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(A view of the carnival-circus is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Jack: Last time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama... We began our game with a simple challenge of hide and seek around the park.

Maxwell: Simple... but challenging. Some contestants fared well, but others failed massively. And I mean MASSIVELY.

Jack: At the end of the day, thanks to some quick thinking, Samey and Gwen managed to win the challenge for team Speed Demon. And team Fashion Squad failed miserably, meaning they had to send someone off to elimination.

Maxwell: When its all said and done, Izzy failed to show her gaming prowess, and was sent home courtesy of our human cannonball act. (Scene transitions to Maxwell in front of a go-kart track)

Maxwell: Trust me when we say that it will be a loooong road to the finale, but it will be oh so worth it. (Jack suddenly pulls up in a decently sized and fast go-kart)

Jack: Last time it was about stealth, now let us see how they handle speed. Can Fashion Squad prevent a losing streak? Can Speed Demon keep up their good performance? And how will the other teams perform under such pressure? (Jack steps out of the go-kart and walks up to beside Maxwell)

Maxwell: They know the penalty for elimination, so let's see if anyone will improve. With that said, once again...

Both brothers: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

(The scene shows Fashion Squad's dorm, the team members are getting up and are tired due to last night)

Dakota: Ugh, I'm not sure I got enough sleep. *yawn* Good morning guys.

Sam: Morning, doing okay?

Dakota: I'm alright, I can't believe what happened.

Justin: Yeah, they just launched Izzy out of a cannon, and sent her who knows how many miles away from here. To think it could have been this face.

Topher: Or me! If it wasn't for my right answer, there could have been a good chance it was my butt sent flying out of here.

Dakota: Well, we're all here now. Let's do our best in the next challenge, and make sure we won't experience this again. (Everyone agrees with her, but Jo seemed reluctant)


Jo: Darn it! I was this close to sending that pampered princess home! I deserve to be in charge of this team, it was thanks to her, we had to sacrifice one of our teammates just to get away. If was in charge, then no one would have to be sacrificed. There's got to be another way I can do this.

Confessional End

Dave: Look, I know things aren't looking the best right now, for anyone. There's a better chance of everyone going home, and if you get in that top four, unless they say it, you are NOT safe.

Lindsay: Then that means... wait what does that mean?

Beth: It means we have to do better, and keep up our performance to make sure we won't be here constantly.

Lindsay: Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Ella: I like the sound of that.

Dakota: Well okay, I'll make sure to do better this time I promise.

Cameron: Very well, we'll be counting on you. (Scene transitions to the carnival games and rides, where the hosts are hanging out with team Speed Demon, who are enjoying their reward from the last challenge)

Jack: Alright, on three.

Sky: Ready whenever you are.

Jack: One...



Jack: Two...





Jack: ...Three! (Jack and Sky race down the large slide, sitting down in burlap sacks. Jack wins the race by a slight margin)

Jack: Ha ha! Sorry my dear, but I have won.

Sky: Best two out of three?

Jack: If you like losing so much, then sure. (Sky and Jack run back to the top. In the distance, several contestants are seen in the bumper cars)

Zoey: Whoa! These things are hard to control.

Mike: Well it's not that bad, just have to do it like this... (Mike slams into the side of Zoey's car)

Zoey: Oh, you mean like this...? (And Zoey returns the favor by doing the same)

Mike: Yeah like that, you seem to be getting the hang of it. (All of a sudden, Maxwell is heard in the distance)

Maxwell: Here I come! (They turn to see Maxwell in a bumper car, and he's headed right towards them at full speed)

Zoey: Uh oh. (He slams into Mike and Zoey, the later of which goes right into the wall)

Mike: Zoey, are you okay?

Zoey: Are you kidding, that was fun! (Zoey turns her car around and heads straight for Maxwell, he notices and turns to try and escape)

Maxwell: You won't catch me!

Zoey: We'll see about that! (Zoey catches up to him and slams him into the wall)

Maxwell: Not bad for an indie chick.

Zoey: Well, I have to carry my own weight around somehow. (Maxwell turns to the front to see Samey in another car, and she's facing right towards him. He realizes what's about to happen)

Maxwell: Oh no, no no no no no no no! (Samey starts going at top speed towards Maxwell, but slows down to a complete stop)

Samey: Huh, what happened?

Maxwell: Looks like the ride has stopped. (Everyone gets out of their cars and walks towards the exit)

Maxwell: I'm impressed once again, you almost had me there.

Samey: Me? Oh, thanks.

Maxwell: I must say, I rather like the confidence boost you've been having lately. Certainly shows.

Samey: Well, that's just because I now have friends who I can count on, and who can count on me. Plus, I have you. (Maxwell stops in his tracks out of embarassment)

Maxwell: You weren't supposed to hear that back then!

Samey: I know, but the thought's nice. I never had any admirers let alone many actual friends. To think there's someone out there who actually likes me, I mean like like.

Maxwell: Well hey, you never know who you may come across in this world. (Shawn is heard from the distance)

Shawn: Hey Samey, want to go hit the shooting gallery with us? (Samey and Maxwell turn to see Shawn with several other members)

Samey: Want to come with?

Maxwell: Me? I don't know.

Samey: C'mon it'll be fun. (Maxwell thinks for a few seconds)

Maxwell: Alright, let's do it! (Samey runs off with Maxwell to join the others)

Gwen: You're coming along too Maxwell?

Maxwell: Is there an issue? I feel I'm allowed to hang out with my contestants.

Geoff: Well, you know as they say, the more people the bigger the party.

Samey: Well, what're we waiting for? (They head off towards the shooting gallery, meanwhile some people watch them from the distance)

Amy: Ugh, I can't believe this. They are treating her like she's a queen, just because she got lucky in the first challenge.

Scott: I wouldn't say that was luck, it's best we not underestimate her, especially now.

Amy: Really, and why's that smart guy?

Scott: Given how well she did, her teammates will likely be all over her. They're happy for her and what she did. Like I said, we deal with her friends first, and then she'll be easy picking.

Amy: Wow, you are a devious mind. Why haven't I tried that yet. If possible, we oughta sabotage them in the next challenge. Give us a better chance of winning, and them a better chance of losing.

Scott: Now you're starting to get into the swing of things. Best we remain hidden for now, if anyone gets on to us, then you can kiss your chances of getting your sister off this show goodbye.

Amy: Well, maybe we'll get lucky and that same person would want to finish the job for us.

Scott: Possibly, but we can't leave anything up to chance. Let's just make it you and me for now, agreed?

Amy: Agreed.


Amy: Wow, I didn't realize being this evil could be this fun. I should try it more often, but not like Max he takes things way out of proportion.

Confessional End

(Meanwhile, with Team Mind Blast)

Heather: Look, I said I was sorry for that. How was I supposed to know it would cause that?

Courtney: It's obvious from the get-go that was going to happen, we need to work together in other words stop trying to take the glory all for yourself.

Heather: Again, I know!

Courtney: Then apologize to them, or you're going to be spending the night outdoors. (Heather looks to B and Dawn, who are anxiously awaiting her apology)

Heather: *sigh* I'm sorry I sacrificed you to be caught.

Dawn: No worries, I accept your apology. (B nods his head)

Courtney: There? Was that so hard?

Heather: Perhaps for you. But I needed to make a quick escape or else they would have cornered me. It seemed like the best option at the time.

Courtney: Even so, it's that kind of attitude that can get you eliminated. I mean, we ALL saw what they did to Izzy. (They flashback to Izzy's elimination)

Dawn: I did not know they would be capable of THAT. Perhaps that was what they were trying to warn us about.

Heather: I guess. Regardless, I have no intention of going home in this game, especially if they have more than one way to send us home. And if last night's was anything to go by, it will NOT be a pleasant experience.

Courtney: Then try to work with your teammates this time, all of them! (Meanwhile back with team Speed Demon, at the shooting gallery)

Maxwell: And that's how it's done.

Samey: Wow! You're pretty good.

Gwen: Yeah, you're not a bad shot.

Maxwell: What can I say? I'm a natural if you can believe it. You can't throw knives without hurting your assistant without accuracy, and I don't skimp on the acts.

Shawn: Wait, you throw knives?

Maxwell: Well I AM a magician. Here watch... (Maxwell pulls out a knife, holds it by the tip, throws it at the target and hits the bullseye)

Maxwell: Again, that's how it's done.

Shawn: Wow! You'd totally survive a zombie apocalypse with that kind of accuracy.

Maxwell: I'll take that as a compliment.

Jack: Glad to see you're enjoying yourselves. (Jack and Sky walk up, Sky seems exhausted while Jack seems fine)

Bridgette: Whoa Sky, are you okay. (Sky breathes heavily)

Sky: I'm okay... just had... a bit of trouble... keeping up with... Jack here.

Jack: You may be an athlete, but you're still a bit head strong. Best you wait on charging in until you get a thick skull.

Sky: Yeah yeah... you got lucky... this time.

Maxwell: Sheesh Sky, if you're trying to win his affections then you got to try harder than that.

Jack/Sky: It's not like that! Huh? (Everyone else smiles)

Jack: Hey what's the smiling for?

Samey: The simultaneous speaking, it's cute.

Sky: Cute? But...

Jack: Don't fill your head with silly notions. What gave you that idea?

Maxwell: C'mon Jack admit it, you have a crush on someone here.

Jack: I will admit no such thing!

Gwen: Don't act like you don't, Maxwell. (Maxwell blushes with embarassment and flinches)

Maxwell: Hey, show some respect. At least I didn't cheat. (Gwen gasps, Jack walks up to Maxwell and smacks him)

Jack: I thought we agreed that that was malarkey!!

Maxwell: I know, but I had to think of some sort of comeback.

Jack: Either way, that was low. Apologize now!

Maxwell: Fine, I'm sorry Gwen. We're good?

Gwen: Yeah, we're okay... I guess.

Jack: Anyway, get everyone together. The next challenge will begin shortly.

Sky: Sounds good to me, let's win this one again!

Geoff: Alright, let's do this! (Speed Demon runs off to get their teammates, the brothers run off to get the other teams. Scene transitions to the teams walking up to the go-kart track, they notice the curtains from yesterday, the hole had a block in it, and the picture of the theme park with a blue stamp of wings over it)

Leonard: Is it just me, or has something changed in this realm?

Zoey: It's not just you Leonard, looks like they're reminding us of our victory. (Team Fashion Squad looks away from it in shame of their loss)

Ella: Is something wrong?

Brick: Just prefer to... not be reminded of that horrid night.

Ella: Aw, perhaps a song will make things better?

Dave: No, we're absolutely...

Lindsay: I want to hear one!

Beth: Me too!

Cameron: This should a pleasant experience.

Dakota: Well Ella, go ahead. (Dave shuts his mouth, Ella prepares to sing, but just as she was about to begin)

Both brothers: Incoming! (Ella gets interrupted as the brothers come racing in on their go-karts. Everyone watches them in amazement as they traverse the course with ease. They stop by the entrance and remove their helmets)

Jack: Glad you could make it.

Maxwell: Ladies. (The girls are surprised by Maxwell's comment, some more than others)

Maxwell: Anyway, on to today's challenge.

Jasmine: Before that, mind telling us what that is about? (Jasmine points to the block in the hole)

Jack: Well, we said we would offer an explanation. Simply put, this will be the final challenge of the area once all the blocks are in place.

Mike: Final challenge?

Maxwell: Not for the money though, that's still waaaaaaaaay off. This will be for this general area, once that's done we'll move on to another one. Then another one, and another one, and...

Jack: Maxwell, stay off the internet. For your own good if not my sake. Anyway we'll go into detail once we get to that. As for today... (Jack pulls the second curtain and it reveals the go-kart track)

Jack: will be building and racing your own go-karts!

Harold: Yes! Finally, my mechanics knowledge will come into perfect use here!

Duncan: It better Doris, or its your butt at elimination.

Courtney: Let me guess, the parts are complete junk?

Maxwell: You like to think that, don't you my dear?

Jack: Bring them in boys! (At Jack's command, four trailers come in with building parts and tools for the go-karts)

Maxwell: I always like to satisfy a lady.

Courtney: Is that so? Well, thanks for that. (Courtney looks away shyly from Maxwell)

Jack: Anyway, we have enough for four karts per team. By extension, we will have four races, and award 4, 3, 2, and 1 point depending on where you stand. The team with the most points will earn the reward.

Maxwell: And the team with the least loses, meaning it's off to elimination for them, heh heh heh. (The contestants look worried)

Jack: Now, I understand you are all reluctant given what happened to Izzy last night. Use that as motivation, no one wants to go through that, but the sad truth is, at least 50 more need to go before we crown a winner. It will honestly get painful for us as time goes on, as we have to say farewell to our favorites.

Maxwell: This will be tough, but remember, there's a fat stack of cash on the line and various ways to go home if you fail. Promise us, no matter what happens you will give it everything you got. (They seem scared, but they agree)

Maxwell: Alright, you have until tomorrow to construct your karts. One more thing; the only obstacle on that track will be your opponents, so no cheating to make it otherwise, or else you could be facing an automatic loss. But to make things interesting, anything before the race is fair game. (Some contestants are shocked, but some contestants' eyes are lit)

Scott: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Amy: Oh yeah.

Jack: Well, now that that is out of the way, get to work people! (The contestants scramble toward their trailers and grab as much as their arms could carry)

Maxwell: Set up shop anywhere you can, but remember; it better be ready by tomorrow or its a bust. Looking forward to this?

Jack: Definetly, let's see how they do with speed. (The teams run off to separate sections of the area, the brothers walk out of the meeting area shortly after everyone has left. Transition to team Mind Blast)

Courtney: I must admit, they really don't skimp out on quality parts.

Scarlett: At any rate, we need to spend our time wisely. Like they said, we need to prepare four karts by tomorrow, or its a bust.

Alejandro: Agreed, after witnessing the events of last night, I do NOT want to experience elimination.

Dawn: Well, the sad fact is it has to happen, the only thing some of us can do is delay the inevitable.

Heather: Delay anything you want, but I am winning this season.


Heather: I'll admit, I'm shocked at their methods. They think they can scare me, but it won't work. That grand prize is going home with me, and I mean it!

Confessional End

Scarlett: Well let's worry about this challenge, because there are clearly a few obstacles within our team we may need to overcome. (Scarlett points to Ezekiel who is just jamming parts together but they're falling off, Leonard who's looking into his spell book for mending spells, and Staci who just looks confused)

Alejandro: Right, if we make a mistake, it may cost us. So we need to get all of our members working, and doing it right. (B taps Dawn's shoulder)

Dawn: Yes? (He whispers into her ear)

Dawn: Okay I'll tell them.

Heather: Tell us what?

Dawn: B says he has an idea, and it may help.

Leshawna: Well alright, go ahead. (B takes out an instruction manual)

Courtney: Wait, what? They included an instruction manual?

Dawn: He says they likely put it in for those contestants who are... let's just say aren't on top of their game.

Jack: Glad you realized it. (They turn to see Jack and Maxwell)

Trent: Hey guys, what are you doing here?

Maxwell: Just thought we'd check up on the teams.

Courtney: Actually Maxwell, can I talk to you for a sec? In private?

Maxwell: Uh, sure. (Courtney and Maxwell walk into the next room, away from everyone else)

Dawn: Her aura seemed blue, like she was nervous.

Heather: Nervous? Courtney being nervous? I find that hard to believe.

Jack: I think Maxwell may have struck it off with her. He and I both have our personal crushes within the Total Drama line up.

Alejandro: Seriously?

Jack: I would not say it if I did not mean it. Find it hard to believe all you want, but it is the truth.

Noah: Well if that's the case, then I'm sure he knows what she's been through in terms of relationships.

Jack: Trust me, he knows. And is hoping not to make that same mistake if possible. (Meanwhile, with Maxwell and Courtney)

Courtney: Alright, what's your game?

Maxwell: Excuse me?

Courtney: Don't play dumb with me. You just want to throw me off my game, do you?

Maxwell: No, no. That's not what I want to do.

Courtney: Then why are you flirting with me? You know what I've been through.

Maxwell: And am possibly hoping not to repeat the past. (Courtney becomes shocked)

Courtney: Wait, what?

Maxwell: Look Courtney, you're not the only girl I like here. I just want to decide who is my personal favorite among my TD crushes. It sounds very weird, but I kinda like you.

Courtney: Um, well... I...

Maxwell: Speechless?

Courtney: Well, not many guys I know admit their multiple crushes to one of them.

Maxwell: And by now, most girls would have left. But why did you stay?

Courtney: Because... because... BECAUSE...

Maxwell: Well, spit it out!

Courtney: I may want to win your affections. (Maxwell's eyes widen in shock)

Maxwell: Well... That escalated quickly.

Courtney: You definetly don't seem like any of the guys I've been with on this show. You really look like a genuinely nice guy, and fun to hang out with. But to hear that I'm not the only one in your sights, it just makes me mad, but somewhat excited.

Maxwell: You seem like a girl who's not afraid of getting their hands dirty, that's why I like you. That, and I feel sorry for all the unnecessary abuse you went through on All Stars. Man I hated that season.

Courtney: So, you're okay with this? Me fighting for your affections?

Maxwell: Why not, it'll make a good plot line. Besides, Jack's already working his magic, and there's still one I have yet to even start with. I wish you luck my dear. (Maxwell removes his hat and bows, Courtney does the same. After they walk out to the rest)

Jack: So, how did it go?

Maxwell: Better than I thought, that's for sure.

Jack: Good to hear. We're going to see what the other teams are up to, I wish you luck in the race tomorrow!

Scarlett: Thanks. (The brothers walk out of their garage area)

Scarlett: Well, up for some hard work?

Courtney: You know it!

Max: Ow! (They turn to see Max, with his foot under the engine)

Max: You clumsy oaf! How dare you attack me, I shall have my vengeance!

Staci: Sorry, I wish my great great great great uncle Tim was here. He invented trolleys, before him well... I don't need to say why.

Scarlett: This is going to be a long day.

Heather: Then lets get to work, we have a game to win! (Transition to team Iron Will)

Jack: Well we saw how the smart team is doing, let's see how the strong one is doing. (They look to see Harold directing everyone)

Harold: Okay, make sure those tires get enough air. The right amount will give us the maximum speed.

Scott: Whatever you say, your Highness.

Maxwell: Glad to see things are going smoothly.

Tyler: Hey guys, what's... (As Tyler walks over to greet them, he steps on a plank which comes up and smacks him in the face. He falls on his back)

Jack: Well, that is not good.

Maxwell: MEDIC!! We need a medic here, stat! (An intern in a white medical outfit comes in and pours water on his face, and he wakes up immediately)

Tyler: Whoa, thanks. (The intern leaves)

Jack: Try to work on that.

Tyler: Got it! Anyway, you know where this part goes?

Harold: Simple, that goes in...

Maxwell: Are you using the instruction manual we set aside for you?

Anne Maria: We were, but Mr. fancy pants here said we shouldn't use it.

Harold: Trust me, an original design will work better than the stock one.

Maxwell: It's a bit of a risky move. Do well and you could possibly take the whole thing, but mess up and it's your butt at elimination.

Harold: It's a risk I'm willing to take.

Duncan: Yeah you, and everyone else here.

Amy: Um, mind if I go out for a second, just some things I need to take care of.

Harold: Sure, just be back soon.

Scott: Need any help?

Amy: Sure. (The two walk off)

Maxwell: Guess they took the hint.

Jack: Since there's a bit more drama to be had there in a second, let's check up on last week's losing team.

Maxwell: Agreed, I give Speed Demon 35 minutes tops.

Owen: Before what?

Jack: Trust me, you will know.

Lightning: Well whatever it is, you can bet that Lightning will be ready for it. (Tyler is carrying over a box of supplies when he trips over a screwdriver. One of the parts from the box hits Lightning on the head, knocking him out)

Maxwell: Well, good luck with that. If you have any issues, let us know. And call for the medic if you need to. (The brothers walk away towards Fashion Squad's area)

Harold: Eva, mind taking care of this?

Eva: Sure. (She walks up to Lightning and smacks his face, he immediately gets up)

Lightning: Hey, watch where you're going! Lightning needs his skull for football.

Tyler: Sorry, Scott forgot to pick up his tools.

DJ: I hope they'll be back soon, we need all the help we can get. (Meanwhile, Amy and Scott are sneaking up on Speed Demon's area, making sure they do it undetected)

Amy: So, what's the plan?

Scott: They're doing good with their karts so far, so we need to stall for time.

Amy: So, we break what they've built so far?

Scott: Exactly, grab some of their tools, we're going to do a bit of sabotage. (They grab some tools and sneak up on one of the completed karts and start unscrewing everything and breaking it. Meanwhile, the scene transitions to team Fashion Squad at their building area)

Dakota: Okay, we need to make sure the steering wheel turns the front wheels. Beth, mind testing it? (Beth sits on the seats and turns the steering wheel right, the front wheels turn right as a subsequent result)

Beth: It works perfectly!

Dakota: Great, we're making progress.

Topher: Hate to burst your bubble, but we're still not finished with one kart yet.

Sam: Relax Topher, we'll have everything ready before the day is done.

Topher: Just saying.

Sam: Do you have an issue with Dakota as leader?

Topher: No, just making sure that everything's in order. And I don't want to go through that again.

Sam: Well then quit sitting there and help out. If you don't, you're risking yourself for another round. (Topher jumps to his feet)

Topher: Right, my mistake.


Topher: I hate to say it, but the gamer's right. If I don't make friendly with these guys, then I could be up there again. And no way I want to find out what else they have planned.

Confessional End

(Ella and Lindsay are carrying over a large tool chest together and set it down by the go kart)

Lindsay: Man, this is hard. I hope I don't pull anything.

Ella: Well, this is for our sakes. If we don't win, then we face elimination. Regardless of the method, it will not be easy voting someone on our team again, especially if it's twice in a row.

Lindsay: Well, that means we have to work hard right? I think it means that.

Maxwell: It sure does. (Everyone sees the brothers walk up. Ella hides behind Lindsay)

Jack: I see its slow and steady wins the race here.

Jo: Yeah, and it's slow as heck. We're never gonna get this done.

Dakota: Like I said we will, just trust me.

Jo: Hey, I never wanted you to be leader in the first place, so why should I listen to you.

Jack: So you would not get eliminated.

Jo: Like I asked you you fake-Brit.

Jack: This coming from the girl who got beat by a scrawny four-eyed nerd who can't lift ten leaves. No offense Cameron.

Cameron: None taken.

Jo: Well you... Um, I.....

Maxwell: Just get back to work, save yourself the humiliation. (Jo walks back to helping out)

Maxwell: Hey Jack look. (Maxwell points to Ella trying to hide behind Lindsay)

Jack: Someone seems shy, I think she's confused on how to approach this.

Dakota: Confused? On what?

Jack: I believe she has a crush on me.

Dakota: She does?

Maxwell: And likewise.

Jack: Don't tell her that!

Maxwell: Well if I didn't, it would've been found out eventually.

Jack: ...Good point. Hey Ella, try hiding around someone with a larger stomach area. (Ella stays there, pretending she didn't hear him. Jack walks up Lindsay and pokes his head around to see Ella trying to hide)

Jack: You're not fooling anyone you know.

Ella: Eek! Sorry it's just...

Jack: If you have anything you want to get off your chest, and I don't mean literally, then tell me.

Ella: Well, it's been a few days and I just think that... well...

Jack: Yes?

Ella: May have fallen in love? Please don't hate for saying that!

Jack: Why would I? I like a girl who's forthcoming with that.

Dave: Wait what?

Maxwell: Just be thankful she's not going after you again.

Dave: Taken into account.

Ella: Wait, you're okay with this?

Jack: If I may be honest, you're not the only girl I have my eyes on.

Ella: What?

Jack: You were one of my personal crushes on this show. I was just in awe of your kindness and singing ability. Remind me to have you sing sometime.

Ella: Um, okay.

Blaineley: This is escalating into front page tabloid material already.

Maxwell: Just don't put anything saying we're rigging the competition. We don't want that kind of predictability plaguing us.

Blaineley: Right, no problem. (When Maxwell looks away, Blaineley takes out her notepad and quickly throws the top page away)

Jack: Just to let you know, you're on the top of my list so far.

Ella: I am?

Jack: Though it may not be for long, yes you are. (Ella cheers around happily)

Ella: Oh yay! Yay! (She hugs Jack tightly)

Maxwell: Man, things are going from 0 to 100 so fast today. At least for Jack and I.

Brick: What do you mean?

Maxwell: If I can be honest, Courtney admitted she was interested in me too, and I returned the feelings.

Lindsay: Wow, good luck to Courtney.

Maxwell: I think she'll need it. Given what happened to her before, she needs someone legitimately kind who can show her a good time. At least, I think so.

Blaineley: If you have the same idea as Jack with your crushes, then I wish you luck.

Maxwell: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. (Suddenly, a loud crashing sound is heard in the background)

Sky: You've gotta be kidding me! I thought this was working well!

Cody: I don't know what happened, I swear. (Sky swears in frustration)

Sky: [Insert swear words here]

Maxwell: Man, check out the tongue on that one. Hey Jack, it's time.

Jack: Sorry Ella, but I have business to attend to. (Ella lets go of Jack reluctantly)

Ella: Just a little bit longer, please?

Jack: I cannot, I need I check in on your competition.

Ella: But...

Jack: Stay strong and help your team, it will go a long way with this game... and with me. (Ella then looks determined)

Ella: Okay, I promise to live up to your expectations.

Jack: Now then, let's see what has gotten Sky so flustered. (The brothers leave for the area team Speed Demon is working at)

Sky: You've got to be kidding me, how did this happen?

Bridgette: I don't know, everything was tightened last I checked. Something must have untightened it.

Shawn: Something, or someone?

Zoey: I bet it was that jerk Scott, he always likes messing with the competition.

Sky: Well, it couldn't have been him alone. How would he be able to disassemble all four karts by himself?

Gwen: You're right. This has to be the work of two people.

Zoey: Well for me, there no question that this is Scott's handiwork. But who would want to work with him?

Maxwell: I think we could shed some light on that. (They turn to see the brothers behind them, Samey smiles brightly and Sky appears to be somewhat shy)

Samey: Hey guys!

Maxwell: Hi Samey!

Mike: Wait, you said you could help us? You said it yourself you didn't mind this.

Jack: Wrong, we said it wouldn't be against the rules if they did it. We did it just so it could seem more interesting, but that never meant we approved of it.

Maxwell: Honestly, we didn't think anyone would have the guts to go out and do it. But apparently, someone wants to make sure you don't win.

Samey: Who would do such a thing?

Maxwell: Someone who has a particular grudge against some of you, especially you Samey.

Samey: Especially me? Are you saying...?

Zoey: Amy? Why would Scott want to work with Samey's sister?

Mike: Hang on, we never confirmed this was Scott's doing.

Jack: We can, we saw the two of them headed in your direction when we were at team Iron Will's area.

Gwen: Seriously?

Maxwell: Believe me, we know when to take a hint.

Gwen: Wow, never thought someone like Amy would stoop to sabotage. And with Scott of all people.

Samey: She really wants me gone that badly huh? Well, I'm not going down without a fight. You hear me Amy, I'm going to win this!

Amy: In your dreams! (They turn to see Amy and Scott, holding some of the tools ready to escape)

Amy: By the way, thanks for the tools. They'll really come in handy.

Cody: Wait, they have all of them!

Jack: I know we said sabotage before the race is fine, but this is going too far. Drop them and give them back!

Scott: Penalize us all you want, but we're not just gonna simply let them beat us. I know from experience these guys are always on top of their game, so I'm not giving them any leniency. We're just gonna take these back to our base, and say we happened to come across them.

Amy: Enjoy your victory for now, but soon, it'll be your butts at elimination. And it starts now! So long, slowpokes! (Amy and Scott off with the tools in hand)

Zoey: Hey! Stop!

Geoff: Not cool dudes! Bring 'em back!

Samey: They're getting away!

Maxwell: Not on my watch they are! (Maxwell runs off towards them, hot on their trail)

Amy: Oh crap! We got a pursuer! (Scott turns to see Maxwell chasing them)

Scott: No way I'm letting some top hat get the better of me! Split up! (Scott and Amy split up at a crossroads, Maxwell stops and calls Jack on his walkie-talkie)

Maxwell: Jack come in, they split up! (Scene transitions to Jack back with team Speed Demon)

Jack: I'll be right over. (Jack puts the walkie-talkie in his pocket. As he goes to help Maxwell, Sky stops him)

Sky: Wait!

Jack: What is it?

Sky: Let me come with you, I want to help my team. And possibly you.

Jack: Is that so? Well, I have no objections, so come on! (Jack and Sky run off to help Maxwell, they arrive at where he was waiting)

Maxwell: Glad you could make it, and glad to see some back up too.

Jack: Well, she wants to win my affections too, at least I assume so.

Sky: I just want to have one good relationship in my life. Mine with Keith didn't end well after Pahkitew Island, and you know how me and Dave turned out.

Jack: I promise you my dear, it won't happen with me. Provided my other crushes don't captivate me first.

Sky: Well, I was never one for losing.

Maxwell: I like how the 'other crushes' just went over your head.

Sky: Well, given that he is a fan, I can imagine I'm not the only one he has some sort of feelings for. If that's so, then I'm ready to fight.

Maxwell: Good, anyway let's stop wasting time. You two go right and get Scott, I'll head to the left and deal with Amy. Meet back here when we're done.

Jack/Sky: Got it! (A.N. This needs some epic chase music, don't you think? ) (They head off their separate directions. With Jack and Sky...)

Jack: Alright Scott, enough games! Surrender now, and I'll make this painless. (They turn to hear someone in the shadows running)

Sky: Over there, it's him! (They pursue the shadow, and it does turn out to be Scott)

Scott: What's the matter, can't do anything without your tools?

Jack: Stop right there you snake!

Scott: Snake? I may not be slimey, but I'm hard to catch. (Scene transitions to Maxwell searching for Amy)

Maxwell: You can't hide forever, I caught you once and I'll catch you again!

Amy: Good luck with that! (Maxwell turns to see Amy on top of the food stalls. When he noticed, Maxwell runs to it and jumps to the top of it)

Amy: Don't think you'll catch me easily this time! (Amy turns to run, and Maxwell is close behind her)

Maxwell: To think you're doing this just to mess with your sister.

Amy: She deserves to suffer for what she did to me! I'm the superior twin here, ME!

Maxwell: You are one crazy chick. (Maxwell looks down to see Jack and Sky in the distance pursuing Scott, he then has an idea. He pulls a letter and pen out of his hat, writes something on it down, and sends it off to Jack. He grabs it, reads it with Sky, and they face him to give him a thumbs up)

Sky: Allow me.

Jack: Be my guest. (Sky runs to the side so she is between both chases. While she is doing that...)

Scott: Amy, if you can hear me, let's meet up!

Amy: Sounds good to me! (She jumps down, Maxwell follows)

Jack: Just what we wanted! (They reach a wall and both run to the center to meet up. When they made it there...)

Maxwell: It's over, you have nowhere left to run.

Scott: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we still have a path ahead.

Jack: Don't think you'll get away!

Amy: Watch us try! (They run down the center path, and the brothers follow)

Amy: Seriously, is that the best you got? Guess it's not just Samey I'm better than.

Scott: Enough clowning around with these two bozos, let's get back to the rest of the team before they get suspicious.

Jack: You might want to watch your step!

Amy: What do you mean?

Maxwell: NOW! (At Maxwell's command, Sky drops some barrels filled with water, turning the grass below to slippery mud. They run into it, and start to slip)

Scott: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Watch your step!

Amy: Ahh! (They both fall on their butts and continue slipping along the path, dropping the tools)

Maxwell: Yes it worked!

Jack: Clever thinking! (Scott and Amy continue slipping until they crash into the cotton candy machines. Jack, Maxwell and Sky run up to them) (A.N. End chase music here)

Maxwell: Aw, how sweet. They're sharing cotton candy.

Jack: I ship it.

Sky: I'm not sure they would though.

Scott: Well, this could have turned out better.

Amy: You think? (Scene transitions to the three returning the tools to team Speed Demon, and carrying Scott and Amy who were tied up)

Sierra: You got them back.

Zoey: And you caught those slime ball jerks who stole them.

Maxwell: All in a day's work. (They set the tools down on the table set up)

Samey: Amy, I cannot believe you would stoop this low. Sabotaging not just me, but my whole team? How could you?

Amy: Better the whole team suffers alongside you.

Scott: Don't think it ends here sweet stuff. If anything, we're just getting started.

Maxwell: Sabotaging the kart thereby delaying them is one thing, and it could've been overlooked. But preventing them from working entirely, that's just too far!

Katie: I hope we can finish in time.

Bridgette: No worries, we'll work through the night if we have to.

Mike: I'm fine with that, as long as those two don't keep messing us up.

Maxwell: No worries, we'll get these two back to team Iron Will. And I'm sure they'll keep a closer eye on them. Give us a call if there are any more issues.

Cody: Got it! Thanks again! (Maxwell walks away, but Jack stays behind a little longer)

Jack: Thanks for helping us, I've not seen such bravery in a long time.

Sky: Well hey, when push comes to shove I need to be there for my team. Thanks for letting me help. (Sky kisses Jack on his cheek, shocking him)

Jack: Huh, what the...? Why did you...?

Sky: Every girl needs to start somewhere. (Both blush, and Maxwell calls out to Jack)

Maxwell: Hey Jack, are you done yet?

Jack: Just about, I'll be there soon. (He turns back to Sky)

Jack: Until tomorrow my dear. (Jack returns the favor by kissing Sky on her cheek the running off, leaving her shocked)

Shawn: Uh Sky, are you okay? (She regains her train of thought)

Sky: Huh? Um yeah, I'm fine. (Shawn looks skeptical)

Sky: Seriously I'm fine. Stop thinking I'll die easily in a zombie apocalypse.

Shawn: How did you know?

Sky: I need to be on top of my game more than ever, not just for Jack but for my entire team. We need to move fast here, so let's get to it!

Shawn: Alright, let's do this! (Scene transitions to team Iron Will's area)

Duncan: Where are those two, it's been like two hours and they're still missing.

Jack: Right here! (Jack sets them down by the unfinished second go-kart)

Owen: Whoa, what happened to you guys?

Scott: Long story short, we took advantage of their exceptions to cheating, and almost got away until they stopped us.

Amy: We sabotaged team Speed Demon's karts and tried to run off with all their tools. It was going well, but they just had to show up at the wrong time.

Maxwell: Butthurt much?

Amy: Shut up! (Maxwell laughs)

Harold: Well while you two were out there making it hard for the others, your absence has put us behind schedule. We're just now making the halfway mark. (The second kart's wheels fall off)

Scott: You call that progress?

Sugar: At least we're working. You two lovebirds just couldn't help yourselves now could you?

Amy: I like to think it more as, partners in crime.

Jasmine: Well irregardless, you've been away long enough. We aren't going to win this by cheating, so you're staying here from this point onwards.

Amy: Whatever.

Scott: Fine by me.

Eva: Then grab some parts and get to work already! (Scott and Amy are taken aback by Eva's forceful tone, so they hurriedly grab tools and begin working)

Maxwell: You may want to keep a close eye on these two, just to be on the safe side.

Jasmine: No problem, thanks.

Jack: No problem my dear, see you tomorrow. (The brothers leave)

DJ: Great, now we have to keep an eye on these guys AND make four karts? This is not going to end well.

Harold: Relax DJ, I'm positive we can overcome this.

DJ: Well, as long as you're sure, then lets do this! (Cue montage of all the contestants working on the karts) (A.N. Because I feel this may get too long because of the scenes prior, I'll leave who's in this montage to you and your imagination. Anyway...)

(Montage ends with a transition of the sun to the moon back to the early sun again. It shows the teams finally finishing and taking them to the track)

Maxwell: Well well well, glad to see you're all ready to take on the track. (The contestants agree)

Maxwell: Alright, we'll explain the rules in more detail. First off, no outside help. The only obstacle on that track will be your opponents, and we prefer to keep it that way. Second, first place gets four points, second place gets three points, third place gets two points, and last place gets one point.

Dave: Sounds simple enough. Right?

Jack: Oh if only Dave, if only. If you are unable to finish by the time everyone else made it over the finish line, like if your vehicle cannot move, then it's an automatic DNF and zero points for those who do not finish.

Sky: You can do that? I was never told about this!

Maxwell: Well hey, we decided it would be a fun surprise, so we waited until now to tell.

Jack: Anyway, you need to select your drivers. You have five minutes, then the first race will begin. (The team huddle off to determine who would be driving for their team)

Sky: So who should drive?

Samey: I'm not sure I'm that good behind the wheel.

Zoey: Well hey, you handled a bumper car easily. This isn't that far off from it.

Samey: Really? Then, sure I'll give it a shot. But maybe someone else should go before me.

Mike: I'll do it.

Gwen: You're sure?

Mike: Yeah, I've handled a few go-karts when I was younger so this should be easy.

Zoey: Okay, we'll decide the rest after the first round. Don't mind going after Mike, Samey?

Samey: No problem.

Zoey: Okay, good luck Mike. (Zoey kisses Mike on the cheek)

Mike: Thanks Zoey, I won't let you down! (With team Mind Blast)

Noah: Alright, who's going to drive?

Courtney: I may as well try.

Heather: No way, you'll mess it up. I'll drive first.

Courtney: I already offered, so I should go first.

Heather: Maybe, but I won't lose.

Courtney: Who said I would?

Alejandro: Ladies, calm down. Let's let someone else go first.

Leonard: Allow me to step forth upon this journey.

Leshawna: Wait, you want to drive?

Leonard: Find this hard to believe if you will, but I have been faced with such a challenge before.

Courtney: I find that hard to believe.

Leonard: You doubt my words? Then prepare to face my magical prowess! (Leonard waits for a spell to happen, but nothing does)

Leonard: That's weird, it normally works.

Trent: Are you sure you want to do this?

Leonard: If I don't, then who will?

Scarlett: Then it's decided, Leonard will drive first.

Leonard: You made the right decision.

Heather: Fine, let wizard-boy take the wheel.


Courtney: Ever since yesterday, I had that conversation with Maxwell stuck in my head. I wanted to drive so I could impress him, but maybe it's best I drive later. I'm sure winning will impress him. (Courtney places her head on her forehead and hangs her head low)

Courtney: What is wrong with you Courtney, you are a C.I.T. and you're worried about impressing some guy? I need to stay focused, and win this, no surrenders and no distractions. *Gulp* I hope.

Confessional End

Owen: Can I drive first?

Duncan: I'm not sure the thing would support you.

Harold: Oh contraire, with my expert designing skills, I managed to assemble karts that would easily support three times Owen's size. But still manage to output the necessary speeds for victory.

Duncan: You know what, let's do it. Owen, you drive.

Owen: Oh boy!

Lightning: Are you sha-serious right now?


Duncan: It's a win-win either way. He succeeds, then we can win. He fails, and that's two people up for elimination. Since they allowed us to argue our case, we need to start thinking about that stuff. That way, we can save our butts from elimination.

Confessional End

Jo: I'll drive, thank you. (The rest of the team replies, "No!")

Jo: What, why not?

Dave: We prefer you not to brag if you win. But since it would happen anyway, we decided to make sure you wouldn't have anything to brag about anyway.

Dakota: It was my decision by the way.

Jo: You got to be kidding me!

Lindsay: Can I go first then?

Dakota: Sure, why not?

Lindsay: Yay!

Jo: You're picking her over me?

Dakota: Yes, just to show you we don't need you to save us from elimination.

Jo: Fine, but if we lose, don't say I didn't warn you.

Jack: Alright, racers step forth! (Mike, Owen, Leonard, and Lindsay step up)

Maxwell: Alright, prepare your vehicles. And open the gate! (The gate to the track opens as the racers enter their karts and start them. Once they're started, they drive them to the starting line and the gate closes when all four enter)

Jack: All right, remember. The only obstacle on the track is each other, so do what you can if you wish to win. And three laps around the track before the race is done. Good luck, we start on the count of three. Maxwell! (Maxwell steps up holding a checkered flag as Jack walks away)

Maxwell: On three! One... (The racers start their engines and rev their karts)

















Maxwell: ...THREE! (Maxwell waves the checkered flag as the racers drive past him)

Jack: And they're off! Lindsay takes an early lead with Owen close behind her, but what's this? (Leonard pulls up to them and manages to squeeze by them)

Jack: Leonard sneaks up and takes the lead!

Leonard: Ha ha! Surrender now weaklings, and 'eat my dust'. (Leonard laughs as he drives further away)

Lindsay: No way! That's cheating! He's using magic!

Maxwell: We didn't say it against the rules this time.

Lindsay: Aw come on! Well if you want something done right, you have to buy it yourself... I think. (Lindsay speeds forward towards Leonard)

Zoey: C'mon Mike, you can do this!

Mike: Alright, time to kick this into high gear! (Mike speeds forward and catches up to Owen)

Owen: Hey, how did you catch up?

Mike: No time to talk, I have a race to win. (Mike speeds up, but Owen remains closely behind him as they enter the second lap)

Leonard: Yes! Soon victory shall be mine!

Lindsay: I won't let that happen! (Lindsay catches up and makes it past Leonard and into the lead, Mike and Owen pass him shortly after)

Leonard: Aw nuts.

Heather: You gotta be kidding me, we're going to lose!

Dawn: Leonard, don't give up! A true wizard never backs down!

Leonard: You're right, I can't lose now! Time to show them the true power of a level 99 wizard! (Leonard speeds up, but is still in last place as they go into lap three)

Courtney: I hope your words of encouragement will help, otherwise we'll be at a severe disadvantage going into the next race.

Owen: Yes, I'm in the lead! I'm gonna do it!

Leonard: Not while I'm still around, you behemoth! (He manages to speed past Mike then Lindsay, and is closing in on Owen)

Owen: Uh oh, that's not good. Please let this thing go faster. (Owen manages to stay ahead of Leonard and the finish line is approaching)

Leonard: This calls for drastic measures! (Leonard pulls out his spell book, his teammates groan in frustration)

Alejandro: You gotta be kidding me, right here, right now?

Noah: Well, there go our chances at first place.

Leonard: Let's see, ah here we go. Chicken foot and ogre face, freeze that foe right in his place! (Almost as if on cue, Owen's kart starts slowing down just as approaches the finish line)

Owen: Huh? Wait what, what's happening? (It ends up stopping just before the finish line)

Scott: What the... Did that magic ACTUALLY work?

Duncan: Maybe, or the more likely answer, someone screwed up on the building. Harold!?

Harold: Jeez Duncan, why do you have to blame me?

Duncan: Hello? This was your idea, if we read that manual then this would have never happened.

Harold: Okay, maybe I misjudged Owen's weight. You can't say that's not a possibility.

Duncan: Hey, the more options at elimination, the better. (After he says that, Leonard passes by Owen, taking first place)

Leonard: Huzzah! The day is ours!

Jack: My goodness, the wizard's magic is real!

Maxwell: Whether or not it is, team Mind Blast takes first place. (Lindsay and then Mike pass Owen)

Maxwell: Fashion Squad takes second and Speed Demon takes third. As for Iron Will... (Owen kicks the gas pedal, but the kart breaks apart beyond easy repair)

Maxwell: Ohhhhhhh, DNF. No points to team Iron Will for this round! (The team glares angrily at Harold, some do the same to Owen)

Harold: Come on, it's just round one. How bad can it be?

Trent: I can't believe it Leonard, that was amazing!

Scarlett: I gotta admit, you made some magic just now and it was good. (B nods his head in approval)

Leonard: Please, please. You would have done the same for me and the team. One has to pull their own weight somehow.

Heather: Well, glad to see you could handle it.

Lindsay: I did it, I did it!

Beth: Great job Lindsay!

Jo: I still would've done better.

Dave: Yeah yeah yeah, honestly you shouldn't brag if you can't back it up.

Jo: Can't back it up? CAN'T BACK IT UP?

Dakota: Just drop it, okay.

Mike: Sorry I didn't do better.

Gwen: It's alright, we'll do better. Besides, at least we managed to finish.

Sierra: I hope we can keep this happening, or else we'll lose big time.

Mike: Glad to see such friends supporting me.

Geoff: Well hey, we're a team. What goes around comes around, so let's give it our all!

Maxwell: Alright, who's up for round two?

Sadie: Good luck Samey!

Samey: Thanks. (Samey turns to the brothers)

Samey: I accept your challenge.

Maxwell: Glad to see the fire in your eyes.

Heather: I'll take this one.

Max: So be it, then get moving.

Heather: Don't tell me what to do, you troll.

Harold: Here, why don't I show you that my work isn't complete junk?

Duncan: If you want to punch yourself in the face, then be my guest.

Brick: Allow me to step up to the plate.

Dakota: Sure thing Brick, go ahead. (Samey, Heather, Harold, and Brick step up, enter their karts, and drive to the starting line)

Maxwell: Racers at the ready? One........... Two.................... Three! (They speed off past Maxwell)

Heather: You might as well give up now! There's no way I'm losing this.

Harold: That's what you think! (Harold speeds up to the lead)

Heather: Oh, I am NOT losing to you. (Meanwhile)

Brick: Try to keep up.

Samey: I intend to, I won't let my team down. (Samey and Brick are neck and neck racing down the course)

Samey: Sorry, but I'm ending this now. (Samey speeds past Brick up to Heather)

Heather: Oh no you don't! (Heather slams into Samey, sending her back to last place)

Sky: What? There has to be a rule against that!

Jack: It is like we said, the only obstacle is your opponents. So it counts.

Cody: Makes sense.

Brick: What the...? Oh, that's it! (Brick speeds up to Heather as they reach lap two)

Brick: Don't you know the meaning of respect?

Heather: Please, on this show there is no respect. (Heather slams into Brick, but he doesn't go back)

Brick: Is that so? Then allow me to return the favor! (Brick slams into Heather, but she doesn't go back either)

Heather: That's it buzz-cut, you're mine! (The two slam into each other, refusing to budge)

Harold: Ha, this is easy! Told you I could do it!

Duncan: Brag about it all you want, you still have to win!

Harold: That can be arranged! (Meanwhile, Samey notices the struggle between Brick and Heather, and decides to use this to her advantage. She speeds up to when she is on Heather's side)

Mike: What's she doing?

Katie: She's going to get taken out again!

Sky: Wait, look!

Samey: Hey Heather. (Heather turns to Samey)

Heather: What do YOU want?

Samey: What's wrong, can't beat an army cadet?

Heather: Well, I can sure as heck beat you! (Heather turns to her right towards Samey, but she pulls back and slams into the wall. Brick then slams into her)

Brick: Ha, who's on the receiving end of the punishing now? (Samey then speeds past both of them, Brick notices)

Brick: What the...? Wow, clever. (Brick leaves Heather behind and is closely behind Samey as they reach lap three, it continues to be that way until it's gets close to the finish line, where they both pass Harold)

Harold: Well that's not good. (Brick catches up to Samey, and they're neck and neck again)

Brick: Sorry madam, but this race is mine. (Brick tries to slam into Samey, but he misses and slams into the wall, giving Samey the win)

Samey: Yes I won! (Harold passes him followed by Heather, Brick then crosses in last place)

Maxwell: Well after that race the score stands: Speed Demon with six, Mind Blast with six, Fashion Squad with four, and Iron Will with three.

Shawn: Nice job!

Gwen: Thanks for giving Heather a taste of her own medicine.

Samey: No problem, I can't let anyone push me around anymore!

Brick: Sorry I flunked it.

Jo: You should be, we almost had it!

Beth: Hey don't be like that! He tried his best.

Topher: Yeah, but he got caught up in the competition and failed miserably.

Dave: I don't see you trying to help at all.

Topher: Just saying.

Dave: Alright, who wants to go next?

Blaineley: Guess I'll try next.

Dakota: Okay, good luck.

Sky: So, who wants to go next? (An unfamiliar voice is heard)

Beardo: I'll go. (The rest of the team is surprised to hear Beardo actually speak)

Gwen: Wait, you can talk?

Beardo: Yeah, I'm just a bit shy is all.

Zoey: Well that's good to hear. But are you sure you can handle this?

Beardo: I don't see why not.

Bridgette: Then, go get 'em.

Beardo: I won't let you down. *honk honk*

Lightning: Lightning want to drive.

Eva: Then get moving!

Lightning: Ah!

Alejandro: Here, let me redeem ourselves from Heather's poor performance.

Heather: Like you can do better.

Alejandro: Maybe with a good luck kiss?

Heather: Ew! Buzz off! (Beardo, Blaineley, Lightning, and Alejandro step up, get in their karts, and get to the starting line)

Maxwell: Okay, races ready? One............ Two............... Three! (At three the racers race past Maxwell)

Lightning: Out of the way blondie, Lightning wants that checkered flag first.

Blaineley: In your dreams caveman! (Blaineley speeds past Lightning up to Alejandro, who is in the lead)

Alejandro: I don't what stands out more, your looks or your desire to win.

Blaineley: Flattery will get you nowhere but the wall my friend. (Alejandro looks ahead of him to see the turn, but is too late to make it and hits the wall, allowing the other racers to speed past him.

Blaineley: So long, Al. (Alejandro looks to her angrily)

Jack: I think she may have went too far with that.

Maxwell: You think?

Alejandro: No one... calls me... AL! (Alejandro turns his car and speeds towards the other racers, but is still in last place as they reach lap two.

Lightning: Get out of the way, Lightning is not losing.

Blaineley: Dream on kid, you may be Lightning but I got the thunder here.

Beardo: *beep beep* Coming through. (Beardo speeds past both of them to the lead)

Blaineley: Did not see that coming. But I'm not going down like this.

Alejandro: No, you're going down like this! (As if on cue, Alejandro swoops in past Lightning and slams Blaineley into the wall)

Blaineley: Whoa, don't you have any respect for women?

Alejandro: This is Total Drama, there is no respect to be had among the contestants.

Heather: Glad to see we're in agreement, now get moving!

Alejandro: As you wish!

Lightning: I am not going to lose here! (Alejandro and Lightning catch up to Beardo by the beginning of lap three)

Lightning: What's say you, should we teach this beat boxer a lesson?

Alejandro: Let's. (Both go to the side of Beardo and simultaneously slam into him, slowing him down)

Beardo: Not good, not good, not good! (Beardo spins out of control and slams himself into the wall, allowing Alejandro and Lightning to pass)

Lightning: See you later, loser!

Alejandro: And I'll see you at the finish line! (Alejandro slams into Lightning, but he quickly returns the favor)

Lightning: Oh no you don't, this is my victory. You hear me, LIGHTNING'S victory! (Beardo regains control and starts speeding towards them, and Blaineley is close behind him)

Blaineley: Oh boys? (Lightning and Alejandro turn to see them behind them)

Blaineley: Guess who's back?

Alejandro: Oh come on! Why now?

Beardo: See ya later! (Beardo speeds to the front and the finish line is within reach)

Lightning: NO! I WILL NOT LOSE AGAIN! (Lightning speeds up and slams into Beardo, but he refuses to budge)

Beardo: Hey, get off!

Lightning: NO! Lightning refuses to lose again, even if it means drastic measures! (Lightning spins the two of them out, and they spin and crash across the finish line together. Alejandro and Blaineley follow shortly after)

Alejandro: No! Third place!

Blaineley: Easy for you to say, we got last.

Jack: Yes, but the points are different in the event of a tie. (They look to Jack confused)

Maxwell: Since two racers crossed the finish line together, they both get four points. Declaring both of them, winners. Alejandro you get three points and Blaineley you get two.

Blaineley: I guess that's, better? (Lightning stands up, about to pass out in a daze)

Lightning: Hah hah, I told you Lightning... always wins. Sha-bam... (Lightning falls unconscious, and team Speed Demon runs in to check on Beardo)

Samey: Oh my gosh, are you okay?

Beardo: Ow, that really hurt.

Cody: Anything major?

Beardo: I think my arm is broke.

Shawn: Hang on, I'll check. I know this kind of stuff. (Beardo holds out his arm for Shawn to examine)

Katie: Well?

Beardo: Yeah, that crash really did a number on it. No broken bones, but some major skin damage. He should be fine by tomorrow.

Maxwell: I'll get some bandages. Hold the last race until I get back. (Maxwell runs off)

Jack: Quite the crash you took, I'm surprised he decided to take things that far. It is by no means a consolation, but at least you earned first place.

Beardo: Good to hear, it's good to help my team every once in a while. Ow...

Shawn: Try not to move it too much. Any chance you got some ice? (Maxwell arrives with bandages)

Maxwell: I'm back, I grabbed some ice just in case.

Jack: Perfect, we need that.

Maxwell: And they said storing ice in my hat was a bad idea, well who's laughing now? (Jack wraps Beardo's arm and puts ice on it)

Jack: There, you should be fine by tomorrow afternoon.

Gwen: Wow, you guys come prepared.

Maxwell: What you expect us to leave our contestants alone and in pain? Just what has that man done to you?

Gwen: You do NOT want to get me started.

Maxwell: Well, I'm free to lend an ear whenever you have the time.

Gwen: Really? Wow, thanks.

Maxwell: Anytime. Okay, let's take a few minutes for a break. After that, we'll have our deciding race. As it stands: Speed Demon has ten, Mind Blast has nine, Iron Will has six, and Fashion Squad has six. You guys better beat Iron Will, or you're off to elimination again. (Maxwell speaks to Fashion Sqaud in that last sentence, scene transitions to team Fashion Squad)

Jo: Way to go, Total Diva! We're still in last.

Sam: We're tied with Iron Will, we still have a shot.

Jo: After that? Who would want to go after that? (Ella stands up)

Ella: I'll do it!

Jo: Are you kidding me?

Lindsay: What's wrong with letting Ella go? It's Ella, right?

Ella: Yes.

Lindsay: Just making sure.

Jo: She'll get eaten alive out there, you saw what jock strap did there.

Justin: Well, he can't go again. Even if he could, that crash really did a number on him. Last I checked, he's still unconscious.

Jo: Keep in mind they still got some steep competition. She won't last a minute, I should go.

Dakota: No Jo, we already discussed this. You just want to so you could become team leader, give you something over me so you could rule this team with an iron fist.

Jo: Why shouldn't I? I'm the best athlete here, I could beat everyone of you with one hand behind my back with my eyes closed. I deserve to...

Ella: ENOUGH! (Everyone turns to Ella, looking shocked)

Ella: Ahem, sorry, I really am. Please let me have this, I want to prove myself. If I fail and we lose, then vote for me.

Cameron: Uh, Ella, are you sure that's something you should be throwing around?

Ella: Maybe it isn't, but there's someone out there I want to prove myself to. And I want to help you all out too, even if it means sacrificing myself.

Dakota: Any objections?

Jo: None whatsoever, let the fairytale princess have a shot. (Jo walks close up to Ella)

Jo: But if you screw up, you're finished. (Said menacingly)

Ella: *gulp* I-I-I'll do my b-b-best. (Jo walks away)

Dakota: Ella, you're crazy! You can't do this, you'll get yourself hurt, or worse!

Ella: I know, but someone has to step up. I can't just standby and watch everyone fight without me. I'm not hesitating, I-I can do this!

Beth: If you're sure, just please be careful.

Ella: I will I promise. (Jack and Maxwell walk up to the team)

Jack: Everything alright?

Lindsay: Yeah, we're just deciding on who's racing.

Jack: Have you decided?

Ella: I'm doing it. (Jack and Maxwell are shocked)

Maxwell: You're racing? You saw what happened out there, are you insane?

Ella: No, I just to dream.

Jack: My dear, you could get hurt, even worse than Beardo.

Ella: I know, and I'm a bit scared. Actually, terrified. But I don't want to stand idly by and watch this happen. I don't want our team to go to elimination again, at least not twice in a row. This is risky, I know that, but sometimes we have to take risks for our friends.

Dakota: Aw, how sweet.

Jack: If that's your decision, then I won't stop you. But at least let me give you this. (Jack kisses Ella on the cheek, and she becomes more determined than ever. In her melodic voice, she proudly sings...)

Ella: For my friends and for my love; and those who watch from up above; this is the fate that I shall choose; and in the very end, our team shall not lose! (The team and Maxwell cheer while Jack looks on proudly)


Jack: I must admit, I was not expecting Ella of all people to act so determined. She must be aware of the fight for my heart, and wants to start off strong. Well good luck Ella, and godspeed!

Confessional End

(The scene transitions to the race track, as the final race begins)

Jack: Alright, this is it! The final race, someone's going home tonight and this will decided it! Who shall step forth and accept this final challenge?

Ella: I will!

Courtney: I'll do it!

Shawn: I'll give a shot!

DJ: I guess I'll go.

Jack: Racers, to the starting line! (Ella, Courtney, Shawn and DJ get in their respective karts and drive to the starting line)

Maxwell: Alright, this is for all the marbles! Winner takes all, and loser goes home! And we have something special prepared for that loser!

Courtney: Enough with the build up, let's do this!

Maxwell: On the count of three. One...

























.......Three! (For the final time, the racers race past Maxwell to begin the final race)

Jack: C'mon Ella you can win this.

Maxwell: I really hope she does, she may act like a fairytale princess, but deep down inside she's got determination. (DJ is currently in the lead, Courtney and Ella are fighting for second, and Shawn is hanging back waiting for his opportunity)

DJ: No worries guys, I can do this!

Jasmine: You got this DJ!

Rodney: Yeah, go go go!

Ella: I'm sorry but I need to win this. (Ella speeds past DJ)

Jack: And Ella takes the lead!

Dakota: C'mon Ella!

Sam: You got this!

Brick: Show them who's boss!

Ella: I won't lose! (Ella turns around to notice Courtney gaining on her)

Ella: Well, that's not good. (Courtney bumps the back of Ella's kart)

Courtney: Move, I need to win this!

Ella: I can't! I need to win this too!

Courtney: There's only going to be one person in first, and it's going to be me! (Courtney makes it to the side of Ella just as they enter lap two)

Shawn: Alright, time to make my move! (Shawn starts to speed up, but DJ gets in front of him)

Shawn: Hey, move!

DJ: Sorry, go on ahead. (DJ moves allowing Shawn to pass)

Duncan: Hey twinkle toes! You're not supposed to let him pass!

DJ: Oh, right! Darn! (DJ speeds up and he's closing in on Shawn. Meanwhile at the front...)

Courtney: I don't want to do this, so make this easy and let me pass.

Ella: I can't! I promised him and my team.

Courtney: I'm sorry about this.

Ella: What are you- Ahh? (Courtney bumps Ella into the wall)

Heather: That's it Courtney!

Alejandro: No mercy!

Max: Make them fear you!

Dawn: How can you cheer her performance when she just bumped her off to the side?

Heather: Like I said, show no respect.

Ella: No! Please, don't let me lose! (Ella gets back, but is in last place as they reach the final lap)

Ella: My friends, and Jack my prince, give me strength. Don't allow me to fail here. (With hope in her heart, Ella steps on the pedal and reaches first again)

Shawn: What the...? No, I can't fail here.

Sky: Go Shawn go!

Sierra: You can do it!

Mike: Knock 'em dead!

Geoff: You got this, dude!

DJ: No way I'm failing here. I do not want to experience elimination.

Courtney: So you have someone you love too? Well, I won't lose either way, bring it! (All four racers are neck and neck as the finish line approaches, when suddenly...)

DJ: Huh? Something's going on. (DJ kart suddenly starts breaking down and going into a frenzy, knocking every driver around)

Eva: I thought you said this would work!

Harold: The building was fine! He must have done something to it!

Duncan: Don't go blaming him for your mistakes pally! (The racers continue spinning out of control; DJ slides on his side and the kart breaks, Shawn slams into a wall flying out, and Ella and Courtney spin but their karts are still standing)

Ella: I still have a chance! (Unfortunately, her kart isn't working. Courtney notices her kart works just fine)

Courtney: See ya later! (As Courtney drives to the finish line, she notices Maxwell looking worried at Ella)

Maxwell: This isn't good, she won't finish.

Jack: I can't believe this. Guess they may have to face elimination again. (The rest of her team looks worried, Jo looking pleased, the brothers looking just as worried, when suddenly; Courtney turns back)

Maxwell: Jack look! (They notice her turning back)

Heather: Courtney, what are you doing?

Courtney: Helping her out, I respect her determination.

Scott: Seriously, I'm not on your team and that's a bad move.

Alejandro: This is Total Drama, you can't show respect to your opponents. You have to be ruthless.

Courtney: No, that's wrong! (Courtney pulls out a rope, attaches it to the back of her kart and the front of Ella's, and drives towards the finish line)

Scarlett: What? That can't be in the rulebook!

Jack: We said no outside help, not inside help. She can help her if she chooses. Better start thinking differently, because this is our Total Drama now. (Several of her teammates groan in frustration, others are happy with what she's doing. She eventually crosses the finish line with Ella behind her)

Jack: And team Mind Blast wins with twelve points! (Despite her actions, her team cheers for her victory)

Ella: Thank you Courtney, I really appreciate it. (Courtney puts her hand on Ella's shoulder)

Courtney: No problem, lovers stick together. We both have someone we want to impress, and I couldn't let you stay like that.

Jack: Teams Speed Demon and Iron Will, DNF! No points for either of you! (Both teams moan in frustration)

Jack: If it's any consolation Speed Demon, you're still in second place. (The team goes "phew")

Amy: And us?

Maxwell: Last place, as Fashion Squad's position in that last race has ended them with eight point to your six. Guess what that means?

Anne Maria: No, it can't mean...

Jack: We shall see YOU at elimination tonight. And one more thing, what we have in store for you, is a lot worse than what happened to Izzy last week. (The team gulps)

Maxwell: Meet us by the oversized parking lot to the right of the area for elimination in a few hours, we're going to enjoy tonight. Heh heh heh heh. (They walk away leaving team Iron Will worried)


Duncan: Call me a pessimist, but I knew this would happen. Now it's time to decide who has their first frightening experience with elimination, which of them will have to face it. I hope it isn't the my butt on the line.

Harold: I don't know what went wrong, I made sure they worked and they were stable. If I had to guess, it would be either Owen or DJ due to how they messed up.

Amy: Ha, as long as they focus on what happened here, then Scott and I will be free to terrorize again. You better watch out Samey, you and your friends are done for!

Sugar: I can't believe what happened, and now we gotta send some guy home? This is worse than the time my grandma decided to launch our chickens out of a slingshot, they pecked her until she was purple, or was it pink?

Confessional End

Ella: Well Jack, how did I do? Did Courtney helping me affect anything?

Jack: My dear, it takes great courage to do what you just did. You should be proud of yourself!

Dakota: Well, we are. We're safe from elimination because of her gamble.

Lindsay: Nice work Ella, that was amazing!

Maxwell: Well, hope you guys are ready for an elimination toady. Because we are going to enjoy this one, me especially.

Ella: Why's that?

Maxwell: You'll see, I prefer not to spoil anything. Just meet us there when you arrive there. See you there! (Jack and Maxwell run off as Jacks says...)

Jack: Don't forget my love, I'll be rooting for your victory until the very end. Good luck. (Jack walks away to catch up with Maxwell)

Ella: Oh, what a gentleman. He really IS a kind person.

Sam: Glad to see you've found someone. If I can be honest, I'm really liking these guys.

Cameron: Well they're certainly doing a better job at this than Chris ever did. They actually care about us... well at times they do.

Dakota: Yeah, they make exceptions during eliminations, where they proceed to eject us in many different ways. And they aren't afraid of bringing on the suspense, or making anyone afraid.

Ella: I'm aware of that, and am bracing myself for when that happens. But I'm sure it's just for theatrics, they have a show to put on after all.

Jo: Whatever, let's just head over there and see who bites the dust this week.

Dakota: Sure, everyone lets get moving.

Maxwell: Team Mind Blast, congratulations for your win!

Scarlett: Victory was assured the minute that wipeout happened. Though I prefer it if Courtney didn't help anyone out.

Jack: Hey, it was her choice, so do not get mad at her for it. You would have won either way.

Scarlett: True, true.

Maxwell: Anyway, I'm sure you guys are tired from working on these, right?

Max: Indeed, my foot is still in pain.

Staci: I said I was sorry.

Max: Sorry won't make my pain go away.

Jack: How would you like it if we just gave some to you, no work required?

Alejandro: Wait, seriously? (A truck appears backing up, the back opens and thirteen go-karts are there)

Maxwell: They're all yours, use them how you see fit.

Heather: Is it weird that I'm actually excited?

Ezekiel: Nope. (They run up to get them, but Courtney stops to Maxwell first)

Maxwell: Glad to see there's still a kind heart in you. I always prefer kindness to coldness.

Courtney: Thanks, you may seem like a kid, but you're really sweet.

Maxwell: No problem my dear, and thanks it really means a lot for me. For you... (Maxwell brings out a wire, puts his fingers on it and streaks it all the way to the top. It becomes a red rose)

Courtney: Aw, thank you.

Maxwell: I always you were a rose kind of girl. With my love... (Maxwell gives the rose to Courtney. She hugs him immediately after grabbing it)

Courtney: Promise you can give me a chance.

Maxwell: I can promise that, and much more. Good luck, you're going to need it.

Courtney: Well, if I'm not the only one after your heart, I know I'll need it.

Maxwell: See you for elimination tonight. (Scene transitions to the large parking lot to the right of the carnival-circus. Team Mind Blast, Speed Demon, and Fashion Squad are in the stands, while Iron Will is in the center)

Maxwell: Team Iron Will, you stand here due to your poor performance in today's go-kart challenge. As such, you are asked to vote for four of your members to be up for elimination tonight. We'll get into more detail when we get there, like last time we will allow some members to argue on who should get the votes tonight. Duncan, let's start with you.

Duncan: Personally, my vote is for Harold. It was his decision to make them from scratch, and not follow the manual that was set aside for us. I could give mention to Owen and DJ, as much as I prefer not to, due to how they failed miserably in the challenge.

Jack: DJ, seems as though you've been called out, any responses?

DJ: I'll admit, I messed up, and I won't be mad if anyone votes for me. But I'm the sure the karts would've been better if everyone was there working on them.

Jack: You are referring to yesterday's incident with Scott and Amy?

DJ: Exactly, they should've been helping us instead of cheating.


Scott: You just HAD to remind them, did you? You're getting my vote now, marshmallow.

Confessional End

Maxwell: Scott, as one of the perps from yesterday's incident, would you say the loss today was more contributed to the drivers and the planner than you or Amy.

Scott: Honestly, yeah. Maybe not so much the drivers, as the builder didn't even use some of the parts. He just thought they would, 'interfere with the karts aerodynamic efficiency' or something like that. Even if we did help, it wouldn't have mattered much anyway.

Jack: Rodney, you've been on the sidelines of everything today, thoughts on the matters?

Rodney: Hard to say, a lot of people to blame, but it's hard to choose just one to vote for. And there are some who I don't want to vote for, it's just a darn mess.

Jack: Let's end things off with Eva, anyone who you would vote for.

Eva: Either Owen or DJ, they should have been faster, that's all.

Maxwell: Short sweet but to the point, I like it! Alright everyone, it's the moment of truth, cast your votes. The four with the most will be up for elimination. (Everyone cases their votes)

Jack: Alright, it's time. Maxwell, who received the most votes? (Maxwell looks through the votes)

Maxwell: ...











...Harold. (Harold hangs his head down)

Jack: Second highest?

Maxwell: ...













...Owen. (Owen's eyes widen with fear)

Jack: Our third person?

Maxwell: ...


















...DJ. (DJ jumps at hearing his name)

Jack: And finally?

Maxwell: ...

























...Amy. (Amy looks up surprised)

Maxwell: Those whose names I did not call, you are safe for tonight. Those who were called, please step up here. (Harold, Owen, DJ, and Amy walk over to them)

Jack: You four are up for elimination tonight. The game is simple, we're going to ask you a question, if you get it right then you are safe. If you answer wrong, you're off the show and here's how. (Jack points to four cars in the distance)

Maxwell: The four of you will be sitting in those cars right there, in the distance you'll see they are pointed towards a wall. (They see the wall, and look scared)

Jack: But just simply moving the car towards it would be no fun for us, so we got some help. BRING IT IN! (On Jack's command, an intern driving a large armored truck appeared in the distance behind the cars. The contestants look even more terrified)

Lightning: No way!

Sugar: That don't look good.

Maxwell: If you answer wrong, and one of you will, that armored truck will push your car towards the wall at high speeds, capped off with a fiery explosion upon impact.

Jack: We like to call this one: "Extreme Bumper Cars"! (Camera switches to a car being pushed towards a wall, but switches back to the contestants after it hits it)

Owen: Is it safe?

Maxwell: Maybe, I don't know but it looks so cool.

Jack: Fancy a demonstration? (The armored truck goes at high speeds towards the dummy car they set up. It hits it from behind, and goes at high speeds towards the wall with the truck pushing it. It hits the wall and the front ignites into a fiery explosion, the front and back are totaled, but the overall shape is still intact)

DJ: *gulp* Why did I have to mess up now, why?

Amy: Okay so, this is what fear feels like. Good to know.

Maxwell: We'll go in the order in the amount of votes from least to greatest. Amy you're first, DJ you're second, Owen will go third, and Harold is stuck in last. Let's get you guys suited up! (Camera pans to the vehicles, the wall, and the armored truck in the background. Then goes to the contestants, with racing suits and gloves carrying a helmet outside the vehicles with the brothers)

Jack: Alright, you're all suited up. Time to decide who's leaving 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama. We have the question prepared, but first here are the answers. They are...


a Hacky Sack

Duct Tape

and finally, a T-Shirt.

Maxwell: The question is: Which of these three items were first used by the military before being sold to the public? Amy, the floor is yours.

Amy: Okay, I'm really having a hard time deciding. I'm trying to think, which of these would have a practical use in the army? I'm going to have to choose...... duct tape. (Duct tape lights up on the screen)

Jack: You are choosing duct tape, why duct tape?

Amy: I'm thinking they have to make some big repairs, so obviously they need some big strong tape to do it with. I'm sticking with it. (Duct tape fades to black)

Maxwell: DJ, we're over to you. Three of them are right but one is wrong, duct tape is off the board, what's your choice?

DJ: Well, people in the army need to stay in shape. It's not just about the arms or chest, the legs are important too to help carry things. They may need something to keep their legs strength up, so I'm choosing hacky sack. (Hacky sack light up on screen, but shortly then fades to back shortly after)

Maxwell: Owen, over to you. You have two answers left. Nervous?

Owen: That, and I'm hungry.

Maxwell: Well if you make it, dinner awaits. If not, then you get an appetite for an explosion.

Owen: Speaking of food, M&Ms actually sounds plausible. It's candy-coated chocolate, perfect for long days and hot weathers. (M&Ms lights up on the screen as Owen mentions it)

Jack: Does that mean you are going with M&Ms?

Owen: Yes it does, that and I like food.

Jack: That you do my friend. (M&Ms fades to black)

Jack: Harold, we are left with you. You do not have a choice if you are safe or not. So you are left with a T-Shirt. (T-Shirt lights up on screen as Jack mentions it)

Harold: I'm not worried, scared maybe, but not worried.

Maxwell: Is that so?

Harold: I can see the military using it. Before, their shirts underneath were cotton, very bad and high risk of heat stroke. T-Shirts are cooler and more comfortable, and the ladies could go crazy over them. Right Leshawna?

Leshawna: You got it Sugar Daddy!

Harold: So yeah, let's do it! (T-Shirt fades to black)

Jack: The answers have been locked in, everyone enter your vehicles! (The contestants enter the four cars, each with the order the answered from right to left)

Jack: We were looking for an item first used by the military before being sold to the public. Amy, you went with duct tape; DJ, you chose hacky sack; Owen, you went with your stomach and chose M&Ms, and Harold, you were left with a T-Shirt as your answer. (The camera pans to the contestants as Jack announces them, and their respective answers light up as it pans to them)

Jack: It's time to find out who is going to leave 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama.

Amy: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Harold: Please, spare me.

Jack: We can say this, it would have definetly good to have gone first this time. You know why?









Jack: Because duct tape is the right answer! Amy, you are safe! (Upon hearing this...)

Amy: Yes! Oh my god, yes, YES! (Amy runs out of her car and joins the brothers on the sidelines)

Jack: Seems like you're happy! Care to see someone crash?

Amy: As long as is isn't me, fire it up!

Jack: Gentlemen, three of you are left. And one of you is about to go straight into a wall away from the prize money. Goggles on and windows down! (They do as instructed, Harold removing his glasses and putting it in his pocket beforehand)

Jack: Maxwell, signal the bumper car.

Maxwell: I thought you'd never ask. Amy hold my hat, I need to get something. (Amy grabs his hat, Maxwell reaches into it and pulls out an alarm clock and a megaphone)

Maxwell: Thanks, wind this up for me. (Amy winds up the alarm clock and sets it down next to the megaphone on the ground. It goes off, and the intern in the armored truck starts moving towards the cars)

Maxwell: Oh boy!

Amy: This is going to be big!

Jack: The wrong answer is...









Harold: Oh man.









DJ: Please!









Owen: C'mon stomach, don't fail me now!









Jack: ...........Hacky sack!

DJ: No! (The armored truck hits DJ's car and he screams)

DJ: AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Owen: Thank you!

Harold: Yes!

Anne Maria: Whoa!

Rodney: Holy moly!

DJ: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! (The car hits the wall and the front ignites in a fiery explosion)

Scott: Oh my god, you gotta be kidding me!

Maxwell: Ha ha ha ha ha, that was amazing!

Amy: Wow! (The scene replays DJ's crash from the truck hitting it to the impact several times; some show DJ's face from the inside, some show it overhead as it moves, some are in normal time and some are in slow motion. After showing the impact with the wall one last time...)

DJ: Oh, f**k. (He passes out, then the theme plays)

Theme, or closest I could find:

Sky: No way!

Ezekiel: That was crazy, eh?

Owen: Get me out of here! (Owen and Harold run out of their cars to the sidelines, where the brothers and Amy are)

Jack: You two are also safe for tonight, and will be moving on. We'll have a clean up crew come by and pick up DJ, in the meantime let's head back. (Maxwell turns to the camera)

Maxwell: We hope to see you folks next time, on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! (They walk off camera towards the park, show ends with showing DJ's crash into the wall one last time from the moving overhead camera and the actual crash from the side camera)


Ella: Dear goodness, what a day. I need to ease some of my tensions. (Ella walks over to the bath house that was set aside)

Sky: Hey Ella, can we talk?

Ella: Sure. (Both walk into the bath house together. They continue talking as they get ready to take their showers)

Sky: Is it true, you have feelings for Jack?

Ella: Yes, he is such a kind man.

Sky: I can tell, not just from observation but from firsthand experience. (They remove their clothes, step into separate showers and turn them on) (A.N. Any visually censored scenes will be signified by a *)

Ella: Firsthand experience? Did you speak with him too?

Sky:* Yeah, he was really nice. Believe it or not, but I have feelings for him too.

Ella: What?

Sky:* It's true, I couldn't help it, I just wanted a legitimate relationship I could enjoy.

Ella:* I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Sky: Then again, he did mention this to me. Did he mention it to you too?

Ella: Yes, but he didn't say you were one of them. I know what happened with you, so I'm not sure if I still try to win his heart like that again.

Sky:* Well, don't let me stop you.

Ella:* What? (They turn off the showers, step out, and began to dry themselves off with a towel)

Sky:* Just because I like him, doesn't mean that you shouldn't. You should try to fight for his affections.

Ella:* But I can't. I'm not that kind of person, and I wouldn't last a second in any kind of fight. I love him, but I don't think I want to keep it up if others wish to fight for him too. (They dry off and start to put their clothes back on)

Sky:* I know you can do it, considering how you fought for him in today's challenge. If it weren't for you, your team would've had to go through what DJ went through today. You can fight for him if you want to, because I want to win his heart fair and square.

Ella: Well, I know you won't be ruthless. But he said he has at least one more interest, so I'm a bit reluctant until I find out who it is.

Sky: I think I have an idea, but let's agree to be fair in this fight for Jack's heart.

Ella: Well..... okay. (They shake on it, then leave the bath house)

Ella: Thanks Sky, good night.

Sky: Good night. (They walk to their respective dorms, and the screen fades to black ending the episode)

End of Episode

Contestants remaining: 50

52nd place: Izzy

51st place: DJ

Final Author's Notes

That's three down, I hope you're all enjoying this. I'm really hoping somehow this grows in popularity, maybe even to the point like RBW's CYOA. (Like that would ever happen) Anyway, I've decided to update the list from episode two, remember I need at least one vote for something so I can move on to another area. Leave your suggestions below for eliminations and areas, thank you again for your time I really appreciate it!

Here are the suggestions from me, any others you decide will be added:

  • Beach
  • Caverns
  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Medieval Castle
  • Haunted House
  • Bayou
  • Casino
  • Quarry
  • Weather Valley
  • Forest
  • Scrapyard
  • Factory
  • Seasonal Plains
  • Ruins

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