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New Hosts


(A view of the carnival-circus is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Jack: Last time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama... 52 competitors spanning the main Total Drama season were brought together to compete in this new season; expected to be filled with plenty of drama.

Maxwell: The contestants took the time to get to know each other, find out who they're working with, and we already have seen some interesting long term plans.
(Shows Scott and Amy's deal, Heather and Alejandro making 'peace' with their fingers crossed, and Dakota becoming team leader as Maxwell says the last sentence)

Jack: But now everything has been prepared, and the game is about to begin.
(Scene transitions to the brothers in front of the four dorms)

Jack: It is time our contestants find out what they will be dealing with, and why we called the show what it is.

Maxwell: Get ready folks, because the pandaemonium is about to be unleashed! And our contestants will have to prepare themselves if they want to make it out of here, still in the game. So with that said...

Jack/Maxwell: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

(The scene shows the four dorms, and the contestants sleeping happily in each of them. It then transitions to the camera room, where the brothers are just entering)

Maxwell: What is taking them so long? How much sleep does a teenager need?
(Jack brings out his pocket watch)

Jack: We were supposed to start at 8:00, and right now it's 10:15! I knew I should have told them to wake up at that time.
(Maxwell turns to Jack as he puts his pocket watch back in his suit)

Maxwell: Well, they were worried by what we said, and they obviously had to sleep it off. But even for me, this is too late.

Jack: I believe we need to resort to drastic measures. Maxwell, prepare the mega alarm clock.
(Maxwell gasps)

Maxwell: But Jack, they'll get mad at us.

Jack: We are already late. I understand you want to show them we will not be like you-know-who, but we have a schedule to keep. There are points we will have to be forceful with them, if we become too lenient then they'll take advantage of us. Understood?
(Maxwell nods his head)

Maxwell: Ok, I understand. I'll prepare the mega alarm.
(Maxwell goes to the controls for the speaker, presses a few buttons, and is about to press the activation button)

Maxwell: Are you sure this will work?

Jack: Perhaps, but it can't hurt to be sure.
(Maxwell presses the button)

Mega Alarm sound
(The alarm goes off, and the contestants start freaking out. Some jump out of bed, some cover their ears, and others look just annoyed. When the alarm dies down, Sky rubs her eyes and yawns)

Sky: Morning already?
(Jack speaks from the speakers placed in the dorms)

Jack: Hello everyone. Sorry for the wake-up call, but you have already slept long enough. Now, head over to the crafts and services tent just outside the dorms for your morning meal. And before you say anything, it WILL be edible.

Maxwell: Try not to sleep this late again. I know some of you need beauty sleep, but we have schedule to uphold. Keep in mind that your first challenge begins today, so you need all the energy you can get. We'll meet you down there for breakfast, so don't be late or else nothing will be left.
(The speaker goes silent; At team Mind Blast's dorm, the team gathers in the lounge)

Trent: Well that was certainly a wake-up call. What time is it anyway?
(Ezekiel looks up to the clock)

Ezekiel: It says 10:20. I'm surprised they let us sleep for that long.

Courtney: Well it's certainly a step-up, but that alarm was just too much.

Heather: Well, they did it for a reason. They did say something about upholding a schedule, maybe we slept too late?

Courtney: Likely, it's pretty late to be starting breakfast.

Alejandro: So what are waiting for? They said themselves to be there or there won't be much left.
(Everyone realizes what he said, and they gather their things and head out to the tent, the rest of the teams follow)

Scarlett: Huh, looks like the other teams realized it too.
(They arrive at the crafts and services tent and line up behind a counter. Maxwell pops up)

Maxwell: Hi, welcome to Maxwell's BBQ and Foot Massage. How can I help you?
(Jack talks from offscreen)

Jack: That's later Maxwell!

Maxwell: Huh, oh right, sorry! What I meant to say was, your food will be here in a second.
(Maxwell pops back behind the counter and the brothers bring out several trays with breakfast foods on them. The contestants look surprised that it looks edible, and some are excited. The brothers keep going back and forth bringing stuff out until they're done)

Jack: As they say in France...

Jack/Maxwell: Bon appetit.
(The contestants run to grab plates, utensils, food and drinks. The scene transitions to a conversation within team Fashion Squad)

Dakota: Mmm, this food is really good.

Justin: Yeah, I gotta admit. Those two really have some cooking chops.

Dave: Feels nice to actually have food served to me this time around. And thank goodness it's delicious.

Izzy: Oh yeah, you were on the season where the best food were those crummy take out meals. You know, one time my aunt tried to go on a diet of take out food. Said something about saving money and delicious food and whatever. Anyway, it went on for about three or four months and she ended up at like 380-390 pounds or whatever.
(She grabs a piece of egg and continues the story while she is chewing it)

Izzy: But she ended up saving sooo much money, enough to buy a new house. Which she did since she had trouble navigating around her old one with her new weight. Did I mention that she was in a small apartment, because the landlord said he was sad to see her go since he lost some money making. But then again you guys just didn't have take-out, you had to go out and search for your own food too. That reminds me of when-
(She suddenly stops and starts coughing profusely)

Cameron: Whoa Izzy, is something wrong?

Jo: What the heck is wrong with this crazy chick?
(Izzy points to her throat as she continues coughing)

Brick: Guys, I think she's choking on that egg she ate.
(The team members start panicking, but Jack suddenly sees what's happening)

Jack: Well, that is not good. Excuse me for a second Maxwell.
(Jack runs to the table and grabs Izzy from behind)

Jack: Relax everyone, I have this under control... I hope.

Dave: What do you mean, "I hope"?
(Jack ignores Dave and performs the Heimlich maneuver on Izzy, and the egg flies out of her mouth into a trash can. Maxwell was standing conveniently by it)

Maxwell: 10 points!
(Maxwell's puts his arms in the air as he says that)

Beth: Izzy, are you okay?

Izzy: Oh no worries, this isn't my first time choking on an egg.

Jack: God forbid I find out the reasons for the previous occurrences. Well, if you excuse me.
(Jack bows and walks back to the kitchen. Ella gets up and stops Jack so she could talk to him)

Ella: Wait!
(Jack turns around and Ella walks up to him)

Ella: That was really brave and kind of you.

Jack: Why thank you my dear. I prefer it that no contestants die on my watch. Whether anyone says they deserve it or not.

Ella: Even so, I'm surprised that you suddenly stepped forth and ran to her rescue.

Jack: Well I am one for rescuing damsels in distress. Need any help then let me know.

Ella: Thanks I will!
(Ella runs back to her table with a smile on her face. Team Speed Demon catches her take a glimpse back at Jack before she sits)

Mike: I wonder what's her deal.

Sadie: Maybe she has a crush on Jack.

Sky: That seems likely, she does seem attracted to the gentleman-type.
(Beardo plays an angelic harp sound)

Shawn: What about you Sky? I saw you take a glimpse at Jack.

Sky: What? No way! Not after what happened with with Dave.
(Sky sees Dave glaring angrily at her before he goes back to eating his food)

Sierra: Well keep in mind, he isn't Dave, and he certainly doesn't look like he's going to act like him.

Sky: I guess, but-
(Sky gets interrupted as she hears massive eating from Iron Will's table. She isn't surprised to see that it's Sugar and Owen)

Sugar: More please!

Owen: Me too, I'm still starving.

Maxwell: You want any syrup on those pancakes?

Sugar and Owen: Yes!

Jack: I'll take care of it.
(Jack walks over with 2 large stacks of pancakes with syrup and butter on them. He sets them down by Owen and Sugar respectively, and their mouths are watering)

Jack: All yours, go nuts.
(Owen and Sugar start digging in again and Jack stops at team Speed Demon's table to address everyone)

Jack: Attention everyone, today will be start of your adventure. Only one will remain on top, and that person will walk away with $100,000,000. The others... well we'll keep that a secret until later. We begin in one hour, finish what you can and meet us by the front of the big top, and we will begin. Good luck and Godspeed!

Sky: No problem, this will be easy.

Jack: Glad to see the fighting spirit in your eyes, that will take you far.

Sky: Huh? Umm, thanks?

Jack: Nervous my dear? It's so unlike you.

Sky: Well it's because... I mean... I have to... Uhhh.

Jack: Don't worry yourself over it, you'll do just fine.
(Jack walks away and the rest of Speed Demon looks at Sky)

Sky: Okay, maybe I do have some feelings for him.

Samey: It's ok, I actually have some feelings for Maxwell. He was really kind to me yesterday when we were picking teams. Don't tell Amy though, I'm worried she may try to use it against me.

Geoff: No worries, we totally got your back.

Samey: Ok, thanks guys I really appreciate it.

Geoff: Well hey, what are friends for right?


Geoff: Samey really seems like a cool girl. She is a bit nervous from time to time, but it was totally a bummer to hear about her relationship with her sis. If any of my bros were like that, I'd want to keep any embarrassing secrets too. But when all said and done, at least we can party hard without any problems. Rock on dudes, I'll win this for you!

Confessional End

Zoey: Well, should we head over to the meeting area?

Shawn: Best we should, let's go kick some butt!

Team Speed Demon: Yeah!
(Scene transitions to everyone by the big top, with four small curtains at the sides of an empty wooden hole)

Rodney: Anyone know what this is?

Jasmine: I'm more curious at what is hiding behind those curtains.
(Jasmine looks towards Rodney who quickly looks away due to holding his crush toward her from Pahkitew Island, Jasmine just leaves him be)

Anne Maria: Does this have somethin to do with our challenge?

Maxwell: In a way.
(Maxwell and Jack are seen walking to the center in front the wooden hole)

Maxwell: This is our meeting point, where we will discuss our challenge for the week. Behind these curtains lies a different challenge, we will go from left to right.

Leonard: And what of the mysterious shape that stand behind you?
(The brothers turn to the wooden hole, then turn back)

Maxwell: Oh that. We'll explain tomorrow when we meet up then. It has something to do with building up to the important stuff.

Noah: Is that so? What kind of important stuff?

Jack: Like we said we'll explain tomorrow. Anyway onto today's challenge. Maxwell, can you remove the curtain?

Maxwell: Certainly.
(Maxwell goes up to the first curtain on the left and moves it out of the way, behind it is a picture of the theme park attractions in the area)

DJ: Wait, aren't those things you'd see at a theme park?

Jack: Correct DJ, and it is here where we will begin our first challenge. This may seem like a turnoff, but we will be doing hide and seek.
(The contestants look confused)

Courtney: Seriously? You set us up for this supposedly big adventure, and the first challenge is a simple kids game?
(The brothers laugh)

Maxwell: Oh trust me, you'd wish this was just a simple kids game.
(Courtney is taken aback at Maxwell's statement, the rest of the contestants follow)

Harold: *gulp* So this is what you meant by preparing ourselves?

Jack: Glad to see you caught on, because we will not make this easy for you.

Leshawna: Ok, but how will this work? It can't go away TOO much from an actual hide and seek game, right?

Jack: It will not, but it will be difficult. Me and Maxwell will be the seekers, and all of you will hide.

Tyler: Whoa, that's got to be like, the biggest game of hide and seek ever.

Sugar: I don't know, there was this one time my cousins from out of town played a hiding and seeking game. The whole thing went on for three days.
(Maxwell's eyes widen)

Maxwell: Really? You must have a lot of cousins then. Anyway back to business, it's best that you don't underestimate us. Jack has amazing tracking abilities, he is able to detect people up to like 5 miles away.

Scarlett: That's quite the distance. Very unfortunate for us since this area is exactly 1.3 miles long.
(Heather whispers to Scarlett)

Heather: How'd you find that out?

Scarlett: The same way I found out about your 'deal' with Alejandro, I observed it.
(Heather gasps)

Heather: What? How did you- nevermind. You better keep this a secret, you know it's too early for plays like this.

Scarlett: I know, I'll wait until the time is right to do it.

Jack: And as for Maxwell, he has this annoying habit of popping up out of nowhere.

Cameron: How does he do that?

Maxwell: The same reason I can do... this!
(Maxwell takes out a playing card, then turns it into a fan of five)

Zoey: Huh? Wow, how did you do that?

Maxwell: I'm a magician, I don't wear this getup for nothing. I take pride in my magical capabilities. Oh yeah and Leonard, just to make things fair you aren't allowed to use your magic during the challenge.
(After the first sentence, Maxwell puts the cards into one stack with his hand and puts it in his pocket)

Leonard: What? You're constricting my magical capabilities in order to even the battlefield?

Maxwell: Yes. Fair's fair Leonard, if they can't do it then you shouldn't have that kind of advantage over them.
(Jack leans in to Maxwell and whispers)

Jack: You know his 'magic' is just fake right?

Maxwell: I know, I would just prefer he not go down so easily by trying to use a spell.

Jack: Ah, good move.


Leonard: If those black hearts think stopping my magic will defeat me, then they won't knoweth what cometh.

Confessional End

Jack: Anyway, onto the rules. One, you can hide in groups, but only with members of your team. Second, if you know the hiding spot of an opponent, do NOT say it. It would be unfair to them, and not so fun for us. Third, we have to tap you to get you out of the game, meaning you can run but good luck trying to outrun us. Fourth, once you are out, you are out permanently so no returning to the game. Fifth, we can get out as many people their are in a general vicinity, after that we HAVE to go back here and place the person out in their respective bench area. Meaning, we can get one person out and have to return them, but if there are other people nearby then they can get out too.

Maxwell: Lastly, the most important part. The last person standing wins it for their team, and they will get immunity alongside a special prize. Whether or not it will be just for fun or helpful in the next challenge depends on what it is. But... the first team to have al its members out, will be up for elimination. Will that do for an explanation?
(The contestants nod)

Maxwell: Alright, you guys have a five minute head start. After that you better hope and pray you picked a good hiding spot, your actions may cause the team the win, and your bid for the prize money. At the count of three, you go ok?
(The contestants ready themselves to run)

Jack: Alright! One!









Three! Go go go go go!
(The contestant run off in various directions)

Maxwell: Alright Jack, get out your watch, it's time to start the countdown.

Jack: Agreed.
(Jack takes out his pocket watch and laughs)

Jack: We unleash pandaemonium in T-minus 5 minutes. I hope they're ready.
(The contestants are seen scrambling to find a hiding spot. Scott notices a dumpster, jumps in, and closes it. Sugar notices him and walks up to it)

Sugar: Hey! Don't hog all the food for yourself!

Scott: This isn't because of any food. It's a hiding spot, you wanna join in or what?

Sugar: Alrighty then.
(Sugar walks back then runs in)

Sugar: Yeehaw!
(She jumps into the dumpster and lands on Scott as the lid closes)

Scott: Ow!
(Meanwhile, Lindsay hides behind a light post, Owen jumps into the pretzel stand followed by Tyler, Max jumps into the pirate swing, and Sky directs some of her team into the hall of mirrors)

Sky: Quickly in here, it will give us time to escape if they find us.
(Katie, Sadie, Beardo, Shawn, and Samey run in and Sky follows them)

Courtney: We need to find someplace to hide and quick!

Staci: How about over there?
(Staci points to the Tiki Maze)

Noah: But they'll see us. Kind of kills the point of hiding.

Staci: Maybe, but if we get close to the exit when they enter, it will give us time to escape.

Scarlett: I'm impressed, way to use your brain for once.

Staci: Thanks, I was always good at and hide and seek when I was young.

Courtney: Alright it's decided, head for the maze.
(Courtney, Noah, Scarlett, and Staci head for the Tiki Maze and navigate to a safe point)

Scarlett: Everyone stick together, they're likely to pick off stragglers.
(Lightning, Eva and Rodney head for the midway. Cameron jumps into a trash bin. Dakota runs but stops when her phone rings)

Dakota: Ugh, seriously? Of all the times they could call.
(Dakota grabs her phone and starts talking)

Dakota: Hello? Oh hi Jenna, oh I'm doing fine. Just in the middle of this important challenge so I can't talk long okay?
(Jo, Sam, Topher and Ella notice Dakota)

Sam: Dakota wait! You need to hide.

Topher: There's no time! It's too late for her!

Ella: Dakota! We have 2 minutes!
(Dakota notices her team then goes back to her phone)

Dakota: Sorry Jenna, gotta run!
(Dakota hangs up, puts her phone away, then joins the rest and they run off to find a hiding spot. As they're running...)

Jo: Nice move, oh great leader.

Dakota: Well sorry for having a social life.

Sam: Just try not to get distracted alright. I don't want you to have to go home first.

Dakota: Thanks for looking out for me Sam, you too Ella.

Ella: No worries, we have to stick together.
(They end up finding a maintenance room for the rides)

Topher: Well, this looks like a nice place to hide.

Jo: I don't know, this seems too obvious.
(Dakota checks her phone and notices the time)

Dakota: We don't have time to think about that, we have like a minute left.

Sam: The maintenance room it is. Let's go.
(Sam opens the door and everyone runs in, Sam closes the door as he enters. Alejandro heads to the workers' break room and B follows behind him)

Alejandro: I'd say don't make a sound, but you already have that covered.
(B smiles gratefully. Mike and Zoey head for the haunted house attraction, Dawn hides out at the carousel, Dave heads for the water park alongside Izzy and Brick, and Leonard jumps into the Ferris wheel with Leshawna and Ezekiel. The rest hid offscreen, the scene transitions to the brothers back at the meeting area, and the time has run out)

Jack: Well it has been five minutes, ready?

Maxwell: As I'll ever be.
(Both brothers look out into the park and scream)

Jack/Maxwell: Ready or not, here we come! (They go eagerly charging into the theme park, waiting to begin. They walk for a while and Jack notices something)

Jack: Wait, there's someone there.
(Jack goes up to the hot dog cart, and pulls out Justin)

Jack: Hah! You gotta try harder than that!

Justin: Brain you failed me once again!
(Jack walks Justin back to the meeting area, Maxwell notices the trash bin)

Maxwell: Nice try, but I'm not falling for that again.
(Maxwell's reaches in and pulls out Cameron)

Maxwell: You know, this doesn't really bode well for your intelligence.

Cameron: Last time I use my size like that.
(Maxwell takes Cameron to the meeting area, where he meets up with Jack)

Maxwell: I got one.

Jack: Nice!
(The brothers high five)

Jack: Let's hope we can keep this up. Bet I can find more than you.

Maxwell: Oh, you are on!
(They both run back into the park, the scene transitions to the group in the hall of mirrors)

Shawn: Ok, if anyone notices them you know what to do right?

Katie: I don't know, what about you Sadie?

Sadie: I think it was something about the mirrors but...
(Samey suddenly interrupts them)

Samey: We throw a rock to the far side to shatter one of the mirrors, they run there hoping someone made a mistake, and we head for the exit.

Shawn: Exactly! Good to see you're on top things Samey.

Samey: Well, I have to carrying my own weight somehow.
(Beardo quietly makes an alarm sound)

Sky: That must be them, quickly hide!
(Everyone runs to the nearby storage closet, they notice that both of them have entered)

Jack: Big mistake going in here. We know that you came this way.

Maxwell: You check the left side, I'll check the right.
(They split up, leaving the group with an opportunity)

Shawn: Nows our chance, it's now or never.

Sky: Leave this to me, just get ready to run.
(Sky silently walks out and throws the rock with all her might, it shatters a mirror and the brothers notice it)

Jack: What was that?

Maxwell: Someone at the wrong place at the wrong time. We got them now!
(Both head off at that direction)

Samey: Quickly, we don't have much time.
(The group heads for the exit and successfully escape. The brothers find the shattered mirror with a rock next to it)

Maxwell: What? Does that mean we've been-
(Both head to the other side and notice the open storage closet)

Maxwell: Dang it! We've been had!

Jack: Clever move on their part, looks like we have some smart ones.
(They notice more footsteps in the hall)

Maxwell: Looks like we still have some people here. You head out and find the group that escaped, I'll wrap up business here.

Jack: You still have that gear?
(Maxwell reaches into his top hat and pulls out two walkie-talkies, he hands one to Jack)

Maxwell: Yep! Good luck, contact me if you have any info.

Jack: Right!
(Jack darts off to the exit and Maxwell heads in the direction of the footsteps)

Maxwell: Run all you want, you won't get away from me.
(The footsteps head in the direction of the exit)

Maxwell: Oh no you don't!
(Maxwell charges toward the footsteps and tackles the the people making them. He notices it's Duncan and Amy)

Maxwell: Nice try!

Duncan: Damn it! I was so close.

Amy: Did you get Samey?

Maxwell: Nope.

Amy: What, how is that even-

Maxwell: Because you suck.

Duncan: He is right you know.

Amy: Shut up you deadbeat!
(Amy smacks Duncan as Maxwell takes them both back to the meeting area, he talks to Jack over the walkie-talkie)

Maxwell: Jack come in, I got 'em.

Jack: Good to hear, but we still have plenty more to go. Hope you're up for it!

Maxwell: You know I am!

(A.N. Next scene will be a montage, here is some music to listen to when it happens)

(Montage of the brothers finding the contestants begins as Jack checks the large slide to see two figures on top. He climbs the steps and sees Geoff and Bridgette making out, unaware that they've been found)

Jack: I'd hate to intrude, but you know you're in a game right?
(They notice him and stop making out, transitions to Maxwell walking then noticing a light pole, with Lindsay behind it)

Maxwell: Boo.

Lindsay: Ah!
(Lindsay jumps at Maxwell being behind her)

Lindsay: I thought I found a good hiding spot.

Maxwell: Yeah, I don't know why, but people always notice that. Must be smart or something.
(Transitions to Jack by the dumpster when he notices some noise by the nearby food stand. He grabs his walkie-talkie and calls Maxwell)

Jack: Maxwell, I found some people but I need an extra hand. They're in two hiding spots.

Maxwell: I'm on my way.
(Maxwell arrives shortly after)

Jack: You take the food stand, I got the dumpster.
(Jack goes to the dumpster and spots Sugar and Scott, while Maxwell's jumps behind the food stand and brings up Tyler and Owen)

Maxwell: Good call Jack.

Jack: I try my best.

Confessional (A.N. Pause music here)

Maxwell: That's the thing with Jack, he's always good at making these kinds of decisions so quickly. At least compared to me anyway.

Confessional End (A.N. Continue playing music here)

(Scene transitions to Jack by the carousel. Dawn hides behind one of the horses and hopes he doesn't find her, but her fear goes away when Jack finds Max hiding behind another horse)

Jack: Nice try!

Max: Curses! I shall have my revenge for your tracking skills! Mark my words fool, I-

Jack: Wait, hold that thought. Someone else is close by.
(Jack walks around for a bit, but doesn't find Dawn)

Jack: Must be my imagination, let's go.

Max: Do not think this is over you hear me! I shall have my revenge!
(Max shouts as they walk away, Dawn sighs in relief)

Dawn: That was too close for comfort. Best I find another hiding spot.
(Dawn quietly runs away from the carousel. Scene transitions to Maxwell just outside the haunted house)

Maxwell: Alright, let's see who's in there.
(Just as Maxwell is about to enter, he hears someone running towards him. It is Cody, who is running from Sierra. He grabs Maxwell, hoping to shield himself from Sierra)

Cody: Sierra please, how can we hide if you keep suffocating me like that?

Sierra: It was just a hug, besides I need to keep my precious-wecious Cody Bear safe.

Maxwell: Glad I could be of service, now let's move.
(Maxwell grabs Sierra's hand as they both realize they ran into Maxwell)

Cody: Heh heh, whoops.

Maxwell: Try harder next time, and don't focus on Sierra!
(Maxwell takes them toward the direction of the meeting area. Scene transitions to Jack at the foot of the Ferris wheel, he checks the cars one by one until he finds the one Leshawna, Leonard, and Ezekiel are in)

Jack: Funs over, time to get back.

Ezekiel: Aw man! I thought we had this in the bag, yo.

Leshawna: Please don't speak like that.
(They get out one by one and Jack takes them to the meeting area, montage ends with Jack and Maxwell counting up who they found so far)(A.N. End the music here)

Maxwell: That's seventeen so far. Did you find that group that got away yet?

Jack: Not yet, and I assume you have not either?

Maxwell: Not a trace, you check the maintenance room and I'll check the water park.

Jack: Sounds like a plan.
(Both head off onwards the park again, leaving those out by the meeting area)

Tyler: Glad to see you're okay Lindsay.

Lindsay: You too umm... Tyler? Yeah Tyler, good to see you're okay too.
(The two hug)

Leshawna: Good to see that you haven't forgotten who you boyfriend is.

Lindsay: I would never forget about Tyler. What gave you that idea?

Leshawna: Nothing. Just saying is all.
(Scene transitions to Maxwell by the water park)

Maxwell: The ground's wet. This will make it easier to hear footsteps, both for them and for me.
(Maxwell walks around and Brick, hiding with Izzy and Dave by the water slides, notices him)

Brick: The enemy is close, keep voices and movement to a minimum, or else he'll detect us.

Dave: We need to distract him, that way we can run away.

Izzy: I have an idea!

Dave: Ok... What do you have in mind?

Izzy: Okay, first we need a slingshot, a metal pipe, and a very angry beaver.

Brick: I have a better idea, one of us will distract him while the rest sneak off. We'll meet up by the maintenance room, sounds good?

Dave: We should let Izzy handle this, she's a tough target to catch.

Brick: Okay, you up for it?
(Izzy stands up and shouts)

Izzy: Sergeant E-scope, ready for duty!
(Dave and Brick shush her, but it's too late as Maxwell shouts from afar)

Maxwell: Well then consider yourself dismissed soldier!

Dave: Crap, he found us! Run!
(Dave, Brick and Izzy start running towards the entrance to the water park, but Maxwell suddenly appears in front of them to their surprise)

Maxwell: Glad to see you decided to stay together. No man left behind, am I right?

Dave: Guys, do something!
(Izzy notices some trash on the ground and throws it at Maxwell, since it was a wrapper it had no effect)


Izzy: Maybe it would have worked if there was food in it.

Maxwell: Alright enough games! You three are coming with me!

Izzy: You'll never take me alive!
(Izzy storms off in the direction of the maintenance room, insanely laughing, leaving Brick and Dave behind)

Brick: Aren't you going to go after her?

Maxwell: Jack's already over there, so he's got that covered. Besides, it's not her you should be concerned over...
(Maxwell takes his right arm and cocks his sleeve, much to Brick's and Dave's confusion)

Maxwell: ...because you guys seem to have your hands tied here.
(Maxwell launches a rope of connected and colorful scarves from his sleeve, which tie up Brick and Dave while they scream in terror)

Dave: What the...?

Brick: How did you...?

Maxwell: A magician never reveals his secrets. Let's go you two.
(Maxwell picks them up and takes them to the meeting area, while doing so he talks to Jack on his walkie-talkie)

Maxwell: I found Dave, Brick and Izzy but one of them got away, I have the other two tied up right now and that third person is headed your way.
(Scene compresses to show Jack by the water pump)

Jack: Am I to assume that it's Izzy?

Maxwell: You assume correctly.

Jack: Good to hear, there are already people here so some more should liven things up, especially if it's Izzy.

Maxwell: I'll head over there soon, I'm going to head to the funhouse first to check for anyone there. I have a feeling our mystery group is over there.

Jack: Alright but hurry, who knows where these guys have gone so far.
(Jack hangs up and the scene in full goes to Jack at the maintenance room)

Jack: Things are starting to look up.


Izzy: I know it would've been the right thing to save those guys. But Izzy is never one to back down from a chase, which made it sad to see that he didn't chase me. I knew we should've went with my plan.

Dave: I can't believe it! She ruined our hiding spot, then left us to be captured! That's it, if we lose then Izzy is going home.

Brick: Whatever happened to no man left behind? Sorry Izzy, but I'm afraid you will have to be discharged if we fail this.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to Jack searching the maintenance rooms and passes by the camera room. Sam pokes his head out to make sure he didn't notice)

Sam: Guys, he's here.

Topher: Well that's not good. It's only a matter of time before he finds us.

Jo: Keep your voice down Wannabe, we can't let him catch us like this.

Ella: Pardon me, but we should probably find a good chance to run. It would be easier for him to catch us like this.

Sam: Any ideas Dakota?
(Sam turns to Dakota texting)

Dakota: Huh? Sorry, I was texting my daddy about some big movie deal he got for me.
(Dakota finishes texting and puts her phone away)

Jo: Seriously? That's what you're focusing on right now?

Ella: Congratulations!

Dakota: Aw, thanks. Daddy got it for me as a present to celebrate my recovery so-
(Dakota is suddenly interrupted when she hears footsteps)

Sam: Shh. Keep quiet.
(Sam checks the cameras to see Jack walking past the camera room again)

Topher: Wow, you're pretty good with those.

Sam: All experience from gaming, my friend.

Topher: What kind of game requires you to monitor cameras?

Sam: This horror series called Five Nights, and honestly this is just as scary if we get caught if not more.
(Sam checks the monitor when Jack suddenly appears close up on one of them, scaring Sam and Topher)

Sam/Topher: Ah!

Jo: Voices down.

Sam: Heh heh, my bad.
(Sam turns back to the monitor to see Jack running, toward the camera room)

Sam: Guys, we should run.

Ella: Huh, what do you-
(Sam points to the monitors, and the girls and Topher suddenly see what he means)

Ella: Oh, that.

Topher: RUN!
(They run out of the room, and Jack from afar notices them)

Jack: Blast, they noticed it! Well, the chase is on!
(Jack runs after them and a chase ensues, he reaches for his walkie-talkie)

Jack: Maxwell hurry! I got a runner, five of them to be exact.
(Maxwell talks from the walkie-talkie)

Maxwell: I got my hands full here Jack, someone is definetly here. I'll meet up with you later.
(Jack puts it away and groans in frustration)

Jack: Of all the times to- fine! Guess I'll have to do this myself.

Topher: Oh man! He's gaining on us!

Ella: We're never going to outrun him at this rate!

Dakota: C'mon Dakota, think of something!
(Dakota tries to think of a plan, but sadly she can't think of anything)

Sam: It's times like these a man has to prove himself.

Dakota: Sam, what are you-
(Sam runs the other way and runs into Jack while the others continue running, Dakota is shocked)

Dakota: Sam!

Sam: Go, save yourselves!
(The group runs off leaving Sam and Jack behind)

Jack: Sacrificing yourself for the one you love? You my friend, are one gutsy guy. I can see why Dakota likes you.
(Sam smiles gratefully)

Sam: Wow, thanks.
(Scene transitions to the group just having run out of the maintenance room)

Dakota: I can't believe Sam sacrificed himself like that.

Jo: He wouldn't have to, if you came up with a plan.

Topher: Not that I'm taking her side or anything, but a leader IS supposed to find a way to keep her team safe.

Dakota: I know, and I failed. Maybe I'm better off not being the leader.
(Ella walks up to Dakota to comfort her)

Ella: It's alright, Sam wouldn't want you to be like this. He'd want you to go on fighting until the end.
(Dakota wipes her eyes)

Dakota: Thanks Ella, you're a true friend.
(Dakota hugs Ella and she hugs back. Suddenly they hear a noise running towards them. It's Izzy, and she crashes right into them)

Izzy: Oh hey guys, what's up?

Jo: What's up? We're trying not to get caught here.

Izzy: Funny you mention that, I saw Maxwell by the water park, but I managed to get away. No one successfully catches Izzy!
(By poor timing, Jack and Sam walk out to see the group)

Jack: Izzy? When did you get here?
(Jack sees what happened)

Jack: Sorry Sam, your sacrifice was in vain.

Sam: Aw man.
(Jack walks up and pick everyone up)

Jack: Sorry guys, but your ride ends here.

Dakota: Way to go Izzy.

Izzy: Heh heh, probably should've thought this through.


Jo: Nice move Izzy, I may still want to control this team, but you cost us the game most likely. Still, I can use this to my advantage.

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to the meeting area, where they see Maxwell has just returned with Beth and Blaineley)

Maxwell: Found these two in the funhouse, hiding in a trapdoor.

Jack: Well, I guess that means Fashion Squad is out.

Topher: What?

Blaineley: Trust me, I thought we hid well. Guess he must be smarter than we thought.

Maxwell: No question. I'll check the midway, you head for the bouncy castles.

Jack: Right.
(The brothers head off into the park again, scene transitions to Maxwell searching by the midway)

Maxwell: Ok, if I hid in an amusement park midway, where would I be?
(He sees Lightning, Eva, DJ, and Rodney walking toward the whack-a-mole)

Maxwell: Not my first guess, but I'll take it.
(He ducks behind one of the stands)

Eva: Any sign of them?

Rodney: I don't see them.

DJ: Me neither.

Lightning: Lightning can't see them either, but we better be careful. They could pop out of nowhere.

Eva: Please, there's no way they could be capable of that.
(Suddenly, the whack-a-mole machine starts shaking causing Lightning, DJ and Rodney to jump while Eva looks at it)

Lightning: What was that?

Rodney: Maybe it's just a machine malfunction.
(It starts rumbling again and Lightning jumps into Rodney's arms, who hides behind Eva alongside DJ)

DJ: Please just let it be a cute bunny rabbit. Please just let it be a bunny.

Eva: Weaklings. Look I'm sure the machine is having trouble or something, I don't know or don't care about it. So get moving before I drag you across this park myself!
(It starts shaking again, and Maxwell pops out of one of the holes)

Maxwell: Guess who?
(Rodney and Lightning scream, while Eva just looks surprised and annoyed)

Eva: What!? How's that possible?

Maxwell: Nanomachines, son.

Eva: What?

Maxwell: Kidding! I just always wanted to say that.
(Maxwell tries to get out through the small hole, but realizes he's stuck from the waist down)

Maxwell: Um, help? I think I'm stuck.
(Their eyes widen)

Lightning: Hah, you can't get out which means you can't get us.

Maxwell: I wouldn't be so sure if I were you, Zapper.

Lightning: It's Lightning!
(Maxwell brings out his walkie-talkie and calls for Jack)

Maxwell: Jack help! I screwed up by the midway. I'm stuck in the whack-a-mole and there's four people escaping.
(Jack speaks from over the walkie-talkie)

Jack: I told you not to use that as a hiding spot. Relax, I'll be over there shortly.

Lightning: Not if you can't catch us!
(Lightning runs off, Rodney, DJ and Eva follow closely behind him)

Lightning: Hah! Score another one for team Lightning!
(Eva, DJ and Rodney suddenly stop and warn Lightning)

Rodney: Lightning, look out!
(Lightning realizes too late that Jack is in front of him, as he stops just before him allowing Jack to tap him out)

Jack: Surprise.

DJ: Well, that is NOT good.
(Rodney, Eva, and DJ try to run off, but Maxwell having freed himself taps the three of them)

Maxwell: Guess who's back?

Eva: Darn it! Lightning this is on you.

Lightning: Me?

Eva: Yes you! If we lose then so help me-

Maxwell: Actually there's no need to worry about that. Team Fashion Squad already lost.

Eva: Oh. Consider yourself lucky this time.


Eva: And I mean it, Lighting!

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to the brothers walking them back, when they pass by the Tiki Maze and notice those hiding in it)

Jack: You know, I'm surprise we didn't find you already.

Courtney: Well why don't you come and get us?

Jack: With pleasure, Maxwell make it back quick.

Maxwell: Roger!
(Maxwell salutes as he says that, then runs off with the outed contestants. Jack runs into the maze only to run into a wall)

Jack: Ow! What the-
(Jack realizes what they planned)

Jack: I've been had again!

Noah: Quickly, before he gets to us!
(Noah, Corutney, Scarlett and Staci runs towards the exit with Jack in close pursuit. They manage to get out before he catches up)

Scarlett: Yes! Good plan Staci.

Staci: Well, I have to help somehow.
(Jack suddenly calls Maxwell for help)

Jack: Maxwell help! Another group got away, they anticipated us.
(Maxwell speaks over the walkie-talkie)

Maxwell: What, another one? You've got to be kidding me. Where are they headed?

Jack: The haunted house.

Maxwell: I tried looking there earlier, but Cody and Sierra unknowingly walked up to me. Meet you there?

Jack: Gladly.


Jack: I'm sick and tired of these groups slipping through our fingers. It's time we end this now!

Confessional End

(Scene transitions to the brothers entering the haunted house)

Maxwell: Hang on, I got a flashlight.
(Maxwell reaches into his hat and pulls out a flashlight, which he turns on)

Maxwell: This should make things easier.
(They search the area, and someone notices them. It's Beardo, who is still with the group from earlier. He goes to them and quietly makes another siren noise)

Samey: Let's hope this works again. Sky, if you would?
(Sky grabs a rock and walks up to the pole behind the brothers, but they suddenly stop before she can throw it)

Maxwell: Don't move, I feel we've been here before.

Jack: If that's so, then that must mean...
(They turn around and see Sky with the flashlight)

Jack: So, you're the ones back at the hall of mirrors? Any last words?

Sky: Just one... RUN!!
(The group suddenly runs out of the room they hid in, and Sky quickly joins them. The brothers, caught offguard at first, then chase after them)

Maxwell: You're not getting away this time! You hear me, you won't escape!
(Suddenly a few more figures jump out and join the group. It's Mike and Zoey, who hid there earlier, the group from the Tiki Maze now accompanied by Trent who also hid there earlier, and even Jasmine, Harold, and Anne Maria from team Iron Will who just arrived there)

Trent: Great! Now we're all sitting ducks.

Shawn: This is normally the part in zombie films where the group starts to diminish.

Jasmine: Not unless we all get out of here quickly!

Katie: That shouldn't be too hard, I mean they aren't THAT fast, right?
(They escape the house, but the brothers are there by the entrance to their surprise)

Scarlett: What? But you were-

Jack: Luckily for you Shawn, unlike a zombie movie, this will be quick and painless. Grab them all!
(Maxwell fires colorful scarves tied to each other from both of his sleeves, and they tie up everyone)

Anne Maria: Aw come on! This is not cool, my chest can't be held this tightly.

Beardo: *wa wa waaaaa*

Mike: I couldn't agree more.

Jack: Nice shot Maxwell!
(They high five, but Maxwell notices something out of place)

Maxwell: Wait, something seems off.
(He counts the captured participants, only to find there's one missing)

Maxwell: Jack, where's Samey?

Jack: What? She should be in-
(Jack notices Samey has gone missing too)

Jack: Blast! She got away!

Zoey: She escaped? Way to go Samey!

Maxwell: Well, with this capture team Iron Will takes 3rd place.

Harold: Really? We're not sending someone home first?

Jack: Nope.
(Jasmine, Anne Maria, and Harold sigh in relief)

Maxwell: According to my charts, there are two on Speed Demon and four on Mind Blast left.

Jack: Let us get these guys back, then we head for the break room to strategize.
(They grab the tied up contestants and haul them back to the meeting area. Samey notices them and decides to find the other remaining member on her team)

Samey: If there's one more left besides me on my team, it's best we stick together. Better check the break room before they get there.
(Samey heads of in the direction of the break room, unaware the game's end was at hand. Scene transitions to Samey just outside the break room, about to enter)

Samey: Okay Samey, you can do this! Don't give up on yourself just yet.
(She slowly opens the door, and no one is there. She sighs in relief then goes in)

Samey: Hello? Anyone there? Fellow teammate? It's just us and four on another team left, so maybe we should stick together.
(She ends up seeing a shadow in the distance, she walks towards feeling scared, but then feels relieved to see its her teammate Gwen)

Samey: OMG, thank goodness it's you. I thought you were Jack or Maxwell.

Gwen: Likewise, so it's really just us left?

Samey: Yep, us and four on another team, two teams are out already.

Gwen: So it's up to us to win, yikes no pressure or anything. Anyway be careful, those four other guys you mentioned, they're here.

Samey: Really?

Gwen: Yeah, go have a look but don't get caught, they haven't noticed me yet.
(Samey peeks around the corner to see Alejandro, B, Dawn, and Heather hiding together. She goes back around the corner)

Samey: Then we should leave soon, I heard they were coming here when they dropped of their latest catch.

Gwen: Really?

Samey: Well not those exact words, but they did say they would come here.

Gwen: Then let's high tail it out of here and fast!
(As they go to exit, they hear the door open. The brothers come in, but don't notice them)

Gwen: Scratch that, let's hide!
(Gwen and Samey hide in the shadows, the other group notices them come in)

Heather: Keep quiet, they notice us we could lose.

Maxwell: Well, where do you think they are?

Jack: No clue, and it's almost sundown. These guys are good, Samey especially having escaped that big chase by the haunted house.

Maxwell: No kidding, that chick can surprise me sometimes.

Jack: Not bad for a crush, huh?
(Both groups overhear the conversation)

Dawn: Well that's a shocker.

Samey: A crush.... on me?

Maxwell: Shut up!
(Jack laughs teasingly)

Maxwell: Still, she's not bad. She is the kind of girl I'd be more than happy to take on a date.
(Samey's mouth opens wide at hearing it)

Samey: He likes... me? Am I hearing this right?

Gwen: Apparently so.

Maxwell: Well what about you? I know you knew Dawn was hiding at the carousel, but you let her go.

Jack: Well... That would have been too easy, plus Max was there and he seemed like the perfect excuse, yes that is it.

Maxwell: Don't let your emotions get the better of you, it already happened once with me. I mean, how do you think Samey got away.

Jack: You didn't let her, you messed up and you know it.

Alejandro: Perhaps it's best we take this time to escape.

Heather: Agreed.
(The group tries to sneak off, but B ends up stepping on Heather's foot)

Heather: Ow! Watch where you're going genius!
(The brothers hear her)

Jack: What the..? What are you doing here?
(Heather and Alejandro look to each other and nod while smiling evilishly)

Alejandro: Oh us? Just escaping.
(They push B and Dawn towards the brothers, tagging them out and giving them time to escape. Samey and Gwen notice this)

Samey: Really? Those were their teammates.

Gwen: Don't talk, just run.
(Gwen and Samey follow them up to the roof, the brothers see them)

Maxwell: Looks like the end is in sight, everyone is here.

Jack: Let's end this. You two stay here!
(Jack talks to B and Dawn as he says the second sentence, they run up the stairs to the roof. Meanwhile on the roof)

Gwen: How could you? Those guys were helping you!

Alejandro: Well they certainly proved their resourcefulness.

Samey: How could you speak about them like that, they're your team!

Heather: As if I'm going to be lectured by some low piece of trash cheerleading sister like you. You only made it this far by pure luck, there's no way you can win.

Samey: You're just like my sister, always putting me down and putting yourself above all else.

Gwen: Try cranking it up to eleven and that's Heather in a nutshell. Put her in a man's body and you have Alejandro.

Alejandro: You flatter me too much.
(Suddenly the door shoots open and the brothers are on the other side)

Maxwell: Sorry to barge in unexpectedly, but we have a game to end.
(They slowly walk towards the four of them as they back up against the edge of the roof. Suddenly Samey notices something)

Samey: Gwen, look.
(Samey points Gwen to the bouncy house just a jumping distance away)

Gwen: Are you crazy, we'll never make that!

Samey: Do we have any other option?
(Gwen looks back at the brothers, then to Alejandro and Heather, then down to the bouncy castle, she has made up her mind)

Gwen: Ok, let's do this!

Jack: This ends NOW!
(The brothers charge towards them, Gwen and Samey grab hands and jump for it)

Samey/Gwen: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
(They land on the bouncy house, much to Heather and Alejandro's surprise. By the time they realize it, they were caught)

Heather: What? This can't be right?

Alejandro: We were supposed to win this! WE WERE!

Maxwell: Sorry lovebirds, pillow talk's over.


Heather: Grrr. How could this happen? And FYI, we are not lovebirds!

Confessional End

(Jack and Maxwell notice that Gwen and Samey landed below. They scream down to them)

Maxwell: Hey ladies!
(They turn up to see them)

Maxwell: Congratulations! You win for team Speed Demon!

Samey: Really? Yes yes yes!

Gwen: Good job. If you hadn't thought of that plan, we could've lost.

Samey: Well hey, when it comes to those tough calls; don't hesitate, when the times comes just act.
(Maxwell smiles gratefully)

Maxwell: Glad to see that you didn't forget!

Samey: Glad to see that you like me.
(Maxwell's eyes widen)

Maxwell: Wait, don't tell me she...

Alejandro: She isn't the only one.
(Jack and Maxwell come to a realization)

Jack: They heard us.

Jack/Maxwell: Aw nuts!
(Samey and Gwen laugh, scene transitions to everyone back at the meeting area)

Jack: I would like to once again congratulate team Speed Demon for their glorious win today.
(The entire team cheers)

Cody: Wow great work guys!

Shawn: You showed your stuff.

Sadie: That was SO amazing!

Katie: I know, right?

Gwen: Couldn't have done it without you, Samey.

Samey: Aw thanks.

Jack: I wish all the teams could share your sentiment, plus you win a special reward. You get this part of the area all to yourself for your own use for the entire day tomorrow.
(The team cheers once again)


Samey: I can't believe it, I helped win the challenge AND I get to use this park AND Amy won't be there! If this is a dream, then I never want to wake up.

Confessional End

Maxwell: Team Mind Blast you came in second so you are safe, so is team Iron Will who came in third. Consider yourselves lucky... this time.


B: *Whew*

Amy: I can't believe SAMEY won! I should've won, I knew I should've went on my own. At least I won't go home tonight.

Ezekiel: I can't believe it, eh? I ain't going home first! Plus, we actually almost won. Things are looking up for the Z!

Sugar: Aw pooper nuggets, I thought the trash can full of food was inconspicipus. At least, that's how I think it's pronounced.

Dawn: Feels well to know I'm still here, but now I know the extent some of these brutes are willing to go. Best I stay on my guard, otherwise they may try that again.

Confessional End

Maxwell: As for you Fashion Squad, you were all found first. You are sending someone home tonight, and we are going to enjoy every last minute of it.
(Team Fashion Sqaud groans in frustration)

Maxwell: Sorry guys, but that's how it goes. Best you decide on who you want to go, because this won't be your average elimination ceremony.

Dave: Huh? What do you mean?

Jack: You shall see my clean friend, you shall ALL see. Meet us by the side of the big top when the moon rises, our first elimination will be there. See you then.
(The brothers walk off leaving team Fashion Squad worried. Scene transitions to nightfall, and the teams are arriving by the elimination area)

Maxwell: Glad you could all make it. Teams that are safe, sit in these stands. Fashion Squad, center stage please.
(Fashion Squad fills up the chairs in the center, the rest of the teams take the stands to the side)

Jack: Team Fashion Squad, you gave it everything you got. But sadly, the other teams managed to come out over you. And now here we are, anyone feeling nervous?

Blaineley: Who wouldn't be feeling nervous in this situation?

Justin: Easy for you to say, you weren't one of the first to get out.

Topher: Oh yeah that, nice move guys.
(Cameron and Justin hang their heads in shame)

Jack: Anyway, this is how voting will go. Everyone will vote on who goes home from the losing team.
(Fashion Squad suddenly complains)

Jo: Seriously? That's unfair!

Maxwell: Hold it! You have a chance to explain your case on who should go home. Whether you were in the center of the action, a cause of it, or just an innocent bystander. Your opinion could be what sends someone home, or what keeps them safe.
(Maxwell turns to Dakota)

Maxwell: Dakota, as appointed team leader, what do you think went wrong?

Dakota: I just feel I could've managed my team better. Most of us didn't have a specific plan, and just went off and hoped for the best. I won't blame anyone if they decide to vote me off, but I hope I can have another chance to redeem myself.
(Sam and Ella look worried, as Jo looks on deviously)

Jack: Jo, you seem eager to talk. Any thought on who you think should leave?

Jo: Well for one, Dakota messed up as a leader and should have thought things through lot more clearly.

Topher: I agree with that.

Jo: Not that I asked you, but thanks anyway. On the other hand, you have people like Scrawny McWeaklington and the Mirror-Hog over there, who didn't last long at all.
(They hang their heads in shame again)

Jo: Then comes Izzy, who you could say screwed it all up for us in the end.
(Izzy is seen balancing a book on her nose by its corner, but then drops everything when she is mentioned)

Jo: So I don't know, a lot to choose from tonight.

Maxwell: Dave, you're always ready to point the finger. Who has your vote?

Dave: Izzy, no question. If it wasn't for her, we would have had a chance at winning.

Topher: If you ask me, it's poor leadership we should drop, not regular screw-ups.

Dave: I didn't ask for your opinion.

Jack: Regardless it's noted. Beth, as a bystander to the drama in this team today, what do you have to say on the matter?

Beth: If you ask me, Jo should go home. She only wants to take control of the team, and isn't even focusing on the challenge. Same could be said for Topher, so he gets my vote since he takes after Chris.
(Topher becomes shocked at Beth's comment)

Topher: Wait, what do you-

Jack: Enough, we have heard what we need to. It's time to vote. Everyone grab a ballot, and decide who on team Fashion Squad you should see go home. We'll announce the top four, and they will be up for elimination.
(Everyone is confused by that comment, but goes up regardless and hands in their voting ballot)

Jack: Alright Maxwell, who has the highest amount of votes?
(Maxwell looks through the votes and pauses for a few seconds for suspense, camera pans to several on Fashion Squad looking worried)










Maxwell: ...Dakota.
(Dakota gasps, Sam and Ella look even more worried, and Jo smiles)

Jack: Second highest?













Maxwell: ...Izzy.
(Izzy, who went back to focusing on balancing stuff on her nose, takes notice and drops what she's doing)

Jack: In third?
















Maxwell: ...Cameron.
(Cameron brings his head back up with a worried expression)

Jack: And in fourth?





















Maxwell: ...Topher.
(Topher looks up in shock at hearing his name called)

Jack: Very well, the rest of you, you are safe... for now. Dakota, Izzy, Cameron and Topher, please come up and stand beside us.
(They do as instructed and the brothers look to them)

Jack: You four are at risk of being sent home. It is time to find out who is leaving 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama.

Izzy: Oh, there's more. What is it, huh? Tell me, tell me, tell me.

Maxwell: This is simple, we are going to ask you a random trivia question with three right answers, and one wrong answer. Answer it correctly and you're safe, if not, you're off the show for good and here's how.
(Suddenly a large rings fires up in the distance with a large target behind it)

Maxwell: To our left, you see a large flaming ring and a target. And to our right...
(They turn to see four large cannons)

Maxwell: You can see a few cannons aimed in that direction.
(Everyone suddenly realizes what this is)

Topher: Oh no, please no, not this again.

Cameron: This is bad, this is very bad!

Jack: If you answer wrong...

Maxwell: ...And one of you will...

Jack: We intend to launch you out of that cannon, through that flaming ring, into the target to the ground behind it. We like to call this one... "The Human Cannonball".
(Camera suddenly pans to something launching from the cannon, then goes back to the contestants, who look worried and scared, just before it hits the target)

Anne Maria: Oh my gosh!

Owen: Heh, thank goodness that wasn't us, huh?
(Owen laughs, but stops shortly after)

Tyler: Well, at least Lindsay isn't over there.
(Tyler waves to Lindsay in the center, she notices and then blows a kiss in his direction and waves)

Scarlett: THIS is what they had in mind? I shudder to think what the other 100 are.

Noah: Yeah, even I'm scared by this, and I'm not easy to scare without grossness being involved.

Max: Humph, child's play.
(Max's legs are shaking as he says that)

Shawn: Whoa, I did not see that coming.

Cody: I hope I never end up like that.

Sierra: I'll protect you Cody.
(She grabs Cody and holds him close, while he struggles)

Ella: This does not look good.

Sam: I hope Dakota doesn't get the wrong answer. I don't want to have to deal with Jo being leader.

Ella: I hope so too. You can do this Dakota!

Maxwell: We will go via the order of how many votes you received from least to most. That means Topher goes first, Cameron is second, Izzy is third, and Dakota goes last with the most.


Dakota: While I'm relieved to see that I have a shot to save myself, I'm sad that I got the most votes. If this were a regular type of elimination, they would have sent me home. I hope I get this, I do NOT want to be launched.

Cameron: I'm scared by most things others find unthreatening, but this. This! If this is what people are normally scared of, then I'm not going to last a second.

Izzy: Ok, if I can be serious for a second. This was a biiiiiit scary. Who WOULD like to fly through a fiery ring and a large target by a cannon? Maybe me, but not now!

Topher: I'm freaking out, no seriously I am! I don't want this to happen to me, my face is too valuable. Please don't let it be me!
(Topher looks up and clasps his hands together then shaking them furiously as he says the last sentence)

Confessional End

Jack: Alright, everyone into the cannon.
(The four groan with fear. Scene goes to them in the cannon and showing the ring and target, by the time it ends they are all loaded in, each one of them with a harness with a wire attached to make sure they fly in that direction. On the back of their harnesses is also a camera, to show a close up of them from behind as they fly through the air)

Maxwell: Everyone ready?
(They all reluctantly say yes)

Maxwell: Alright, but before we ask the question, we will give you the answers first. They are...
(Answers show up on the screen as they announce them)

Asterix and Obelix XXL 2

Dying Light

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

and Lego City Undercover

Jack: The question is... Which of these three video games contain a reference to the Mario franchise? Topher, let's start with you.

Topher: Ok, not much of a video game person. Though I do play the odd one out from time to time. If I had to pick one, I'd say..... Lego City Undercover.
(Lego City Undercover on the screen lights up)

Maxwell: You think Lego City Undercover contains a reference to Mario?

Topher: Yeah, I mean kids usually play it, so why couldn't they include one; especially considering how famous it is.

Jack: And Topher is locking in Lego City Undercover.
(Lego City Undercover on the screen facades black)

Jack: Cameron, looking a bit nervous there are we?

Cameron: Yeah, I mean look at it! If my calculations are correct that's the distance of like, two football fields!

Jack: You are not that far off.

Cameron *Gulp*

Jack: You have three answers left on the board, Lego City Undercover is off so try to avoid the wrong one.

Cameron: Thankfully ever since I left my bubble, I've actually been getting into video games. Not mature ones though, my mom is still protective of me with that. But Dying Light, sounds like a mature game but it doesn't seem just thrown on there. Zelda seems too obvious, and I haven't even heard of that Asterix game. Therefore by process of elimination, I'm going with Dying Light.
(Dying Light on the screen lights up)

Maxwell: And Cameron is locking in Dying Light as his answer.
(Dying Light on the screen fades to black)

Maxwell: Izzy, left on the board is Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. How about it?

Izzy: Well, I have played Zelda before and there were some Mario references in some of the games, both being owned by the same developer and all. I've always wanted to have my own chain chomp, certainly would make walking the dog a lot more fun.

Jack: I'm sure it would.

Izzy: Though I haven't played Four Swords, at least the original. You know what, I'm going with Zelda.
(Legend of Zelda: Four Swords light up in the screen)

Jack: You're going with Zelda?

Izzy: I'm going with Zelda, Izzy can't be wrong here!
(Legend of Zelda fades to black as she the second sentence)

Maxwell: That leaves us with Dakota, nervous?

Dakota: How can I not be?

Maxwell: Since there is only one answer left on the board, you are getting stuck with Asterix and Obelix XXL 2. How do you feel about your chances with that answer?
(Asterix and Obelix lights up as Maxwell says it)

Dakota: As good as I can be being an heiress who only knows about video games thanks to her boyfriend. I'm not sure Sam has even told me about that game.

Sam: I think I own it, I'm not sure. I have so many to keep track of.

Dakota: I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
(Asterix and Obelix fades to black)

Jack: You have all locked in your answers, it is time to end this.
(Camera pans to several of the bystanders looking on, and the four looking very worried)

Jack: Maxwell, the button please.
(Maxwell reaches into his hat, and pulls out the button to trigger the cannons)

Maxwell: All yours.
(Maxwell hands the button to Jack, who sets in on the tall crate in front of him)

Jack: Well I for one want to see someone go flying, how about you?

Topher/Cameron/Izzy/Dakota: NO!

Jack: Well, it's going to happen to someone, and I for one am eager to see it.

Maxwell: So it's not just me?

Cameron: Please let me be right.

Izzy: Stay calm Izzy, eye of the tiger, strength of the puma. I wonder why paper covers rock, paper can't stop rocks. They must use some REALLY strong paper.

Topher: That's what you're wondering? Not about the who knows how many yard fly we have to make if we screw this up.

Dakota: Don't remind me!
(Dakota's eyes water out of fear and she covers them)

Maxwell: To recap, Topher you went with Lego City Undercover...
(Camera shows Topher looking scared as his answer lights up again)

Maxwell: ...Cameron, you chose Dying Light...
(Does the same with Cameron, who looks even more terrified and closing his eyes, and his answer)

Maxwell: ...Izzy, you went with your gut and chose Legend of Zelda: Four Swords...
(Does the same with Izzy, who nods her head rapidly, and her answer)

Maxwell: ...And Dakota got stuck with Asterix and Obelix XXL 2.

Dakota: Oh my god, this is so scary.
(Does the same with Dakota, as she says that while Maxwell is talking with her eyes still covered and watering, and her answer)

Jack: I can say this much, one of these games contains a Mario reference in the form of a remake of the very first level of the original Super Mario Bros. It also helps to say that it is from a first-person perspective.
(Jack turns to Cameron)

Jack: Cameron you are safe as Dying Light is a correct answer!
(The answer on screen lights up green, as Jack says that...)

Cameron: Yes yes! I knew my deduction was right, I knew it!
(Cameron climbs down and stands beside the brothers)

Cameron: Oh, thank goodness. That was a close one.

Jack: Glad to see you're happy, but sadly someone must go.

Maxwell: Want to see who else is safe?
(They simultaneously scream)

Topher/Izzy/Dakota: YES!

Maxwell: Well, one of these games contains several Mario references, like stars, Bob-ombs, question mark blocks and so on.
(Camera pans to the three of them looking on anxiously. Dakota is begging, Izzy hangs her head low, and Topher crosses his fingers. As it pans...)

Dakota: Please, please.

Izzy: ...

Topher: Give me chance here, give me a chance!

Maxwell: And that game is...








Maxwell: Lego City Undercover, Topher you are also safe from elimination!
(The answer on screen lights up green as Topher cheers and those still remaining look scared and disappointed)

Topher: Yes! The Topher experience is still rolling!
(Topher climbs out of the cannon and joins the brothers and Cameron by the sidelines, he high fives them)

Maxwell: Glad to see you're so happy.
(Things intensify as Izzy and Dakota remain)

Jack: Well ladies, it has come down to you two. To recap, Izzy you went with The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords.
(Her answer lights up as the camera shows Izzy looking even more worried)

Jack: And Dakota, you were left with Asterix and Obelix XXL 2.
(Camera shows Dakota on the verge of tears and her answer lights up)

Maxwell: Let's get these girls into position.
(The cannons move upwards, until it is aimed at the hoop and the center of the target)

Dakota: Oh my god, ...oh my god, ...oh my god.
(She keeps repeating that as the camera goes to Izzy)

Izzy: *gulp* This is starting to look less fun now.
(She looks out into the distance, and starts panicking)

Izzy: Sweet holy moly that's far! I want out, now!

Maxwell: Oh we'll be more than happy to get you out, all the way over there if possible.

Jack: Provided of course you do not mind a quick flight.

Dakota: Please let me be right.

Izzy: C'mon Zelda, don't fail me here.

Jack: It's time. One of you is safe. And one of you is going home via our cannon, leaving the us and the $100,000,000 way behind.

Jo: Please let it be Dakota who goes home.

Ella: I hope it's Izzy. Not because I dislike her, but mostly because I believe Dakota deserves another chance.

Sam: Cross your fingers Ella, and hope for the best.

Jack: The wrong answer is...
(The camera pans to several contestants looking worried, as Dakota and Izzy look like they're about to panic)







































Maxwell: ... The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords!
(When Maxwell says it, Dakota screams with joy while Izzy starts wildly panicking. While Dakota screams with joy...)

Izzy: No please! Don't do this! Not this! Help, help!

Maxwell: So long Izzy!
(Jack slams on the button with his fist, the cannon Izzy is in starts rumbling, then launches her towards the target. As she is sent flying, she screams at the top of her lungs)

Izzy: Ah, ah, ah! Oh my god, ahhhhhhhhh! Help me, ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Get me down, HELP! HELP!
(As she screams, she goes through the ring without catching on fire, then through the center of the target. Her screams fade away when she goes behind the target, and everyone else looks scared and shocked)

Dakota: Oh my gosh!

Topher: Dear god!
(Recaps the scene of Izzy launching several times, some showing the scene from the camera on her back, some showing the moment she launched, some in normal time and some in slow motion. When it is done, the theme plays)
Theme, or closest I could find:

Jack: Ha ha, she's outta here!
(Dakota runs down and Cameron, Topher, Sam, and Ella go up to hug her for her victory)

Ella: Thank goodness!

Sam: Oh, I'm so glad you're safe!

Maxwell: Dakota, you are safe from elimination. Make sure you don't end up here again.
(Dakota tries to hold back her tears)

Dakota: I'll try my best!
(Jo looks on angrily disappointed, Jack turns to the camera)

Jack: One down, many more to go! Who will go next, and who will win? Find out next time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!
(Jack walks with everyone off camera, scene ends with one last showing of Izzy's elimination with it fading to black just as she goes through the target)

Episode End

Contestants remaining: 51

Eliminated contestants

52nd: Izzy

Final Author's Thoughts

Well that's episode two, I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think in the comments below, don't be afraid to state your thoughts. Also, I have some ideas for some areas the contestants can go to for the game. Vote on which one they should go to, the one with the most votes will be the one they go to next. Just remember, each one has its own challenges, rewards, and eliminations, so keep that in mind when when you make your vote. These are what I have so far, if you have any of your own, then please share them with me. I'm open to any ideas, though I'll still have to decide whether or not it will work.

  • Beach
  • Caverns
  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Medieval Castle
  • Haunted House
  • Bayou
  • Casino
  • Quarry
  • Weather Valley
  • Forest
  • Scrapyard
  • Factory
  • Seasonal Plains
  • Ruins

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