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List of new areas:

  • Beach
  • Caverns
  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Medieval Castle
  • Haunted House
  • Bayou
  • Casino
  • Quarry
  • Weather Valley
  • Forest
  • Scrapyard
  • Factory
  • Seasonal Plains
  • Ruins


(A view of the carnival-circus is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Jack: Last time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama... We decided it was time we gave our contestants a taste of show-biz, the hard way.

Maxwell: A three ring circus calls for excellent performances, some were good, others not so much.

Jack: After being sick of losing and nearly losing all the time, Team Fashion Squad finally got their act together and won the challenge. They certainly deserved it, much more than usually near the top Team Speed Demon.

Maxwell: Yeah, our usually strong team failed miserably, the only good act being the one that took the overall quality away. So we decided to give them a show to remember, and Beardo, "The Beardly Magnificent", was sent off by our giant wooden puppet. (Scene transitions to the brothers standing by a large metal tower)

Jack: We are almost finished in this place, but before we go, we decided to see just how brave our contestants really are. Hope they can find their courage, because this time they WILL need it.

Maxwell: Hope you guys are ready, because we sure are!

Jack/Maxwell: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Episode Start

(Scene starts with the brothers hanging out by the big top after everyone else has gone to sleep, still at night)

Maxwell: Man, what a day, and what a feast. I hope they'll be able to keep that down for our final challenge here.

Jack: Indeed, they thought it would be somewhat easy. Now it is time to separate the strong-willed from the spineless. (They look up to a 10-foot tall metal tower, with the show's logo in the middle about 3/5 of the way up)

Jack: I am looking forward to tomorrow night, after the day we shall see who is brave enough to face, The Tower.

Maxwell: Believe me, I can't wait either, the looks on their faces when we tell them. He he he, oh it will be a sight to see.

Jack: Try not to get too carried away, remember this is just for theatrics.

Maxwell: We'll, how to say we aren't allowed to have a bit of fun. Helps sell it, you know?

Jack: Perhaps, but we don't want them to hate us like they hate McClean. Got it?

Maxwell: Loud and clear bro, let's get some shut eye, we'll need it.

Jack: Agreed. (Jack and Maxwell walk away from the camera, scene transitions to morning in Speed Demon's dorm)

Samey: *yawn* Man, what a night. Everyone okay?

Mike: Glad to see you're in high spirits, considering you were close to going home.

Samey: Hey, I can't let my team down.

Shawn: Which is more than we can say for Beardo. (Scene flashbacks to Beardo's elimination)

Katie: Yeah, that was totally scary.

Sadie: I know right? Puppets on their own already creep me out, but that was horrifying.

Katie: You too?

Sky: Alright, before things get out of hand. We need to show them we can come back from this. That whatever they have up their sleeve, we will not back down from their challenges and that we will not be constantly shaken about eliminations. We need to work together, no distractions, and no issues, agreed?

Team Speed Demon: Yeah!

Cody: Wow, you really know how to rally a group.

Sky: I may be a solo athlete, but when you have to work with others you need to make sure they're just as ready as you are.

Gwen: In any case, we should get going. I think breakfast is gonna be served soon.

Cody: No way I'm missing that.

Sierra: Here, let me give you a lift. (Sierra grabs Cody and puts him behind her back, running off shortly afterwards)

Shawn: Is that normal with her?

Gwen: You have no idea.


Shawn: You know that part in the zombie films where someone dies by their loved ones turned into a zombie because they don't have it in themselves to pull the trigger? If that happened to those two, I wouldn't be surprised.

Confessional End

(Transitions to the crafts and services tent, Iron Will is not present)

Dakota: Where's team Iron Will?

Jack: They had a lot to eat last night, so they're likely still full. Even Sugar and Owen, and that's saying something.

Brick: The food must have been that good.

Sam: Even if we didn't win then, last night was still a night to remember.

Jack: I take it you guys enjoyed the private performance?

Beth: Yeah, the circus was amazing!

Cameron: I'm surprised you managed to get that together, it was absolutely phenomenal.

Jack: I am glad you enjoyed it, you deserved it for the work you did.

Ella: Thank you.

Jack: But allow me to warn you right now, today will make the work you had to do yersterday look like child's play. Hope you're brave. (Jack walks away to the kitchen)

Topher: What does he mean?

Dakota: I get the feeling they're about done going easy on us. Perhaps they have something dangerous up their sleeve.

Jo: Whatever, I can take whatever they throw at me.

Blaineley: Like the whipped cream?

Jo: I didn't know about it, how was I supposed to react?

Justin: Let's just calm down here, we won the challenge, so what? Maybe they're about to be serious, but it can't be on a Chris McClean kind of level... could it?

Lindsay: I hope not, he still owes me for a new pair of stilettos.

Brick: As long as we make it through, we'll be fine, that much I'm sure of. (Meanwhile, at Mind Blast's table)

Trent: What do you think the challenge is going to be?

Heather: Whatever it is, it couldn't have sounded good from what he said.

Dawn: I have to agree, their are some dark auras surrounding the two. I think they're about through playing around.

Max: Humph, it matters not to me. My evil is far more darker than whatever they could concoct.

Dawn: Actually, your aura is more a dark purple than black, so I wouldn't say you're darker than them.

Max: Who asked you moon-girl?

Dawn: ...

Noah: Hey go easy, remember what happened with the food eating challenge? That was all you and Alejandro, you threatened her to keep quiet, but they already found out because you stink at cheating. Not much of a villain, are you?

Max: *gasp* Inconceivable!

Maxwell: You used it wrong! (Maxwell screamed from inside the kitchen, Jack is heard too)

Jack: Maxwell!

Maxwell: Oh come on, you would've pointed that out too.

Courtney: I just hope they don't have anything death-defying for us, I had about enough of that for a long time.

Scarlett: Won't be much different from what some of use did last night, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Max: Easy for you to say, any closer then I would be struck right between the eyes.

Scarlett: Oh wouldn't that be lovely?

Heather: At least keep him alive until we don't need him anymore.

Scarlett: Sure, whatever you say.

Max: Thank you.... wait, what?

Maxwell: Is it time?

Jack: Your call, I'll go get team Iron Will. (Jack walks out of the tent, Maxwell walks to the center and gets everyone's attention)

Maxwell: Everyone, meet us by the giant metal tower in 10 minutes, we're almost done with this place, but before we go we want to see how brave you guys really are. Be ready, because we're not going easy on you guys this time. (Maxwell walks out of the tent)

Bridgette: It's time, ready?

Cody: As ready as I'll ever be.

Katie/Sadie: All set.

Gwen: Yeah, sure.

Samey: Okay everyone, let's get moving. (Scene transitions to all the teams walking the 10-foot tall tower seen earlier)

Owen: Man, that was some good food last night.

Scott: Yeah, certainly better than most stuff I have on the farm, except the gruel, love that stuff!

Duncan: Well we've had our fill, so let's hope they don't make us lose it.

Anne Maria: Let's hope no- What is that? (Anne Maria points to the tower, everyone seems surprised by its height)

Leshawna: I think that's the large metal tower they wanted us to meet at.

Dave: You think? I mean they did say it's large, but I didn't know how large!

Courtney: Please tell me that doesn't have anything to do with our challenge.

Jack: Oh we will get to that eventually. (They turn around to see the brothers, who walk past them to the large wooden panel, now filled with a picture of a full amusement park)

Maxwell: In the meantime, we have some very important things to discuss here.

Mike: Important how?

Jack: Allow us to explain what we call, "The Prize Run".

Heather: Prize Run?

Courtney: Sounds like something up my alley.

Maxwell: Every fifth challenge is a closing to the area we are in. It consists of a scavenger hunt/race with an over-arching challenge to obtain the clues necessary to reach the finish line. Each time you reach a clue destination, you are met with a challenge that the entire team needs to complete. Once that's done, you receive a clue and move on to the next one.

Jack: There are five clue destinations total, the finish line coming after that. It is imperative to reach the finish line as fast as you can.

Rodney: Why's that?

Jack: Because, we will be playing another elimination game afterwards.

Contestants: What?!

Maxwell: But, this is mainly to determine a winner. No one goes home in "The Prize Run"

Contestants: Phew.

Gwen: Then, why this scavenger hunt?

Maxwell: Otherwise the episode will be too short, plus it helps determine the order you will go for the game fairly.

Duncan: I buy that.

Cameron: Sounds fair.

Eva: Whatever.

Heather: But, what does the winner get of they win the whole thing?

Jack: Oh that's the best part. The winner of The Prize Run's elimination game, will win $10,000 for every member of their team! (The contestants are shocked, some eyes widen and some mouths gape open)

Maxwell: We're not exaggerating, we are prepared to do that.


Scarlett: This is beyond what I ever predicted, a bonus cash prize, coupled with the already large grand prize? They have my interest.

Leonard: I don't know what sort of black magic they're trying to pull, but who am I to turn down such a king's ransom?

Sierra: Wow, Chris was never this generous. I think it's official, I'm inviting these two to me and Cody-bear's wedding.

B: *crosses his arms, smiles and nods*

Topher: Wow, I don't think I would've pulled a move like that. I won't be able to replace Chris if I don't pull any surprises, these guys have the right idea, bring on the challenge!

Sugar: Wow, I dunno what I'd do with that cash, maybe buy my own pig pen, I always love to cuddle a cutey pig. Better get my acceptance speech ready for when I win.

Confessional End

Jack: Once the order has been decided, we will explain how the elimination game works. For now, we'll leave it to your imaginations. Maxwell, the first clue!

Maxwell: You got it! (Maxwell hands each team an envelope, they open them and they find a notecard)

Jack: Allow me to save you the trouble of reading. (He clears his throat)

Jack: "To win this game now and here, you must be brave and swallow your fear, your first test to face the sky, you need to look for a giant eye." That is all, my brother and I will monitor your movements because we will not tolerate cheating! Understood?

Alejandro: But of course.

Maxwell: Good luck guys!

Jack: And Godspeed! (The brothers run off, leaving the contestants by the metal tower figuring out the clue)

Max: So, let's get searching, this hunt won't win by itself.

Noah: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, we need to know what to search for before we go out to find it.

Ezekiel: What kind of "giant eye" were they talking about?

Scarlett: I think I have an idea, follow me. (Scarlett leads her team away from the starting point)

Justin: Well, looks like they're already on there way.

Dave: How are we supposed to find this, "giant eye"?

Lindsay: Maybe we should look for something round?

Cameron: Something round.... Wait I got it! This way! (Fashion Squad soon leaves the starting area)

Gwen: Should we just get going, I think it's pretty obvious what they mean.

Bridgette: Sure, let's go everyone. (Speed Demon leaves the starting area, leaving Iron Will)

Rodney: It looks like we're already behind everyone.

Harold: They stressed how important it is to make it first, given the eliminations they do, it's hard not to agree with that. Let's just go and hope we come across it.

Anne Maria: Whatever, let's just go. (Iron Will leaves the starting area, scene transitions to Fashion Squad at the ferris wheel, the first destination)

Cameron: I knew it was a Ferris wheel!

Blaineley: Looks like we were right, and we're the first ones here.

Dakota: Let me take a closer look. (Dakota walks to the cars of the Ferris wheel, and notices four boxes and a sign stating the rules)

Dakota: "Each team must have ALL their members ride on the wheel, once that is done a box will open containing your next clue, no more than two car and we will know if someone hasn't riden it." Well, you heard him, let's get in. (Dakota and Sam, Lindsay and Beth, and Brick and Topher get in the cars available that are close to the ground. The doors close and wheel starts turning)

Cameron: I think we may be here a while.

Jo: Longer if the other teams make it here. (As if on cue, team Mind Blast arrives)

Heather: A Ferris wheel, are you kidding me?

Jo: And look who showed up on cue! Wait your turn, the wheel just started.

Courtney: Guess we have to wait. (A few minutes pass and the wheel stops, but the contestants already on there are close to the top and are unable to exit)

Beth: Uh guys, we're stuck up here!

Dave: Guess someone else has to go in.

Heather: Out of my way loser, I'm going in.

Scarlett: May I join you?

Heather: Well, you're not as annoying as some others, why not, come in. (Heather and Scarlett, Jo and Dave, and Noah and Dawn enter the next three cars. The doors close and the wheel continues to move, Speed Demon shows up a minute before it stops)

Sky: Great, we're already behind!

Cody: Let's just hope we don't have to wait long before it stops. (The wheel stops shortly after, the cars containing Beth and Lindsay, and Brick and Topher made it to the ground and open)

Cody: Wow, great timing!

Lindsay: That was rather pleasant.

Brick: It was certainly a nice view. (Katie and Sadie, Ella and Cameron, and B and Leonard enter the cars by the ground. Those doors close and the wheel continues to spin, transition to Iron Will's arrival)

Lightning: About time, why did it take you so long to figure that out?

Harold: I overthought it, sorry.

Duncan: Be thankful we need that brain of yours in one piece, or else your mincemeat. (The wheel stops, releasing Heather and Scarlett, Max and Alejandro, and Mike and Zoey)

Heather: Seriously, that took way longer than it should have.

Scarlett: Be thankful we only have to wait for one more group to come back down. (Meanwhile in another car, containing Gwen and Sky)

Gwen: This is taking sooo long. When can we get down from here?

Sky: At least the views are nice, plus we just need two more groups to get on, then we can move on.

Gwen: Thank goodness. (The wheel starts to turn again)

Gwen: Hope this can get on the ground this time.

Sky: Hope so, I'm feeling a bit antsy sitting around for such a long while.

Gwen: Still trying to impress Jack?

Sky: Yes, but I'm trying to stop. I like him, but if I can't stop doing this then I'm afraid I'll ruin it for the team. Last time I feel in love with someone on this show, well...

Gwen: It didn't end well? Same thing, on both accounts.

Sky: Both?

Gwen: I've been at this much longer than you, and let me say this, until this began it wasn't fun, at all. And I don't mean the host, at least primarily. I had to deal with senseless dating drama, both started out fine, but neither ended well, for me and especially for them.

Sky: At least yours didn't end with your ex-boyfriend trying to kill you.

Gwen: I know, I saw that. What was he thinking?

Sky: Ratings probably. But that's why I like Jack so much, he's such a gentleman and he's fair. The only time he acts even remotely like Chris is during elimination, and even then, it's all an act.

Gwen: Maybe not all of it, but I see what you're getting. If I can be honest, I prefer Maxwell. He may act like the standard annoying brother, but he's got a good heart and is certainly dedicated.

Sky: Done anything about it yet?

Gwen: No, but I'm hoping to do something soon. In the meantime, mind keeping this between us? I don't want anyone else finding out about it, especially Courtney. She and I aren't on the best relations if you catch my drift, and I know Maxwell is interested in her.

Sky: Sure, for now your secret is safe with me. (The wheel stops turning, and the door on their car opens)

Gwen: Finally. (Gwen and Sky exit, alongside Jasmine and Amy, and Ezekiel and Leshawna)

Noah: That's everyone, now what? (Suddenly, the box with the green dot opens, and an envelope is inside. Courtney goes over and grabs it, the team then goes to the side away from everyone else so they don't hear them)

Dawn: What does it say? (Courtney opens the envelope and reads the letter inside)

Courtney: "What goes up must come down, this next ride is somewhere around, still feeling brave then keep it strong, if you go to the sides then you are wrong."

Scarlett: Those two are certainly clever, "What goes up must come down..."

Ezekiel: Maybe it's a roller coaster.

Max: I'm not sure, seems too simple. Let's just go and search, the longer we stay here the more they may become suspicious of us.

Heather: As much as I hate to say it, I agree with him. Let's go. (Mind Blast runs off into the park, just as they do Team Speed Demon and Iron Will get their clues)

Dakota: Justin and Blaineley are still up there.

Jo: Great, we're behind because of the stupid ride.

Sam: Let's hope they make it to the ground soon, or else we'll be in last. (The wheel starts turning again, by the time it stops the other teams have just left, but Justin and Blaineley come out of one of the cars. The box with the pink dot opens, the team grabs the letter then runs off)

Beth: What's the next hint?

Topher: I got it, it says, "What goes up must come down, this next ride is somewhere around, still feeling brave then keep it strong, if you go to the sides then you are wrong."

Cameron: Sounds pretty cryptic, in any case look to the sky, if anything this will be a tall one. (Transition to team Speed Demon)

Sierra: I don't get it, what's this stuff supposed to mean?

Geoff: You're guess is as good as mine dude.

Zoey: I'm a bit confused on that last part, "...if you go to the sides then you are wrong." Does that have anything to do with the ride?

Katie: Wait... Up, down, sides are wrong, I think I got it!

Sadie: You do? Way to go Katie! (Sadie hugs Katie, she hugs back)

Shawn: Um, okay. What is it?

Katie: One time, Sadie and I went to this amusement park when we were kids, and we were so scared to go on the rides because they were so big. But we gathered out courage and went on this ride called "Starblaster", a dropping tower.

Samey: Dropping tower?

Sadie: Wait, I remember, I screaming the whole time. It kept going up and down and I just didn't know when it would end.

Mike: A tower that goes up and down? That must be the next clue, let's go find a dropper. (The team starts running, and eventually they find one)

Sky: Look, the boxes, we found it!

Gwen: Guess that shared brain really helped us out. Thanks.

Katie/Sadie: Your welcome!

Samey: There's four sides, so it should be enough to fit all of us at once. Let's go, the minute the other teams hear the ride, they'll likely run towards us.

Katie: Strap yourselves in guys, you're going to need to. (They sit on the chairs by the tower and pull the handlebars down and put on the safety belts. Once everyone is in, the seats slowly rise up, the other teams take notice)

Owen: Hey guys, what's that? (They turn to see the dropper, with Speed Demon on it)

Tyler: What are they doing there?

Scott: If they're on there, then that must be our next stop. Come on! (Meanwhile with Mind Blast)

Leonard: What sorcery is that? (They turn to see the dropper, with Speed Demon on it)

Alejandro: A dropper, and they found it first?

Heather: We can either stand here yapping about it, or we can get moving!

Noah: I vote we get moving. (Meanwhile with Fashion Squad)

Sam: Uh guys, you may need to see this. (They turn to see the dropper, with Speed Demon on it)

Ella: I think that's a dropper. And Speed Demon's on it!

Blaineley: I think it's safe to say, if we noticed it, the other teams noticed it too.

Brick: Then enough talk, let's move. (Meanwhile at the dropper, Speed Demon has reached the top)

Shawn: Man we are so high right now.

Gwen: Nice choice of words there.

Cody: So when is this thing supposed to droooooo- (The dropper finally goes down rapidly, contestants screaming along the way, some with joy and some with fear. It stops 2/3 of the way down and goes back up a bit. It continues going down and up at points before slowly reaching the ground)

Bridgette: Well, that was an experience.

Geoff: It's reasons like this that I'm glad I glued my hat on today.

Shawn: Any chance you don't?

Geoff: Sometimes I just forget to. It happens to the best of us.


Geoff: Man that ride was awesome. Remind me to go on that one again whenever we go to an amusement park.

Confessional End

(As team Speed Demon steps off, team Fashion Squad arrives first)

Mike: Hey guys, have fun!

Dave: Whoa, are you okay?

Zoey: Yeah, just... *hiccup* just pretty fast, that's all.

Ella: We can't back out now. We'll just have to go for it.

Dakota: Okay, everyone get in before the others arrive.

Sky: Good luck, trust me you'll need it.

Lindsay: Thank you Sly.

Beth: Her name is Sky.

Lindsay: I thought that thing above us was the sky.

Beth: It is, but her name is also Sky.

Lindsay: I think I'm confused.

Beth: I'll explain after the ride. (Fashion Squad gets in, Iron Will arrives, and Speed Demon grabs the next clue)

Shawn: Here, I'll read this one. "Clue number three is hard to find, but let us see how this will unwind, do not worry you will not fall, but you'll soon have your backs against the wall."

Cody: Our backs will be against the wall? Well, let's start looking. (Team Speed Demon runs off into the park)

Scott: Well, hopefully we can still get the lead before they find, whatever comes next. (Fashion Squad straps themselves in, and the dropper activates sending them up)

Topher: Okay, everyone stay calm, it's just an amusement park ride so it's totally safe.

Beth: Man if Chris was behind this, then we would still be worrying. I don't think he'd care if this was safe or not.

Ella: I know they wouldn't want anything bad to happen to us, they really seem nice.

Dakota: Anyone in particular?

Ella: I'm not sure if it's even a secret at this point. But in case it is, I admit I have some feelings for Jack.

Jo: I'd argue, but I already know what would happen.

Blaineley: By the way, how's that bump on your head doing?

Jo: Shut it, Total Diva. (The dropper stops at the top, Mind Blast arrives shortly after)

Heather: Great, we're in last!

Courtney: How can you be so sure?

Amy: Sad news, but you are. My sister and her team just left before you got here.

Scarlett: Guess all we can do now and is hope we find the next one before they do.

Scott: Trust me, if I could do anything to stop them, I would. (The dropper starts moving in the background, the contestants on it screaming the whole way)

Alejandro: Then again, they didn't say we could run interference, did they?

Amy: What are you talking about?

Heather: They did say no cheating, but in a game like this rules would have to be explained so there wouldn't be any. How can we cheat if the rules aren't clear?

Scott: We're listening. (The ride stops, Fashion Squad exits and grabs their clue)

Lightning: Finally, let's get on there.

Scarlett: We'll talk more when you get off.

Scott: Good, because you guys have got my attention.

Amy: And mine. (Iron Will gets on the dropper and Fashion Squad runs off)

Max: Planning something evil, are we?

Alejandro: You could say that, let's just say it's time we take Speed Demon off their high horse.

Max: Personally, I've been looking to do a bit of evil, especially towards those overachievers! Got any ideas?

Heather: I think we may have something. (Transition to Iron Will exiting the ride)

Scarlett: Alright guys, let's get on. (As Mind Blast is walking to the ride, Scarlett pulls Scott to the side and whispers to him...)

Scarlett: Meet us in private when we're done, both you and Amy. I have a plan. (Scott smiles and walks away as Mind Blast gets on the ride)

Amy: What was that about?

Scott: Apparently the brainiac has a way to mess with those speedsters.

Amy: Should we hide somewhere?

Scott: Wait for the right moment, then quietly sneak off. (Lightning opens the envelope and grabs the letter)

Lightning: Huh, I can't read this. It's spoke in some foreign language. (Eva takes the letter and flips it right side up)

Lightning: Oh, Lightning knew that.

Eva: Sure you did. (The ride starts dropping in the background, Scott and Amy take the opportunity and sneak away. Once Mind Blast exits the ride...)

Dawn: Okay, with some luck we should have a chance to catch up.

Courtney: Then let's not waste time, move it people! (The team starts running off in another direction, but Heather, Scarlett, Max and Alejandro manage to sneak away. They meet up with Scott and Amy)

Scott: Look, let's just make something clear. We don't like those speedsters, and neither do you.

Scarlett: Exactly, so I think we should take the chance to ensure their defeat.

Amy: Something you have in mind?

Alejandro: Perhaps, if you're willing to help.

Amy: No question, we want in. Tell us what to do. (The group huddles closely while Alejandro quietly explains the plan)

Scott: You sir are one conniving devil, I like that.

Max: When do we strike?

Heather: When they get the final clue. Let's just hope we can trip up the whole team.

Amy: Alright, but no one else is going to hear of this, right?

Heather: Our lips are sealed as long as yours are.

Scott: Then let's hurry, our teams may get suspicious and we all need to be there for it to count.

Alejandro: Right, see you at the finish line. (They run off, and they make it back to their respective teams without anyone noticing. Meanwhile with Mind Blast...)

Leshawna: I don't get what this says, "...backs against the wall." What ride does that?

Max: How about that one? (Everyone turns to where Max was pointing, a ride labeled "The Gravitron". They notice the boxes there)

Ezekiel: Hey, it's those boxes again. We must be at the right place.

Courtney: I don't know, this may be one for later.

Trent: They didn't say we weren't allowed to go on the rides with the boxes by it. Maybe we just go on them and hope we get lucky.

Leshawna: Maybe we should try this one, just in case?

Courtney: I don't see why not, everyone in. (They walk onto the ride)

Scarlett: If the clue is anything to go by, we should place our backs against the wall. (Everyone does just that, giving each other enough space. Suddenly the door closes)

Ezekiel: Uh, anyone know what that means?

Dawn: I think that means the ride is about to start, brace yourselves! (The ride starts spinning slowly, but picks up as seconds pass by)

Heather: I think this thing is getting faster!

Noah: What made you think tha- Wait, the floor! (The floor starts going down, and the contestants are literally on the walls)

Max: Why is this confounded floor moving down? And how am I still on here?

Leonard: It wasn't me, I swear!

Trent: I think we found the right one!

Alejandro: Good to know! Any idea how much longer this will last?

Scarlett: I don't know, I've never been on this before!

Ezekiel: In that case, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (The contestants start screaming, some louder than others. The ride starts slowing down and the floor rises up, allowing them to touch the ground and exit, though they feel disoriented)

Alejandro: Oh man, I feel like my head is still spinning.

Dawn: The tea leaves never said anything about this. (Dawn falls backwards, but Trent catches her before she lands on the ground)

Trent: Whoa, first time on this thing?

Dawn: Yes, never thought that something like this existed. I'm not used to fast rides, or feeling light-headed. (B, who is still on his feet, takes Dawn and puts her on his back)

Dawn: Thank you very much, I don't think I can walk right now, let alone run.

B: *gives thumbs up* (The door opens, and all the other teams are on the other side)

Heather: What the- How did you find us?

Cody: We could hear the screams from a mile away, it's not hard to miss.

Dakota: Yikes, Dawn are you okay?

Dawn: Somewhat, I'm starting to get an idea of why people get light-headed after going on these rides.

Owen: It's that bad? Maybe I should sit this one out?

Lightning: Sha-no way big man. Lightning ain't fallin behind because some tub of lard is too chicken to go on some ride.

Duncan: What makes you think you can handle it?

Lightning: Cause Lightning's got these. (He shows off his biceps)


Duncan: Word to the wise Lightning, you need this to get anywhere in this game. (He points to his brain for the second part of his sentence)

Confessional End

(The box with the green dot opens, B grabs the envelope and holds the letter up to Dawn)

Scarlett: Are you sure you can read that?

Dawn: I don't always need my eyes to read things. (Dawn closes her eyes and reads the letter)

Dawn: "The halfway point you have made it to, but still two more rides you must make it through, if you can still stand to make your mark, then it will be easy to find this staple of every theme park."

Courtney: "Every theme park"? I think I have an idea.

Noah: As much as it pains me to say it, we might want to wait for her to get back on her feet first.

Dawn: No, don't worry about me. I'll be back on my feet soon enough, I promise.

Leonard: Then let us make haste to the next mark, onwards! (Mind Blast runs off back into the park)

Duncan: Since we came here first, it's our turn next.

Owen: Um, how about we let the other teams of first.

Lightning: Quit being a coward and get on it! (Lightning grabs Owen by the arm and drags him on to the ride)

Owen: No, please, I don't wanna!

Lightning: Lightning ain't losin because some coward is too chicken, you're gettin on that or else!

Jasmine: Best you do it Owen, we can't move on otherwise.

Samey: C'mon it can't be that bad....... can it?

Shawn: We're about to find out. (Iron Will gets into the ride and the door closes once they are all against the wall. Meanwhile with Mind Blast)

Heather: Okay, so there no question it's a roller coaster. But which one, there's several in this place.

Alejandro: Perhaps we should- (Alejandro gets interrupted by some screaming in the distance)

Max: What in blazes is that?

Noah: Something tells me another team is on that ride.

Alejandro: Then we don't have much time, judging by this challenge we should search for one with the boxes by it. We should assume it will be pretty fast, so it won't be easy.

Courtney: And very high too, holding up okay Dawn?

Dawn: I'm doing alright, don't worry about me I'll be fine before we reach the next ride I promise.

Scarlett: If you insist, I know I normally don't say this but don't push yourself. We need to make sure you're okay since we have one more ride after this, and we all need to ride it.

Dawn: Hm? Well okay, if you insist. (The team runs off, transitions back to "The Gravitron", where Iron Will has just finished and the door has opened)

Sugar: Whoa, haven't felt this dizzy since the time I had to find my little brother at the rodeo. He was in the bull pen, and that bull was not happy to see anyone.

Eva: Gh, never thought a ride could disorient anyone like that.

Harold: Easy for you to say, I never knew this existed.

Lightning: Heh, that was easy.

Scott: Says the one guy who screamed louder than Owen.

Lightning: Yeah, says him.

Scott: That's not what I- oh forget it. (The team walks out and grabs the envelope, team Fashion Squad goes in)

Cameron: Wish us luck!

Tyler: Good luck!

Amy: Stay focused! Is the letter the same thing?

Anne Maria: Well, duh! It says, "The halfway point you have made it to, but still two more rides you must make it through, if you can still stand to make your mark, then it will be easy to find this staple of every theme park."

Tyler: Then I think I know where we should go!

Rodney: You do, that's great!

Duncan: Alright, way to go Tyler.

Jasmine: Lead the way!

Tyler: Follow me guys! (Tyler leads his team back into the park, they follow him until they reach "The Maple Cannonball")

Tyler: See, I knew it!

Amy: Color me impressed, those boxes there mean we are on the right track.

Owen: Okay Owen, deep breaths, muster your courage and go on that coaster.

Rodney: Anyone want the back, Jasmine?

Jasmine: Um, sure thanks for offering. But I'll take the front.

Duncan: I hope this things will be able to fit everyone. (They walk up to the coaster, and they see that each car is surprisingly spacious)

Duncan: Well, guess we don't need to worry about that. (Everyone gets into the coaster, leaving at least three open seats)

Jasmine: Strap yourselves in guys, it's gonna be a rocker! (Everyone puts on the seat belts and brings the safety bars down)

Harold: I love roller coasters, I went on them all the time when I was a kid.

Duncan: You too, well you didn't end up getting banned from any when you were a kid.

Harold: You just couldn't resist ignoring safety, or fiddling with the controls, or even stealing from the prize booths did you?

Duncan: No, that last one especially.

Harold: No worries, I stole from that ring toss stand who knows how many times. They steal our money, so why aren't we allowed to take it back, maybe a prize or two.

Duncan: Whoa, never thought you were such a thief.

Harold: Hey, not all of my mad skills are "lame". (The coaster starts moving slowly, starts by moving up a large slope. From the top, they can see the whole park from there)

Scott: Um, how high are we right now?

Amy: I don't know which one you mean, but I hope you mean the non conventional one. (Amy looks down)

Amy: Eek, don't look down!

Tyler: Hm? (Tyler looks down)

Tyler: Holy crap! (The other teams noticed his yelling)

Heather: Guess we have our destination.

Ezekiel: Come on, eh? Let's go! (Mind Blast runs off in that direction. Meanwhile, Speed Demon notices it just as they are exiting and getting their bearings)

Gwen: Quick, grab the clue. We need to move now!

Sky: Hope you're up for a run.

Samey: I'm not up for losing, that's what. (Speed Demon runs off, envelope in hand)

Topher: Everyone in quickly, we still have a shot at this! (Fashion Squad enters the ride quickly, scene transitions to Iron Will nearing the top)

Jasmine: We're about to go down! Get ready!

Owen: I don't want to die!

Tyler: No worries, they didn't have this ride ready if we weren't going to live. We should be fine. (They reach the top)

Scott: Express elevator, going dooooooowwwwwwn!! (The roller coaster goes down at high speeds, when it evens out it starts making turns, smaller slopes, and even a loop-de-loop)

Anne Maria: Get me off this crazy thing!

Lightning: Woohoo! Lightning's going for the gold baby! (The ride keeps going before slowing down tremendously by the place it started. Once it stops, they remove the seat belts, raise the safety bars, and run out of it)

Duncan: Man, that was sweet!

Amy: Talk about adrenaline!

Eva: It was okay. (The wooden box with the red dot opens, Rodney grabs it and reads the clue on the envelope)

Rodney: "All that remains is one more test, one that towers above the rest, to aid you in this song and dance, the name of the ride is a part of your pants."

Scott: Okay, now that's a weird clue. A ride named after something found on pants, is that true?

Sugar: Well let's mosey on over there and find out. (The team runs off, Amy speaks to Scott in private as they're running)

Amy: When do we strike?

Scott: We just need to wait for them and our allies. Once that's done, we'll take care of business.

Amy: Yes, finally. I can remind her of who's the top sister around here. (Meanwhile, Mind Blast has already gone on the roller coaster, and Speed Demon and Fashion Squad both have arrived)

Geoff: This is where we're supposed to be, right?

Mike: Last I checked.

Dave: I think we oughta run over there as soon as possible, so we can get a lead back.

Jo: If you say so. (The coaster comes back, with Mind Blast on it)

Scarlett: Well, that was a refreshing change of pace.

Ezekiel: That was one tight ride, yo!

Courtney: Stop please, before you embarrass all of us. Grab the clue and let's go! (Trent grabs the clue and the team runs off, Fashion Squad quickly gets on the ride before Speed Demon does)

Topher: Sorry guys, but we have a game to win. Full speed ahead!

Jo: Careful what you wish for Chris #2.

Topher: You can't deny that I'm better fit to host than him.

Jo: I can, and I will.

Topher: *gulp* Point taken. (Quickly transitions through Fashion Squad and Speed Demon going on the ride, all four teams are out searching for the final ride. Meanwhile, with Fashion Squad)

Beth: Any luck yet?

Brick: Negatory over here.

Sam: Can't find anything here.

Blaineley: Nothing here either.

Dakota: This is pretty tricky, what kind of ride has the same name as something on pants?

Justin: All we have on these are leggings, pockets, and a zipper. How could that help? (Topher comes to a sudden realization)

Topher: Wait, hold it. Justin, what was that last one you said?

Justin: You mean the zipper?

Topher: That's what we're looking for.

Ella: Is that true?

Topher: Totally, when I went to the amusement park with my old friends in middle school, I got dared to go this ride called "The Zipper". It was huge, works like a Ferris wheel, but much more scary-looking.

Dakota: Do you remember what it looks like?

Topher: From what I remember, it was kinda like a long conveyor belt with twelve cars that swung as it moved.

Lindsay: Oh, I saw something like that!

Cameron: Then what are we waiting for, lead the way Lindsay! (Lindsay leads her team a short run to "The Zipper", it fit Topher's description, and they noticed the boxes there)

Dave: Well, here we are. The question is, who wants to go first?

Dakota: Scared Ella? (Ella nods her head)

Dakota: Why don't I go on with you this time, do you mind Sam?

Sam: Go ahead, I'll be fine. I'll go by myself if I have to.

Topher: Luckily you don't. Hey Justin, you and me?

Justin: Better to get this over with, okay sure. (Ella and Dakota get in one car, Justin and Topher get in another one. Once they close the doors and strap in, the ride starts spinning in a counter-clockwise direction, while the cars start moving faster in the same direction like a conveyor belt)

Dakota: Ok, didn't expect it to be like this. (The cars sway as the ride moves)

Ella: Remain calm, remain calm, remain calm. (The ride stops moving for a short time, but then starts to move in the opposite direction)

Ella: I'll be fine, just need to keep myself under control. (Then all of a sudden...)

Justin: Get me off this crazy thing!!

Topher: You just had to open your mouth, did you? (The other teams take notice)

Heather: What was that?

Dawn: I feel that screaming came from the last ride, it must be imposing like the clue said.

Alejandro: Come on then, the others should have noticed it by now.

Anne Maria: What the heck? Who said that?

Jasmine: Forget the who, we need to find the where! Let's get moving!

Gwen: Whoa, haven't heard someone scream like that since Cody.

Cody: I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Sierra: I think it's adorable how you scream. (Sierra hugs Cody tightly)

Cody: Gh, help! Can't breathe...

Mike: Sierra, let him breathe.

Sierra: Okay fine. (Sierra lets him go, and he breathes in and out)

Cody: Thank you, now let's go!

Sierra: Listen to what he says people, and move it! (The teams start running towards The Zipper, and arrive there just when four more of team Fashion Squad enter it)

Sam: Guess we made it here first, sorry guys but you'll have to wait. (Sam and Cameron enter one car, while Beth and Jo enter the other available one. The doors close and the ride starts moving again)

Gwen: Okay, how is that thing safe?

Geoff: Not sure if it would be here if it wasn't, these dudes seem to take our safety very seriously.

Gwen: Well, that's true.

Jasmine: How long is this supposed to take?

Brick: Luckily, it goes two minutes every time. So hopefully it shouldn't be long.

Courtney: Famous last words. (Montage of the contestants entering, moving in, and then exiting the ride. Transitions to one group left per team)

Dakota: Okay, that took about 20 minutes, maybe a bit more. Not too bad I guess.

Amy: Well, at least our time wasn't totally wasted.

Noah: And I will admit, these rides were certainly a different experience from what we had to deal with before. Meaning they were actually safe to go on.

Blaineley: They really know how to treat a contestant right.

Katie: Better than Chris at least.

Sadie: I know right?

Eva: Yeah, sure.

Ella: And they're so nice.

Duncan: You're one to talk.

Courtney: Yeah, I'll agree with her on that one. (Duncan looks shocked)

Duncan: Is there something I'm not getting?

Zoey: Pretty much. (The ride stops, and the cars containing Geoff and Bridgette, and Sugar and Scott open. They run out, and the corresponding boxes open to reveal the final clues)

Samey: Guess we can put this game to rest finally.

Amy: You'd like to think that, wouldn't you? (As the ride continues, Scott swipes both clues from the boxes)

Gwen: What the- What are you doing?

Scott: Making sure you lose, that's what.

Shawn: But they said no cheating!

Jack: That's exactly what we said. (Everyone turns to see Jack and Maxwell behind them)

Jack: I'm surprised this is what you had in mind.

Scott: Well unfortunately for you, there was something you overlooked.

Maxwell: And what was that?

Amy: What were the rules we weren't supposed to break again? (Maxwell comes to a sudden realization)

Maxwell: Jack, we never explained that.

Jack: Regardless, it's wrong to do that and you know it. Hand them their clue or else. (As the ride stops, the cars containing Heather and Alejandro, and Dave and Lindsay open and they come out. The corresponding boxes open)

Heather: Actually I don't think so.

Jack: What? (Heather, Max, Alejandro and Scarlett walk up to beside Scott and Amy, and swipe the other two clues)

Scarlett: Just for good measure.

Topher: Hey, that's our clue!

Dakota: Give that back!

Max: Hahahahaha! Tremble before our might fools!

Heather: We'll be taking that money thank you very much.

Jack: You have three seconds before we take them from you by force.

Heather: Hey, what's that? (Everyone turns around, but nothing is there. When they turn back around, they are gone)

Jack: I can't believe I fell for that!

Jo: You and me both!

Maxwell: This is our fault, if we went over the rules in more detail, they never would've taken them. What do they hope to accomplish with this?

Courtney: If you ask me, then a better shot at the prize money, and less of a good chance for those not on their team.

Dawn: This is not the way to win, not at all.

Cameron: And who's to say they won't do anything crazy, like take the money and run.

Maxwell: Oh man.

Jack: Something you like to tell us?

Maxwell: Well, I kinda left the money by the finish line, to help signify where it was.

Jack: YOU WHAT!!!???

Maxwell: I thought we would be there to guard it, not here trying to stop this. If we don't hurry, then they actually may take the money and run.

Mike: Well, where is it?

Jack: Unfortunately for them, they didn't count on us possessing the final clue. (Jack brings out a letter and reads it)

Jack: "You've conquered the air and won the day, but we still have one more game to play, just takes a jog a skip and a hop, to the finish line that's at the top."

Harold: Top, like big top?

Maxwell: You got it, let's hurry while we still have time. (Everyone runs off to the big top, and the other group, having deduced the finish line area, runs over there too. Unfortunately, the other group makes it there first)

Scarlett: Looks like we made it first, and look what they decided to leave for us. (She goes up to the table set aside, picks up the briefcase on it, and opens it to reveal the prize money they were offering for the challenge)

Heather: Guess they weren't kidding.

Amy: You know what, why don't we just take the money and run?

Alejandro: Yeah, I like that plan. We'll be getting more out of it, and we'll actually get it.

Scott: What about that $10 million grand prize they told us about?

Max: Would you rather take your chance with that, or be truly evil and take this away from those other fools?

Scott: Okay, you have a point. Grab it and let's go. (Just as they were about to leave...)

Maxwell: I wouldn't do that if I were you. (They turn to see the other contestants and the hosts, having just arrived)

Heather: You? How did you find us?

Jack: You are not the only ones with a clue. (Jack holds up the clue he had)

Scarlett: Figures.

Brick: You may as well surrender, you're outnumbered and especially outmatched.

Duncan: He's got you there.

Alejandro: Sorry, but we're taking this money and leaving this competition. Certainly better than taking those death-defying risks at elimination.

Maxwell: Drop that money, now! You're dragging this plot on more than it needs to be.

Max: What do I care about that, I'm evil!!

Scarlett: Couldn't have put it better myself.

Samey: Maxwell, tell me you got an ace up your sleeve. (Maxwell literally takes an Ace of hearts out of his sleeve)

Maxwell: You know I do. (He throws it at there feet, and nothing happens)

Max: Hahahahahahaha! Even I wouldn't make such dumb choices.

Scott: Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but we're leaving.

Gwen: What were you trying to accomplish with that?

Jack: Give him a moment.

Heather: So with that out of the way, anything else you'd like to say before we leave. And don't think of pursuing us, because we will get away.

Maxwell: Just three... (Maxwell laughs devilishly, everyone except Jack is confused. But then Maxwell says...)

Maxwell: .....tick, tick, boom. (Suddenly the card explodes into a puff of smoke, Maxwell uses his rope trick from earlier and ties everyone up)

Maxwell: A magician always comes prepared.

Harold: Nice.

Jack: Excellent work Maxwell, now let's get on with- Wait, hold on, someone's missing. (They turn to notice Amy sneaking away, with the briefcase containing the money in hand)

Maxwell: And where do you think you're going? (Amy turns around)

Jack: Thus game is over Amy, hand it over now!

Amy: I won't let my dumb sister win this over me, not her, or anyone of you! (Amy runs off)

Maxwell: I got this! (Maxwell runs after her, Samey and Ella follow after him)

Maxwell: Huh, what are you two doing?

Samey: Helping that's what, she's my sister so she's my responsibility.

Ella: And I don't wish to just stand around, people need help and I wish to do so.

Maxwell: Thanks ladies, your help is appreciated. (They manage to corner Amy by the side of the big top)

Samey: Amy, it's over. Hand over the briefcase and we'll make it easy on you.

Amy: Like hell I would, I'm supposed to be the better sister here, me! You are not allowed to be better than me, I'm the one on top, me!

Maxwell: Samey, I think your sister has gone crazy. Like a combination of Izzy and Max.

Samey: Crazy and evil, well she's certainly original.

Ella: Please, don't make this hard on anyone.

Amy: I won't be second best, not to anyone. Just and stop me.

Maxwell: Ella, get ready to catch. If you think you're so tough, then try to escape, I dare you. (Maxwell whispers the first sentence to Ella, then screams the second one to Amy)

Amy: You know what, yes!! (Amy charges toward them, but Samey and Maxwell successfully block her)

Amy: Uh oh. This isn't going to end well for me, is it?

Maxwell/Samey: Nope. (Both punch Amy and knock her on her back and into unconsciousness. The briefcase flies out of her hands, and Ella catches it)

Ella: Got it, thank goodness. (She hands the case over to Maxwell, he opens it and sees all the money is still in there)

Maxwell: Glad to see they didn't run off with any. This was just a waste of our time.

Samey: If you ask me, I'm afraid this won't be the last time, from her or any of those guys.

Ella: I hope we can get this resolved soon, I'm not a fan of these conflicts.

Maxwell: No one is except for the ones who cause them, let's get her and the money back. Mind taking this?

Ella: Sure. (Ella takes the case from Maxwell's hands, and Maxwell goes over and picks up Amy, who is still unconscious. They start walking back to the others)

Maxwell: I hope you girls know that we still have one more thing to do before we crown a winner, right?

Ella: The Tower, I almost forgot.

Samey: Same, after this I don't think I can go up that.

Maxwell: What about you, Ella?

Ella: I know it sounds almost insane, but I'm willing to do it. I know it won't be easy, but I have to prove myself, not to Jack but to my team.

Maxwell: I see, if that's your decision then I won't argue. Just make sure your ready, and if you feel the need to cry at all, it's alright. Mayeb you won't, but someone will, and Jack and I intend to enjoy every second of it.

Ella: Then, bring it on as they say! That's what they say, right?

Samey: Last I checked. (They laugh as they continue to head back, scene transitions to them returning to the rest of the group)

Maxwell: We're back! Managed to get the money back safe and in one piece, can't say the same for our bad twin though. (Amy wakes up)

Amy: Ugh, my head. What happened?

Heather: We failed, that's what!

Max: I am thankful that it wasn't just me this time.

Jack: We've already dealt with them, what about her?

Samey: I think I have an idea. (She whispers into Jack's ear, and he likes what he heard)

Jack: My my, you certainly have the active imagination, let's see what your sister thinks. (They turn to Amy)

Maxwell: Amy, as punishment, your sister has suggested that we put you back on The Gravitron, and speed it up.

Amy: What, no! Not that, I can't handle that! Please, I'll do anything else, just no extreme rides!

Maxwell: Anything huh?

Jack: Say your sister is better than you, and we'll overlook this.

Amy: What, no way! There is no possible way I will EVER say that!

Samey: Okay, have fun on the ride. Try not to lose your lunch. (The brothers grab her, and as they are taking her away...)

Amy: No wait! I-I'll do it.

Samey: Go ahead, we're all listening here. (It takes her sometime, but she eventually swallows her pride)

Amy: You... are...... better than me.

Maxwell: Say it like you mean it.

Amy: You're better than me Samey, alright? You are better than me!

Samey: That will do just fine. (The brothers release Amy)

Amy: Keep this in mind, Samey. This isn't over, none of this is. I intend to beat you, and then we will see who is the better sister.

Samey: Listen to yourself, is that all that matters to you anymore? People already know I'm better then you, and not just competition-wise. I'm through of being just below you; it's time I stand up for myself, it's time I stop taking orders from people like you, it's time to show everyone and the whole world, that I can win this.

Bridgette: You tell her!

Shawn: That's it!

Sierra: Way to go!

Gwen: Great job!

Ella: If it means anything, I think you're better than her.

Amy: WHAT?

Samey: Thanks Ella, it means a lot. (Samey hugs Ella, trying to hold back her tears)

Maxwell: Aw, how sweet.

Jack: It's enough to bring to tear to a man's eye. So, shall we end this game?

Samey: Let's! (Speed Demon crosses over the finish line, then Mind Blast, then Fashion squad, then Iron Will)

Maxwell: Well, our order has been determined.

Mike: Order, for what?

Maxwell: For The Tower, the one we told you guys at the beginning. (Everyone turns to the tower from earlier, standing ten feet above the ground)

Samey: We nearly forgot about that.

Ella: At least we realized it.


Heather: How...

Noah: ...could I...

Eva: ...forget...

Sky: ...about that...

Dave: ...stupid...

Lindsay: ...tower?

Gwen: I feel...

Leonard: a...

Cody: ...complete...

Duncan: ...idiot...

Blaineley: ...right now.

B: *facepalm*

Confessional End

Jack: We require one member from each team to volunteer to scale The Tower, any volunteers?

Maxwell: I already know Ella wants to, right Ella?

Ella: Indeed I do.

Alejandro: I may as well make up for my mistakes, I'll go too.

Owen: Why not, I made it through one before. I'll do it!

Zoey: And just to make things go by quicker, I'll go too. (The main theme starts playing)

Theme, or closest I could find:

Jack: Alright then, the four of you are about to compete for our $10,000 per team member cash prize. Let's head... to The Tower! (They walk towards the tower)

Maxwell: Everyone else come along, you'll need to see this. (The other contestants follow as the theme ends. Scene transitions to nighttime, the tower is glowing light blue, the other contestants are watching from below, and the brothers are leading the participants ten feet up to the top)

Owen: Wow this is really high up.

Ella: I think this may be taller than any of the rides we went on.

Alejandro: I get the strange feeling that this isn't going to end well.

Zoey: So it's not just you, great. (They eventually reach the top, from there they see four diving boards suspended above water)

Jack: Welcome to The Tower. The four of you are currently representing your teams in the Prize Run's elimination.

Maxwell: Some important rules we need to go over, first off the order you came in the scavenger hunt is the order in which we will go. So Zoey is first, Alejandro is second, Ella you will go third, and Owen will be stuck in fourth. (Camera pans to the contestants as they are mentioned)

Maxwell: Second, unlike the regular eliminations, only one answer will be correct and three will be wrong.

Alejandro: Well, that's not good.

Maxwell: It is if you're the one with the right answer, but those who pick any of the wrong answers will be testing the laws of gravity in a huge way.

Ella: Huge way?

Jack: If you pick the wrong answer, you're out of the running for the prize and here's how... (Jack directs their attention to the diving boards)

Jack: Imagine if you will, you are standing on the edge of a platform suspended a hundred feet above the water, when suddenly your platform drops sending you to the cold water below.

Maxwell: Well for three of you, that won't be an imagination for long, because you will experience it for yourself. We like to call this one, "The Drop of Terror"! (Shows from a camera's perspective the hundred foot fall into the water, switches to the contestants watching from below the tower on a monitor)

Gwen: Okay, now that's bad.

Noah: So what, they dropped Staci from fifteen feet by a water slide, how's this worse?

Dawn: That was a slide from 150 feet down, this is a one hundred foot straight drop with nothing but the forces of Mother Earth's gravity dragging you down to the water below. I feared they were up to something, but never this sinister.

Jo: The things I do for money, then again if I knew about this even I would be a bit reluctant to go on it.

Eva: *sigh* Same.

Lightning: No kidding, glad we agree on something for once.

Dakota: Stay strong Ella, I know you can do this. (Transitions back to the top of the tower)

Jack: I can tell you are nervous, but the time has come. Let's get everything settled, right this way. (They walk over to the area just behind the platforms, shows the tower from a distance and the other contestants looking on with anticipation. Once their harnesses are put on, and they are in the right order)

Maxwell: Okay everyone, to the edge of the platforms! (Though they are reluctant and scared beyond doubt, all four of them walk to the edge of their platforms, trying desperately not to look down)

Jack: Tis a beautiful night tonight, isn't it?

Zoey: Oh yeah, t-the view is excellent.

Maxwell: Try not to look down. (Owen looks down)

Owen: Holy moly, that's a big drop!

Maxwell: I told you big guy, there's always that one guy.

Jack: Well, enough waiting around, it's time for the all-important question. (Spotlights above the tower activate and move up from down, circular structures on both sides of the tower now display white glowing gears, both rotating towards the center)

Maxwell: Here is your question, but first the answers. They are:

General Hospital

Guiding Light

Coronation Street

and Days of Our Lives

(Answers display on screen as they are announced)

Maxwell: The question is, according to the Guiness Book of World Records, as of 2010: Which of these soap operas holds the record for the longest time on air? One of them is right, and three are wrong. Zoey, how about it?

Zoey: Of course, well I remember when I was a kid I watched soaps with my mom. I never caught on to what was happening, it was just there when I was and I decided to watch it. If I remember correctly, General Hospital was the one my mom watched the most, and from what I heard it lasted a long time in America. (General Hospital lights up on screen)

Maxwell: Does this mean General Hospital is your answer, because keep in mind; not only is your answer riding on whether or not your team wins, but it also determines if you will be dropping 100 feet to the water below. With that in mind, do you pick General Hospital as your answer?

Zoey: I'm not second guessing myself, I'm not taking any chances, I'm locking in General Hospital! (General Hospital fades to black on screen, the spotlights move from up to down again)

Jack: Now Alejandro, you ended up being a cause of some drama today, not to mention your blunder two challenges ago. Still feel like you have a shot at this?

Alejandro: I will admit, I am a bit scared, but I believe my chances are as good as anyone's. Even the rest of them.

Jack: Well, let us see if that is true. Three answers are left, what is your choice?

Alejandro: I haven't seen any soap operas, I haven't heard of any of them. But something about Guiding Light screams, long time on air. I'm more scared than I have ever been in my life, so I'm just going to go with Guiding Light and pray that I don't fall down. (Guiding Light lights up on screen when mentioned, but fades to black at the end of his sentence)

Maxwell: Well, good luck to you Alejandro and hope that your brother isn't watching this if you fail.

Alejandro: Why did you have to bring him up?

Jack: Ella my dear, my sweet sweet songbird. Afraid?

Ella: Uh huh. (She nods her head while shaking)

Jack: Do not worry, the drop will be over before you know it. Hope you don't mind a swim. (Ella is on the verge of tears)

Jack: You have two answers left, Days of Our Lives and Coronation Street.

Ella: Well, *sniffle* my grandmother from England used to talk about how she used to watch a soap opera with her mom called Coronation Street when she was a girl. I-I'm sure t-that has to mean something about its l-l-length. (Coronation Street lights up on the screen)

Jack: Stay strong Ella, remember a lot is riding on this and you said you were determined to win. (Ella wipes her faces of her tears and stands a bit more confidently)

Ella: I wish to pick Coronation Street, no second guesses. (Coronation Street fades to black on screen)

Jack: Glad to see you still got some confidence in you.

Ella: As much as you can standing 100 feet above water with a good chance of *gulp* being dropped.

Owen: Easy for you to say, you got to pick your answer.

Maxwell: Speaking of which, Owen, you are left with Days of Our Lives. Since you were at an elimination before and you survived, any chance you believe you can do as well here? (Days of Our Lives lights up on screen)

Owen: Well let me tell you this, I've handled a lot on Total Drama, a lot of us have. Even across multiple seasons; but despite all the drops, sharks, shaking islands, crummy foods that sometimes weren't even there, and all around poor treatment, I can confidently say that this is the scariest thing on this show that I've ever done.

Jack: Is that so?

Owen: Yes it is. But I never got far in the first place wimping out, none of us did. Lock in that answer, at this point I don't care if I win, just coming up here to do this is an accomplishment in of itself. Though some of my teammates still want me to win, so yeah, bring it on! (Days of Our Lives fades to black on screen)

Maxwell: That was very profound of you Owen, and let me just say that I am proud of you all for gathering your courage to stand here tonight.

Jack: As am I, I'd probably feel like you are right now, scared but trying to be brave.

Maxwell: So, now that everyone has locked in their answers, it's time to find out who falls here, on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! (Maxwell brings out a trigger, and removes the safety from it)

Maxwell: And safety's off. Time to send someone packing.

Zoey: Please don't let it be me (X5) (While she says that...)

Alejandro: Por favor, por favor.

Ella: ... (Continues to hold back her tears)

Owen: *breathes in, breathes out* (Meanwhile, from below)

Sky: The atmosphere is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Amy: Man, I'm not that sure if even my sister deserves that.

Samey: Thanks?

Mike: C'mon Zoey, you got this.

Tyler: Don't give up on us big guy.

Jasmine: You're our only chance.

Heather: Please Alejandro, please.

Courtney: Don't die on us too soon.

Sam: It's alright Ella, we're behind you.

Beth: You can do this.

Dakota: I- I believe in you Ella, from one friend to the next, stay strong. (Back on the top)

Maxwell: To recap, Zoey you picked General Hospital. Alejandro, you picked Guiding Lights, Ella settled on Coronation Street, and Owen was left with Days of Our Lives. (Camera pans to each contestant as they are mentioned, their respective answer lights up on screen as well)

Maxwell: May I have the first one?

Jack: Be my guest.

Maxwell: Why thank you, one of the wrong answers is...


















......Days of Our Lives!

Owen: No, No!

Maxwell: So long Owen, see you at the bottom! (Maxwell presses the trigger, and the platform drops sending Owen feet-first, a hundred feet to the water below. As he is falling, Owen is screaming loudly and flailing his arms like crazy)

Owen: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *splash* (His screams get interrupted by his splash with the water below)

Lightning: Sweet mother of football!

Anne Maria: You gotta be kidding me!

Duncan: They just dropped him, like he was nothing!

Harold: I knew those guys were ruthless at eliminations, but that was crazy! (Scene recaps Owen's drop, some from a top down perspective, some showing everyone from a distance, some from a camera pointing up from his chest, some in normal time and some in slow motion. The last one is shown in normal time, from a view of the entire tower, a few seconds of silence occured after Owen's splash)

Maxwell: Wow, I knew he would drop like a sack of bricks but I must admit, that was pretty fun.

Alejandro: He just dropped. The floor from that butter donkey's feet, it just... dropped. There was nothing underneath him for a hundred feet, I can't believe I just saw that!

Ella: Why did that have to be so close? Why do I feel like I'm about to burst into tears right now?

Zoey: I regret everything, I totally regret coming up here. Please let me down.

Maxwell: Sure, but keep in mind, we still have two more people to drop before we let the winner off.

Zoey: Aw, c'mon.

Jack: Let me take this one.

Maxwell: It's all yours. (Maxwell hands the trigger to Jack)

Jack: Now, let us see who will be joining Owen for a nice evening swim, after their fall of course.

Ella: Stay calm Ella, stay calm!

Alejandro: Oh dios mio, oh dios mio.

Jack: Another one of the wrong answers is... (Cuts to commercial)

(Back from commercial, theme briefly plays)

Jack: The three of you are still in the running for our Prize Run reward, and I believe it's time we lighten the playing field a bit.

Zoey: Oh man.

Alejandro: Just do it already!

Jack: To recap, we asked you according to the Guiness Book of World Records 2010, which of these soap operas holds the record for the longest time on air. Zoey, you chose General Hospital. Alejandro, you went with Guiding Light. And Ella, you chose Coronation Street. (The answers are shown on screen minus Days of Our Lives. They light up as the contestants who picked those respective answers are shown on screen)

Jack: I can say this much, this next wrong answer would've been the record holder if it wasn't canceled. Not just in America, but possibly the world.




























Jack: Sorry Alejandro...

Alejandro: No! Por favor! Por favor!

Jack: ...Guiding Light is incorrect! Farewell! (Jack presses the trigger, and the floor beneath Alejandro's feet drops, sending him a hundred feet falling to the ground. As he is falling...)

Alejandro: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! AH! AAAAAHHHHHHHH- *splash* (His hands are holding the sides of his head and he's kicking his legs as he's falling, his screams stop when he splashes into the water)

Dawn: I feared this would happen!

Max: Those fiends!

Leonard: Those fiends indeed!

Heather: No, Alejandro!

Courtney: Still have some feelings for him?

Heather: Shut up! Like you've done any better recently. (Scene recaps Alejandro's drop, some from a top down perspective, some showing everyone from a distance, some from a camera pointing up from his chest, some in normal time and some in slow motion. The last one is shown in normal time, from a view of the entire tower, a few seconds of silence occured after Alejandro's splash)

Jack: Now that's how you make a Spanish omelette!

Maxwell: I guess he cracked under the pressure. Well done Jack.

Jack: Do not push it.

Maxwell: Sorry. (Meanwhile, Zoey and Ella feel like they are about to explode into tears)

Ella: I don't want to drop!

Zoey: Oh man, please don't drop me, please!

Maxwell: Ladies, it comes down to you. One of you is right and is taking our prize money for this challenge...

Jack: And one of you is about to fall a hundred feet to the water below.

Ella: Have mercy.

Zoey: Why did I want to do this? What the f*** was I thinking?

Maxwell: Man, I think these girls are nervous. What say you we end this, right here, right now?

Jack: Oh yes, we shall.

Maxwell: It comes down to this. It's either General Hospital, or its Coronation Street. (Both answers are on screen, and they light up when the contestant who picked it is shown)

Jack: Hang on, let me make sure we got everything.

Maxwell: Please do, we need to make sure everything is in order.

Ella: Why did this have to occur now?

Zoey: Hurry up!

Jack: Let's see, trigger, lights, contestants screaming out of fear, is that all?

Maxwell: Yep, let's do it! (Things become even more tense as the teams look on anxiously at the remaining contestants)

Bridgette: Please, Zoey.

Mike: I believe in you.

Shawn: Luck don't screw us over, please.

Lindsay: C'mon Ella.

Brick: You got this soldier!

Cameron: Probability is on your side, I hope.

Maxwell: The time has come. The wrong answer is...











































...........General Hospital!!


Maxwell: Bye bye Zoey! Fly like a bird! (Maxwell presses the trigger, and the floor beneath Zoey drops, sending her a hundred feet to the water below. As she is falling...)

Zoey: NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! *splash* (Falls straight down with her arms in the air, screams are interrupted by her splash)

Ella: Thank you, thank you! (Recaps her elimination quickly, showing it from her chest up then from the top-down. Final shot shows the tower from a distance as Zoey falls, after she splashes the tower lights up white and the theme starts playing to signify Ella's victory)

Main theme, or closest I could find:

Jack: Congratulations Ella, you are right with Coronation Street!

Ella: I won, I won!

Maxwell: You and each member of Fashion Squad is going home with $10,000, and that is the way to leave Total Drama! (Her team below cheers in victory)

Ella: Thank you everyone! I'm so happy! Thank you! (Shows the tower from the logo up as it is lit up as the theme comes to an end)

Special Credits

(Every fifth episode, the eliminations are shown again as the full theme plays. Only the theme is heard, no sounds from those moments is played)

The Human Cannonball: The theme starts as Izzy is launched, showing from a distance as she goes through the ring and through the paper target, then showing her team's reactions.

Extreme Bumper Cars: The truck hits DJ's car, then shows him screaming from the inside camera. Scene just before the car explodes is slowed, then goes back to normal time as the car hits the wall.

Get Dunked On: Samey throws the ball at the target, releasing the small platform Staci is standing her, sending her down the water slide. Shows it from overhead as she is going and from a camera on her showing her face close up. Then shows the other contestants up for elimination cheering for their safety.

There Are No Strings On Me: Maxwell releases the rope on Samey, shortly after Beardo is lifted several feet into the air. Shows a close up of him as he is being lifted, then shows the other contestant's reactions and Samey cheering that she is safe.

The Drop Of Terror: Maxwell presses the trigger, shows Owen's terrified face then he drops a hundred feet to the water below. Shown from the top down in slow motion; after that is shown...

Ella: Thank you everyone! Thanks for giving me this chance, thank you for your strength! (Theme ends as the final credits are shown)

Episode End

Author's Final Notes

Thank you for being with me in this first area. The story will continue when I have determined that there have been enough votes for one area to be on top. Until then, if you haven't voted yet, please do. And again, thank you for reading I really appreciate it.

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