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List of new areas:

  • Beach
  • Caverns
  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Medieval Castle
  • Haunted House
  • Bayou
  • Casino
  • Quarry
  • Forest
  • Scrapyard
  • Factory
  • Seasonal Plains
  • Ruins


(A view of the carnival-circus is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Jack: Last time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama... It was time for our contestants to face their greatest challenge yet, our very first Prize Run!

Maxwell: With a $10,000 per team member reward on the line, our contestants went through rides that tested their bravery. And though ultimately a certain group of individuals decided to play a little trump card they had, everything went as planned.

Jack: Our teams sent their representatives to The Tower, where one with the correct answer was left standing. And the rest... got to test the laws of gravity in an extreme way. And thanks to our resident songbird Ella, team Fashion Squad took home the prize. (Scene transitions to the brothers standing by the gates from the inside)

Maxwell: Our time in this area has come to an end, but the game is just beginning.

Jack: Where will game take us to next? What challenges and eliminations await us there? Will our contestants be able to overcome them and their opponents? Enough waiting, let us begin...

Jack/Maxwell: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

(The teams are enjoying their time in the park, Mind Blast is at the go-kart course, racing in their rewards from episode 3)

Courtney: C'mon guys, let some others have a turn already.

Heather: Sorry, but I haven't had fun in a long time, and I'm not giving that up anytime soon! (Said as she drives by Courtney, who is watching from outside the fence surrounding the course)

Leshawna: Never thought you knew how to have fun. (Leshawna is next to Heather as they're driving)

Heather: Well hey, as long as we're being treated like crap, may as well let loose.

Leshawna: Girl, I could never agree with you more. (Meanwhile, by the fence)

Max: Despite the antagonism I showed, and as much as I would hate to say it, but I would have to say this was... fun.

Trent: Glad to see that these guys know how to treat people right, some more than others. (Turns to Dawn)

Trent: Wouldn't you agree?

Dawn: Huh? Oh, well... yes, glad to see they aren't as dark-hearted as Chris. They certainly don't hold back when elimination arrives, but overall I'd say they really are kind souls.

Jack: Glad you feel that way. (They turn to see Jack)

Jack: Keep in mind, we'll be departing shortly, so make sure you gather your things.

Trent: Where are we headed?

Jack: You'll know soon enough, but for now, just be patient.

Dawn: Alright, I'll go gather my things. Let the others know please.

Max: If I must.

Trent: No problem. (Trent and Max run off to inform the rest of the team, Dawn runs to pack her things. Meanwhile, with Speed Demon, at the midway)

Cody: Man, these guys are great.

Sierra: A little rough around the edges if you ask me, but as long as I'm with my Cody, I'm not complaining. (Sierra grabs Cody and starts hugging him tightly)

Sadie: Same goes for me and Katie, I hope we don't get separated.

Shawn: Well, keep in mind, they won't know what happens and they can't assure you'll go home together.

Katie: I know, but let's hope we get far together.

Sadie: Oh my gosh, I was thinking the same thing!

Shawn: You know something, I was actually thinking that too.

Katie: Really? Thanks.

Shawn: Well hey, last I checked we are friends. So, no problem.


Shawn: I know this goes against rules about zombie survival, but I must admit, it's actually kinda sweet that those two are so close. I just hope they know how to act on their own, otherwise when one's gone, the other won't last much longer.

Katie: I know soon enough Sadie and I will be separated, but right now we're using the time we have together as much as we can. Glad to know we have our team's support.

Confessional End

(Gwen walks up to them while carrying her luggage)

Gwen: Hey guys, got your stuff yet?

Sierra: *gasp* My Cody pictures! (Sierra drops Cody and runs to the dorms)

Cody: *huff, puff, huff, puff* Thanks.

Katie: Where do you think we're going?

Gwen: My guess is as good as yours. Let's just hope it's nothing bad.

Shawn: Hopefully, are the others getting their stuff too?

Gwen: Yep, just waiting on the brothers now.

Sadie: In that case, we better get our stuff too! Let's go!

Katie: Right, we'll meet you by the front gate.

Gwen: Alright, see you then. (Meanwhile, with Iron Will, hanging out by the dorms...)

Amy: Well, while last night was a bust, overall I'd say things went well.

Duncan: Try and hold your evil tendencies for a challenge where it works, okay sweetheart?

Amy: Like I would want to listen to a delinquent washout like you.

Duncan: Washout? Hey, that was one bad season, alright? I'm still bad.

Harold: Why don't you prove it in the next challenge?

Duncan: Oh I will Doris, and don't think I'll make you regret questioning my toughness. (Duncan grabs Harold by the collar of his shirt)

Owen: Man, that was a head rush. You guys should've been there, it was intense. (Recaps Owen being dropped from The Tower from last night)

Amy: Yeah, that must have been scary. Not sure if that's something I would've been so willing to do.

Owen: I'll admit, even after everything from before, that was the scariest thing I've ever done on this show. A 3 out of 4 chance of falling 100 feet to the water below, and you're praying that you got the right answer. If any of you guys do it, stay strong, it isn't easy but it takes a lot of guts to go up there. And even if you lose, you can look back on it and say "Yeah, that was me. I'm just impressed I even went up there!"

Duncan: Wow big guy, that was profound, even for you.

Owen: Thanks, by the way, anyone got any snacks?

Harold: Lucky for you, I snagged a bag of chips. Here... (Harold tosses the chips to Owen, he opens the bag and starts eating them by the handful)

Duncan: And there's the Owen we've come to know and love... sometimes. (Suddenly, Jasmine walks out of the dorm with her belongings in a bag)

Jasmine: Alright, everyone ready?

Amy: As ready as we can be.

Jasmine: Any idea where we're going?

Owen: No idea. (Said with his mouth full)

Jasmine: Well, not much to go on. Let's head out for the gate and see what they got for us.

Duncan: Fine by me. (They grab their stuff and start walking to the gate. Meanwhile, with Fashion Squad by the big top)

Dakota: I'd like to dedicate this victory to Ella, for her bravery for conquering The Tower! To Ella!

Rest of the team minus Ella: To Ella!

Ella: Aw guys, you're so sweet! You shouldn't have!

Topher: No kidding, what you did was crazy. But you stuck it out, and managed to pick the right answer.

Beth: No way I would've gone up there.

Justin: And there's no way I could ever pick the right answer. May not seem like much, but considering what happens if you fail, it's a real achievement when you succeed.

Jo: Yeah, you did good.

Ella: Thank you all so much, I really appreciate it!

Jo: I'm surprised our "glorious leader" didn't try to do it herself.

Dakota: Well, Ella volunteered before I could even think about it. If you think you'd do better, why don't you be the leader for a challenge?

Cameron: Jo, what are you doing?

Dakota: Relax Cameron, I think this can go well. If we win, you can stay as team leader; but if we lose not only will you not be leader, but your butt will be up for elimination, got it?

Jo: Ha! Is that it? Trust me, I can lead this team to victory far better than you ever could.

Dakota: Let's see if you're right, but for now, may I suggest we grab our stuff and head to the front?

Jo: Sure, let's get going everyone!


Dave: I don't think this is going to end well, at all.

Brick: For once, I'm hoping we lose, that way we can send her packing.

Sam: She can call herself leader all she wants, but don't expect me to listen to her. Besides, she said only if we win, and there's a 1 out of 4 chance of that. At the very least, I hope we're not up for elimination again, that was not fun.

Confessional End

(The teams are outside of the gate, the brothers are standing in front of something covered by a blanket)

Maxwell: The time has come, we can't stay here forever so we're moving this game to a new area. Mind Blast, as a heads up, your go-karts will be delivered to your homes, so don't worry about losing them.

Noah: Thank goodness.

Jack: Now I'm sure everyone has the all-important question on their minds, where are we going next? Well, let us show you. (Jack removes the blanket to reveal a wooden board with pictures on it)

Jack: Maxwell and I have decided in addition to the prize money, the winning team should decide where we go next as well.

Dakota: Wait, what?

Maxwell: You heard us, the winner of the Prize Run will decide where we go to next!

Dave: Talk about a twist.

Topher: Less obvious to some than others.

Jack: Take a look and decide, if you have any questions about any please feel free to ask. (The team walks up to the board and looks at the pictures)

Sam: Looks like there's about twenty choices here.

Lindsay: So many to choose, I can't decide.

Ella: Well, perhaps we should- (Ella stops mid-sentence after seeing the picture of the medieval castle)

Ella: *gasp* Is that-?

Cameron: Definetly looks like a castle.

Jo: Obvious that you would be the one to notice that.

Ella: Can we please go the castle, please?

Justin: I don't know yet, not sure if I'm into that kind of recreation.

Dakota: Sorry Ella, but not yet. Some of us have doubts about the castle, and how far they intend to take the recreation. They seem really dedicated to their job, and we're a it worried that may be used against us.

Ella: Okay I- understand...

Beth: No worries, we'll go to the castle soon, I promise.

Ella: You mean it?

Dakota: We will soon enough, even if it's not us who decide it.

Blaineley: How about that one? (Blaineley points to the harbor)

Blaineley: A place by the ocean doesn't sound that bad.

Lindsay: I don't want to risk ruining my makeup by falling into the water though.

Blaineley: Good point.

Jo: How about the mountains?

Justin: And freeze our butts off? No thank you.

Maxwell: Hey guys, have you decided yet?

Dakota: Hang on, we're discussing!

Jack: Well hurry up, time's wasting.

Lindsay: Um, what's this? (Jack walks over and Lindsay points to the valley)

Jack: That is Weather Valley, an area with an unstable climate.

Cameron: That can't even be scientifically possible.

Jack: I know, I've been there. One day it's cold as heck, the next day the sun feels like an oven, and who's knows what happens the next day.

Topher: Why would anyone even pick these?

Jack: Believe me, my brother and I have come prepared for each one of these. Your safety is guaranteed, especially in-between challenges.

Dave: If the weather is unstable like you said, how would you keep us safe?

Jack: Care to find out? (The team huddles together and deliberates)

Lindsay: Are you sure things will be calm from time to time?

Jack: Absolutely, we'll be moving to area for the challenges where we can harness nature's abilities at its best. The main valley is mostly unaffected save the temperature from the sky. (The team rehuddles)

Dakota: I'm certainly curious.

Cameron: This has piqued my scientific interests.

Brick: They did assure we'd be safe.

Ella: Looks mostly calm from the looks of it.

Sam: Well, it this what we're going for?

Jo: I say yes, let's see how they'll handle things this time around. (The team walks up to the brothers)

Maxwell: Have you made your decision?

Dakota: Weather Valley it is!

Jo: Glad we came to an agreement.

Jack: Interesting choice, glad you picked it. I haven't had the chance to search the entire surrounding areas of any of these choices, now's the time to see what they have in store. (Suddenly two large buses pull up)

Maxwell: Alright everyone, two teams per bus! Next stop, Weather Valley! (Jack removes the valley picture from the board, grabs it, and walks into the first bus with it. Mind Blast and Fashion Squad go onto the first bus, Speed Demon and Iron Will follow Maxwell onto the second one)

Scott: Any idea who's driving these?

Maxwell: No worries, my brother and I know how to drive these. Just sit tight, it'll be a while.

Anne Maria: Least I can relax for a while, my feet are killin' me! (The doors close)

Maxwell: Everyone got their stuff?

Gwen: We're good on our end.

Jasmine: Our team's all set too. (Maxwell speaks into his walkie-talkie)

Maxwell: Jack, everyone on your bus ready?

Jack: All set on both ends. I'll be moving right away.

Maxwell: Good to hear... (Speaks to the contestants)

Maxwell: ...alright guys, let's get moving! Next stop, Weather Valley! (The buses start moving, and the carnival-circus is left behind in the distance)

Maxwell: Try not to cause any drama back there, I still need to find an auto-pilot in this thing.

Duncan: Last I checked, buses don't have auto-pilots.

Maxwell: Trust me, Jack said he would make sure these things would have it. Unlike me, he's not constantly into jokes, so when he says something he means it.

Sky: Just try to stay focused until then, for our sakes.

Maxwell: Okay.

Geoff: So this place we're headed to, is the weather really that crazy?

Maxwell: Trust me it is. Jack and I went there ourselves when we were scouting out locations for the competition. We found so many unique places, we couldn't just go with the traditional format. The central valley itself is subjected to varying degrees of temperature per day, and that's not counting the other parts which are subjected to more dramatic climates. Same goes for natural disasters too.

Owen: What?

Maxwell: Yeah, Jack and I aren't going to use those areas that much. Unless...

Shawn: I'm going to regret asking this but, "unless" what?

Maxwell: Well, Jack and I are both interested in finding some way of going through them without causing much damage to anyone. It's taking time, but I have a good feeling youll be encountering those "disaster zones" before we leave the valley.

Zoey: Just when I thought this would be too easy.

Maxwell: Like I said, that's still something we're working on. We'll explain everything when we get there, but for now I suggest you stay away from them. After all, we haven't explored the entire area yet, same goes for the others.

Lightning: Please, whatever you throw, Lightning will take it. Sha-boom! (Accidently punches Tyler)

Lightning: Whoops, sorry man.

Tyler: I'm okay, I've dealt with worse.

Maxwell: Ah, there's the auto-pilot! (Maxwell presses a green button, and the bus starts driving itself)

Mike: Guess there really was an auto-pilot.

Samey: Well, let's hope these "disaster zones" won't be dangerous if we have to deal with them.

Amy: Of course you would say that.

Samey: Like you would do any better?

Amy: Of course I would.

Samey: Please, unlike you, I've actually helped my team. What have you done, sorry let me rephrase myself, what have you done right?

Amy: !! You son of a- !

Maxwell: You know she's right!

Amy: What do you know?

Maxwell: I know potential where I see it, I can recognize when someone is actually helping, and above all else, I know that all you're being right now is a stuck-up, useless, idiotic, obsessed with winning over their sister, and an all around <censored, censored, censored>!!!

Amy: ...... (Amy looks on with shock, the others do the same)

Gwen: Whoa.

Tyler: Heck yeah "whoa".

Eva: That... was something.

Sugar: I thought my crazy uncle Phil was the only one who knew them words.

Scott: You gotta be kidding me.

Samey: Amy? Anything else you want to say?

Amy: I- I- I- I- I....... (Amy just sits there, unable to think of anything)

Maxwell: Look Amy, if I can be honest, you don't seem that bad of a person. You're just obsessed with beating Samey is all. But your problem is, all you do is talk a big game, while Samey actually proves she's better. You want to show you're the best, then prove it in the next challenge, legitimately. So if you want, let me give you one piece of advice: Don't hesitate, when the time comes, just act.

Amy: ...

Samey: I hate to say it, but he's right.

Amy: ......

Katie: Wow, she can't say anything.

Maxwell: I think I was too hard on her.

Rodney: You okay?

Amy: .............

Sky: I get the feeling that she's finally opened her eyes.

Samey: Trust me, it's going to take a lot more than that to get her to stop.

Amy: Hmph, fine, I'll show you. I'll show all of you I'm better than her, as if I would waste any cheating tactics on her.

Maxwell: There you go again.


(For television purposes, in-between areas, all confessionals take place in the booth across from the bathroom)

Amy: So, they think she's better than me, that I can't do anything other talk about how better than her I am. Well, enough is enough. This time, I'm going to prove that I'm the better twin, and no one is going to stop me. Not Samey, not Maxwell, not anyone, this game is mine!

Confessional End

(Meanwhile, on the bus in front...)

Dakota: ...and like I said, I just can't stand how she keeps saying she should be leader. If you ask me, if we get last place, there's no chance she'll get out of this scot-free.

Noah: Yeah, I can understand that. It's like if Heather was more into athletics than fashion, then again I'm not sure which would be worse.

Sam: But even if we do vote for her, there's a quarter chance she'll actually be eliminated.

Dawn: Sam is right, the odds do not appear to be in your favor.

Dakota: Well, I know it's underhanded, but maybe we can do something that can assure that Jo goes home if we lose.

Dawn: I'm not sure if that's something I'd advise, they don't take kindly to cheating.

Noah: Then again, if it's Jo we're taking about, they wouldn't be so reluctant. Remember their little encounter the morning of the eating competition? (Plays Jack and Jo's argument from episode 4)

Noah: If she pulls another stunt like that today, I have a feeling they would want her gone too.

Dawn: While I understand your reasoning, I still don't think it's right.

Dakota: Dawn's got a point all things considered. But I couldn't live with myself if I handed over the team leader position to Jo permanently, or at least how long she lasts in the team.

Sam: Well, if it does come to that, we have our options to consider.

Noah: If you decide to pull that move, be careful. She may be a jock, but she's certainly not like Tyler or Lightning, she's got the smarts to turn your little coup around, so make sure she doesn't find out about it.

Dakota: Okay then. (Elsewhere on the bus...)

Lindsay: Man if this place has intense sun like they said, I think I may be able to get a pretty good tan.

Beth: Trust me, you look good without it.

Lindsay: You think so? Thanks.

Courtney: Still, these "disaster zones", think they were serious?

Heather: I don't see why they would lie. But then again, they did say they were working on a way to go through these safely.

Dave: These guys know what they're doing, I just hope I don't get too much dirt on my hands, I've washed enough of that off.

Max: Hmph, it matters not what they throw at us, I do not intend to simply run and hide.

Scarlett: Here he goes again.

Max: I intend to prove once and for all that I am the greatest evil that ever walked this earth, let alone this competition. And no weather shall stop me, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Whoa! (As Max is laughing, the buses come to a screeching halt, making Max fall to the ground)

Jack: Attention passengers, we have arrived at our destination! Grab your stuff and exit the vehicle, and hang on to it, you'll need to.


Scarlett: Alright, let's see if this was all one big bluff or not.

Brick: Ready or not, this cadet is set for action!

Sugar: I hope there aren't any twisters, lost enough pigs to em', and I don't ever wanna seem em' again!

Confessional End

(The contestants step out into the luscious green valley, the weather is calm with a cool breeze and a somewhat warm temperature)

Jack: Looks like we came at an optimal time, we will begin our first challenge soon, for now let us take you to where you will be staying while we are here. (The contestants walk away from the buses, they drive off soon after)

Sky: Wow. Everything here seems so calm. Are you sure you got the right place?

Maxwell: Like we said, this is the main valley, and it's not as affected by the weather as other areas. Most of the time around here, it's so calm and peaceful.

Harold: Anyway, where are these other parts of the valley?

Jack: We shall get to that very soon. In the meantime, let's drop your stuff off so you don't lose anything. This first challenge will be pretty tough, and we do not want anything holding you down.

Scarlett: Will that be soon? I'm curious to see what sort of drastic climate this place really has.

Maxwell: Oh trust me, you'll see for yourself soon enough. (They see a metal door leading underground in the distance)

Mike: Hey, what's that?

Jack: Our little safe haven.

Blaineley: "Safe haven?"

Jack: Let me explain, if that's alright. In the event of unexpected events like tremors, hailstorms, hurricanes, or whatever, we decided to put your sleeping quarters and cafeteria underground. Took a lot of work, but it's the best we can do to ensure your safety.

Heather: At least tell me it won't be gross or anything, I've had enough of that on this show.

Maxwell: No way, we wouldn't want anything like that. Besides, we'll be down there too.

Courtney: Huh, you will?

Ezekiel: Why's that?

Maxwell: It's too risky to build anything up here. We can't be too sure what's going to happen here, so it's better we make sure we're just as safe as you are.

Jack: Let's see what awaits us, shall we? (Jack opens the door and everyone walks down four flights of stairs. When they reach the bottom they find their dorms, and the cafeteria)

Duncan: Hey, looks pretty nice.

Anne Maria: Wouldn't mind crashin' here for a while.

Maxwell: Put your stuff away in your rooms and look around. But don't take too long, once we're done here, we're heading to our first challenge.

Topher: Man, don't like wasting time?

Jack: I'm sure you would understand. (They head to their dorms, and find they're just as nice as before. They take the time to get themselves situated and set their rooms up. After a while...)

Jack: Is that everyone?

Maxwell: No, we're still missing some from Fashion Squad.

Jack: Keep an eye on everyone else here, I'll go get them. (Jack walks towards Fashion Squad's dorm; and he finds Dakota, Sam, and Ella talking)

Jack: Is there something wrong?

Dakota: Uh, no, everything's fine, just needed to talk with my teammates about something.

Sam: Yeah, nothing wrong, honest.

Jack: Hm, you seem a bit nervous. Hiding something, are we?

Ella: .....Um, well...

Jack: It's alright, if it's team business I understand.

Dakota: Yeah, you see, it's more... internal.

Jack: Jo?

Sam: Is it that obvious?

Jack: It would be a crime if it wasn't. Mind explaining?

Dakota: Look, Jo kept going on and on about how much better of a leader she would be. So, I decided to give her a chance to prove herself. Right now she's been nothing but a jerk the whole ride over here.

Jack: Guess I won't be using THAT footage.

Dakota: I told her if we win, she can stay leader. But if we lose she's up for elimination.

Jack: Not much of a chance to get rid of her. Even if she picks last, someone may pick the wrong answer before her, meaning she could stay.

Ella: I don't like her being leader, she's... not a nice person.

Dakota: Trust me Ella, there are many things I want to say to her that TV won't let me say.

Jack: Well, if you want me to help get rid of her, I will.

Sam: Really? We thought you wouldn't because you don't want to show preferential treatment or prejudice against anyone in particular.

Jack: Are you daft, I may be your host, but I'm a Total Drama fan all the same. I understand that people like Jo, but me and my brother are just not big fans of her. I'm sure he and I would've more than happy to see to it that she goes. Whenever you lose, come find me, and we'll make sure she doesn't last another minute.

Ella: Thank you so much!

Dakota: Yeah thanks, you don't know how much this means to me.

Jack: No problem, I prefer you as leader anyway Dakota. Now, can we be on our way?

Sam: I'm ready if you two are.

Ella: Lead on, my prince. (Jack laughs softly, and returns to the rest of the group)

Jack: Alright everyone, now that we're all here, it's time we begin. Follow us back up. (They walk back up, and the weather has not yet changed)

Maxwell: Alright, let's get into business. Our first challenge will take us to the mountains, our destination shouldn't be that far away.

Katie: Should we be scared?

Maxwell: Yes.

Katie: What?

Maxwell: You'll see in a minute, let's go. (Reluctant, the contestants follow. As they go further up the mountain path, the wind starts to pick up)

Leshawna: Uh, is it just me, or is the wind starting to pick up?

Scott: I don't think it was like that in the valley.

Maxwell: Glad you picked up on that. We'll be dealing with extreme winds for our first challenge here.

Cameron: Extreme winds? Does that mean it will get worse? (Suddenly a large gust of wind blows through, luckily everyone remains on their feet, except for Cameron)

Maxwell: Does that answer your question?

Cameron: I think so. (He says as he gets up. Scene transitions to them reaching the end of the path, they see a large wooden board and four curtains, just like at the start)

Jack: Phew, we finally made it. Everyone still here?

Samey: I think so, man that was a long climb.

Owen: Ugh, my feet are killing me. How are we going to get back down once this is over?

Maxwell: Yeah, about that... (Maxwell opens the first curtain, and it reveals a picture of a parachuting person)

Trent: Oh no.

Zoey: This can't be real.

Rodney: Not this again.

Beth: Anything but that!

Bridgette: You mean we're going to... Parachute!?!

Jack: Indeed, your first challenge for this area, will be a combination of darts, and parachuting. As you can see, right now we stand at least 30,000 feet above sea level, and about that much from the ground.

Gwen: Seriously?

Maxwell: I wouldn't recommend looking down if I were you.

Jack: Below us lies a target, where you land determines how many points you get, ranging from 1 to 10.

Maxwell: The goal is simple, get the most points by landing on the target. Land towards the border and you get less points, aim more towards the center and you get more, if you land anywhere outside the target you get no points.

Jack: The team with the most points will earn a reward for their victory, and the losing team will be off to elimination. Maxwell, the parachutes!

Maxwell: Coming right up brother! (Maxwell runs to a nearby cart with a tarp on it, he brings it over and removes the tarp showing parachutes of different sizes)

Maxwell: Do not worry, last I checked these all have parachutes in them. You won't have to worry about falling.

Dave: Thank you.

Maxwell: Told you the third generation cast would appreciate it.

Jack: Whatever, and keep in mind, we will not have sabotage here. People could die if someone interferes with this through cheating, so if we find any signs of foul play, then expect the perpetrator to be punished severely, understood?

Amy: Crystal clear.

Jack: Alright, Mind Blast you're up first. Take your time, please. (Though they heard, they were very reluctant to begin)

Noah: So uh, who wants to go first?

Heather: No way, the wind will ruin my hair.

Maxwell: Keep in mind, no one goes down the easy way. Everyone's parachuting whether they like it or not.

Jack: Actually, mind if I go down there? We'll need someone to keep track of the score.

Maxwell: Sure, I'll go down there once everyone else has jumped. (Jack goes over to grab a parachute, but he hears someone else grab one as he walks over to the cliff. He turns to see that it is Dawn)

Jack: Why am I not surprised?

Dawn: Well, someone has to start. Best I demonstrate it can be done, fear and all.

Jack: Alright, may as well give the shippers something to work with. Jump with me. (Both walk to the cliff, hand in hand, with their parachutes strapped on their backs. They wait a few seconds as everyone watches on with anticipation, and then they jump...)

Jack: Banzai! (They jump, the camera follows them as they free-fall 30,000 feet to the ground)

Dawn: This is the craziest thing I've ever done!

Jack: Trust me, I've done worse! Get ready to open your chute! (They grab the cord to open the parachute, the wind starts to blow violently)

Dawn: Will we be alright?!

Jack: We will, trust me! On the count of three, pull the chute!

Dawn: Okay!

Jack: One...........Two................................Three! (They pull the cords and the chutes come out. The wind continues to blow violently, moving Dawn and Jack across the air)

Dawn: Glad to see this wasn't just a bluff!

Jack: I prefer not to play with people's lives!

Dawn: Where's this target!? (They look down and see a large target painted onto the ground)

Jack: No need to answer that but, it's right below us! Whoa! (The wind continues to blow, Dawn has trouble positioning herself closer to the center)

Dawn: I hope everyone will be better at this than me!

Jack: Trust me, Mother Earth spares no one, not even those who love her! Not saying that's necessarily bad, just saying that that's what happens!

Dawn: Oh Mother Earth, please, give me this chance so I do not disappoint my team! (As she is close to the ground, the wind pushes her closer to the center. She lands in the 8-point region, Jack lands not far from her)

Jack: Eight points? Not bad my dear, guess Mother Earth heard your pleas.

Dawn: Thanks for coming with me, or rather, letting me come with you. It really boosted my confidence for me, as I don't normally do this kind of stuff.

Jack: Really not that hard to see why honestly. You don't seem like the thrill-seeking type.

Dawn: I'm more into seeking happiness than thrills, like when I'm with you. (Jack is taken aback by Dawn's last statement)

Jack: Wait what, when you're with-? Well, I- I appreciate it, a-and I appreciate you.

Dawn: Thanks. Any way we can let the others know we're down here?

Jack: Glad I have these walkie-talkies with me. Maxwell, are you there? (Jack speaks into the walkie-talkie, transitions to the top of the cliff with everyone else)

Maxwell: Loud and clear, everything alright? Yeah, uh-huh, okay, okay I'll let them know.

Courtney: What happened?

Maxwell: Dawn got eight points, so who's next?

Leonard: My time to shine has come once again! (Leonard straps on the parachute, and runs to the edge)

Leonard: Excelsior! (Leonard jumps off)

Maxwell: Man, getting showed up by the wizard. Not gonna look good for your popularity.

Leshawna: Maybe for someone like Heather, or Alejandro, or even Max or Scarlett. But I ain't gonna stop now! (Leshawna walks to the edge of the cliff with her parachute on)

Leshawna: So long! Aaaahhhhhh! (Leshawna jumps off, meanwhile back at the bottom)

Dawn: ...surprise surprise, not many people took it well. I'm not one for protesting anything, those woods were just a place I grew up in, and I didn't want them to just tear them down. Luckily, they listened to reason, and they still stand to this day.

Jack: Glad you managed to get that all set- Wait, do your hear something? (They look up to see Leonard parachuting down)

Leonard: I had enough mana for this device to activate!

Jack: Um, glad to hear it's working!

Leonard: Now to- whoa, whoa! (The wind blowing moves Leonard, and he lands face first at the 4-point mark)

Jack: Ooo, so close. Four points from Leonard!

Leshawna: Make room for Leshawna! (Leshawna is seen parachuting down, and she lands on the 7-point mark)

Leshawna: And that's how we do it in my neighborhood!

Dawn: Bravo, excellent work!

Leshawna: Man you weren't kidding about that wind, nearly hit a few rocks on the way down.

Leonard: Same. (He says while still face down)

Jack: Well, I did warn you about it. Anyone else coming down?

Leshawna: I hope they're coming down. (Meanwhile, back on top)

Trent: Hopefully this will be better than last time. Here goes, Yahoo! (Trent jumps down, Max and Scarlett prepare to follow)

Scarlett: Better we get this over with soon.

Max: Must we? I hate to admit it, but I'm not that fond of a 30,000 foot drop to the ground.

Scarlett: Just remember to open your parachute before you hit the ground. Other than that, don't hit anything after you open it.

Max: Well, no use delaying that which is inevitable. Time we make our jump. (They walk over to the cliff, and jump off)

Max/Scarlett: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Courtney: I hope we can do well, otherwise they'll blow us off our feet, and not in a good way. (B then prepares to make his jump. He grabs a large parachute and runs off the cliff edge)

Heather: Well that was fast, who's next?

Maxwell: Trent got you nine points! *chuckle*

Gwen: Please don't remind me of that.

Bridgette: Well, talk about a coincidence.

Maxwell: By the way Speed Demon, you're up next after Mind Blast is done.

Alejandro: Heather, why don't you go next?

Heather: There's no way I'm jumping off a cliff THAT high.

Courtney: You have to, they said everyone needs to jump. (Meanwhile, at the bottom)

Jack: And here comes some more jumpers! (Max and Scarlett both land on the 6, B follows shortly after landing in the center)

Jack: Six points from Max and Scarlett, and ten points from B! Nice work.

Scarlett: Is it just me, or does the wind seem to be getting tougher?

Jack: Perhaps, but the sky is still blue and no clouds are forming in the distance. I'll be wary of that for now, but until I know it will get worse, I wouldn't think much of it.

Leshawna: Heather better get down here soon before I go up there and bring her here myself. I am not gonna lose because she didn't wanna jump.

Jack: Relax, if she won't jump willingly, then we have a way to make the wind motivate her so she will jump. (Calls into his walkie-talkie)

Jack: Maxwell, is Heather jumping or not?

Maxwell: She's really adamant about not jumping, is it time?

Jack: Do it. (Transitions to the top while they're still communicating)

Maxwell: My pleasure. Are your parachutes on?

Heather: Yeah, but there's no way I'm jumping.

Maxwell: You're going to jump, whether you like it or not.

Heather: Oh really, then make me.

Maxwell: That's the plan! Release the winds!

Heather: ........

Maxwell: ........

Heather: ....Is that supposed to do something?

Maxwell: Yes, doubting me?

Heather: Please, as if you- (Suddenly a large gust of wind blows by, enough to knock Heather off her feet and off the cliff)

Maxwell: Never doubt a magician, anyone else?

Alejandro: Wait for me Heather!

Ezekiel: I'm coming guys! (Ezekiel and Alejandro run and jump off the cliff following her)

Noah: Are these winds just a set?

Maxwell: No, we tried that but the fans kept getting blown off. I don't know why or even how, but I can pretty much call these wind gusts whenever to help push things off.

Courtney: And here I thought you were going to say it was magic. Well, enough waiting, time we get there.

Noah: Yeah, I agree. I prefer not to be motivated like Heather.

Maxwell: I'll see you guys there once the last contestant has jumped. Jack will tell me once you reach the bottom, once that's done, team Speed Demon, you're up next.

Zoey: Well, this is certainly easier than last week. (Flashback to Zoey's drop from the Tower. Once the flashback ends, Noah and Courtney jump off the cliff)

Maxwell: Once I give the signal, you're all set to go. (Meanwhile back at the bottom...)

Jack: Well well well, look who finally decided to join us.

Heather: I'm so gonna sue you guys for this! You hear me, I'll- (A gust of wind blows by)

Heather: Whoa, no no no no no! (Heather lands face down on the five point mark)

Heather: Ow.

Jack: You should have jumped.


Heather: Oh, those two are good. But don't think I'll forget this.

Maxwell: Trust me Heather, we're only just getting started.

Confessional End

(The remaining member of Mind Blast land on the ground safely. Alejandro on 7, Ezekiel on 3, Noah on 5, and Courtney on 8)

Jack: Alright, Mind Blast you have 78 points. Now you just need to hope that at least one team does worse. (Speaks into the walkie-talkie)

Jack: Maxwell, send the next one down!

Maxwell: Roger. (Transition back to the top)

Maxwell: Speed Demon, you're up.

Sadie: So who wants to go first?

Sky: Here, let me try this. (Sky grabs a parachute, and as the wind blows towards the cliff she jumps)

Sky: Hyaaaaaaaaah!

Maxwell: Well, she's got energy. Next!

Katie: Together?

Sadie: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Maxwell: Strap them on and go for it girls! (The put on their chutes and jump off; Sierra, Gwen, Geoff, Samey, and Shawn follow soon after. As they are falling...)

Shawn: Pull the chute, quick! (They pull their chutes, and all of them open)

Gwen: Yes, they work. They actually work.

Geoff: Still thought these dudes might pull a fast one on us?

Gwen: Well hey, I've been on this for four seasons, can you blame me for being skeptical?

Sierra: I wouldn't!

Samey: Be careful guys, we don't know when the wind will blow.

Shawn: Let's hope it doesn't. I don't want anything to go wrong now. (The wind blows hard, sending them gliding across all over the place, Gwen and Samey knock into each other in the process)

Gwen: You just had to open your mouth.

Shawn: I didn't say, "What could possibly go wrong?" You can't say I pulled a cliché.

Geoff: I think he's got you there.

Sierra: Gotta admit, it's pretty nice up here all things considered. I wish Cody jumped with me.

Samey: Last I checked, he was still looking for a parachute. Maybe they didn't have many small ones?

Gwen: In any case, let's hope we land as close to the center as possible. I prefer not to deal with whatever elimination they have for this.

Geoff: This, or any others they have here. Just imagine what they could do with weather being the gimmick here.

Samey: I prefer not to, I had a close call already a couple of weeks ago, and I don't want another one. (Suddenly, they look down to see the target in the distance)

Shawn: Guys look, the target!

Gwen: Remember, aim for the center. If the wind picks up, then try to circle around the bullseye.

Sierra: Got it! (As they approach the ground, the wind starts to pick up again. This time, they let the wind carry them in a circle, and it works. Samey and Gwen land on the nine, Sierra and Geoff on the eight, and Shawn lands on the ten)

Geoff: That was gnarly, I seriously need to consider sky diving, that was so awesome.

Samey: Its certainly something I never thought I'd experience, I'll say that.

Gwen: Good thing these guys actually provided working parachutes, they know what they're doing, and I like it.

Jack: Glad to see our hard work isn't going to waste my dear. Just to inform you, Sky landed a ten, and Katie and Sadie landed on five. That means you are now at 54 points, you need at least 25 more to take the lead.

Sierra: You can do it Cody! (Sierra's scream echoes all the way up to the top)

Maxwell: Well, looks like someone's counting on you.

Cody: *gulp* Well, wish me luck. (Cody grabs his chute and jumps off, screaming like a girl until he could be heard no more)

Maxwell: Fashion Squad, you're up after Speed Demon is finished. (Suddenly, wind is heard blowing hard in the background. Maxwell turns in the direction it is heard)

Maxwell: Hm, looks like things may be getting tougher. You guys better jump before the wind starts picking up even more.

Bridgette: If you don't mind me asking, how bad can it get?

Maxwell: Tornadoes. The wind can form them from time to time.

Bridgette: Well... that's reassuring.

Zoey: Then let's not waste anymore time, time to jump.

Mike: Right behind you! (Mike and Zoey hold hands as they jump off, Bridgette follows not long after)

Maxwell: Alright, when I give the signal, then Fashion Squad goes.

Duncan: So that means we go last, right?

Maxwell: Yep.

Duncan: Good to know. (Scene cuts back to the bottom, as Cody is about to land)

Sierra: *gasp* CODY!!!! (Her screams echo loudly throughout the mountains)

Gwen: I think someone's missed him.

Shawn: Yeah, no kidding. (Cody lands on the seven, Sierra quickly runs over and hugs him tightly)

Sierra: Are you okay Cody, anything scratched, short of breath, please tell me you're still okay!

Cody: Gah! Sierra... squishing me... need to breathe...

Jack: Enough of this, Sierra, release him!

Sierra: Oh, fine. (Sierra releases him, and he breathes deeply)

Cody: Man, what a rush. I think we should hurry, these winds are starting blow harder.

Jack: Indeed, where's the others? (As if on cue, Zoey and Mike both land an 8, and Birdgette lands a 6)

Jack: And with that, Speed Demon takes the lead with 83. You are automatically safe from elimination. (The team cheers in success)

Heather: Are you serious?

Max: I shall have my revenge!

Jack: Hang on, there are still two more teams up there, so don't start making any revenge plots yet. Maxwell, send them down! (Back on top...)

Maxwell: Got it bro. Fashion Squad, it's your turn!

Jo: Alright, here's how things will go...

Blaineley: Hang on, why do we need to go in a specific order?

Jo: It will work, trust me, I am leader after all. Pretty boys, you two go first.

Topher: Fine, oh great leader. (Said with sarcasm)

Justin: Best we just get this over with. (Everyone grabs their chutes, Topher and Justin jump off...)

Topher/Justin: AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh...

Jo: Alright, Sergeant Weak Drawbridge, you're up.

Brick: Me? Who says I want to go now?

Jo: I don't care if you want to or not, you're going right now, leader's order!

Ella: Um, if I may...

Jo: Stay out of this princess. (Ella backs off and closes her mouth)

Dakota: Brick please, just go.

Brick: Alright, but I'm doing it for the team. (Brick walks over to the edge of the cliff and looks down, but is reluctant to jump)

Dave: C'mon, jump!

Maxwell: I got this guys. Gusts of wind, I summon thee!

Brick: What? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh... (A gust of wind hit Brick from behind, sending him down)

Lindsay: Me next, me next!

Jo: Sorry, but it's the other fashion expert up next.

Blaineley: Excuse me? Who said I'm going, and just for the record, I'm not budging.

Jo: Fine, just someone who we could put up for elimination.

Ella: If I may...

Jo: I said stay out of it! You'll go when I say it's time.

Ella: Oh...

Lindsay: That wasn't nice.

Jo: You don't win challenges by being nice. If she won't go, then you go instead.

Lindsay: Got it. (Lindsay runs towards the edge and jumps off dramatically)

Jo: Huh, not bad.

Beth: I'm coming Lindsay! (As Beth is about to follow her, Jo grabs her)

Jo: Hold it right there, is it your turn yet?

Beth: Why should we even have turns? We should just go already.

Dakota: Exactly, I don't see why we should even have an order. Seems pointless.

Jo: Just trust me, it helps.

Dave: How, how does this help?

Jo: Simple, gives those weaker teammates time to build up courage. If not, then too bad.

Dakota: That seems more like an excuse, maybe you wanted to save me for last just to brag that you're the leader and I'm not.

Jo: Please, I don't need you alone to do that.

Maxwell: For Pete's sake, someone go already.

Jo: Alright, Bubble Boy, you go next.

Cameron: What, but I'm too scared of the wind pushing me into a rock. You saw how tough it is, I'm nothing to the wind.

Jo: Like I said, if you're too scared, then too bad.

Dakota: That's it, I'm jumping next! (Dakota walks to the cliff's edge, Jo gets in front of her to stop her)

Jo: Hold it right there, I didn't say you could go yet.

Dakota: What, you're going to go after everyone else, so you could win it for our team, cementifying you as our "great leader"?

Jo: So what, like I said before, I'm more qualified to be leader than anyone else on the team.

Dakota: Maybe so, but then again if you were, you'd have realized my trap already.

Jo: Trap? What trap?

Dakota: Maxwell, now!

Maxwell: With pleasure. Send her packing!

Jo: Aw crap. (A gust of wind blows Dakota into Jo, sending them both falling off the cliff)

Sam: Dakota!

Ella: We're coming! (Sam and Ella race off the cliff to catch up with them. Meanwhile, at the bottom...)

Jack: Alright, so Justin and Brick got a 7 each, Lindsay landed on the center, and Brick managed a 3. 27 points isn't that bad a start, let's hope the rest will pick up the pace.

Lindsay: Uh guys, what's that? (They turn up to see Dakota and Jo fighting, and they haven't opened their chutes)

Brick: Oh no, they haven't opened their parachutes. Guys, look down!

Dakota: What?

Topher: The ground! (They look down and immediately open their chutes. The wind starts blowing violently sending them both into a tree outside the target. They hit it, and then fall to the ground)

Jack: Ouch, so much for points from that. Are you two okay?

Jo: You... You... You stupid, worthless, plan-wrecking excuse of a teammate! You just cost us the game!

Dakota: We still, agh, have a shot. *gasp* My manicure! Ow, my wrist! (As she moves her arm, she feels a sharp pain in her wrist)

Jo: That's what you get for making such a dumb move. (Soon after, Ella and Sam land on the 4-point region. Once they land, they immediately take off their parachutes and run over to Dakota)

Ella: Dakota, are you okay? (They help her up)

Dakota: Not so much, I think that fall and crash broke my wrist.

Sam: I'm just glad you're okay, I couldn't let this be game over for you yet. (Dakota smiles and hugs Sam, though surprised, Sam returns the favor)

Jo: Of course you two would butter up to her.

Ella: That's because I think she's a better leader than you would ever be.

Sam: Same here, believe me, it's people like you who would lose in the first 5 turns of Civ. (Jo turns around angrily)

Jo: Oh, you think so? Well, why don't I prove that I'm better than you idiots right now? (Jo marches forward and smacks Ella to the side, then grabs Sam and throws him to the ground. Dakota backs up out of fear, but her back goes against a tree)

Dakota: Jo stop, you're not thinking straight. Just calm down, and we can talk this over.

Jo: Who do you think you are, bossing me, your leader, around like that? You wanted me to show you that I could be better, so here's your proof Princess! (Jo raises her fist, but suddenly she feels a hand grab her raised arm. She does not turn around, as she is already aware that it is Jack)

Jo: What's the matter "Prince"? Mad that I hit your "beloved songbird"?

Jack: I warned you you b****.

Jo: Whoa, no need to go that far...

Jack: This is on you, you Heather-wannabe! (Jack turns her around and punches her in the face with all his might. She is sent flying into a tree, and is knocked unconscious)

Jack: Hmph, Gutter-Trash. (Ella gets up and hugs Jack, Sam gets up and walks Dakota over to him)

Jack: You just need some rest, we'll work on fixing that broken wrist for you.

Dakota: Thanks. (Suddenly, they heard someone's voice from up above)

Beth: Guys, up here! (They look to see the rest of Fashion Squad parachuting down. Cameron lands on 8, Blainley and Dave land on 6, and Beth lands on 9)

Sam: Guys, you made it!

Dave: Man that wind was tough, I nearly hit the rocks on the way down.

Cameron: Same, I think we may need to evacuate. These winds are getting stronger. (As if on cue, the wind begins to blow, and shows no signs of stopping)

Jack: We need to hurry this up. Bad news though, your total score of 63 has put you in last place.

Dakota: Why am I not surprised?

Jack: Mind Blast, you have immunity!

Courtney: I told you!

Heather: Put a sock in it already!

Jack: Fashion Squad, if you wish to avoid elimination, then you have to hope that Iron Will does worse. If they don't, you're up for elimination.

Dakota: And if we do fail...

Jack: Trust me, my brother and I have it covered! Send the last team down, and quick! (Back at the top)

Maxwell: Okay! Iron Will, you have to get better than 63 to avoid elimination. If you get higher than 83, then you win. Better make this quick, we're worried that these winds are going to get worse. (They look up at the grey clouds, and they know that he isn't kidding)

Duncan: Then what about you?

Maxwell: I'll jump ahead of you, but remember, be quick because we don't know what will happen. (Maxwell straps on a parachute and jumps, leaving Team Iron Will by themselves)

Jasmine: Alright, who wants to go first?

Lightning: Step aside and let Lightning show you how it's done. (Lightning steps to the cliff, but the wind starts blowing violently in the other direction. Lightning has trouble moving, and the others have trouble standing their ground)

Anne Maria: This stupid wind is going to ruin my hairdo!

Amy: Then let's get this over with, move faster Lightning!

Lightning: No one beats me, not again! Graaaagh! (Lightning charges through and jumps off)

Scott: Who's next?

Eva: Out of my way! I'm going!

Sugar: I won't let a twister get the better of me again. Chickens maybe, but not a twister! (Eva and Sugar charge forth and jump off)

Tyler: Alright, so who's- (The wind suddenly blows towards the cliff, and Tyler unfortunately gets blown off. The others manage to stand their ground)

Tyler: -Neeeeeeeeexxxxxxxt!?

Duncan: This is getting crazy, we need to go, now!

Owen: Hang on Tyler, I'm coming! (Owen charges forth and jumps off. Meanwhile at the bottom...)

Maxwell: Glad you could make it guys!

Sugar: Yeehaw! This is more fun than the time my Pappy took the tractor to that demolition derby. They shouldn't have been so cocky, if not Pappy would have went easy on them. (Sugar lands on the 8, Eva and Lightning land on 7)

Jack: 22 points so far, anyone else?

Lindsay: Tyler!

Maxwell: Tyler? (They look up to see Tyler falling)

Tyler: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! (The wind blows him into a tree, but that tree then catapults him onto the bullseye of the target)

Lightning: Sha-nice! Just what I'd expect from a fellow athlete.

Tyler: I did it Mom, ugh... (Tyler falls unconscious, Owen then comes in and lands on the 4)

Maxwell: Make that 36 points! (Lindsay rushes over to Tyler to check up on him)

Lindsay: Are you okay, Tyler?

Tyler: Ugh, Lindsay? (Tyler regains consciousness, when she sees that he's okay, Lindsay hugs him)

Lindsay: Thank goodness, like, I thought you were a goner.

Maxwell: Yay, fan service! (Jack smacks Maxwell in the back of the head)

Maxwell: Ow!

Jack: Maxwell, don't rile the fanbase! You know if we screw things up, bad things will happen, right?

Maxwell: I know, sorry. (Meanwhile, back at the top, Rodney and Anne Maria have already jumped. Harold jumps leaving Duncan, Scott, Jasmine and Amy)

Amy: Just a few more, who's next?

Scott: Jasmine, you go!

Jasmine: What, why me? (The wind starts to blow violently again, nearly knocking them to their feet)

Duncan: Now's not the best time to argue, let's just all go!

Amy: Everyone hold hands and walk to the edge, quickly! (They lock hands and start walking to the cliff, just as they are about to jump, the wind blows the parachutes off their backs. As they reach out to grab them, they are knocked off the edge, but Jasmine manages to grab everyone and hold on)

Duncan: Okay, this is bad!

Jasmine: Gh! I can't hold on much longer!

Amy: No, please don't let this be the end! Give me a chance to actually be a team player! (Suddenly, a parachute is blown off the cliff. They try to grab it, and Amy, who's at the bottom, succeeds in doing so. Suddenly she gets an idea, and flashbacks to earlier on the bus)


Samey: Please, unlike you, I've actually helped my team. What have you done, sorry let me rephrase myself, what have you done right?

Amy: !! You son of a- !

Maxwell: You know she's right!

Amy: What do you know?

Maxwell: I know potential where I see it, I can recognize when someone is actually helping, and above all else, I know that all you're being right now is a stuck-up, useless, idiotic, obsessed with winning over their sister, and an all around <censored, censored, censored>!!! (Transition)

Maxwell: Look Amy, if I can be honest, you don't seem that bad of a person. You're just obsessed with beating Samey is all. But your problem is, all you do is talk a big game, while Samey actually proves she's better. You want to show you're the best, then prove it in the next challenge, legitimately. (Transition)

Amy: So, they think she's better than me, that I can't do anything other talk about how better than her I am. Well, enough is enough. This time, I'm going to prove that I'm the better twin, and no one is going to stop me. Not Samey, not Maxwell, not anyone, this game is mine!

End Flashback

(As the flashback ends, she has her eyes closed and remembers Maxwell's words in her head)

Maxwell's words: "Don't hesitate, when the time comes, just act." (She opens her eyes and yells up to Jasmine)

Amy: Jasmine, let go!

Jasmine: What? Have you lost it?

Scott: This isn't the best time for any schemes!

Amy: Trust me, I have an idea!

Duncan: To get us killed?

Amy: No, to save us and win this!

Jasmine: I don't know, I'm not sure if-

Amy: Look, I admit I've done nothing but try to mess others up! But now, I have to be a team player! You just need to trust me! (Jasmine contemplates, but eventually decides to trust her)

Jasmine: Alright, I trust you!

Duncan: This better work, it's more than just the game on the line!

Amy: It will, I promise! (Jasmine lets go, and as they're falling, Amy slips the parachute on)

Amy: Okay, grab on to me! (Everyone manages to move over to Any and grab on)

Scott: Now what?

Amy: Don't let go, this is going to be close! (Back at the bottom)

Mike: Where are they, we need to get going!

Maxwell: They should be here soon, I hope.

Jack: Well, right now thanks to those additional 12 points earned by landing on the four point region, Iron Will is now at 48. They need a miracle to even win right now!

Samey: Guys look, up there! (They all look up to notice the four of them falling)

Scarlett: Wait, they're not wearing parachutes!

Shawn: Are they insane?!

Maxwell: Hang on, Amy's got one, everyone else is hanging on to her.

Scott: We're getting closer!

Duncan: Open it, open it!

Amy: Just a little bit further!

Cameron: They're not opening it! They're gonna hit the ground!

Topher: Man, this makes for great television- I mean, this is bad!

Jack: Hurry, open it!

Amy: Almost there!

Jasmine: Hurry up with it! (Duncan, Scott, and Jasmine start screaming, and everyone watches in suspense. Just as they're about to hit the ground, Amy opens the chute, and they all land on the bullseye, though they're still screaming)

Amy: Guys. Guys? GUYS! (They stop screaming, and realize that they're on the ground and alive)

Duncan: We're alive? We're alive!

Jasmine: Wow, I haven't been so scared in all my life. Nice thinking, Amy.

Amy: Like I said, you just needed to trust me. (Suddenly, the wind stops blowing violently and the clouds start to open)

Maxwell: Like we said, crazy weather. But not as crazy as what you did Amy. With that said, team Iron Will wins with a solid 88 points! (The team starts cheering for their success)

Tyler: Nice one Amy!

Anne Maria: You, got style. I like that.

Lightning: The Lightning approves!

Scott: Man, that was close. Never thought you would make such a risky move.

Amy: Well hey, we don't just have to rely on cheating to win, now don't we?

Jack: Amy, if you would be so kind as to step forward. (Amy does as instructed)

Jack: I believe now is the best time to introduce this game mechanic.

Amy: What game mechanic?

Maxwell: From here on out, we'll be awarding a Total Drama immunity token to a contestant who played a key part in their team's victory. With it, you can save yourself from elimination, rendering any possible votes against you null and void. (Maxwell takes out a silver coin with the initials 'TD' on it)

Maxwell: Amy, the first one goes to you. (Maxwell gives it to Amy, she celebrates her victory)

Amy: Ha ha, yes! Take that Samey, told you I could do better than you!

Samey: Well, I'm glad to know that this won't be easy.

Amy: Trust me, I'm just getting started!

Maxwell: Teams Speed Demon and Mind Blast are also safe. And team Fashion Squad...

Dave: Let me guess, we're in last.

Jack: Precisely, we'll see you at elimination tonight. Meet us back at the cliffs in a few hours.

Dakota: Good thing I know who to vote for tonight. (She and the rest of the team turn to Jo)

Jo: Please, like that's going to happen.

Maxwell: See you then folks! (Transition to a private meeting between the brothers and some members of Fashion Squad)

Dakota: Okay, it's official. Jo, has got, to go!

Jack: Given her actions today, I could not agree with you more. She performed horribly as a team leader, and as a competitor.

Topher: But how can we get rid of her? Even if we vote for her, there's a good chance she'll make it. I don't do math, but even I can understand when the odds are against us.

Maxwell: Actually, Jack and I have an idea. (Maxwell grabs a sheet of paper, and hands it to Sam)

Sam: Huh, what's this? Bird species?

Ella: Will that help?

Jack: Look it up, and you'll see. Try to stop at the double digits if you can. (Though they are confused, Dakota gets the hint)

Dakota: Oh, would the question have anything to do with the top 10 bird species? Perhaps in a previous year?

Maxwell: Hey, we didn't say anything.

Dakota: Got it, guys, let's send Jo packing!

Jack: The time has come, back to the cliffs! (Transition to the cliffs, where Fashion Squad is in the center, while the other teams are watching from the sidelines)

Maxwell: Due to another poor performance on your part, team Fashion Squad, now you must face elimination again. Anyone like to say something before we begin?

Dakota: I'll just say that while some of us could've performed better, we're already aware of who we are voting for!

Jo: Like I said, not gonna happen!

Jack: Well, we shall see now won't we? Cast your votes everyone, now is the time! (After casting the votes)

Jack: Maxwell, who received the most?

Maxwell: ...


















.......To no one's surprise, Jo. (Jo rolls her eyes)

Jack: In second?
























.......Dave. (Dave's eyes widen)

Jack: Third highest?

Maxwell: ...

























.......Blaineley. (Blaineley raises her head)

Jack: And our last person for the day is...?

Maxwell: ...






































........Beth. (Beth hangs her head low)

Jack: The rest of you, you are safe for the evening. Would those who were called please stand in front of the cliff? (Jo, Dave, Blaineley and Beth do just that)

Maxwell: Time to see how you stack against the natural elements of Earth. To keep in theme with the challenge, it will be wind-related.

Jack: Get it right, and you can move on. If you get it wrong however, you are off the show and here is how. (Jack points to the cliff behind them)

Jack: Behind you is a cliff similar to the one we jumped off of today, only it's much smaller. Still a tall height, ranking in at a solid 150 feet above ground.

Maxwell If you answer incorrectly, then we will activate our newly-installed fans and blow you off the cliff into the valley below. We call this one, "Blow the Man Down".

Jack: Beth goes first, Blaineley goes second, Dave goes third and Jo goes last. Time for preparations. (They put on harness with camera facing upwards on their body, they also have a wire behind them for pulling)

Maxwell: Well, is everyone ready?

Dave: Oh, I think we are. Though, I'm not liking our situation right now.

Beth: Yeah, um, I'm not good with heights.

Jack: Then you just need to avoid the wrong answer, if not, then it's bye bye Beth.

Beth: *gulp*

Jack: Now onto the answers for the question, they are:

African Grey



and lastly, Indian Ringneck

Maxwell: The question is: In 2015, which of these parrot breeds were among the top 10 bird pets? Beth, the floor is yours.

Beth: I think Cockatoos are those white birds with the cute mohawk thing. They seem really nice and friendly, when they aren't wild. (Cockatoo lights up on screen)

Maxwell: Can we assume you intend to lock in Cockatoo as your answer?

Beth: You know what, I'll lock it in! (Cockatoo fades to black on screen)

Jack: Blaineley, your refusal to jump on order is what brought you here. Feeling nervous?

Blaineley: Who wouldn't in my shoes?

Maxwell: Likely those who can't fit in them.

Jack: *facepalm* Maxwell, not now. Your answer?

Blaineley: Well, if you've been around long enough in the entertainment industry, you're bound to come across a talking bird or two. The most common are African Greys, and man can they say a lot in so many voices. So on that alone, I'm locking in African Grey. (African Grey light up when mentioned, then fades to black at the end of the sentence)

Maxwell: Dave, your turn to pick. Remember, you don't want to get blown down the cliff.

Dave: Thanks for the reminder. Anyway, I'm not well versed in the whole bird business, so I'm going to have to pick blindly.

Jack: Then you better pray extra hard you got it correct.

Dave: I'll just get this over with and pick Quaker. (Quaker lights up on screen)

Maxwell: You sure about this?

Dave: I'm as sure as I'm going to get. (Quaker fades to black on screen)

Maxwell: And now we get to the ever unpopular Jo. How do you feel about your chances?

Jo: Please, I know I'm going to make it through. I don't even care that I'm stuck with this answer.

Maxwell: All that's left is Indian Ringneck, are you sure you're confident that you'll be safe? (Indian Ringneck lights up on screen)

Jo: Please, like I said, I'll be fine. (Indian Ringneck fades to black on screen)

Maxwell: Alright, that's everyone. Time to find out who's leaving 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! Jack, if you don't mind?

Jack: No problem. (Jack hands Maxwell the activation switch)

Maxwell: So, Beth went and chose Cockatoo. Blaineley decided to go with African Grey. Dave blindly picked Quaker. And Jo got left with Indian Ringneck (The answers light up on screen as the contestants who picked them are shown)

Jack: As much as we would like to find out if anyone is safe, I think it's time we get right to the point, don't you Maxwell?

Maxwell: Trust me, I want this done as quickly as possible. So let's get to the fun part.

Jack: Well then, let's have some fun now. The wrong answer is...



































........Indian Ringneck!

Jo: What?

Maxwell: Time to go Jo!

Jo: Wait, I was set up! There's no way I could've got it wrong.

Jack: Yeah, and?

Jo: I thought you guys said you don't like cheating, my entire team cheated against me!

Maxwell: Well, you're wrong. It was your entire team, plus us.

Jo: What?

Heather: You did what?

Scarlett: But why, why would you go so far as cheat just to get rid of one of the contestants?

Dakota: We wanted Jo gone, and so did they. So we decided to work together and get rid of her.

Maxwell: We gave them the question, and they discovered the answers, then shared it to everyone on their team minus Jo.

Jack: You've been a thorn in your own teams side for long enough. You did horrible, both as a team member and a team leader. So now, it's time for you to pay for your mistakes.

Jo: You ba*****s! I'm the best member of the team, I deserve to be the leader, I could beat everyone here with my eyes closed, I- I- !

Maxwell: I have heard enough. You are the weakest link, so goodbye! (Maxwell pushes the button, the fans activate and blow Jo off the 150 foot high cliff)


Dakota: Finally! (Fashion Squad cheers for Jo's elimination. The scene is recapped, some showing her face close up, some zoomed out shots, some from the camera at the side of the cliff just below the ground, some in normal time and some in slow motion. Once the last one is shown, the theme starts playing)


Jack: And she's gone at last!

Ella: Thank you so much!

Dave: I am glad that she's gone! (Maxwell turns to the camera)

Maxwell: Let's see how Fashion Squad will perform now that Jo is finally gone. See you next time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! (Everyone walks off camera, as the last note is hit the elimination is shown again from just below the ground on the cliff)

Episode End

Contestants left: 47

52nd: Izzy

51st: DJ

50th: Staci

49th: Beardo

48th: Jo

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