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List of new areas:

  • Beach
  • Caverns
  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Medieval Castle
  • Haunted House
  • Bayou
  • Casino
  • Quarry
  • Weather Valley
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  • Factory
  • Seasonal Plains
  • Ruins


(A view of the carnival-circus is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Maxwell: Last time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama... Our contestants tested their mettle as they took to the go-kart race track.

Jack: There was plenty of drama to go around, both on the track and off. But it all came down to one last race to end it all.

Maxwell: In a stunning turn of events, Courtney of team Mind Blast decided to show her heart of gold, and aided Ella across the finish line. Saving them from elimination and giving her team the win.

Jack: Sadly, team Iron Will bit the most dust and were sent off for a round of bumper cars. And we upped the ante.

Maxwell: It was then that we had to send DJ on one final ride, capped off with an epic explosion! Man, that was cool! (Scene transitions to Jack and Maxwell by the food court area)

Jack: You thought that was epic, just wait until you see what we have prepared this time. 4 teams, 50 players left, 1 prize, and a whole lot of drama. Let's see who can put their money where their mouth is, and stomach this leg of the competition.

Maxwell: Nice puns.

Jack: Thank you, I practice. Now where were we, oh right...

Both brothers: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

(Show begins a nighttime, a few hours after DJ's elimination. Team Iron Will is standing by their dorm)

Tyler: I can't believe what happened to DJ, that was crazy!

Owen: Easy for you to say, I was right next to him when it happened. To think that could have been me.

Sugar: I hadn't seen a crash like that since my pappy went to the demolition derby with his tractor.

Tyler: He competed with a tractor?

Sugar: No, he took it to watch.

Tyler: ....Okay.

Jasmine: Sugar's weird family aside, we need to do our best not to end up there again.

Scott: Why bother, it's inevitable.

Jasmine: Don't be so pessimistic.

Scott: Look, given how many are on this show, and how many per team, it's inevitable. This will go until one person is left, and the others will have to be ejected like Izzy and DJ. The least we can do is give it everything we got to make sure we delay the inevitable.

Anne Maria: It sounds gloomy, but he's actually got a point. At the very least, let's show we ain't gonna go quietly, you know what I mean?

Rodney: Um, well...

Anne Maria: C'mon, don't leave me hangin.

Rodney: Maybe, um sure?

Anne Maria: See, he agrees with me.


Rodney: I'm a bit nervous around girls, I can't find the right words sometimes and I just lose feeling in my body when I'm around some. I know the right girl when I see them, but some of the girls here are making it hard to concentrate. I got to focus!

Confessional End

Harold: Let's bounce back from this loss, and win the next challenge!

Duncan: As long as you don't screw anything up, I'm in.

Jasmine: Alright, let's get some shut-eye. We'll need it if we want to win tomorrow!

Duncan: Your call Captain. (They enter their dorm, meanwhile with some members of Speed Demon)

Geoff: Man, today was not a party-on kind of day.

Cody: I know, poor DJ. Crashed into a wall with an explosion. (They flashback to DJ's elimination and subsequent explosion)

Samey: Well, that's two people gone. At least 49 more before this ends, I hope I won't have to go through that.

Mike: If you keep up your performance so far, you'll make it to the finale easily.

Samey: Y-you really think so?

Mike: Trust me, anything can happen. And I say that from experience. (They see Sky walking back from the bath house)

Mike: Hey Sky! (Sky turns to see the group)

Sky: Oh, hey guys.

Gwen: What's going on?

Sky: Nothing, just some personal stuff I was taking care of.

Samey: Love related stuff, perhaps? (Sky blushes out of embarrassment)

Sky: W-well, you're one to talk. I saw how you look at Maxwell. (Samey does the same)

Samey: W-wha? That is... I mean... You just... Oh, I give up.

Gwen: Trust me, I'm well aware that he said he had feeling for you.

Geoff: Did you hear him say it himself?

Gwen: Yeah, during the hide and seek challenge. We overheard a conversation about their 'Total Drama crushes'.

Sky: Were you mentioned at all?

Gwen: What, me? No, I wasn't. Besides, I had enough boyfriends on this show and the drama that came with them. And I'm not sure if either would be interested in a girl like me.

Samey: Maxwell seems like he is.

Gwen: Seriously?

Samey: I know, I saw how he spoke to you earlier today. He's being nice to you, and I mean VERY nice.

Gwen: Even with that, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable taking him from you like that.

Samey: Hey, he never said he was going out with me. He told me himself, he has three to decide from.

Sky: Him too? (They turn to Sky)

Cody: What do you mean, him too?

Sky: Well...

Gwen: Is there something going on here?

Sky: Jack has the same thing going on, and he's informed both me and Ella about it.

Samey: What?

Sky: I spoke to her in the bath house, we agreed it would be a fair competition to win his heart.

Mike: Are you sure they aren't just trying to set some of the girls up?

Sky: You think I didn't suspect that? I asked him about that before elimination, and he said he would never toy with a lady's heart in such a manner lest he struck down by lightning.

Geoff: Was he?

Sky: Not right there, but he said he would prove it even more tomorrow.

Samey: Maybe Maxwell will do the same soon.

Gwen: Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Mike: Let's get some rest, I think we're gonna need it.

Samey: Right. (The group head to the dorm, scene transitions to the next morning in team Mind Blast's dorm)

Heather: *yawn* Feels nice to wake up a winner this time. Now to keep this up. (Heather walks out of her room in her normal clothes to see some of her teammates in the main room)

Heather: Glad to see you guys are up.

Ezekiel: Well hey, we won something. I actually won something!

Staci: Its the first for a lot of us, and we're hoping to keep it that way.

Alejandro: Well, it's certainly a relief we stayed far away from that elimination yesterday. I'm not a fan of crashing cars, or being in them.

Heather: Likewise, but we can't keep this up forever. Let's keep this going for as long as possible.

Leonard: I agree with you wicked witch. After my triumphant victory in yesterday's event, I feel a whole new power surging within me. I intend to use these powers to carry us through the day.

Max: I guess it could be useful, he did stop that vehicle, allowing him to cross the finish line and preventing them from even scoring. I'm not sure if this 'magic' you possess is real, but if it is, it may prove itself to be useful.

Leonard: I'll have you know that my abilities extend far beyond stopping and destroying objects.

Max: Is that so?

Heather: Don't play along with his games, you know it's baloney. That thing he did yesterday, pure coincidence.

Max: And if it wasn't? (Heather is about to say something, but drops it entirely)

Heather: Touché.

Max: Glad to see we have reached an understanding.

Staci: Let's some magic of our own happen next challenge, I'm not through with winning yet.

Alejandro: None of us are, so I agree.


Staci: Being the first one out back in season four was not very good for me. I never had the chance to show my full potential. But here, I made it to episode three, that's two more than I did the first time. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I feel I have the confidence to take this all the way.

Confessional End

(Maxwell is heard from the speakers)

Maxwell: Hello, is this thing on? Ahem, attention competitors, your breakfast is ready. Try not to fill up, it will help you with your challenge later today.

Jack: Maxwell! They'll get what it is now!

Maxwell: You didn't have to point it out! Now they'll get it for sure, sigh, just report to the food and services tent.

Staci: Food does sound good, I didn't get the chance to eat last night due to... well, you know.

Heather: Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Round up the others and get to the tent before they run out of food.

Max: If I must.

Leonard: Let us not waste time then, onwards! (Scene transitions to the food and services tent, where everyone is enjoying breakfast)

Zoey: Mmm, no matter how many times I come here, I'll never get tired of this cooking.

Beardo: No question, this is really good.

Owen: Aren't we missing something?

Eva: What could we be missing? (Owen thinks for a second, but comes to a realization and calls to the kitchen)

Owen: Hey Chef, I need some bacon over here!

Jack: He needs bacon!

Maxwell: Coming right up! (Maxwell walks out with a plate full of bacon and sets it by Owen)

Maxwell: Have at it.

Owen: With pleasure! (Owen starts eating the bacon by the handful, and Maxwell walks back to the kitchen)

Dave: Man, he is one BIG eater. Might even give Sugar some competition.

Blaineley: Trust me, compared to Owen, Sugar is just small potatoes in the eating world. (Owen is heard farting shortly after her sentence)

Owen: Heh heh, sorry.

Blaineley: And in that department too.

Dave: That, I didn't need to know.

Blaineley: Just pointing that out there, may save you one day.

Dave: I don't know whether to feel grossed out or thankful.

Lindsay: Feel thankful, trust me. I'm, like, speaking from experience.

Justin: I wish I could say she was making a mistake. Anyway, why don't we try winning this challenge?

Dakota: Considering how close we came to losing last time, I think we should go through with it.

Jo: Oh, so NOW you want to win?!

Sam: Give it a rest Jo, at least we didn't lose last time.

Jo: Yeah, because Little Miss Perfect helped the fairytale princess over the line. She could have left her there, and she would be off to elimination. Who knows, maybe she wouldn't be here.

Ella: Well... well... I...

Jo: Back to being spineless, are we?

Ella: I'm not spineless! I'm just... nervous.

Jo: About the game?

Ella: No! About Jack.

Jo: Oh yeah, you did this because you love him. You're wasting your time, he doesn't love you. He's just using you.

Ella: That's not true!

Jo: Trust me, it is! He may act like a gentleman, but once he gets bored with you, he'll toss you out like yesterday's trash.

Ella: No! He wouldn't!

Dakota: Leave her alone! She doesn't need this, and Jack isn't trying to play her.

Jo: Believe it all you want, but you know I'm right. Be honest to yourself, you're nothing. Not to him, and not in this game. (Ella gasps, but then breaks down crying)

Beth: How could you?

Jo: Not my fault she's a hopeless romantic. Besides, that Jack is just trying to butter us up before he goes all Chris on us.

Jack: IS THAT SO!? (Jo turns around to see Jack behind her)

Jo: Yeah, so what? You know it's true, and I'm winning either way. Don't bother with... (Jack suddenly punches Jo in the face, very hard)

Jo: Ow! What the heck!

Jack: That's for doubting my hospitality! (He punches Jo in the stomach after stomping on her foot)

Jack: That's for spreading tasteless lies about my feelings! (Jack winds up for one more punch)

Jack: And this, is for making Ella cry!!! (He punches her again, sending her flying through the tent's wall. She is knocked unconscious)

Jack: Hmph, Gutter-Trash. (He turns his attention to Ella, who is trying to hold back her tears)

Jack: Ella my dear, are you alright?

Ella: *sniffle, sniffle* Uh huh. Please tell me it's not true.

Jack: I would never, if I would I would take my own life out of shame.

Maxwell: He's not lying!

Jack: I would never do anything to hurt another girl, you especially. I... I love you.

Ella: *gasp* Y-y-y-y-you mean it?

Jack: I guess you could say you're still on the top of my list. (Jack hugs Ella and kisses her on her forehead)

Ella: *swoon* Thank you, thank you so much. (Ella stands up, proud and determined)

Ella: I won't lose now, not just this competition, but the fight for your heart too.

Jack: Glad to hear. (Jo walks back in)

Jo: What the hell is wrong with youuuuuuuuuuu? (Before Jo finishes her sentence, Jack grabs her by her sweatshirt and hold her by the tent wall)

Jack: You listen here, and listen good. I will not tolerate such behavior, especially towards a lady of my affections. If I catch you doing that again to her... I WILL KILL YOU!!!! (Jack lets Jo down, who looks scared and shocked)

Jo: W-well I, it's just...

Jack: I don't want to hear it, just finish your breakfast. (Jo sits back down)

Jack: Apologize to her.

Jo: Why should I-

Maxwell: Just do it!

Jack: Leave the Shia LeBouf memes out of this!

Maxwell: Oh come on Jack, she walked right into that one.

Jo: *sigh* I'm sorry Ella.

Ella: It's okay, thank you for the apology.

Jack: Now that that is out of the way. Everyone, get ready for our next challenge, we depart in 20 minutes!


Sam: Not a good move on Jo's part to upset the host like that. It doesn't matter to me what happens next, I want to make Jo leave. I prefer not to see Jack like that.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to the usual meeting place, but picnic tables have been set up)

Trent: What's all this about?

Maxwell: Simply put, this is your next challenge. (Maxwell walks over to the third curtain and it reveals a plate of carnival food)

Owen: *gasp* Is this what I think it is?

Jack: Correct, it's time for our first, and probably not last, eating competition.

Sierra: Eating competition? Probably not the last one either?

Jack: Nope, but in keeping with the theme, you will be consuming food normally found at carnivals. (Owen's eyes light up)

Owen: Have I died and gone to heaven?

Maxwell: Nope, you're still here. Anyway some rules to explain, there will be no cheating at any point, and everyone has to eat something.

Jack: I know it will be hard for some, but keep in mind, we have another special prize to the winners. Give it all you got, and show no mercy.

Maxwell: Now, before we do anything else, there is something we need to address regarding the teams. (Everyone looks confused)

Maxwell: Team Mind Blast and team Speed Demon, we would like to request one member from each of your team to sit this challenge out to make it an even twelve per team.

Heather: I volunteer Alejandro. (Heather pushes him away from the group towards the brothers)

Jack: Are you sure you would like to-

Heather: Trust me, I'm sure.


Heather: We can simply eliminate him for doing nothing if we lose. It's the perfect plot.

Confessional End

Jack: Alright Alejandro, you're exempt from the challenge and have immunity.

Alejandro: Why thank you. (Heather looks dumbfounded)

Heather: What?

Maxwell: It would be unfair if someone left because they volunteered to sit this one out, so we decided to save them ourselves from elimination.


Alejandro: Guess you didn't think that one through, did you Heather?

Heather: Well, that couldn't have backfired any worse.

Jack: Lesson learned kids, never be too hasty.

Confessional End

Maxwell: Team Speed Demon, who do you volunteer?

Samey: Hey guys, why don't I sit this one out?

Cody: Are you sure about that?

Samey: It's times like these you have to take one for the team.

Bridgette: Alright, if that's your choice then we won't stop you.

Samey: Thanks. (Samey walks up to the brothers)

Samey: I volunteer as tribute.

Jack: Alright, you my dear, are safe from elimination. The rest of you... (Everyone else turns to the brothers)

Jack: still have a job to do, and prevent yourself from elimination. You will separate into groups of four, and will eat through the four foods we have chosen. We'll announce them when the challenge starts in a few hours.

Maxwell: In the meantime, take whatever measures you need to in order to make sure you help your team. Your performance could the game breaker, or at least what keeps you in the game. We begin in five hours, until then! (Scene transitions to team Iron Will strategizing)

Scott: This challenge couldn't be any simpler, and we have some of the biggest eaters on our team. This is in the bag.

Jasmine: Let's not get too cocky, one mistake and it's back to elimination for us.

Scott: I'm well aware of that, and I don't want that to happen to me.

Tyler: Thank goodness we got lucky and Owen didn't go home. If he did, we wouldn't have had as big of an advantage as we do now. If you ask me, we should separate Owen and Sugar into different groups, that way we can pull ahead quicker.

Scott: Say, that ain't a bad idea. Place Sugar in the first group to start off strong, and Owen in the third group to pull away from the rest.

Jasmine: Now THAT sounds like a plan.

Harold: But what about the rest of us? Some of us aren't as strong eaters as Owen and Sugar.

Anne Maria: Easy for you say, I gotta keep my perfect figure intact.

Rodney: It's perfect alright, uh I mean...

Jasmine: Focus! Look, let's place some of our weaker eaters with the strongest, that way we won't have many people trying to hold up. Once they're done, we can move on simply as that.

Duncan: Well if that's all there is to it, then I say let's win this.

Lightning: Agreed, Lightning is tired of losing. I didn't sign up for this, just so I could keep losing.

Eva: You didn't sign up for this.

Lightning: Oh... Well I still don't like losing.

Amy: None of us do, so let's stop pulling punches and beat them to the dust.

Scott: Agreed. (Scene transitions to team Mind Blast)

Scarlett: I've been going over some things, and there is NO chance of us winning this one.

Ezekiel: What do you mean, eh?

Scarlett: Team Iron Will has both Owen and Sugar on their team, and both can eat through almost any food in a matter of seconds.

Heather: Then perhaps we should work on a little slight of hand.

Noah: Didn't you hear what they said, no cheating period.

Heather: It's technically not cheating if you don't get caught. It's as the saying goes, the end justifies the means.

Noah: Where did you pick that up from?

Heather: Like I'd tell you!

Staci: Still, it feels wrong to cheat to win, or even just to survive.

Scarlett: Trust me, given how these teams are so determined to win, we can't leave anything up to chance. We have no choice, we have to cheat.

Max: So, what's the plan?

Scarlett: If only I knew what they were serving us, then I'd be able to make a plan. There's got to be someway, but how?

Alejandro: Perhaps I can be of service? (Alejandro appears from behind the group)

Max: What do you want?

Alejandro: Simple, I'm here to help.

Ezekiel: How?

Alejandro: I can simply ask them, since I'm not a part of the challenge thanks to Heather, they won't suspect a thing. I can just return back here with the information, and they'll be none the wiser.

Heather: Guess it was a good idea to volunteer you after all.

Alejandro: If you excuse me. (Alejandro leaves to find the brothers)

Staci: Do you think he'll succeed?

Heather: He better, he's getting off Scott free either way since he already has immunity. We just need to hope he gets lucky.

Scarlett: I see, let's see if 'Lady Luck' decides to smile on us this time. (Scene transitions to team Speed Demon)

Gwen: So, we have an eating competition, and none of us are THAT strong in terms of eating. Every other team has their wild card, so we need to rely on cooperation.

Cody: Agreed! But how are we going to do well if we don't know what we're eating?

Gwen: We rely on luck?

Sky: Luck isn't going to cut it in this game, no matter what they prepare for us, we can at least be thankful it will be edible.

Katie: Thank goodness! At least we can get some quality cooking.

Sadie: Totally! I still have stomach pains from season 1.

Katie: Oh my gosh, me too! Do you have to go the bathroom to throw up too?

Shawn: Okay ladies, too much info. There are stuff I prefer NOT to know!

Geoff: Look, there's nothing to worry about. We know their cooking's good, so we have nothing to worry about, right?

Zoey: They said they were giving us carnival food right? But there's so many they could choose from, so we don't know what they have up their sleeves.

Mike: And I doubt they're going to tell us what they have prepared. At the very least, we should get ourselves ready, it starts in about two and a half hours.

Samey: Actually, I'm going to go talk to Maxwell. There's something I want to talk about with him.

Shawn: Going to have a chat with your boyfriend, are we?

Samey: He's not my boyfriend.... yet! I have some other personal interests of his I need to get by first.

Sky: Good luck with your fight.

Samey: Likewise. (Samey runs off and finds Jack and Maxwell after a while)

Samey: There you are, I was looking for you.

Maxwell: M'lady. (Maxwell tips his hat)

Jack: You want to be alone or...?

Samey: No, it hasn't gone that far yet.

Jack: Thank goodness.

Maxwell: What's the matter, afraid I'll beat you to the punch?

Jack: No, if anything I'm afraid you'll go too far.

Maxwell: ! Jack you're sick! (Jack laughs proudly)

Samey: Some challenge you got ready, thank goodness I'm not participating. I'm not the best when it comes to eating.

Maxwell: Not many women are, and thank goodness I'm not interested in the ones that are.

Jack: Same here.

Samey: What are you serving?

Maxwell: Samey, you know I can't tell the teams yet.

Samey: Well, I'm not participating so it's not an issue for me. And I promise, I won't say a word. (Maxwell turns to Jack in private)

Maxwell: Should we?

Jack: I highly doubt someone like Samey is doing this for evil purposes. She is clearly asking because she wants to know, and the others aren't aware of it.

Maxwell: Alright a verdict's been reached. (They turn back to Samey)

Jack: Alright Samey, we can tell you. But promise not to tell anyone, on your team or otherwise, about this challenge. (Samey puts her left hand on her chest and raises her right hand)

Samey: I promise not to reveal the contents of this challenge to any contestant, regardless if they are on my team or not.

Jack: Such formality, I think you got a keeper here Maxwell.

Maxwell: Go jump in a ditch Jack. Anyway, for the first group we are serving caramel apples. The second group eats through popcorn. The third group has to eat through hot dogs. And the fourth group gets a funnel cake, fried dough to be specific.

Samey: Wow, I am very thankful I decided to sit this one out. Anyways, no need to worry, no one will get a word out of me. (Unaware to them, Alejandro heard the whole thing)

Alejandro: What do you know, I guess she really IS good for something. Better head back before they spot me. (Alejandro silently runs off, and the three are unaware of it)


Alejandro: I must admit, that was easier than I thought. And I didn't even need to confront them. Looks like this challenge is all ours once again.

Confessional End

Jack: Hey Samey, how would you like to help host for the day?

Samey: Me? I don't know if I could.

Maxwell: C'mon Samey, it'll be fun. Plus you get to help us send someone off.

Samey: Will it be dangerous?

Maxwell: Nope, these are all tested beforehand. And we make sure they survive. It's like we said at the beginning, you only going to feel like you're going to die.

Samey: W-well... Okay!

Jack: Fantastic! Let's get you up to speed on what's going on today. (Scene transitions to team Fashion Squad)

Jo: Great, of all the types of challenges they spring on us, they give us the one we are weakest at.

Dakota: I wouldn't say weakest, Sam is a pretty strong eater.

Jo: Oh yeah, back on All Stars you ate that entire pancake, right?

Sam: Well, not all of it. I saved some in case I had to go to Boney Island again. If I wasn't afraid of that, then I would've eaten all of it.

Cameron: Good thing that isn't an issue here.

Sam: Yeah, if anything I'm more motivated to eat through this challenge.

Justin: Why's that?

Sam: Cause I know what will happen if I screw up. (The team realizes what he means)

Dave: That's a really good point. Any screw ups here, and we'll have to deal with that again.

Blaineley: Easy for you to say, some of us are trying to watch our figures.

Ella: I hate to add anything bad but, I'm not exactly good when it comes to eating.

Topher: How so?

Ella: It's not that I'm trying to maintain looks or anything.

Dakota: Really?

Ella: Yes, I just never eat much because of... well...

Cameron: What is it?

Ella: *sigh* sugar addiction.

Jo: You? A sugar addict? That can't be true.

Brick: No offense, but I find that hard to believe given your behavior.

Ella: But it's true! One time on Halloween, I ended up eating so much candy I ran up and down the streets for hours. I couldn't remember much due to the sugar, but I'm afraid I may have stolen other people's sweets. All I remember is that some people were afraid to go near me the next day, and I didn't even know why. I just couldn't stop, I can't gain any weight so I kept on eating and eating it.

Lindsay: You can't gain weight? You don't know how many women would beg for that kind thing happen to them.

Ella: I prefer not to eat much so I don't lose track of what I eat. I'm just afraid my love of sugar would come back to haunt me again.

Sam: Wow, that's... something.

Topher: I could never tell when I first met you. You just seemed so happy and carefree.

Ella: Well, I never had the chance to tell anyone about this. It's something I prefer to keep to myself, something I don't want people seeing.

Dakota: Well, we're here for you either way. You probably just never had the right people to tell this. Just know we'll help in any way we can.

Ella: Thank you so much.

Beth: Don't worry, it's what friends are for. (The loudspeaker is suddenly on, Jack speaks from it)

Jack: Attention competitors, the challenge is about to start. Head for the meeting area, it is time for the eating contest.

Blaineley: You heard the man, let's get moving! (The team heads towards the meeting area, scene transitions to all the teams and the brothers by the meeting area)

Maxwell: I'm glad you all could make it, it's time for the challenge to begin!

Amy: Wait, hold on a second.

Jack: ?

Amy: Why is SHE with you two?

Maxwell: You mean Samey? Well, since she wasn't participating in today's challenge, we thought she could help us out with hosting for today.

Jack: Alejandro, you come here too since you have immunity. (Alejandro walks to the brothers and sits on the bench behind them)

Jack: Everyone else, to your stations! (Scene transitions to the contestants at their stations) (A.N. Here's the setup:

Table One - Speed Demon: Shawn, Geoff, Sierra. Iron Will: Tyler, Sugar, Anne Maria. Mind Blast: B, Courtney, Leonard. Fashion Squad: Jo, Dakota, Dave

Table Two - Speed Demon: Mike, Katie, Sadie. Iron Will: Rodney, Amy, Harold. Mind Blast: Trent, Dawn, Ezekiel. Fashion Squad: Cameron, Brick, Topher.

Table Three - Speed Demon: Beardo, Zoey, Bridgette. Iron Will: Owen, Scott, Duncan. Mind Blast: Heather, Noah, Max. Fashion Squad: Lindsay, Ella, Beth.

Table Four - Speed Demon: Sky, Gwen, Cody. Iron Will: Eva, Jasmine, Lightning. Mind Blast: Leshawna, Staci, Scarlett. Fashion Squad: Sam, Blaineley, Justin)

Maxwell: Samey, would you like to do the honors?

Samey: Me? Well... okay! (Samey walks to the front of the tables holding a checkered flag)

Samey: Okay, everyone ready? (Everyone says "ready", except one)

Samey: Amy, are you ready?

Amy: Whatever, just start it.

Samey: Alright, on your marks, get set...













Samey: ......Chow down! (The contestants on the first table lift up the lids to reveal 15 caramel apples per team)

Dave: What, caramel? I get stuck with the messiest dish here?

Jo: Deal with it Clean Freak. (Dave picks one up and takes a bite of it)

Dave: It tastes good, but it's sticky.

Dakota: Agreed, I hope it doesn't interfere with my body figure. Or my clothes. (As she says that, caramel drips on to Dave's shirt, he whines)

Dave: Aw come on! (Meanwhile, Sugar is eating through the apples, already on her fourth)

Sugar: Mmm, just like mamma used to make.

Anne Maria: Ugh, I hate caramel. It gets stuck everywhere.

Tyler: I don't see why you're whining. (Tyler's hands are stuck together by caramel)

Tyler: Uh, little help here?

Maxwell: I'm on it. (Maxwell comes over with water and sprays it on Tyler's hands, they come apart)

Tyler: Thanks. (Maxwell walks away and Tyler goes back to eating. Meanwhile, team Speed Demon is plowing through and already at 7 apples left)

Shawn: Now THIS is what I call teamwork.

Geoff: If this is all they can throw at us, then it will be no-problemo.

Sierra: Cody, are you watching? I'm doing this for you!

Cody: Uh.... go Sierra.

Sierra: *squeal* I love you Cody!

Cody: *sigh*

Tyler: Uh oh. Sugar, can you speed things up?

Sugar: You got it. (Sugar starts eating faster, and Iron Will is down to 3 apples left)

Courtney: C'mon guys, we need to eat faster!

Leonard: I'm trying. This substance is stickier than the Black Troll's Marsh, it's getting caught in my beard.

Courtney: Then take it off!

Leonard: A wizard cannot simply remove his beard.

Courtney: Then do something about it!

Leonard: *gulp* R-right away.


Courtney: Sorry if I seem pushy, but I want to impress Maxwell. I saw how he acts around Samey, so I know I need to work extra hard to woo him.

Confessional End

Courtney: How are you holding up? (B gives a thumbs up)

Courtney: Good. Let's keep up the pace. (Meanwhile, with team Iron Will)

Jack: Iron Will has finished their caramel apples, they just need to eat what's left in their hands.

Tyler: C'mon Anne Maria, we're waiting on you.

Anne Maria: Don't rush me, I'm going as fast as I can.

Sugar: Well it ain't fast enough, so start chewin'! (Anne Maria eats through her apple)

Maxwell: Alright, on to the next course for Iron Will! (They open the lid to reveal three large bowls of popcorn)

Harold: Are these salted?

Jack: We wanted it to be, but we saw your allergies list. You're fine.

Harold: Nice!


Harold: I'm surprised they took that into account. Chris would've just shrugged it off.

Confessional End

(Dawn looks towards team Iron Will)

Dawn: Thank goodness we're not being served meat, I couldn't handle it.

Jack: Trust me, I would've made sure you wouldn't be.

Maxwell: Could you say you wouldn't, stomach it?

Jack: Damnit Maxwell! (Maxwell laughs, meanwhile team Speed Demon finishes their apples)

Samey: Alright, they're on to the next course. (They open their lid)

Katie: This reminds me of the time we went to the movies and we ordered three large popcorn bags.

Sadie: Oh my gosh, I remember that. We took a dare to eat that much popcorn, and we managed to eat through the whole thing before the movie ended. We couldn't eat for three days after that.

Mike: Uh, can you girls start eating?

Katie/Sadie: Okay!

Jo: C'mon you two, we're already behind!

Dakota: At least we're not in last place.

Dave: Hey, I'm trying to watch for caramel stains here. These do NOT wash off easily. (Suddenly team Mind Blast finishes their apples)

Jack: And team Mind Blast is moving on!

Jo: You were saying?

Dakota: Relax, Dave and I just need to finish our apples, and we can move on. Let's pick up the pace.

Dave: Alright. (Dave and Dakota plow through their apples, and now everyone is on the second course)

Topher: This should be a cinch.

Cameron: How so?

Topher: One time, I was watching a marathon of Chris' movies and I lost track of how much popcorn I eating. Before I knew it, I ran out. I just got so engrossed in such amazing work.

Brick: Amazing work, but no so amazing guy.

Topher: How could you say that?

Cameron: Topher, you're fighting a losing battle. Just hurry up and start eating. (Topher starts eating his bowl of popcorn)

Rodney: Man that was easy. (Camera pans down to an empty bowl in front of Rodney)

Amy: What, how did you...?

Rodney: Corn has always been my favorite crop, no matter how it's made.

Harold: Best we not question it and just use it to help us.

Ezekiel: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand done. (Ezekiel puts the last handful of popcorn into his mouth)

Dawn: This is not easy, I'm not the fast eating type.

Trent: Don't worry about it, just do what you can.

Heather: You know if she doesn't eat well, there's a chance she could go home, right?

Trent: Don't say that, I'm trying to help.

Dawn: No she's right. I need to speed things up, or else I'm done for.

Katie/Sadie: Done...

Mike: ...And done.

Jack: Speed Demon moves on to the third dish. (They open the lid to reveal a plate of 15 hot dogs)

Bridgette: Well, that's not good.

Zoey: Why's that?

Bridgette: I'm a vegetarian, I can't eat meat.

Dawn: Thank goodness I dodged that.

Maxwell: Relax Bridgette, you at least need to eat one for it to count.

Bridgette: Really?

Samey: It's the truth!

Bridgette: Alright, if you say so. (She picks up a hot dog and starts eating it slowly)

Amy: Hah, you might as well kiss your butt goodbye. (Amy finishes off her popcorn, and Harold shortly after)

Samey: Team Iron Will is moving on! (The third group opens their lid and starts eating the hot dogs, Owen eating two at a time)

Owen: Man these are delicious! (Team Mind Blast and team Fashion Squad finish their popcorn around the same time)

Maxwell: It may be for third place, but it's neck and neck right now in the back. (They open their kids and start eating)

Ella: Thank goodness this isn't sugar.

Lindsay: This still isn't easy.

Ella: We can't give up now! Let's win this!

Beth: On it!

Max: Hmph, I cannot simply let these imbeciles take the lead over us.

Heather: Well, what're you going to do about it?

Max: Simple, watch. (Lindsay takes a hot dog from the plate and when no one else is looking, Max takes one dog from his plate to hers)

Max: And they won't suspect a thing.

Noah: Yeah right, I'm sure they already noticed.

Max: You doubt me, the embodiment of true evil? You will be one of the first to go, do you hear me, one of the first!

Heather: Well you will too if you don't stop ranting and start eating.

Max: So be it. (Max replaces another dog on Fashion Squad's plate)

Scott: Hah, try giving us a challenge. (Iron Will's plate is empty)

Samey: Alright Iron Will, if you finish this first, then you win the challenge.

Lightning: Bring it on! (They open the lid to reveal three funnel cakes)

Lightning: Uh, what's this?

Maxwell: Funnel cake, basically fried dough.

Eva: Whatever, just start eating.

Zoey: I'm finished, you Beardo?

Beardo: *ding ding* I'm all set too.

Jack: Better hurry Iron Will, Speed Demon is catching up.

Jasmine: No worries mate, this is just about finished.

Sky: Don't count your chickens till they hatch. (Meanwhile, Max places the last dog on Fashion Squad's plate, putting them behind)

Beth: Why aren't we moving faster?

Lindsay: I don't know why, but hot dogs keep reappearing every time we take one.

Ella: It doesn't matter, just keep eating!

Maxwell: You better hurry Fashion Squad, or else it's back to elimination for you.

Beth: We're trying!

Eva: Done with mine.

Lightning: All set.

Jasmine: Yes! We're done first!

Jack: And team Iron Will comes back! Congratulations on your win!

Lightning: Sha-yeah! Finally we won! I'm the best, around, no ones ever gonna keep me down...

Jack: Alright, let's settle down.

Cody: Aw man, so close again.

Gwen: Hey, at least we didn't lose.

Sky: And we're done.

Samey: Team Speed Demon takes second place again. Now it's down to Mind Blast and once again Fashion Squad.

Ella: We're done, hurry hurry!

Sam: Let's pick up the pace!

Blaineley: I hope I can work this off.

Justin: You and me both, sister.

Leshawna: C'mon girls, we got this.

Scarlett: I can't eat another bite.

Staci: Me neither.

Sam: Done!

Maxwell: Oh me, oh my! It's neck and neck to avoid elimination! (Despite the full stomach, Scarlett manages to finish the funnel cake)

Scarlett: Ugh, done.

Staci: I can't go on like this.

Scarlett: If you mess this up for us, then it's your head on the chopping block. So pipe down and start eating!

Staci: *gulp* Yes Ma'am!

Blaineley: I can't eat another bite, it's so filling.

Justin: If I eat another bite, I'll lose my stomach modeling job.

Sam: C'mon guys, we're gonna lose!

Staci: Done.

Maxwell: And team Mind Blast takes third, Fashion Squad, back to elimination for you.

Jo: Aw come one! Well, I know who's going home this time!

Dakota: *sigh*


Dakota: I tried my best, and I still failed. This leader thing is very hard. If I go home tonight, I won't be surprised. But please, don't let Jo take over.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to team Mind Blast)

Heather: I must say, I'm surprised we managed to pull off what we did.

Alejandro: Precisely, and they didn't suspect a thing.

Max: Hah, those fools thought they could stop us. If that's their definition of stopping us, then they may as well bring back Chris.

Scarlett: As much as I hate to say, but I couldn't agree with you more.

Dawn: Hold it right there! (They turn to see Dawn behind them)

Max: Oh look, it's the moon child.

Heather: What do you want?

Dawn: I know what you did. You went behind their backs and cheated. Not just in the challenge but before that too, didn't you?

Scarlett: What makes you say that?

Dawn: I can read it all over your auras, you did something dark, something that enabled us to avoid elimination.

Alejandro: So what? We didn't win, so why's that an issue?

Dawn: They said they wouldn't allow cheating under any circumstances. They treat us well in this game, and that's all they ask of us, and you break their trust? Well, I won't stand for it! (Dawn turns to walk away, but the group stops her)

Max: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unless you want something bad to happen to you.

Scarlett: Woah, now that is evil. Listen, you tell them about this, and you will not have a pleasant time. And I mean stuff behind the camera kind of bad.

Heather: Trust me, I'm not afraid of doing that, especially to someone like you..

Dawn: *gasp* Y-you wouldn't...

Alejandro: Would you like to find out? (Dawn shakes in fear, silenced)

Alejandro: I thought so, don't tell anyone if you want to keep it that way. (Dawn walks away in fear)

Max: Ha ha ha ha ha, I must say, we make a diabolical combination.

Heather: You know what, I think so too. Care to be part of an alliance?

Scarlett: I'm not sure, especially with him.

Max: Look, I know we didn't do well together the first time around. But this time, let's work together.... as partners. Are you in? (Max puts his hand out, Scarlett thinks for a few seconds, but grins evilishly and shakes it)

Scarlett: Why not, I could go for some fun.

Alejandro: Then it's agreed, an alliance it is. (The loudspeaker turns on, Samey is heard from it)

Samey: Hello, is this thing on? Attention contestants, it's time for elimination. Meet us over by the water park, someone's about to take a dive. (Loudspeaker turns off)

Heather: Well, shall we see the fruits of our malevolent labor?

Max: You took the words right out of my mouth. (Scene transitions to the water park)

Jack: Glad you all could make it! Congratulations again to team Iron Will for their comeback, you will be served a gourmet meal whenever you find room.

Tyler: Good to see it will be whenever we can eat again.

Owen: Heck, I could eat right now.

Sugar: Me too.

Scott: Hold your horses you two, wait for the rest of us, we want to eat it too.

Maxwell: Now, before we begin tonight's elimination, there is something important we need to address first. (The contestants looked confused)

Maxwell: We have caught a certain team in the act of foul play. In other words, cheating; any comment Mind Blast?

Heather: Why do you think it was us?

Jack: We know that Alejandro was listening in on our conversations.

Alejandro: What?

Samey: And heck, even I could notice Max switching Fashion Squad's hot dogs.

Max: How did you...? (Max thinks for a second and comes to a realization)

Max: YOU SNITCH!! How dare you out our plot?

Dawn: I didn't, I swear. You told me to keep quiet, and I did.

Scarlett: Did that sound convincing, uh no it didn't.

Jack: How dare you! Accusing an innocent girl for something she had no hand in!

Alejandro: Admit it, you're just covering for her because you love her.

Jack: That's beside the point, I may love her but I wouldn't lie for her.

Dawn: Then, what you said before, that wasn't a joke?

Jack: I never joke when it comes to love... or business.

Samey: Look, Maxwell and I can vouch for them. She never approached us regarding her team's actions.

Heather: Like we needed the opinion of some second-rate, worthless, cheerleading girl; or some childish magician with his head in the clouds.

Maxwell: Well the jokes on you, because your act of cheating just cost you.

Scarlett: Alright, so what? We're still safe.

Jack: You like to think that, don't you? (The team looks confused, everyone else does too)

Jack: For your act of cheating, you are automatically disqualified! You are sending someone home tonight! (Team Mind Blast simultaneously says "What?")

Maxwell: Fashion Squad, you are safe once again! (The team cheers, even Jo)

Jack: Since I don't go back on my word, as much as I wish to regret saying this, Alejandro you are safe for the evening. Consider yourself lucky.

Maxwell: As for the rest of you, take the center please. (Team Mind Blast minus Alejandro sits in the center, the other teams fill the stands)

Jack: Because of your unsportsmanlike conduct for this challenge, you all stand here at elimination tonight. As before, we require four people for the elimination we have tonight, and like always you have the opportunity to state your case. Dawn, let's start with you, even after tonight's turn of events, do you still believe you're in danger?

Dawn: Regretfully yes. I blame myself for not being strong enough, for being too scared to speak up for what happened today. If anyone votes for me, I won't be mad, if anything that will just confirm that I need to work harder, provided I'm not sent home already.

Maxwell: Heather, thoughts on who should go home?

Heather: Personally, I can't decide between the lying moon girl, or the excuse for an evil villain for how bad he cheated!

Max: You did not object to when I did it, so why complain about it now?

Heather: It's called hindsight you idiot. I should've known this wasn't a good idea.

Jack: Cheating in general was never a good idea to begin with.

Heather: Go jump in a hole.

Maxwell: Noah, anything you would like to add?

Noah: While I would like to continue to bring attention to the main reasons we are here today, I should also bring up the fact that if some people ate faster, then we wouldn't have had to cheat in the first place.

Samey: Anyone in particular you think slowed your team down?

Noah: Staci, Heather and Leonard in particular.

Staci: What?

Leonard: Inconceivable!

Heather: Of course, you just had to blame me.

Courtney: Can I add my thoughts?

Jack: Sure, last one before we vote.

Courtney: Thank you. Honestly, this loss was mostly contributed to those who acted unfairly with the rules. Heather, Alejandro, Max, and Scarlett are at the forefront of this, and although Al may be safe...

Alejandro: It's Alejandro!

Maxwell: No one cares. Please continue.

Courtney: Thank you again. Anyway, although Al is safe, I hope that focus will be put towards those who interfered with the challenge for the wrong reasons, not for the normal ones.

Jack: We can only hope my dear. Anyway, it's time, cast your votes and make your decision on who is up for ejection tonight. (The competitors cast their votes, until everyone has)

Jack: Alright, you have all cast your votes and made your decision. If we call your name, then you're up for elimination. Maxwell, who received the most votes?

Maxwell: ...














....Max. (Max appears unfazed)

Jack: In second?

Maxwell: ...



















....Dawn. (Dawn hangs her head low like she was expecting it)

Jack: I see... who's our third person?























....Leonard. (Leonard jumps in fear at hearing his name)

Jack: And our final person tonight?

Maxwell: ...































...Staci. (Staci jumps in fear like Leonard did)

Jack: Very well then, those whose names were called follow me up here. Those who were not, you are safe, for tonight. (Max, Dawn, Leonard, and Staci weak to the platform the brothers and Samey are on)

Maxwell: Ready you two?

Samey/Jack: Ready.

Maxwell: Alright, bring us up! (Suddenly the platform starts going up, and after 15 stories they reach another platform over a fast water slide, they step of the first platform and it goes back to the ground)

Staci: Wow, we're pretty high up.

Maxwell: That's right, and one of you is going to go down the fast way, leaving the game and the prize money far behind. The name of the game is simple, all you got to do is get this question right. If you answer correctly, then you're safe. If you get this wrong, you're off the show and here's how. (Maxwell points to four chairs suspended above four water slides)

Jack: The four of you shall sit in those chairs, below those chairs are water slides reaching up to 50 mph.

Leonard: *gulp* This is not going to end well.

Maxwell: If you get this question wrong...

Samey: ...and one of you will...

Maxwell: We are going to launch a ball your respective target, dropping you on to the water slide sending you far away from our carnival-circus. We like to call this one, "Get Dunked On". (Scene shows a camera dropping onto the water slide with a splash then being carried away from first-person perspective)

Scarlett: Oh my, I think I'm going to enjoy this.

Leshawna: Okay, now that's just insane. How could you enjoy this?

Alejandro: As long as either the failure of a villain or the snitch of an aura whisperer go home, then I'm fine.

Trent: I hope they'll be okay, seems pretty rough up there. (B whistles to his team)

Heather: What do you want? (He points to a monitor that was set up)

Heather: Ah, now we won't miss any of the action.

Ella: You can do this Dawn, I believe in you!

Jo: Please, she's done for at this point.

Maxwell: We will go in the order of your received votes from least to most. Staci you are first, Leonard you got second, Dawn takes third, and Max will be going last. Alright, let's get you set up. (Scene shows them getting onto the seats and the water slide moving rapidly)

Jack: Comfortable?

Max: No!

Jack: Alright, let's get to the question. But before that, let's discuss the answers, they are...

Achievement Hunter

Nerd Cubed

Hat Films

and lastly, Pewdiepie

Maxwell: The question is: Which of these three youtubers are referenced in the steam game, Surgeon Simulator 2013? Staci, how about it?

Staci: Well um, um?

Max: Pick faster!

Staci: I'm trying!

Samey: Take your time please, the water isn't going anywhere.

Maxwell: Man I love this girl!

Staci: I don't know why, but I'm thinking of leaning towards Hat Films. (Hat Films on screen lights up)

Samey: You think Hat Films was referenced in Surgeon Simulator?

Staci: I don't know, I'm scared, I'm shaking, I don't want to go down. I'm just going to get this over with and pick Hat Films. (Hat Films fade to black on screen)

Jack: Leonard you are up next. Three are right, and one is wrong, so avoid the wrong answer.

Leonard: If I had to pick one, I'd say... Achievement Hunter. (Achievement Hunter lights up on screen)

Maxwell: You're going to choose Achievement Hunter. Mind explaining why?

Leonard: I'm well aware of the workings of the worldwide information system, I frequent it often if you can believe it.

Maxwell: I can relate.

Leonard: I've seen them at work before, that game as well. So therefore, I shall lock in my answer of Achievement Hunter.

Samey: And Leonard has locked in his answer. I think I'm getting good at this. (Achievement Hunter on screen fades to black)

Jack: As do I. Dawn, how are things with you?

Dawn: Could be better.

Jack: First time on a water slide?

Dawn: No. And this is one I prefer not to go on.

Jack: We'll decide who goes on this, my dear. Whether or not you want to won't change our minds if you have the wrong answer.

Dawn: T-taken into account.

Jack: You have two answers left, so what is your decision?

Dawn: I never go on the Internet, so this is new to me. If I had to choose, I would say Pewdiepie. (Pewdiepie lights up on screen)

Maxwell: Are you sure about this?

Dawn: I don't have much of a choice here. So I'm going to stick with senses, and lock my answer in!

Samey: Good luck Dawn. (Pewdiepie fades to black on screen)

Maxwell: And so we go to our resident evil genius, Max. Scared?

Max: Hardly. This is nothing to one with absolute evil.

Maxwell: Keep in mind, it's a 15 story slide at 50 mph. Not something just anyone could laugh at.

Max: L-like I said, this is n-nothing.

Maxwell: Anyway, let's discuss your answer. You are left with the Nerd Cubed, you have no say in whether or not you're safe. And you are fine with it? (Nerd Cubed lights up on screen)

Max: I scoff at this so called 'pressure'. If this is your worst, then I say, let's do this! (Nerd Cubed fades to black on screen)

Jack: Alright, everyone has locked in their answers. It is time to find out who is leaving 101 Ways To Leave Total Drama. (Cue suspenseful music)

Maxwell: Here Samey... (Maxwell hands Samey a baseball)

Maxwell: When we announce the wrong answer, throw it at that target and send them sliding.

Samey: Will do! (Samey grabs the ball and prepares herself to throw it)

Jack: To recap, we asked you to name a youtuber who was referenced in Surgeon Simulator 2013. Staci, you went with Hat Films; Leonard, you went with your intuition and chose Achievement Hunter; Dawn, you decided on Pewdiepie; and finally Max, you were stuck with Nerd Cubed. (Shows the contestants and their respective answer lights up on screen as Jack announces them)

Maxwell: Well, someone is about to go for the ride of their life. And I would just love to send someone off, how about you guys?

Samey: I would!

Jack: Me too.

Maxwell: Do any of you want to find out who's safe?

Staci/Leonard/Dawn/Max: YES!!

Jack: Well, too bad!

Max: You devils, release me at once!

Staci: Please, please, please, please, please let me be safe.

Leonard: Oh gods of magic, have mercy on my soul.

Dawn: Give me a chance, give me a chance.

Maxwell: The wrong answer is...







































Maxwell: .........Hat Films!

Staci: Nooo!

Jack: Farewell Staci! (On Jack's cue, Samey throws the ball to the target. It hits the bullseye, goes *ding*, and drops Staci from the chair. As she is falling...)

Staci: Wooooaaaahhh! *splash* (She lands on the water slide, and it slowly takes her down out of the area. As she is dragged off...)

Staci: Ah! No no no no noooooooooooooo! (At her last "no", Staci is sent speeding down the slide)

Max: Ha ha! I survive!

Dawn: Oh my goodness, oh thank god, oh this is such a relief.

Scarlett: This can't be possible! She wasn't supposed to leave!

Trent: Guys look! (They look up to see Staci speeding down the slide)

Staci: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Ezekiel: Holy cow, they're off their rocker.

Heather: That does not look like a fun time.

Staci: Get me off of this crazy thing! Aaahhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Jack: Ha ha ha ha ha, how's that for getting dunked on?

Leonard: Stars and garters, that was close. (Scene replays Staci's elimination several times, showing her falling to the slide and her going down it. Some show it from a first person perspective, some from a camera following her, some in normal time and some in slow-mo)

Staci: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (Staci's screams fade off as she goes past the walls of the area. After they fade, the theme starts playing)

Theme, or closest I could find:

Samey: That was great!

Maxwell: I know right!

Jack: Congratulations, you three are safe from elimination! (Dawn, Max, and Leonard are now off the seats and on the platform next to the brothers and Samey. They cheer for their victory)

Jack: I must admit, I was worried there for a second.

Max: It will take a lot more than this to dispose of me!

Dawn: Agreed, there are some things I wish to do first, before I go.

Maxwell: Good to know... (Maxwell turns towards the camera)

Maxwell: ...and we still have some things to do here as well. So stay tuned for more action here, on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! (They walk off camera, scene and theme song end with showing Staci going down the slide one more time)


Heather: You should consider yourself lucky you got away with this thanks to that blabbering idiot!

Max: Trust me, I'm well aware. Besides, I'm not the only one to blame here.

Scarlett: We know, so you are double lucky you got away with that, considering they just handed you immunity.

Alejandro: Look, we just started this alliance, and because of a few measly mistakes we're already falling apart. Let's just forget what happened today and move on, agreed?

Heather: Fine.

Scarlett: Fine.

Max: Glad to see we have settled the matter, because now I believe we have some business to discuss regarding our team and hosts.

Heather: Oh trust me, I have quite a few plans for all of them.

Scarlett: I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful partnership between us. (Scene fades to black, ending the episode)

End of Episode

Contestants Remaining: 49

52nd place: Izzy

51st place: DJ

50th place: Staci

Final Author's Notes

I hope you enjoyed this. Don't forget to vote, check at the top for details.

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