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  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
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(A view of the carnival-circus is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Maxwell: Last time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama... We decided to expose our contestants to the ever classic eating competition.

Jack: It was a rough race the whole way through, and surprisingly no one puked. But in the end, team Iron Will redeemed themselves from the previous challenge and won the day, as well as a friend full stomach.

Maxwell: And although Fashion Squad got last place, we called out Mind Blast on their foul moves before and during the challenge. Prompting their disqualification, and sending them to elimination.

Jack: Sadly, we had to say farewell to Staci, who went out with quite a splash by our mega water slide. (Scene transitions to the brothers in front of the circus tent)

Jack: Team Fashion Squad needs to get their act together if they want to stay out of last place this week.

Maxwell: The rest of the teams have a performance of their own they need to keep up too. Let's see who takes a dive this week.

Both brothers: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

(Show starts at Mind Blast's dorm, just after returning from elimination. Jack is speaking with Dawn in private)

Jack: I must admit, I was worried you could have been going home tonight.

Dawn: I'm well aware, if it wasn't for Staci then I could've gotten the wrong answer. (Flashback to Staci's elimination)

Dawn: In any case, I am thankful to still be here. After all, I really want to get to know you better.

Jack: Likewise. Just make sure you try not to get on your team's nerves. It was mostly thanks to them that you were sent off to elimination.

Dawn: Okay, thanks for your concern.

Jack: You can never expect less from a gentleman. Goodnight. (Jack hugs Dawn, then walks away leaving her by herself)

Dawn: *chuckle* And goodnight to you.


Dawn: I must admit, I never had feelings for anyone before. My adoration is mostly put towards Mother Earth, but something about Jack really makes me feel so... so... I can't even describe it. I'm hoping whoever else has the same feeling so order it won't do anything like my team did tonight, that's not the way to win a man's heart... at least I think so.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to morning in Fashion Squad's dorm)

Dave: Man, that was too close. We cannot end up like that again.

Dakota: Agreed, maybe I should let someone else be leader instead.

Sam: Don't say that, you're a great leader, we just haven't been giving it our all yet.

Blaineley: I have to agree with him. This entire time, we've been pretty much on the bottom. It's time we stop holding back and come out on top.

Brick: Agreed.

Dakota: Well, if that's what you want to do, then I'll do my best to lead us to victory.

Brick: That's the spirit! Never give up, never say die, and never surrender!

Dakota: This time, we're winning this challenge! (The group cheers, but Jo just watches angrily)


Jo: I can't believe they're still letting her be the leader. Why can't I lead, I'm a perfectly capable leader, certainly a better fit than all these worms.

Confessional End

Ella: We should get moving, they're serving breakfast soon.

Sam: No way am I missing that. (Scene transitions to the crafts and services tent, the teams are eating breakfast)

Maxwell: I'm surprised you guys are eating after yesterday's challenge.

Cody: The food yesterday was good, and it still is today.

Maxwell: Well try not to eat too much, no ones puked yet and we would like to keep it that way.

Duncan: Hey, mind giving us some milk over here?

Jack: Maxwell, don't...

Maxwell: He needs some milk!

Jack: God damnit Maxwell! (Jack hands Maxwell a large pitcher of milk and he hands it off to Iron Will)

Duncan: Oh, and one more thing...

Maxwell: Yes?

Duncan: That dinner you promised us, we'll have it tonight.

Maxwell: Okay, we'll get everything set up. Keep in mind you will have to have it after elimination, as we intend to have the challenge tonight and the elimination right after.

Duncan: Hey, as long as we get what we were promised.

Owen: What are you serving?

Maxwell: I won't say what, but I will say it will be delicious.

Owen: That's all I need to know.

Maxwell: Well, if that is all for now. (Maxwell walks away from the table towards the kitchen, but Samey stops him)

Samey: Maxwell wait! (Maxwell turn so on her as she walks up to him)

Samey: I never got the chance to thank you for letting me help you and your brother out.

Maxwell: Don't worry about it, we felt like you should have something to do since you volunteered too not participate in the challenge. And unlike a certain someone, you deserved it.

Alejandro: Hmph.

Maxwell: I wish you luck in today's challenge, you will need it.

Samey: By the way, after everything is done today, there's something I want to show you, something I prepared just for you.

Maxwell: Just for me? W-well okay, let me know when. (Maxwell walks away nervously)


Samey: Since Maxwell is a magician, I thought I should try to do a few magic tricks, thought it might impress him. Granted, he's an expert and I'm literally just starting, but I hope the thought would be nice. I just hope I don't screw this up, I've never been in love with anyone before, at least anyone that Amy isn't already interested in.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to the teams in front of the big circus tent)

Geoff: I gotta say, this has been pretty good so far.

Jack: Glad to see you have been enjoying yourselves, because it's time to up the ante a little.

Tyler: Up the ante how?

Maxwell: Like this! (Maxwell pulls the fourth curtain revealing a three ring circus)

Dawn: Oh dear, is this what I think it is?

Maxwell: Precisely, this time you are going to perform your own three ring circus!

Katie: Oh my gosh, I love circuses!

Sadie: I know, I went to them all the time when I was young.

Katie: Oh my gosh, me too!

Jack: Ladies, please, hold your excitement! Now, each team will select three acts to perform in their personal circuses. Maxwell and I will act as judges and give you a score from 1-10; the team with the highest score will win, and the team with the lowest score is off to elimination. Now, I'm sure you are all well aware of what happened last time, with team Mind Blast cheating. (Flashbacks to Staci's elimination)

Scarlett: *sigh* I'm well aware of that.

Justin: I honestly think we are all aware.

Maxwell: Oh yeah, and remember, no cheating is allowed. So don't pull any funny ideas.

Heather: No worries, we won't.

Jack: Now, we will go in this order to select your acts. Iron Will, Fashion Squad, Speed Demon, then Mind Blast. Maxwell, present the options for our soon-to-be performers. (Maxwell brings out a board with several circus performances on it)

Maxwell: Iron Will, choose your first act!

Scott: Hmm, what to choose, what to choose?

Harold: It's best we choose something that will be easy to perform and to practice in a short amount of time.

Jasmine: Maybe we should go for something easy for our eaters to do, maybe fire eater or sword swallower.

Sugar: I can do it, I always wanted to feel how fire felt on my tongue.

Rodney: So, is that our first choice?

Jasmine: Let's do it. We choose fire eater as our first act!

Maxwell: Alright, all yours! (Maxwell takes fire eater off the board)

Jack: Fashion Squad, your first choice?

Sam: I think we should get something for Jo to do.

Jo: Glad to see you're finally going to acknowledge my skills.

Brick: Mind taking the cannon?

Jo: Why not, I'm not afraid.

Dakota: We choose the human cannonball!

Jack: Very well then! (Maxwell takes human cannonball off the board)

Sky: I don't think we need to think long about this. We're going with the aerial acrobatics act.

Gwen: No question. (Maxwell takes aerial acrobatics off the board)

Alejandro: Well, that was obvious. What should we go for?

Courtney: I'm not sure. There are so many to choose from, and we can't afford to mess this up again.

Scarlett: You know what, let's go for the tightrope. It's a bit different from acrobatics.

Jack: That it is, very well Mind Blast. (Maxwell takes tightrope off the board)

Duncan: Is there a strongman act?

Maxwell: Yes, there is.

Lightning: We'll take that, after all, Lightning is the strongest man.

Amy: Yeah right. (Maxwell takes strongman act off the board)

Dakota: What else should we choose?

Topher: Perhaps we could go for the stilts act, I'm pretty good at balancing myself.

Dave: Alright, we choose the tallman act. (Maxwell takes stilts off the board)

Mike: Why don't we try juggling? Helps cover our bases a bit more.

Zoey: Why not? We'll choose juggling. (Maxwell takes juggling off the board)

Ezekiel: What else, eh?

Max: How should I know?

Dawn: As much as I hate to suggest it, I'll volunteer to be a lion tamer.

Trent: Are you sure?

Jack: You know you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

Dawn: Maybe so, but I have to help out somehow. Final decision, we choose lion tamer. (Maxwell takes lion tamer off the board)

Anne Maria: We have to choose one more, right?

Eva: What can we choose?

Amy: Let's just go for something unique, like contortionist or something.

Tyler: I'll do it, I'm flexible enough for it.

Maxwell: Okay, you can take the contortionist act. (Maxwell takes contortionist off the board)

Ella: Any chance I can sing?

Cameron: Well, it is on the board, plus Ella is a great singer.

Dakota: Alright, we choose singer as our final act. (Maxwell takes singer off the board)

Jack: Speed Demon, your final act?

Samey: Magician, we choose the magic act!

Maxwell: Okay, you better not screw this up, or else! (Maxwell takes magician off the board)

Scarlett: We choose knife throwing for our final act.

Noah: Are you sure, that sounds pretty dangerous.

Scarlett: Trust me, I know what I'm doing. (Maxwell takes knife throwing off the board)

Jack: Iron Will's acts are fire eater, strongman, and contortionist. Fashion Squad has human cannonball, stilts, and singing. Speed Demon has aerial acrobatics, juggling, and magician. And Mind Blast has tightrope, lion tamer, and knife throwing. You have until tonight, work hard and never give up. You can practice in those four tents until it's time to begin. Now before we let you go, there are some things we need to go over.

Gwen: What things?

Maxwell: First off, you will need to decide upon a ringmaster to introduce the acts. And second, you cannot perform in your normal clothes, so you will need to design some stage outfits for your performers, if you don't then we will deduct points for laziness. Understood?

Blaineley: Loud and clear.

Jack: Alright, now get going! (Scene transitions to team Mind Blast at their tent)

Heather: Okay, so Scarlett has already volunteered to be our knife thrower, and we have Dawn to act as our lion tamer.

Dawn: Regrettably yes.

Scarlett: That is correct.

Courtney: But that still leaves us with someone to take over the tightrope act.

Alejandro: Since I didn't help last time, I'll handle the high wire.

Heather: Great, with luck you can make up for your dumb mistakes last time.

Alejandro: Trust me, I won't let you down.

Heather: You better not, or its your butt on the line! So, who will be ringmaster?

Courtney: I'll worry about that.

Heather: You interrupted me, I should the ringmaster.

Courtney: What, no! You're the most fashionable person here, you have to work on stage outfits.

Heather: Fashionable, me? Well then again, I have been doing well with keeping up with the latest fashions. You know what, I'll design the costumes, but I'm going to need some people to help me.

Leonard: Allow me to volunteer. My mending skills should be a satisfactory level to accomplish this quest. After all, I didn't just purchase this wizard's robe.

Heather: Yeah yeah yeah, sure. Anyone else?

Leshawna: Why not, I guess I could help. I've done pretty well with sewing in the past.

Courtney: Then you'll be fine with me being the ringmaster?

Heather: Why not, you did suggest I work on the costumes after all.

Courtney: Yes! Alright guys, let's get to work.


Courtney: I think I'm doing pretty well with Maxwell, taking this position will help me get a closer eye on him. Just want to make sure I'm doing enough to impress, because I promise you, he WILL be mine before this is over!

Confessional End

Scarlett: Hey Max, mind if I use you for my act?

Max: Why not, it will certainly amuse me.

Scarlett: Good, let's practice. Stand by that slab over there. (Max walks over to a large wooden slab standing up)

Scarlett: Okay Max, I'm about to make my first throw.

Max: Just get it over with already! (Scarlett picks up a knife, holding it by the tip, steadies her aim and throws it at Max. It just narrowly avoids him by the top of his head)

Max: Hey, watch where you're throwing that! You could've hit me!

Scarlett: It's all part of the act Max. The closer to the body, the better the act.

Max: If that's the case, then don't hit me. We don't want to risk messing up the act.

Scarlett: Trust me, you have no idea how hard it is for me to not try to hit you. But we have a challenge to win, so you're fine... for now. (Scarlett says to herself. Meanwhile high up with Alejandro and B)

Alejandro: Are you sure these will support my weight? (B nods)

Alejandro: Alright, make sure it's safe if I somehow fall. If I do, the. I want to make sure it's safe until I get it right. (B nods again, climbs down the ladder to the ground, and lays trampolines along the area underneath the line. He gives a thumbs up to notify it's done, which Alejandro notices)

Alejandro: Alright, here goes nothing. (Alejandro grabs a pole and slowly walks on the tightrope)

Alejandro: *slow but heavy breathing* (He continues to walk slowly, sweating at points)

Alejandro: I shouldn't be feeling nervous, but why am I? Is it because I'm being judged for this? (He continues to walk across until he reaches the platform on the other side)

Alejandro: *phew* Okay, that's done. I'll do it a few more times to get the hang of it. (He calls down to B before going again)

Alejandro: Make sure they finish those costumes, and that mine isn't too tight! (B gives a thumbs up and runs over to the room where Heather, Leshawna, and Leonard are working in. He whispers the request to Leonard)

Leonard: I'll pass the message along. (B runs out of the room)

Leonard: Excuse me, Alejandro requests that his outfit not be too tight, he's afraid it will interfere with his performance.

Heather: And why should I listen to him?

Leshawna: Becuase if he can't focus and he falls then we lose points and risk going to elimination again. Keep in mind, you could be up for it due to the faulty costumes, because they won't like it otherwise.

Heather: As much as I hate to say it, point taken.

Ezekiel: Ahhhhhh! (Ezekiel is heard screaming, and a lion roars shortly afterward. They run out to see Ezekiel laid down on hai back in fear in front of a lion)

Ezekiel: It was an accident, I swear! (The lion roars, when suddenly...)

Dawn: It's alright, calm down. He never meant any harm, it was simply a mistake. (Dawn touches the lion's mane, and it starts to calm down)

Dawn: There there, no harm done right?

Ezekiel: I'm sorry, I didn't see his tail. I may be home schooled, but even I know it's dumb to step on a lions tail, eh?

Dawn: No worries, accidents happen. Now if you excuse us. (Dawn walks away with the lion)

Leonard: Amazing, her beast taming skills are quite the high level. I could use someone like her in my guild.

Heather: Dream on magic-doofus, let's get back to work. We need to decide to a design for her and the others. (They walk back to their area. Scene transitions to team Iron Will)

Sugar: Alright, light it!

Rodney: You got it! (Rodney lights a rod on fire, and gives it to Sugar. She puts it in her mouth without much effort, then brings it back out unlit)

Sugar: Mmmm, that really does taste good.

Rodney: Really? I wouldn't know myself.

Sugar: Do it again, do it again.

Jasmine: Careful, we don't want to waste all the rods, save some for tonight.

Sugar: Sure sure, I ain't gonna eat all of 'em.

Jasmine: Scott, are you sure you can handle ringmaster?

Scott: If I can lead a herd a cows into my pappy's barn, then presenting a circus shouldn't be too much trouble. Just make sure the costume isn't too flashy.

Anne Maria: Don't worry, the geek and I are working hard. (Harold speaks from offscreen)

Harold: We would be if you weren't so focused on yourself.

Anne Maria: Like you don't try to look your best.

Harold: I'll shut up. (Anne Maria walks off screen into the next room)

Scott: Lightning, Eva, how's your act coming along?

Lightning: No problem, Lightning will steal this show. (He proceeds to lift a 25-pound weight with both hands, but Eva lifts a 40 pound one with only one hand)

Eva: We'll get it done.

Scott: Good, try to go beyond just lifting things. There's a chance they'll get bored with that.

Eva: No problem. I don't intend to be too simple for this.

Lightning: Here, now watch this. (Lightning attempts to do what Eva did with a 50-pound weight, but fails as it drops to the floor with him still holding it)

Lightning: Aw come on, this thing is rigged!

Scott: Just get it done. Hey Jasmine, thanks for helping out with organizing this.

Jasmine: No problem mate, need to make sure we got this down right.

Tyler: Hey guys, watch this! (Scott and Jasmine turn to see Tyler, who holds his right leg and turns it so it is in front of his face)

Scott: Whoa, are you okay?

Tyler: Hah, I can't even feel a thing. I got this. Whoa, whoa! (Tyler ends up falling on his side due to loss of balance)

Tyler: I'm okay.

Jasmine: Try to not to kill yourself before the show.

Owen: Hey guys! (Owen runs over to them)

Scott: What's up?

Owen: Can I help out with the fire eating, please?

Jasmine: I think he should, his gut did help us in the last one like Sugar's.

Scott: Sure thing, it may help sell the act.

Owen: Yes! I won't let you down! (Owen runs over to Sugar and starts practicing eating fire himself)

Scott: I think we're going to need a lot more for the outfits.

Jasmine: Couldn't agree with you more.

Duncan: If you need any help with anything, let me know.

Jasmine: Mind asking the brothers for more material for stage outfits, just tell them Owen's performing.

Duncan: Got it. (Duncan runs out of the tent to the brothers)

Scott: Let's hope we can get this together in time, or else we're hosed. (Scene transitions to team Fashion Squad)

Blaineley: Are you sure this idea will work?

Dakota: I'm positive. Those two are looking for originality, so having two ringmasters instead of one will certainly get their attention.

Blaineley: I hope so. Then again, this isn't too far from hosting, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Dakota: Good to hear, hey Cameron, is it ready?

Cameron: Took a while to get to get the right angle, but the cannon is prepared.

Dakota: Sam, is the mat lined up correctly?

Sam: Ready for impact!

Blaineley: Okay Jo, load up and get ready.

Jo: Yeah sure, let's just do this. (Jo puts on a helmet and climbs into the cannon until she gets to the barrel end)

Jo: Light that candle when you're ready.

Dakota: Cameron, if you please. (Cameron lights a match and lights the fuse. It goes up into the cannon and it launches Jo at high speeds towards the mat, which she lands on face first)

Sam: Ouch, that looked like it had to hurt.

Cameron: Hey Jo, are you okay?

Jo: Are you kidding, I've never been better. That was actually fun.

Dakota: Wait. You had fun with that?

Jo: I never felt so thrilled before in my life, this daredevil business may just be for me.

Blaineley: Well, just try to keep that head of yours in one piece. We'll need it for tonight.

Dakota: Speaking of stuff we need for tonight, hey Lindsay, how are the outfits going? (Lindsay pops her head out of her work area to answer)

Lindsay: They're going great, we're definetly going to show why we're team Fashion Squad tonight. (From offscreen)

Brick: Hey Lindsay, will this shade of red do?

Lindsay: It's perfect! That will go so well with it. Hey Jo, do you mind something that's like, not too flashy?

Jo: Trust me, that's what I want.

Lindsay: Okay thanks!

Dakota: I'm going to check up on Ella, her singing could be what helps us snag the win this time.

Blaineley: Okay, I'll keep working with these guys to see what else we could add to the performance. (Dakota walks over to where Ella is practicing, but is stopped by Topher and Dave trying to walk on stilts)

Dakota: Woah! So, how goes the stilt walking?

Topher: I'm getting there, it's Dave that I'm worried about.

Dave: Sad thing is, I agree with him. I can't last two minutes without wobbling over.

Dakota: You just need to find your center. Don't take too many large steps, go one at a time, and above else, don't think about heights. Just relax and keep walking until you get your balance.

Dave: Are you sure, I don't know...

Topher: She's not that far off. Here, grab my hand.

Dave: Um, won't people comment about that?

Topher: Would you prefer to lose and be up for elimination?

Dave: And suddenly the words from the crowd mean nothing, let's go. (Dave grabs Topher's hand and stands up on the stilts, standing five and a half inches off the ground)

Topher: Okay, one foot in front of the other, and it should be done fairly easily. (Dave walks forward one step at a time, he wobbles a bit but manages to find his balance)

Dave: I-I can't believe it, I did it, I did it!

Topher: Nice work!

Dakota: Good job Dave.

Dave: Alright, I think I can do this now.

Topher: Good, because things are going to get tougher. Let's talki about what we should do for our act. (While on the stilts, Topher and Dave walk away. Dakota starts walking towards Ella's practice area again, and meets up with her)

Dakota: Hey Ella, everything going okay?

Ella: Huh? Um, yes, everything is fine. My practice goes well.

Dakota: Why do I get the feeling there's something I'm missing here?

Ella: Well it's just... How do I explain this? I, well... I...

Dakota: Is there something wrong?

Ella: I just can't decide what to sing is all.

Dakota: Let me guess, you have feelings you want to express?

Ella: I was afraid it was that obvious. And I suppose you already know who it is?

Dakota: That's no secret, I know you want to impress Jack Vonguarde.

Ella: I'm trying not to obsess over him, I'm just trying to win his heart before his other crushes do it.

Dakota: It's certainly a unique scenario, and I'm surprised he has no ulterior motive for seeing this, he genuinely loves you and the other two. If you want to impress him, why not choose a song about how you feel?

Ella: Choose one, but there are so many. What to choose?

Dakota: I'll help you out I promise, in the meantime; you prep yourself and I'll get your outfit ready. We'll give him a performance he'll never forget.

Ella: Okay, thank you! (Meanwhile in team Speed Demon's tent)

Zoey: Mike, are you sure you want to do this? It's going to be pretty tough out there.

Mike: I know, but someone has to. Being ringmaster will be tough, but I'm confident I can handle this. (Meanwhile, high up, Sky and Samey are practicing for the acrobatics)

Samey: I can't do this, I asked for the magic act so I could do it.

Sky: Well, Beardo already said he had experience from his childhood, while you only practiced recently.

Samey: But...

Sky: Trust me, you'll be fine. I know you wanted to do the magic act, but if you want to step out of your comfort zone, then acrobatics is the way to go. Trust me on this.

Samey: I don't know, maybe someone more capable should take this spot.

Sky: It's easy, watch. (Sky grabs a trapeze, swings on it, backflips to grab the next one, and lands on the other platform with no trouble)

Sky: Here, now you try! (Samey grabs the trapeze, but flinches when she looked down)

Samey: Eek, I can't do this! (The rest of her team heard her and cheers her on in support)

Gwen: Don't give up!

Bridgette: You can do this!

Cody: Have faith, we believe in you!

Sierra: What Cody said!

Samey: Um, I... (Suddenly, Samey flashbacks to Maxwell's words near the beginning of the competition)

Maxwell(flashback): Don't hesitate, when the time comes just act. (With those words in mind, Samey closes her eyes and swings from the trapeze. She leaps from it and grabs the next one then reaches the platform, opening her eyes afterwards)

Samey: Huh, what? (Samey realizes she did it effortlessly)

Samey: OMG, I can't believe it! I did it!

Sky: I told you you could do it, ready for what comes next?

Samey: I won't hesitate anymore, let's do it! (Scene transitions to them practicing on a trampoline while everyone watches in amazement. They perform somersaults and spins while jumping on them)

Samey: This is so cool!

Sky: You're really getting the hang of this. (Suddenly, an announcement comes on)

Maxwell: Attention teams, the show begins in 90 minutes. You better have everything prepared. (When the announcement end do, Samey realizes something)

Samey: Uh guys, are the other acts and the costumes ready? (The rest of the team minus Sky realizes it and scrambles to get everything ready)

Samey: Why do I get the feeling this won't end well?

Sky: Don't worry, we'll practice for a bit longer, then we'll help out. Sound good?

Samey: Sure thing. Hey Shawn, how's the juggling act coming along?

Shawn: It's actually going better than I thought. Okay, throw the next club in. (On Shawn's cue, Cody throws another club into Shawns hands as he keeps juggling)

Shawn: Pft, easy-peasy.

Sky: Beardo, how's the magic act going?

Beardo: Trust me, it's going well. Now Sierra, mind stepping into this box? (Sierra steps into a large box, and Beardo closes it)

Beardo: Alright, if I remember this right. (Beardo sticks a sword into the side of it, nothing is heard from Sierra. He does the same to the each side twic, and the top. He opens it and...)

Beardo: Ta-da! (Sierra is seen crouched, avoiding the swords)

Beardo: Wait, you're not supposed to be in there. I think I did this wrong.

Sky: Uh see, we'll be *gulp* just fine. How about the costumes?

Bridgette: Geoff and I worked our butts off, but they're ready.


Gwen: Is it just me, or is something terribly wrong going to happen to us?

Sky: I have full confidence that we can avoid elimination again. Given how hard we worked, there's no way we can lose.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to the big top, all lit up for the big performance)

Jack: Alright, would the ringmasters for each team step forth? (Courtney, Scott, Mike, Dakota, and Blaineley step forward)

Maxwell: Uh Fashion Squad, have you still not officially decided on a ringmaster?

Blaineley: We have, we just decided to be a bit more original and have two presenters tonight instead of one.

Maxwell: Originality, I like it!

Jack: Performers and ringmasters, into your uniforms. Everyone else can help out or watch from the stands, your choice. Let us begin!


Tyler: Oh man, it's show time. I hope we can do well, I don't want to ride on everyone else's performance.

Dave: That practice went by better than I thought. I think we actually have a shot at winning this time.

Dawn: I hope Mother Earth won't look down on me too much for doing this. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and if I mess this up, it could mean my end.

Katie: I hope we can do well, most of the practicing done was on Samey and Sky's acrobatics. The other two didn't have as much time, or at least they didn't use it well. Thank goodness Sadie and I aren't performing.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to inside the big top. The brothers are in their own judges table, some contestants are in the audience, and some are helping out)

Maxwell: We'll go Mind Blast, Iron Will, Speed Demon, and Fashion Squad. Ringmaster for Mind Blast, please step into the spotlight. (On Maxwell's cue; Courtney, wearing a red suit with a matching bow tie and a top hat, steps out)

Jack: I'm liking the outfit, really looks ringmaster.

Courtney: Thank you. (She clears her throat)

Courtney: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out tonight. We have several acts tonight, each one defying death in its own style. We'll start tonight with something simple, a little target practice by our own genius, aided by her assistant. Please put your hands together for the biggest mind in Mind Blast, Scarlett. (The audience claps as Courtney walks off center stage. A spotlight lights up showing Max on the center of a target, and a cloaked and nodded figure starts walking to the center. They remove the hood, and it is revealed to be Scarlett)

Maxwell: Oh boy.

Scarlett: I'm pleased by our audience tonight. How would you like to see some danger? (The audience cheers)

Duncan: Give it to him!

Trent: You got this! (Scarlett walks to the table set aside for her and picks up one of the seven knives set aside for her)

Scarlett: I don't think this is dangerous enough. Spin the target!

Max: What, no one said anything about spinning! (The target starts spinning clockwise, Max along with it)

Scarlett: Much better.

Jack: Now that's an act! (Scarlett throws a knife, and it hits the target near the edge)

Max: Hah, is that all you got?

Scarlett: You know better than to tempt me! (Scarlett grabs two more knives, throws them, and they land closer to Max)

Scarlett: Please, don't try this at home. I'm a trained professional. (She throws another knife, hitting close to Max's leg)

Max: Hey, not so close!

Scarlett: Well now, where's the fun in that? (She throws two more and they land to either side of Max's head)

Scarlett: Let's see how close a haircut this will make. (She aims the last knife, throws it, and it lands just above Max's head. The target stops spinning after that, and Max promptly faints from fear. Scarlett bows to signify the end of her performance, and the crowd claps)

Jack: I must admit, this was certainly a spectacle to behold.

Maxwell: The outfit was certainly a nice fit too. Though the performance in itself doesn't deviate too much from some standard knife throwing performances. Regardless, we haven't seen that many, so we applaud you for a job well done.

Scarlett: Why thank you. Would someone get him off that? (The links on the target open, and Max falls onto the ground still unconscious)

Jack: We have decided on a score. (They bring up a card and say...)

Jack/Maxwell: Seven!

Scarlett: I must admit, I did pretty well all things considered. Thank you for your time. (Scarlett grabs Max and walks away from the spotlight. Scott steps in wearing a red plaid shirt with green overalls)

Maxwell: Yay for originality!

Jack: I never pictured a farmer presenting the show, but it suits you. Proceed.

Scott: Thank you. Ahem, our first act tonight will demonstrate the raw energy beneath the team labeled Iron Will. For your entertainment, I present to you now our Iron Man and Iron Woman. Give it up for Lightning and Eva! (Spotlight on Eva and Lightning comes up. Lightning is wearing a leopard-print sleeveless shirt, while Eva dons a black and light blue gym uniform, with vertical stripes)

Jack: Not bad.

Lightning: Get ready to be amazed, because Lightning is about to strike!

Eva: Be prepared to be amazed. (said unenthusiasticly)

Lightning: Let's get started! (Both effortlessly life a 35-pound weight with one hand, and do the same to the 40-pound one)

Lightning: Don't fall asleep yet. We haven't gotten to the best part.

Maxwell: Best part? (Lightning lifts a 55-pound barbell with both hands, Eva does the same with an 80-pound one)

Eva: I hope you're ready.

Katie: Ready for what?

Sadie: I don't know.

Lightning: Let's do this! (Eva and Lightning walk over to the main support beam for the tent, both grab it and successfully lift it, amazing the audience)

Maxwell: Holy smokes!

Jack: Now that's power!

Lightning/Eva: Ta da! (The drop it, sending the tent back into the ground)

Jack: That was spectacular, that ending was worth it. It was a somewhat boring build up, but the payoff was worth it.

Lightning: It better be, Lightning almost broke a sweat during that.

Maxwell/Jack: Seven! (They say as they hold up a scorecard with that number)

Lightning: Sha-bam! How's that for an act?

Eva: Let's just go. (Eva and Lightning walk away. Mike, donning a black suit, bowler hat, and black cape walks to the center)

Maxwell: Meh, there's been better.

Mike: I'm well aware, but we botched the whole watching our time thing.

Jack: Still it isn't too bad.

Mike: Now, how about we have some laughs tonight? After all, it isn't a circus without some laughter. Presenting our expert juggler, Shawn. (Shawn comes out riding a unicycle while juggling three balls)

Maxwell: I don't think this is going to end well.

Jack: So it was not just me then? (Shawn continues riding around maintaining his juggling, suddenly two more balls are thrown to him and he keeps juggling)

Jack: Shawn, are you okay? You seem to be struggling?

Shawn: I'm doing fine!

Maxwell: And your outfit? (Shawn looks at his clothes to realize he forgot to put on his outfit)

Shawn: Pardon me, but I feel this is necessary. (Insert swear words here)

Jack: I guess the "time watching thing" wasn't the only thing you botched. (Shawn starts to lose his balance before he goes into a wall crashing)

Shawn: I guess not. *falls unconscious*

Jasmine: Shawn!

Maxwell: Not only did you forget your costume, but you failed the act as well. I expected better from you Speed Demon.

Jack: As did I...

Jack/Maxwell: Four! (They say as they hold up the respective score card)

Mike: Sorry about that, we really screwed this up.

Jack: I hope you can fix this soon.

Mike: We'll get our next act right, we promise! (Mike, along with Katie and Sadie, grab the unconscious Shawn and his act materials and take him away)

Maxwell: Let's see how our two person ringmaster team can go. (The spotlight shines on Dakota and Blaineley; both are wearing hot pink sequin suits)

Jack: Well, points for making a statement.

Dakota: Trust me, we are winning this time. Nothing is stopping us!

Maxwell: Then show us your resolve, begin your first act!

Blaineley: Will do, keep your eyes to the skies because these boys are about to walk the "high" way. (Maxwell laughs while Jack groans)

Jack: Cursed puns, I'm fine when I do it but I don't do it so often. At least compared to you Maxwell. (Maxwell shrugs with a big grin on his face)

Dakota: Representing team Fashion Squad, with their latest tallman act, it's Dave and Topher. (Topher and Dave walk out on 3-foot stilts, donning gray shirts and shorts to match the stilts)

Maxwell: Hey look Jack, they match!

Jack: That's always a plus.

Topher: Ready?

Dave: As I'll ever be, let's go!

Topher: Right! (Topher starts running on his stilts to the springboard that was set up, he jumps on it, does a front flip and lands perfectly)

Jack: Whoa.

Maxwell: Color me impressed. (Dave, though reluctant at first, swallows his fear and attempts to do what Topher just did. Though the landing was not as perfect, he was successful)

Topher: Nice, ready for the next part?

Dave: Your cue. (Both back up, then simultaneously run, cartwheel, then jump over the matt set up)

Maxwell: Man, this is amazing!

Dave: Just wait until you see our finale! Topher, go for it!

Topher: Got it! (Topher climbs up a nearby ladder and Dave runs over to where he is just under Topher. He reaches the top, and gets ready to jump)

Jack: Okay, this is getting good. (Topher jumps, somersaults as he is falling, and successfully lands stilts first on Dave's shoulders)

Dave/Topher: Ta da! (Maxwell and Jack clap, the others follow)

Beth: It worked!

Sam: I knew we could have a chance here! Let's take this momentum all the way to the end.

Jack: Topher, Dave, you performed amazingly! I couldn't have topped that better myself!

Maxwell: Trust me, you did great. No joke about that!

Topher: Well what do you expect, we want to win.

Maxwell: And so far you are!

Jack/Maxwell: Nine! (They say as they hold up that respective score card)

Topher: Thank you, thank you. You've been a wonderful audience. (Topher jumps down from Dave's shoulder, the two bow to their audience and walk off center stage)

Maxwell: Alright Mind Blast, you have 7 so far. Let's see what you do to edge out in the competition. (Courtney steps out again)

Courtney: With pleasure, time for a real high wire act. Put your hands together for Alejandro, who will attempt to walk the whole way across the tent, on a tightrope. (Spotlight shines on Alejandro, wearing a purple and gold one-piece outfit)

Alejandro: "Attempt"? Hah, I think I will succeed.

Maxwell: Only one way to find out. Start walking! (Alejandro starts walking slowly on the tightrope while everyone watches with anticipation, halfway through everyone else is starting to get bored)

Alejandro: I felt this would happen, activate the cannons! (Jack springs up)

Jack: Cannons?

Heather: Oh, I have been waiting for this. Get ready to fire! (On Heather's cue several cannons are lit and they fire. Alejandro starts walking faster as they continue to fire, and he continues to successfully dodge them)

Alejandro: A good performer always knows when to keep the excitement going.

Noah: What do you know, it actually worked. This may give us the lead. (It keeps going with Alejandro dodging the cannonballs, with a short distance left he jumps off the rope, and to the platform with a somersault)

Alejandro: And that's how it's done. (The audience claps)

Zoey: Okay, that was pretty good.

Justin: And he looked good while doing it, a personal plus from me.

Jack: Glad to see you came prepared to making an act to remember.

Alejandro: What, you thought it was going to be simple did you? I'm here to win after all, I need to make up for what happened last time.

Maxwell: And made up you have...

Jack/Maxwell: Eight! (Feeling satisfied, Alejandro climbs down the ladder and proceeds off stage. Scott comes back out)

Scott: A bit of warning with this next one, it will look painful. But our performer has ensured us that he will be fine.

Maxwell: I think I know what you mean, so let's hope.

Scott: Give it up for Tyler, acting as our contortionist for the evening. (Tyler walks out with his usual clothes, but then rips them off to reveal a black spandex outfit)

Lindsay: Looking good Tyler!

Tyler: Thank you, prepare to be amazed... and slightly grossed out. (He takes his right foot and puts it behind his head; then takes his other foot, sits down, and puts it behind his back)

Maxwell: My god man, are you okay?

Tyler: No worries, I'm cool. (He takes his right foot over his head, then behind his back. He stands on his hands then moves both legs from his back to his front)

Tyler: See, told you! (He slips on his hands and falls face first, but gets up like it was no issue)

Tyler: I'm okay. (He takes his right hand behind his back and reaches for his left leg. He grabs and pulls it, then does the same on his front with the opposite hand and leg; then he falls with his legs open, and squeals in pain)

Tyler: Ow...

Maxwell: Hope he and Lindsay weren't planning on having any kids.

Jack: When did you start hoping? (Both brothers laugh)

Tyler: Well, hope you enjoyed.

Maxwell: Well, Scott was right when he said it looked painful. Though I'm surprised it took that for you to feel any pain period.

Jack: Irregardless, we have our score.

Jack/Maxwell: Six!

Tyler: Yay... (Tyler falls face first into unconsciousness)

Jack: Can someone get this man some help? (Rodney runs over to Tyler, picks him up and takes him offstage. Mike enters shortly after)

Mike: Well, I believe it's time we make up for that last act. This next one is sadly where most of the time went, but I believe it will be worth the watch.

Maxwell: For your sake I hope so!

Mike: Give it up for our high flying mistresses, Sky and Samey! (Spotlight shines on the two ladies, both donning a red one-piece outfit)

Maxwell: Okay, I'm interested!

Jack: This should be good.

Sky: Let's start off easy, shall we? (On Sky's cue, two long trampolines are brought out. Sky and Samey run over to them, and start jumping and performing tricks on them. The audience watches in amazement)

Jasmine: I gotta say, those two are pretty good. Though I highly doubt jumping like a kangaroo will do much.

Cody: Trust me, the best is yet to come. (The two jump off the trampolines and land perfectly)

Samey: I think we should take things up a notch. (Spotlight shines on two aerial ribbons, the girls walk over to them, grab and climb onto them, and continue doing tricks while holding on; posing and wrapping the ribbons around their bodies while still holding on)

Jack: Wow, the amount of dexterity the need to that successfully, and in the time they had. They were not kidding when they said they lost time, because it clearly went towards this.

Maxwell: I don't know whether to be concerned or impressed, I'll choose impressed. (They slide down the ribbons and touch the ground feet first)

Sky: So, how about we wrap this up?

Samey: Bring on the spotlight! (Spotlight shines on the trapeze area high above the ground. They climb ladders on opposite sides, grabs the trapeze and start swinging, somersaulting and grabbing the next one as they go)

Samey: Ready?

Sky: Your cue. (For their finale, Samey swings first then flips high in the air. Sky swings shortly after and grabs Samey by her legs before she falls. Both swing back to the other side)

Samey: And that's all she wrote. (The audience claps and cheers)

Owen: That was awesome!

Scarlett: Okay, got to give you props there.

Beth: You're amazing!

Jack: Bravo, bravo!

Maxwell: I don't know what to say, that was amazing!

Sky: Thanks, we really wanted to do well with this, especially after the last performance we had flunked.

Samey: Believe me, this wasn't my first choice. But I'm thankful I managed to do as well as I did and give a satisfying performance.

Maxwell: And that you did my dear.

Jack/Maxwell: Ten!

Sky/Samey: Thank you very much! (The two bow then run off stage, Dakota and Blaineley come back out)

Dakota: Man was that something, ready for some action?

Maxwell: Bring it on!

Blaineley: They are ready, and so is our performer. Introducing our daredevil cannon flyer, Jo! (Spotlight shines on Jo, wearing a white jacket with a matching cape and helmet)

Jo: I am ready to fly! Target ready?

Brick: All set! (Brick, standing by a large target, gives a thumbs up)

Jo: Alright, let's get this ball rolling. (Jo runs to the back of the cannon and jumps in. Sam close the hatch behind her and Jo pops up in the cannon's barrel)

Jo: Light this candle.

Sam: On it! (Sam lights a torch and fires the fuse)

Jo: There's something on the other side to break the impact, right?

Brick: No worries, we put whipped cream on the other side of this paper target!

Jo: Ok good...... wait wha-? (Before Jo finishes her sentence, the cannon launches her, from one side of the tent to the other. She goes through the paper target and lands in the tub of whipped cream on the other side, the audience claps and laughs)

Jo: You didn't say it would be whipped cream!

Brick: Well, you didn't ask what it would be.

Jo: I swear, I'd kill you if you weren't on my team.


Brick: Why should she be so worked up, I made sure she was safe. If you ask me, I don't think she's going to last much longer in this show, I think even the hosts are starting to get annoyed of her.

Confessional End

Jack: Hahahahahahahahaha! That was amazing, the look on her face, it was priceless.

Maxwell: Yeah, you deserve this for giving us that much needed laugh.

Jack/Maxwell: Nine!

Jo: Okay, you're off the hook this time. Get me out of here! (Brick wheels the tub with Jo in it off stage, Courtney then shows up)

Courtney: I suppose it's time we end this game, huh?

Maxwell: This is your last shot, mess up and it may mean elimination. If you do well, you may just take the whole thing.

Courtney: We'll just have to find out right? Well, time for our finale! Introducing our resident animal expert and lion tamer, Dawn! (Spotlight shines on Dawn, wearing a red corset with a black skirt and a top hat, and a lion beside her)

Maxwell: Wow Jack, you are quite the lucky man.

Jack: Shut up Maxwell. You know better than to interrupt a lion tamer's performance.

Dawn: Come hither Leon, follow me. (The lion follows Dawn to the center)

Dawn: Alright Leon, let's start simple. (Dawn grabs three hoops and places them on holders, then places a ramp on both ends and platforms in between)

Dawn: Leon, jump! (On her command, the lion jumps through the hoops and lands on the other side)

Dawn: Good Leon. (Dawn pets the lion's mane, then leads him around to a stack of crates)

Dawn: Alright Leon, to the top! (The lion climbs the stack and reaches the top)

Dawn: Okay, jump to me. (The lion then jumps down to Dawn)

Dawn: Good, now open up. (The lion opens his mouth, and Dawn sticks her head in)

Jack: Woah, careful my dear!

Dawn: Relax, I have his trust and he has mine. (She takes her head out of his mouth and then leads him back to his cage)

Dawn: I know you don't want to, but you need to be safely transported. In you go... (The lions just stays still)

Dawn: I do not wish to be forceful, because you know what will happen, now in the cage! (The lion walks slowly in, Dawn closes and locks it)

Dawn: Thank you. (Dawn bows, the audience cheers)

Jack: Not bad, that was pretty good.

Dawn: Thanks, I didn't want to do too much, I was reluctant to do this since I'm not one for these kinds of animal acts. But, my team nearly sent me home last time, so I need to make up for it somehow.

Maxwell: Despite what little you did, you managed to do it well.

Jack/Maxwell: Nine!

Jack: That puts Mind Blast's final score at 24, amazing show! (Dawn walks off stage, and Scott comes back out)

Scott: Now, presenting our final performance; they're the iron guts of iron will, and are about to feel the heat. Presenting Owen and Sugar! (Spotlight shines on Owen and Sugar, both donning all black clothing)

Owen: I'm hungry, how about you?

Sugar: Bring on the eats! (On Sugar's cue, Duncan lights up several torches at once. They each pick two up)

Owen: Don't try this at home kids, I'm a trained professional.... well, at least for seven hours or so. (He takes one torch into his mouth and swallows it, Sugar does the same)

Sugar: Mmm, still good.

Maxwell: They didn't even flinch.

Jack: They must be stronger stomachs than I thought. (They continue devouring the flames, but when they finish...)

Owen: I think it's time for dessert. (On Owen's cue, two full trays of fire are presented and laid on the table behind them)

Sugar: And now, the final dish. (Both take the trays, put them in their mouth, and bring them back out unlit but covered in saliva)

Owen: And that's that. (The audience is in shock)

Maxwell: Ok, how and why?

Owen: Trust me, it wasn't easy at first. We had trouble staying still with fire in us.

Sugar: But hey, the things you can get done with food as a reward.

Jack: Oh yes, the banquet scheduled for you after elimination. Thanks for reminding us. Regardless, we have our score.

Jack/Maxwell: Seven!

Maxwell: That puts you at twenty for your final score.


Sugar: Aw fiddle stick, I thought we could've won. Ah well, at least I had a bite to eat.

Confessional End

(Sugar and Owen return to the sides and Mike comes out)

Jack: You better make sure this last one is good, otherwise you are done for.

Mike: I know, so without further ado, our very last performer. Beardo, the Beardly Magnificent! (Spotlight shines on Beardo, wearing a top hat and cloak over his regular clothes)

Maxwell: Lazy and poorly executed.

Jack: At least he remembered some sort of outfit, proceed.

Beardo: Let's start off with some basics, I will now pull a rabbit out of my hat. (He takes off his hat and reaches into it, but pulls out nothing. He holds it above his head trying to see something, but some rocks fall on him instead)

Beardo: Ow, ow, that hurts. Um.... okay onto our next trick, I require my assistant please. (Sierra is pushed out to the center, Beardo grabs her and puts her into the box)

Beardo: I shall now stab this box, with these swords. (He places five swords through the box, two on either side and one on top. He opens the box, and finds Sierra in the corner of it cowering)

Beardo: What? You're not supposed to be...

Jack: Our patience is running thin.

Maxwell: You better come up with something good, or else you're finished.

Beardo: Wait, I still have something. (He pulls out three rings connected to each other)

Maxwell: C'mon, make with the amazement already.

Beardo: It's alright, I just need to... Hrrrrgh, why won't these things come apart? (He keeps pulling with all his might, but it won't come apart. Sierra runs over and grabs one side, but both lose their grip and fall on the ground, the rings still together)

Beardo: Um, for our next trick...

Maxwell: Stop, you've done enough, you've offended us magicians enough.

Jack: I can see why the time was poorly managed, that was absolutely horrible. You should be ashamed for thinking you could be a magician like this.

Maxwell: Your a disgrace to the profession you hear me, a f****** disgrace!

Jack: Maxwell calm down, let's let the score dictate our feelings.

Maxwell: Yeah, let's...

Jack/Maxwell: Zero!!!

Beardo: What?

Jack: Get out of our sight, now! (Beardo and Sierra walk away heads hanging low, Dakota and Blaineley come back out)

Maxwell: I expected better from him, I honestly did.

Jack: Let's hope this last one will do well.

Dakota: Like we said, we want to win so we're not pulling anything out. Besides, we saved the best for last.

Maxwell: Let's hope you did.

Blaineley: Let's give a round of applause to our final performer of the evening, the lovely songbird, Ella! (Spotlight shines on Ella, donning a beautiful white gown with a flower in her hair)

Jack: ! Ella, you look...... divine.

Ella: Thank you, I intend to sing the feeling my heart wishes to express to you, if that's okay.

Jack: Do it, by all means. I love a song from the heart.

Maxwell: As do I, begin.

Ella: Okay, dim the lights please. (As the music starts to play, the lights start to go out, minus one above Ella. She walks over to the microphone and starts singing)

(The song she selected, in case you want to sing along:

Child and a fool in one

So sure I could need no one

My heart is always on the run to nowhere

Now as you're holding me

My heart is reminding me

That now I could never be without you

But how can our love succeed

A miracle is what we need

And so I appeal to you

To keep me suspended in time with you

Don't let this moment die

I get a feeling when I'm with you

None of the rules apply

But I know for certain goodbye is a crime

So love, if you need me, suspend me in time

Wasted the time away

Holding our love at bay

Now I can't last a day without you

Your smile is a thrill to see

Eyes hold me tenderly

They'll shine in my memory forever

But how can our love succeed

A miracle is what we need

And so I appeal to you

To keep me suspended in time with you

Don't let this moment die

I get a feeling when I'm with you

None of the rules apply

But I know for certain goodbye is a crime

So love, if you need me, suspend me time...

In time...

(As the song ends, the light come back on and everyone is in amazement)

Jack: ...

Maxwell: ...

Dakota: ...

Sam: ...

Zoey: ...

Beardo: ...

Everyone else: ... (Ella smiles proudly and bows)

Ella: Thank you so much for giving me this chance.

Jack: If you would allow us a bit of poetry.

Ella: Sure.

Maxwell: When this game began, you showed that you aren't strong. That you wouldn't win that big, boy we were wrong.

Jack: And so as we reach the end of the circus, and we say "Le Fin". Congratulations on a fantastic performance...

Jack/Maxwell: ...And congratulations for your win. Ten!!!! (The team starts cheering, going over to Ella and congratulating each other. The brothers walk down to the team)

Maxwell: You win with a solid score of 28, that in of itself is a win worth bragging about.

Jack: You all performed admirably, and Ella, I don't see why Chris didn't like you. You really are an angel with a golden voice, and I like that. (Ella blushes)

Ella: You do? I mean, thank you.

Jack: I know this may seem sudden, and I know the fans will think so too, but I have to do this. (Jack suddenly leans in and kisses her on the lips, much to everyone's, especially Dawn's and Sky's, shock. Ella then swoons with happiness, but Jack catches her before she touches the ground)

Jack: Thank you, thank you so much for your song.

Maxwell: A-freaking-men. Thank you.


Ella: It's a dream come true, I have finally found my prince. And I know that he loves me dearly, excuse the language but, take that Jo!

Confessional End

Maxwell: Mind Blast and Iron Will, you have second and third respectively. You are also safe. (The teams sigh in relief)

Jack: Team Fashion Squad, you deserve a reward. Perhaps it's time you relax and watch a true professional circus.

Cameron: I love the circus! (The team cheers in victory)

Jack: To think, from worst to first, what could be more surprising?

Maxwell: I know... (They turn to team Speed Demon)

Maxwell: Oh how the mighty have fallen. You guys sucked, big time!

Jack: I expected more out of all of you, and minus Sky and Samey, we did not get that. What team gets a f****** zero, a zero?!

Sky: We're sorry, blame us if you have to.

Jack: What do you mean, you did great.

Samey: Yeah, but it was because everyone was helping out. We did so good because they put us above everything else, if anyone deserves to go home, it's me or Sky from taking away from the rest of the performance. (Scott watches on with anticipation, then walks to Amy)

Scott: Hey guess what, your sister is taking the fall for the damages that were their performance tonight. You thinking what I'm thinking?

Amy: Oh, I know. Let's send that smug wannabe packing, maybe the athlete too if possible.

Scott: Now that's what I like.

Maxwell: We appreciate you taking the majority of the blame, but you still can be saved; and if you do go home you'll immediately regret it, because it will not be pleasant.

Sky: We're taking the risk.

Samey: I don't care, I won it once for my team, I'm satisfied either way.

Jack: Very well. Everyone, meet us by the big stage in 15 minutes, Speed Demon is sending someone home tonight. (Scene transitions to a large stage; the brothers are standing on it, Speed Demon is sitting in front of it, and the other teams are in the stands off to the side)

Maxwell: Team Speed Demon, you stand here at your first elimination due to your horrible circus performance.

Jack: Even the ones who performed admirably are taking responsibility for what happened tonight. Do you care to discuss who you think should be sent home?

Samey: No, we know what's going to happen, let's just get it over with.

Bridgette: Wait, I want to say a few words!

Jack: So be it, proceed.

Bridgette: I know the two ended up taking our priority, but it's not their fault for it, it's ours. If anything we should be blaming the ones that did horribly, Shawn and Beardo, getting distracted was their fault.

Shawn: Way to add insult to injury.

Beardo: *wa wa waaaaa* (trombone version)

Bridgette: Please guys, show them some mercy, it's not their fault it's ours.

Jack: Thank you Bridgette, now it's time.


Amy: Like I care about what she said, I'm voting for Samey either way. I'll teach her to be better than me.

Sky: I appreciate what Bridgette said, but Samey and I still feel guilty about what happened. If either of us go home, we won't be mad at anyone but ourselves.

Trent: I gotta admit, that was pretty brave of Bridgette to go up there and speak out like that. At least now, I know who I'm voting for.

B: *scratching his head, shrugs*

Topher: I prefer to vote for those who actually did bad, mine in particular is for Beardo. That guy is still annoying, the bad magic act just gave me more of a reason.

Jo: At this point, I don't care who goes. But while I have the chance, I have an old score to settle with 'Mr Ringmaster'. This'll teach you to give me a bad makeup job, and I don't even like makeup.

Zoey: Oh, I hope Mike isn't in any danger. For what it's worth, he did a pretty good job presenting the circus, I just don't think it might be enough to save him. Please give Mike another chance.

Confessional End

Jack: Votes are tallied, may I read them tonight?

Maxwell: Please do, who got the most votes?

Jack: ...










...Beardo. (Beardo shakes with fear)

Maxwell: Who's in second?

Jack: ...
















...Shawn. (Shawn's eyes widen, Jasmine gasps)

Maxwell: Third highest?

Jack: ...

























...Samey. (Samey hangs her head low in shame, Amy is seen grinning in the background)

Maxwell: ....And the last person up for elimination tonight?

Jack: ...

























...Sky. (Sky hangs her head low like Samey)

Maxwell: Okay, the rest of you are safe. (Mike sighs with relief, Zoey rests her head on his shoulder to comfort him)

Mike: Thanks.

Zoey: Whether people like it or not, I love you, and I don't want you to go just yet. (Mike smiles satisfied)

Jack: The four of you, come on stage please. (Beardo, Sky, Samey, and Shawn walk up to the stage)

Maxwell: Ironic that those who performed tonight are up for elimination.

Jack: You know I did not want to do this, but after tonight I'm left with no choice.

Sky: Go ahead, I don't have a shot at anything at this point. (Jack flinches, but regains his composure)

Jack: You know this still hurts for me to do this, right?

Sky: Good to know I still mean something to you.

Maxwell: Sky, you know this is far from the end of that. Just because Jack did what he did, doesn't mean that he has made his decision already, far from it. (Sky raises her head in confusion)

Sky: Wait what, you expect me to believe that?

Jack: As much as you believe in your chances of surviving here, yes. (Sky smiles, much to Jack's confusion)

Sky: Sorry, I shouldn't be jealous.

Jack: Well, good to know I didn't screw things up already. Anyway, let's get to the elimination.

Maxwell: In order to move on from here, you need to answer this next question right. If you don't, you're off the show and here's how...

Jack: Lights! (Spotlights start activating, they show a large wooden statue carved to look like a puppet, which towers above the stage)

Shawn: What is that?

Maxwell: Our giant wooden marionette, which we have prepared for something very special.

Beardo: Special how? (The arms lower, and the hands have ropes on them, four on each hand)

Sky: Oh no...

Jack: Oh yes, if you answer this question wrong, then we will have our giant puppet string you five feet in the air. We call this one, "There Are No Strings On Me".

Samey: *gulp*

Maxwell: Let's strap you guys in! (They stand underneath the hands, and the brothers strap two ropes on each of them)

Maxwell: Comfortable? (They reluctantly go "Yes...")

Maxwell: Let's get to the question, but first the answers. They are...

Meet the Robinsons

The Great Mouse Detective

Chicken Little

and The Aristocats

(The answers show up on screen as they are announced)

Jack: The question is: Which of these three Disney films were originally supposed to get a sequel, before it was canceled?

Sky: Oh man.

Jack: First choice goes to Sky, nervous?

Sky: Yeah.

Jack: Remember my dear, three of those are right and one is wrong. Avoid the wrong answer.

Sky: Okay, I remember when I was a girl I watched those films a lot. I remember two of the ones mentioned, but when it comes to a sequel, I prefer to take my chances with The Aristocats. (The Aristocats lights up on the screen)

Maxwell: You sure about this, because keep in mind, it's a nice view from up there of your failures if you lose.

Sky: I'm not flinching at this, I'm locking it in.

Jack: Good luck to you my dear. (The Aristocats on screen fades to black)

Maxwell: Well Samey, hoping you wouldn't be on here so soon?

Samey: No, please let me go, please.

Maxwell: You have to get the question right, you know the rules.

Samey: I know, I know, I'm just so scared.

Maxwell: Try not to take too long, we are on a schedule here.

Samey: I'm going with Chicken Little, I know it did bad... (Chicken Little lights up on screen as she mentions it)

Jack: As it should...

Samey: But I can see them trying it again, making sure it was fixed. I'm just going to go with it. (Chicken Little fades to black on screen)

Maxwell: Now we go to Shawn, how's this compared to the zombie apocalypse?

Shawn: Don't remind me of that, I have way too much on my mind already.

Maxwell: Alright, you have two answers left. Which one will you go with?

Shawn: Well, out of the both of them, I think Meet the Robinsons has the most potential for a sequel, out of all of them really. (Meet the Robinsons lights up on screen)

Jack: You are THAT sure?

Shawn: Sure as sure can be.

Maxwell: You better be right, or else it's up, up, and away.

Shawn: *gulp* L-Let's do this. (Meet the Robinsons fades to black on screen)

Maxwell: And finally we reach Beardo, the Beardly Magnificent. You would not know how much pleasure I would get from taking you out of here right now.

Jack: Ease up Maxwell, give the man a chance. Except to pick his answer, how great do you feel about The Great Mouse Detective? (The Great Mouse Detective lights up on screen)

Beardo: Pretty great actually, if I remember correctly, it was based off Sherlock Holmes, right?

Maxwell: That is correct.

Beardo: So, what's stopping them from basing another film on another novel, it could definetly work. I'm just gonna hope man. (The Great Mouse Detective fades to black on screen)

Jack: Everyone has their answers, Maxwell, the switch. (Maxwell reaches into his hat, but pulls out a piggy bank. He throws that away and pulls out a pencil sharpener, a cardboard box, a jar of peanuts, then grabs the switch)

Maxwell: Ah, there we are. (He hands it to Jack)

Jack: Thank you Maxwell, time to find who's leaving, 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama. (Sky has her eyes closed, Beardo is shaking, Shawn has his hands clasped saying "Please have mercy" and repeating it, and Samey has her hands on her chest breathing rapidly)

Maxwell: We asked you to name a Disney film that was originally going to get a sequel; Sky, you chose The Aristocats. Samey, you went with Chicken Little. Shawn, you decided to put your hopes on Meet the Robinsons. And Beardo was left with The Great Mouse Detective. (The answers light up when mentioned, and the camera pans to the contestants when they are mentioned as well)

Jack: I wonder what this one does? (He presses a button on the switch, and suddenly Shawn's and Beardo's ropes start pulling up)

Shawn: No! No! Not yet, please not yet!

Beardo: I'm not liking this, I'm not liking this!

Jack: And what's this one do?

Sky: No wait, don't! (He presses another button, and Sky's and Samey's ropes start to pull)

Sky: Why did you have to- oh god.

Samey: Keep it together Samey, you can do this.

Maxwell: Glad to see those work, but what does this big one do?

Jack: Should we find out, or should we see who's safe first?

Shawn: Say who's safe!

Beardo: The second one, please give me a chance.

Maxwell: If you insist, hey Shawn guess what?

Shawn: No please, not yet!

Maxwell: You are safe, Meet the Roninsons is correct! (Meet the Robinsons lights up green on the screen)

Shawn: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! (Maxwell goes over to Shawn and detaches him from the ropes. Shawn runs over to Jack)

Maxwell: Anyone else want to know if they're safe?

Sky: I do, I do!

Maxwell: You want to know if you're safe?

Samey: Yes!

Maxwell: You want to know if Sky is safe?

Samey: No, no!

Maxwell: Well, that's too bad because Sky is safe. Sky, you are moving on to the next challenge for your chance at $10,000,000. (The Aristocats lights up green on screen. Maxwell goes over and detaches Sky from the ropes, she runs over to Jack and hugs him)

Sky: Sorry for before.

Jack: No need, I apologize for taking things with your personal competition too far, too soon.

Sky: It's okay, it was bound to happen at some point, so that just means I need to work fast.

Jack: Anyway, I believe we have a job to do.

Shawn: Good luck guys.

Samey: Please, give me another chance.

Beardo: *breathes in, breathes out*

Maxwell: And so we're down to two. The team's magician, and one of the team's acrobats. Someone is about to take their final bow, button at the ready? (Jack puts his finger over the large button on the switch)

Jack: Your call Maxwell, give our loser their final show. (Maxwell brings Samey and Beardo to his sides)

Maxwell: Alright, one of you is safe and one of you is about to go five feet in the air courtesy of our giant wooden puppet.

Samey: Please don't let it be me.

Beardo: C'mon, I didn't make it farther than last time to go home early still.

Maxwell: It's time to see who is leaving the show... permanently. The wrong answer is... (The camera pans to everyone looking on worried, except Amy who looks on with anticipation with a grin on her face)















































.......The Great Mouse Detective! (As Maxwell says that, he immediately detaches Samey, leaving Beardo on the ropes)

Beardo: Oh man.

Jack: Would you like to do the honors you two?

Shawn/Sky: Yes please! (They simultaneously hit the button, and the arm raises with Beardo attached)

Beardo: Noooooooooooo!

Amy: You gotta be kidding me!

Anne Maria: No kidding, that's scary.

Amy: No not... Forget it.

Beardo: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Get me down from here! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (The arm stops going up, leaving Beardo to dangle in the air)

Geoff: No way.

Sierra: Wow.

Zoey: Now I am thankful Mike wasn't up there. (Scene repeats Beardo going up several times, some from his perspective, some panned out, some in normal time and some in slow-mo. After it shows it for the last time...)

Beardo: Someone get me down! (Then the theme starts playing)

Theme, or closest I could find to it:

Samey: Hallelujah, I'm safe.

Maxwell: Thank goodness!

Jack: Samey you are safe for tonight, I'm sure someone isn't happy about that.

Samey: Let her sulk, I'm here to win!

Shawn: Heck yeah you are!

Maxwell: I'm so relieved you're safe.

Jack: Catch you next time on another high-flying 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! (Jack walks away and the rest of the contestants follow as the music ends. After it does...)

Beardo: Hello? Guys? Anybody? Can I come down now? Sigh, *Mario game over music*


(Maxwell and Samey are behind the big top as Fashion Squad's private show is going)

Maxwell: Glad to see you made it out okay.

Samey: Easy for you to say, I was this close to going home. At least I have another chance.

Maxwell: Trust me, you and Sky deserve it. You did an excellent act, unlike Beardo who lost it for your team.

Samey: Still, I feel that if we didn't distract everyone, he would still be on the show. I hope I can comeback from this.

Maxwell: Trust me, put yourself up to the task, and I promise you will do it. (Samey starts shedding tears, and hugs Maxwell)

Samey: Thanks for believing for me.

Maxwell: No problem, after all you really are a cute girl.

Samey: Thanks. One more thing... (Samey reaches behind Maxwell's ear and pulls out a quarter)

Samey: I know it's not much, but for you.

Maxwell: Man, one basic act and your already better than "The Beardly Magnificent". (Samey chuckles)

Maxwell: Anyways, I got to go. Jack probably need some help serving Iron Will's dinner, see you tomorrow. (Maxwell runs off)

Samey: Heh heh, see you too. (Samey walks away from the camera as the screen fades black)

Episode End

Contestants Remaining: 48

52nd: Izzy

51st: DJ

50th: Staci

49th: Beardo

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