella slams the pie into her face, the tin drops and then, silence)

Heather: What was that supposed to do?

Scarlett: She's not really that smart.

Sugar: Hahahahaha, is that all you got? No worries y'all, she ain't nothin'! (Suddenly, she hears Ella giggling)

Ella: *giggles*

Sugar: Huh, what's so funny? You makin' fun of me?

Ella: *giggles* Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (She wipes the pie off her face, and starts smiling)

Ella: Oh Sugar, you're just so sweet.

Dave: Uh, what's happening?

Dakota: Just give it time, she'll make it work.

Sam: Ella, knock her off the arena!

Ella: Okay! (She runs over to Sugar)

Ella: How about a hug first? (She starts squeezing Sugar tightly)

Duncan: What the heck?

Owen: What happened?

Jack: So, this is Ella when she's had too much sugar. Interesting...

Maxwell: Jack, what are you thinking?

Jack: That, my brother, is none of your concern.


Jack: I think Maxwell's comment is going to give the fans some fan-fiction fuel. Just keep it in good taste please, ignore Interent rule 34 for once, please!

Confessional End

Sugar: Let... go of... me! (Sugar frees herself from Ella)

Sugar: Why you! (She jumps for Ella, but she quickly twirls out of the way) (A.N. This needs some music: )

Ella: Come on Sugar, let's play!

Sugar: I'm gonna rip your head off! (Sugar keeps swinging at Ella, but she keeps dodging gracefully)

Dakota: Hold off on the dust this round.

Maxwell: No question, I don't want to miss this. *eats popcorn*

Jack: Mind sharing that?

Sugar: Get over here!

Ella: Oh boy, a chase! Catch me! (Ella starts running around the arena with Sugar in pursuit, but Sugar can't keep up and gets exhausted)

Ella: C'mon Sugar, I'm right here!

Sugar: *pant, pant* You stupid *pant*, I'll get ya *pant*, soon enough.

Dakota: Knock her off, knock her off!

Ella: Okay! (Ella blissfully skips over to Sugar)

Sugar: Grrrrrr. Take this! (Sugar slaps Ella, but it appears to have done no damage)

Ella: No Sugar, it's supposed to be like this. (Ella slaps Sugar, and it sends her flying to the edge)

Jack: Whoa!

Beth: It's working!

Sugar: Uuuuugh, my cheek. Huh? (She notices Ella, with a large smile on her face, right behind her)

Ella: Bye Sugar. (She pushes Sugar off with her foot and waves her goodbye as she falls)

Sugar: Dagnabbiiiiiiiit! *hits safety mat*

Maxwell: What a win for Ella and team Fashion Squad!

Dakota: Nice one Ella, now come back down. (Ella comes back down and hugs Dakota tightly) (A.N. End music here)

Dakota: Man, sugar really gives you a power boost. Any way we can stop this?

Ella: I think we should- (Then suddenly, Ella falls asleep and falls on her back)

Sam: I think she'll be fine.

Jack: Make sure she's awake for her semi-final match. Anyways, Blaineley and Sky, to the arena! (Blaineley and Sky walk up to the arena)

Blaineley: Okay, now I know this won't be easy. (Sky starts doing some stretches)

Sky: You know, there's no shame in backing down. I certainly wouldn't hold it against you.

Blaineley: You know, that cocky attitude of yours seems odd, and I admit I do want to back down. But I made it this far, and I have a team that's relying on me, so I can't let them down here.

Sky: Okay then, but promise you won't make this easy.

Blaineley: I won't.

Maxwell: And begin battle! (Dust starts pouring in as Sky and Blaineley start fighting)

Cody: Go get her Sky!

Lindsay: Knock 'em dead Blaineley! (The two are in the center, struggling to push each other off)

Sky: You know, at first glance, I didn't expect this much.

Blaineley: Trust me honey, there's a lot more where this came from. (Blaineley front flips over Sky to gain some ground)

Blaineley: How about that?

Sky: Not bad, now it's my turn! (Sky charges towards Blaineley and hits her with a flying side kick)

Blaineley: Oof! (Blaineley bends her back holding her stomach area, Sky backs off to a safe distance)

Blaineley: Okay, now I know you aren't playing. So I think it's time I stop with the act too.

Sky: Well what are you waiting for, bring it. (Blaineley charges towards her, and the two start trading blow for blow, and block for block)

Topher: This is going nowhere fast. We need to do something!

Beth: See what you can find in the debris, maybe something can help. (Sam searches through the debris, and grabs a bamboo sword)

Sam: This will work, I hope.

Gwen: At this rate, we'll be here for a while.

Mike: Let's give her a hand and find something useful. (Shawn searches through the debris, and he also pulls out a bamboo sword)

Shawn: Ah sweet, this will definetly help.

Samey: Then hurry, throw it! (Shawn throws the sword into the arena, Sam throws the other sword in as well. Sky and Blaineley grab one, and they know what's about to happen)

Blaineley: Well, two strong ladies with swords in an arena in the midst of a dust storm. I think we know what we should do.

Sky: Agreed. (Both draw their swords and start clashing)

Sam: I think we just made this ten times more epic.

Justin: Knock her off already!

Blaineley: I'm getting to that! (They keep clashing until Blaineley's sword gets knocked out of her hands, it lands on the edge of the arena)

Sky: Well, I think this is checkmate.

Blaineley: You'd like to think that, don't you?

Sky: ? (Blaineley kicks Sky's sword out of her hands and into the air. Sky manages to catch it, but it gives Blaineley enough time to retrieve her sword. Now both ladies stand at both ends of the arena, prepared to end this)

Blaineley: I think this fight has gone on long enough, it's time to end this!

Sky: The swords were a bit unnecessary, but yeah, let's finish this! (The two charges towards the center and slash at each other, appearing on the opposite side. It appears that nothing happened, but Sky suddenly drops her sword)

Sky: Agh, my shoulder!

Blaineley: Sorry, but this game is done! (Blaineley rams her off the arena and the dust dissipates)

Blaineley: Sorry for the wait, but the deed is done.

Maxwell: Man, what a battle. And what another victory for Fashion Squad! (Blaineley steps off the arena)

Dakota: Nice one!

Blaineley: Thanks, I knew taking that part in that samurai movie would be worth it!

Katie: Sky, are you okay?

Sky: I'm fine, a bit worse for wear, but fine. Sorry I blew it.

Samey: Are you kidding me, that was amazing!

Cody: At least you went down in a blaze of glory!

Sky: Aw thanks guys, that's really sweet.

Jack: Sam and Shawn, you are the last quarterfinal match. Step forward! (Sam and Shawn step onto the arena)

Shawn: I hope your video games have made you strong.

Sam: Same with you and your 'zombie-defense' training. Luckily, Undead Rising has given all I need to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Shawn: Oh yeah, I played that too. Let's discuss more after the match, shall we?

Sam: Oh we shall. But for now, let's rumble.

Jack: Begin battle! (Shawn charges towards Sam, but he is unable to move him)

Shawn: Huh, what the-?

Sam: Good Ol' Iron Tummy hasn't let me down yet. Hiya! (Sam karate chops Shawn on his head)

Shawn: Ow! How did that hurt so bad?

Sam: You underestimate video games too much, young grasshopper. You can thank motion control for that one.

Shawn: Well, I'm done for.

Zoey: Shawn, don't give up yet!

Sierra: You can do this!

Geoff: You got this dude!

Shawn: But he's too strong.

Jasmine: Shawn, I didn't throw that match just so you could give up when things got tough. Go in there and show him what a man you are!

Shawn: Jasmine. Okay, I'll do it! (Shawn charges again, but nothing seems to be happening again)

Sam: Hehe, you and I both know how this is going to end, the same as last time.

Shawn: I... will not... let my team... or my girlfriend... dooooooowwwwwn! (Suddenly, he starts pushing Sam, much to everyone's surprise)

Sam: Huh, what's happening?

Shawn: Looks like the power of love chose me over you.

Sam: Aw man. Whooooaaaaaaa. (Sam gets pushed off)

Dakota: It's okay Sam, you gave it your best.

Sam: Thanks.

Maxwell: And we have our semi finalists. Shawn will face Blaineley later, but for now it's Lightning and Ella.

Ella: Huh, what? Did I win?

Dakota: Yeah, and you're going against Lightning.

Ella: W-W-W-What?

Dave: No worries, we have an idea, you won't even have to have anymore sugar.

Ella: Well, if you say so. (Lightning and Ella step up onto the arena)

Lightning: Uh, I'm not sure I should do this. Something doesn't feel right about hitting a girl like this.

Maxwell: Just try to find a way to knock her off gently then, I'm sure even you are capable of that.

Jack: Just don't forget to go easy on her!

Lightning: Okay, Lightning will try.

Ella: Um, hi.

Jack: Begin battle!

Lightning: Okay, how should I do this? I know what's gonna happen if I'm too rough with her... (Flashback to both instances where Jack punched Jo)

Lightning: ...So I need to avoid that, but how?

Amy: Just hit her already!

Lightning: Why don't you try fighting a girl like this with you-know-who watching?

Amy: Who are you talking abou-? (She realizes)

Amy: Oh, right, him. Well think of something!

Lightning: I think I've got something, let's try it! Hey girl, over here!

Ella: U-um okay, here I come! (Though reluctant, Ella charges towards Lightning. When she gets close, he moves to the side and trips her, causing her to fall on the arena floor face down)

Lightning: How's that?

Jack: I think that works.

Maxwell: Didn't seem too damaging.

Lightning: Yeah, I thought of something smart! Sha-Lightning! (Lightning shows off his biceps, but unaware to him, Ella got up and he punched her. He turns to his right, only to see that he hit her)

Lightning: What the- uh oh. It was an accident, I swear!

Ella: Ouch, that hurt! (Ella has her hands covering her face, but she steps backwards off the arena and falls on her back)

Lightning: I didn't know you got up, my mistake!

Jack: Lightning, how could you? I swear I'll-

Ella: It's okay, it was an accident. He did not know I would get up, I certainly did not expect the punch.

Dakota: You alright?

Ella: I should be fine, though a bit of ice wouldn't hurt.

Maxwell: Get her an ice pack, stat!

Jack: You sure it's alright?

Ella: Yes, I am fine.

Jack: Okay, Lightning you're off the hook, and moving onto the final match.

Lightning: *phew* That was too close.

Maxwell: Anyway, now to Shawn and Blaineley. (The two walk up to the arena)

Blaineley: Okay, let's see if you can match up to the last one.

Shawn: I can tell this won't be easy.

Maxwell: Fair warning, whoever loses here will get third place, so you better fight your hardest. Ready?

Blaineley/Shawn: Ready.

Jack: Alright, begin battle! (The hatch opens and dust pours in, the two charge towards each other and start swinging at each other. Some blows hit, but others end up missing, this goes on for a while until...)

Brick: Here, catch! (Brick throws a fake decomposing arm and Blaineley catches it. She suddenly gets an idea)

Blaineley: Oh zombie boy, catch me if you can. (Shawn leaps towards her, but she disappears in the dust)

Shawn: Come on out, show yourself and fight! (Under the dust storm, Blaineley attaches the fake arm to Shawn's leg. When she reappears in Shawn's line of sight)

Shawn: Ah, there you are! Ready to admit defeat already?

Blaineley: I think you have more pressing issues to worry about, because it looks like something got you by the leg.

Shawn: Huh? (Shawn looks down and notices the fake arm)

Shawn: Ah, zombies! They got me, help! (Shawn starts running around the arena, panicking and flailing his arms. He comes to the edge of the arena, but before he could walk away, Blaineley appears behind him)

Blaineley: Sorry, but it's time to send you and your team packing. (Blaineley slaps Shawn and he spins off the edge of the arena platform, the dust goes away shortly afterward)

Blaineley: By the way, the arm isn't real, it's just a prop.

Shawn: What? (Shawn grabs the arm, and he discovers that it is a prop)

Shawn: That wasn't funny!

Blaineley: Perhaps, but it helped didn't it?

Jack: Blaineley, it's you and Lightning in the finals. Team Speed Demon gets third place.


Shawn: Oh man, not only did I cost it for my team, but they made a fool outta me by exploiting my one weakness, zombies. You guys haven't heard the last of this.

Blaineley: Don't take it personally Shawn, but I had a game to win. And I don't actually want to let my team down.

Confessional End

Jack: Let's get this final match over with, competitors to your places. (Blaineley and Lightning step up to the arena)

Maxwell: Alright, this is the final bout. Winner takes all here, so don't give your opponent an inch.

Lightning: Look, I know I made a mistake with that other girl from before. But hey, what was I supposed to do in order to win, no way was I throwing that one, or I'd never hear the end of it.

Blaineley: Oh, I know. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to beat you into next week.

Lightning: Why should I be worried about you, last I checked, people don't even consider you a legitimate contestant. At least, that's what I think they said, Lightning isn't good at memorizing.

Blaineley: Well you know what, I think it's time I show everyone why I deserve to be on this show just as much as everyone else, maybe even more than they would. So, how about we end this?

Lightning: Hmph, fine by me. Try not go down in one punch.

Jack: For the final time, begin battle! (Lightning charges towards Blaineley, but she dodges out of the way. He circles back and tries again, but the same result occurs)

Blaineley: Please, if that's all you got, then you may as well give up.

Lightning: No way, Lightning isn't losing on this show again! (He starts swinging punches at her, but she dodges them and manages to land a few of her own)

Lightning: That's it! (Lightning stomps on her foot, then punches her in the gut)

Maxwell: Ooooooooh! She may be a lady, but that's gotta hurt!

Jack: Guess gender matters not with this for this battle, as both are giving it everything they have. (The two continue to trade blows, and speed up as they go on. A few punches they land on each other happen in slow motion then go into real time; first a punch with their right fist, then another hit with the right fist, then a head butt, finally an uppercut to the jaw)

Dave: C'mon Blaineley!

Cameron: Knock him out!

Ella: I believe in you!

Blaineley: Man, this guy is tough. There's gotta be someway of knocking him off, but how?

Lightning: This game ends now! (Lightning charges towards her, with seconds to spare, she comes up with a plan and doges out of the way)

Lightning: Huh? You know that's been done several times today already, right?

Blaineley: Oh, I know. But this time... (Blaineley grabs Lightning from behind)

Blaineley: ...We go down together! (Blaineley pushes Lightning off the edge, running off herself in the process. Both fall, but Lightning hits the mat while Blaineley lands on Lightning)

Blaineley: Thanks for the soft landing! Hehehe.

Jack: Lightning struck the ground first, therefore Blaineley wins it for team Fashion Squad! (Blaineley and her team cheers for their victory, Jack and Maxwell step down to congratulate them)

Maxwell: Iron Will, you gave it your best, but in the end you came up short of Miss Blaineriffic. You get second place.

Lightning: Aw come on!

Tyler: Darn.

Rodney: Awww.

Anne Maria: Well, that blows.

Jack: Blaineley, you have surprisingly demonstrated yourself as Fashion Squad's Rumbling Queen. Therefore, I feel you deserve this immunity token for your win. (Jack hands the token to Blaineley)

Blaineley: "Rumbling Queen"? I kinda like that.

Maxwell: You really deserve it, we honestly thought you guys weren't gonna cut it for this challenge. But man, you proved us wrong. And Blaineley, I think this a good step towards people saying that you are a legitimate TD contestant.

Blaineley: I hope so, I'm personally sick of people saying I'm not a real contestant. So yeah, maybe this can help.

Jack: Oh yes, and guess who's returning to elimination?

Ezekiel: Uh, us?

Maxwell: Sadly yes, meet us by the rocky cliffs for the next elimination in a few hours. But for now, let's head back.

Heather: Oh, if I could only vote for more than one person tonight. (Transitions back to the valley, with Dakota, Sam, and Ella meeting in private)

Sam: Okay we're here, what's going on?

Dakota: Call me crazy, but I think the three of us should make an alliance.

Ella: Why the sudden decision to make an alliance?

Dakota: I was thinking we could establish a fair leadership within the team, we are the only team to have an official leader role.

Sam: Good point. I'm in!

Ella: Not sure how I feel about this, but I know I can trust you. I accept!

Dakota: Okay, I'll be leader until the team disbands. If I get eliminated before then, Sam will take my place. If both he and I get eliminated, then we leave it to you Ella.

Ella: Okay, I'll have to find someone else in case I go down too, right?

Dakota: Exactly!

Sam: I think I like how this is going. (Suddenly, the speakers turn on)

Maxwell: Hello, is thing on? Hey Jack, is it working?

Jack: Oh for the love of, give me that! Attention competitors, the elimination is ready! Report to the rocky cliffs, that goes double for you Mind Blast!

Maxwell: Jack, I wanted to do that!

Jack: Well you shouldn't have been messing with it like that! You think I trust you around equipment like that?

Maxwell: Only if it's a magic act.

Jack: Don't remind me, I couldn't even face anyone due to the embarassment. You should never just-

Maxwell: Uh Jack, it's still on.

Jack: What? Um, pay no attention to that! See you later! (Speakers turn off)

Dakota: Wonder what that was about?

Ella: Who knows? Anyway, I'm going to vote for Scarlett, I'm not giving her chance to be evil again.

Sam: Dakota and I were actually discussing that on the way back. Glad we're on the same page. Anyway, let's get moving, can't wait to see what they have this time. (Transition to the rocky cliffs, the area is nothing but grey and brown rocks for miles; they see a downward slope, and four large plastic spheres with chairs in them atop four rock ramps)

Maxwell: Glad you made it, everyone take your seats. (Speed Demon, Iron Will, and Fashion Squad fill up the stands to the side. Mind Blast takes the center)

Jack: Never thought I'd see you again so soon. I thought you would use your smarts to at least ensure that you were safe. But apparently, you got outsmarted. Before we vote, would you like to give your opinions on the elimination?

Heather: We would, thank you.

Maxwell: Okay Heather, you seem eager to talk. Who do you think is on the chopping block for tonight?

Heather: Basically, it's anyone's game, at least those who don't have immunity like myself.

Alejandro: Of course you'd say that.

Heather: We have cases of missed potential, like Scarlett, Alejandro and B. People who were outright useless like Zeke and Leshawna. And we can't forget Courtney who ruined it for all of us.

Maxwell: Courtney, any response to Heather's comment?

Courtney: Look, I know I screwed up, it's humiliating enough I lost to that meathead jock. I'll make up for this I promise, just give me another chance, and I won't disappoint you.

Jack: Trent, you've been stuck to the sidelines all day. Anything caught your eye?

Trent: Honestly, not much. I'm glad I didn't have to fight, but we had some smart fighters on our team, and they didn't pull through. There are some people I prefer not to vote for because I know they'll do better, but then there are some that I prefer to get rid of as soon as possible. No way am I letting myself get used like that again, not after season 1.

Maxwell: Dawn, any insights you'd like to give on the situation?

Dawn: Not much, I think it's just going to come down to personal agendas this time. There are people on this team that others see as a threat, so I think they want them gone before they can do any major damage.

Jack: Alright, time to cast your votes everyone. (Sometime later)

Jack: Okay, the votes are in! When we call your name, you are up for elimination, the order in which we call it determines our guessing order from last to first. Maxwell, who has the most votes and will go last?

Maxwell: ...



















Scarlett: Grrrr.

Jack: Who goes third with the second highest amount of votes?

Maxwell: ...



















Courtney: *sigh*

Jack: Who goes second with the third highest amount?

Maxwell: ...

























B: *looks down in sadness*

Jack: And who goes first with the least amount of votes?

Maxwell: ...



























Leshawna: Huh, there's gotta be some kind of mistake.

Harold: The votes are rigged!

Jack: Harold, quiet! Sorry Leshawna, but the votes don't lie. At least you're going first.

Leshawna: Yeah, ain't that a nice consolation.

Maxwell: The rest of you are safe, the contestants whose names were called, please step up! (Scarlett, Courtney, B, and Leshawna step up)

Jack: It has come down to this, one of you is about to be sent home. If you want to be safe, all you have to do is get this question right. If not, you're off the show and here's how. (Jack directs them to the large plastic spheres atop the ramps)

Maxwell: The four of you will be inside those large plastic spheres. And as you can also see, we are at the top of a rather large gorge. If you get this question wrong, your sphere will roll down its ramp into the gorge below, clocking into speeds of around 35 mph. We call this one "Roll and Rattle".

Jack: You know the turn order, so grab your goggles and enter your spheres. (They do just that, from left to right it's Leshawna, then B, then Courtney, then Scarlett)

Maxwell: Hope you guys don't have motion sickness, if not then I wish you luck when you get down to the bottom.

Scarlett: Thanks for the reassurance.

Maxwell: Your sarcasm is touching, but anyway onto the question. But first, your answers and they are:

The Fiddler

Crazy Quilt

the Ten-Eyed Man

and lastly, the Penny Plunderer

Maxwell: The question is: Which of these three are actual comic book villains from the Batman universe? Leshawna, you go first.

Leshawna: Uh, can I phone a friend?

Jack: Sorry, no outside help.

Harold: Dang, I could get this one no sweat. But then again, I am a bit rusty when it comes to comics. Perhaps if...

Duncan: Perhaps you should shut it before I get annoyed!

Harold: Just wait until you get there, you won't act so tough.

Leshawna: Well, all four of them sound ridiculous. But if I have to pick one, then I guess I'll go with The Fiddler. (The Fiddler lights up on screen)

Maxwell: Will that be your final answer?

Leshawna: Oh heck yeah, I am NOT giving up on this game yet! So, lock it in! (The Fiddler fades to black on screen)

Jack: So B, since you have trouble speaking out loud more than Beardo ever did, just whisper it into my ear and we'll get this over with. (Jack walks over to B, he leans in close as B whispers to him his answer)

Maxwell: What's the verdict?

Jack: He believes the more ridiculous, the more likely they existed there due to how over the top they could be. So he decided to lock in Crazy Quilt. (Crazy Quilt lights up on screen...)

Maxwell: Interesting logic, we'll take it. (...then fades to black)

Maxwell: Disclaimer here, all of these guys existed, but one of them hasn't in the Batman universe.

Leshawna: Fine by me, I'm sticking with my answer. (B gives a thumbs up)

Maxwell: Okay Courtney, you have two left. Choose wisely, as one of these could be wrong.

Courtney: I like B's idea, the more ridiculous, the better. These are comic books after all, so anything could be possible. So if I had to pick one that Batman could have fought, I'd have to go with the Penny Plunderer. (Penny Plunderer lights up on screen then fades to black)

Jack: Good luck to you Courtney, so Scarlett, that means you're left with the Ten-Eyed Man. Think you still have a chance? (Ten-Eyed Man lights up on screen)

Scarlett: Oh trust me, I do. There are many ways they could make an excuse for a man to get ten eyes in the comic book world. I wouldn't be surprised they already tried it.

Jack: Would seeing through your fingers be one of those ways?

Scarlett: No, why?

Maxwell: Because that's what happened. See what I mean?

Jack: *groan* Maxwell!

Maxwell: Thank you I'll be here all week!

Scarlett: Really, he sees through his fingers? Never would've thought, but then again, I don't have another choice so lets see if Lady Luck smiles on me this time. (Ten-Eyed Man fades to black on screen)

Jack: Everyone has their answers locked in. Put on your goggles folks, it is going to be a dusty one. (They put on their goggles and brace themselves)

Courtney: Please give me another chance, please give me another chance, please.

B: *breathes in and out several times*

Maxwell: To recap your choices: Leshawna went with The Fiddler, B chose Crazy Quilt, Courtney made a bold move in choosing the Penny Plunderer, and Scarlett was left with the Ten-Eyed Man. (Shows the contestants and their answers light up on screen when mentioned)

Jack: Care to find out who's safe?

Scarlett: That goes without question, yes!

Leshawna: Yes, please!

Jack: Not this time, the wrong answer is...






Scarlett: Come on.






Leshawna: Don't give up on me now.






B: *crossing his fingers as hard as he can*






Courtney: PleSe, please, please, please, please!








......The Fiddler!

Leshawna: No! Don't!

Harold: Noooooooo! Not my Leshawna! Please!

Maxwell: Sorry girl, but you got the wrong answer, have a nice ride! (Maxwell and Jack walk up to Leshawna's sphere and push it down the ramp, sending her rolling down the gorge)

Leshawna: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Stop this crazy thiiiiing!

Courtney: Yes! Thank you!

Gwen: Holy crap!

Mike: I'm not sure if that's 35 mph.

Maxwell: Yeah, I think we were waaay off on that.

Leshawna: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! (Shows the sphere rolling down, some showing Leshawna's body from the front as the sphere rolls down. Once it gets low enough where it's off camera, the theme starts playing) (Theme:

Maxwell: That's what you get, if you don't throw down, you roll down.

Jack: Eloquently put, you three are safe for tonight!

Scarlett: Thank goodness!

B: *phew* (As they're getting out, the brothers do the outro)

Maxwell: Well, that's another one down, and we still have plenty more where that came from. Hope you got enough popcorn for the next one.

Jack: We still have more elements to combat, so stay tuned for the next 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! (As they walk away and the theme ends, a camera placed by the side of the gorge shows the sphere Leshawna is in rolling down again while she is screaming, then the theme ends)


Amy: You know something? We haven't had much in terms of success yet. I think we need to be a bit more sneaky.

Scott: Yeah I agree, but where do we even start? No matter who we go after, those guys will be defending them to make sure things aren't 'unfair'.

Amy: Well, all that means is we just need to try harder. Make sure even they don't notice it. And I know just the guinea pigs to try it on.

Scott: Is your sister one of them?

Amy: No, not yet. I just want to see if this works first, we'll deal with both our problems later, with some luck and slight of hand of course.

Scott: I like the way you're thinking. You're really turning out to be quite the villainess if you ask me.

Amy: Thanks, I try sometimes.

Scott: So, what's the plan? (Screen fades to black)

End of Episode

Contestants remaining: 46

52nd place: Izzy

51st place: DJ

50th place: Staci

49th place: Beardo

48th place: Jo

47th place: Leshawna

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