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For important purposes, the first episode will be about introductions. The next episode, then we will get to the fun part; the challenges. If there is anything you would like to see do not be afraid to ask. Since all the contestants are here, I'm sure there are some interactions you would like to see. I would like to apologize in advance if I get the characters wrong, I just prefer not to make any mistakes that get people mad. And given how this fanbase has shown that they can get mad if a previously established character gets done wrong, I would really like to avoid that. Anyway, with that out of the way, here it is. I present to you, 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama.

Episode Begins

(The camera pans to a large closed off carnival with a circus tent in the center. It zooms in on the center, where a young man dressed in a fancy looking suit is seems leaning against the door with his back. He tips his hat off his eyes to see the camera, then walks towards it so he is in full view.)

Jack: Hello ladies and gentlemen, pleasure to have your attention.
(He says with a British accent, then removes his bowler hat and subsequently bows)

Jack: My name is Jack, Jack Vonguarde; and I am going to be your host. Helping me is my brother Max-
(He stops after he looks behind him and looks around, but no one is there)

Jack: That's weird, I could have sworn he was right behind me.
(He hears grunting then looks to the wall on his right, and sees a young man in a top hat and cape trying to climb over)

Jack: Maxwell, what are you doing?

Maxwell: What does it look like I'm doing, I'm trying to get over the wall.
(Jack facepalms with an annoyed look on his face)

Jack: I told you, you have to wait until the game begins.

Maxwell: But Jack, it looks so fun. I want to go on the bumper cars, you know how much I like the bumper cars.
(Maxwell shakes Jack during that last sentence)

Jack: Later brother, now introduce yourself to the audience!
(Maxwell stops shaking Jack in the middle of his sentence)

Maxwell: Oh right, we're doing that now. My bad.
(Maxwell faces towards the camera, removes his top hat and subsequently bows)

Maxwell: Hello audiences of Earth and beyond, my name is Maxwell Vonguarde. I am hosting alongside my twin brother Jack.

Jack: If they can believe we are actually twins, let alone related.

Maxwell: Aw come on Jack, you know just as well as I do that you don't mean it.

Jack: I know, I know.
(Jack, with a smile on his face, lightly punches Maxwell's shoulder after saying that, Maxwell laughs)

Jack: Now I am sure you are wondering what happened to Chris McClean. Well, to put it bluntly...

Maxwell: Chris kept screwing up and getting lawsuits, so he's on temporary leave. They asked us to take over for a season, and it's gonna be a long one.

Jack: Sad but true, and I could not have put it any better myself. Yes it is true, we are going to be the hosts for this season. And it is indeed going to be a long one. We are bringing back every contestant from the main series to participate in the most thrilling, nail-biting, pressure increasing, blood pumping, seat edge sitting season yet!

Maxwell: Seat edge sitting? Really? This is our first job Jack, try not to make any mistakes. I promised you that, so it's only fair that you promise me.
(Jack faces towards Maxwell)

Jack: Like I asked you! Anyway I promise.
(Faces toward the camera after the first sentence, Maxwell smiles with satisfaction)

Jack: So shall we explain the premise?

Maxwell: Let's!

Jack: In this season, our 52 competitors will be split into 4 teams of 13. They will compete in epic challenges spanning several unique and exotic locations. To start off, we are here at the gates of this circus/carnival.
(Faces to Maxwell behind him)

Jack: Maxwell do you know what it is?
(Maxwell shakes his head 'no')

Maxwell: Why don't we say it's both?

Jack: Good idea!
(Jack faces back to the camera)

Jack: Okay so it is a circus-carnival. Heh, I like the sound of that. Anyway I digress, this area is but one of many we will travel to over the course of this game. To the winners go the spoils of the game, but to the losers...
(Maxwell pushes Jack aside with enthusiasm)

Maxwell: They will have to send someone home, and those placed into the bottom will be faced with some of the most insane and death-defying eliminations you've ever seen. And we have 101 ways to do it.
(Maxwell steps back and Jack takes center stage again)

Jack: Strap yourselves in audience, because this is going to be a bumpy and drama-filled ride the whole way through. Hold on to your hats, and do not adjust your set.

Maxwell: And don't press fast foward!
(Jack turns to him confused)

Maxwell: Just covering as much ground as possible.

Jack: Riiiiight.
(Jack turns back to the camera, again)

Jack: Irregardless of how or where or even when you watch this, you will not want to miss a second. So, let us begin!
(Maxwell steps to the left of Jack, both turn their heads to each other and nod with a grin on Jack's face and a big smile on Maxwell's)

Jack/Maxwell: Welcome one and all to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

After the intro, the camera goes back to the brothers leaning against the gate waiting patiently for the contestants' arrival, until Maxwell groans loudly

Maxwell: What time are they supposed to show up?
(Jack reaches into his suit and pulls out a pocket watch)

Jack: This is suspicious. I gave them specific times for each generation of cast members to show up, and by now they all should have.
(Jack puts the pocket watch away)

Jack: Any idea why they are so late?

Maxwell: Maybe they're reluctant.
(Jack gives him a confused look)

Maxwell: Well remember, you informed the drivers not to tell them that Chris was not hosting. You wanted to make it a surprise, so maybe they're having trouble getting the contestants together out of fear of Chris.
(Jack takes a moment to think, then comes to a moment of realization)

Jack: Good point, probably not my best decision. But I was not sure if they would believe it if they heard it upfront. I felt it was best that we personally eased the tension of their shoulders. Besides, I am sure you wanted to see the looks on their faces when we said that, a few in particular perhaps?
(Maxwell's face turns red from embarrassment)

Maxwell: Well I could say the same for you. I know you have your eyes on a few ladies in particular.
(Jack flinches out of shock, and speaks nervously)

Jack: Well I cannot help it. We knew coming into this we would meet some of our personal loves, so why waste time calling each other out on it?

Maxwell: Yeah, you're right, sorry about that bro.

Jack: Apology accepted. If you are willing to forgive me too.
(Both brothers shake hands, then Maxwell turns to the road, his eyes widen, and he gasps loudly)

Maxwell: They're here! They're here! Oh my god!(X11)

Jack: Well finally someone showed up.
(A storage truck pulls up and parks on the opposite wall. Jack fixes his suit while Maxwell jumps around in excitement)

Maxwell: Oh man, I've been waiting to meet these guys for so long! I can't wait.

Jack: Neither can I. This must be the first generation cast. I just hope they have not made any assumptions.
(Jack goes to open the back, but he hears a voice on the other side)

Heather: Hold it! Don't you dare open that door.

Jack: Why not?

Justin: Because, we are not going to be a part of Chris' stupid games anymore.
(Both brothers look to each other, and simultaneously groan and facepalm)

Jack/Maxwell: I know this would happen. Wait you knew it too? Why didn't you say anything? I didn't want an "I told you so".

Leshawna: Would you two just stop talking and let us out so we can go home.

Maxwell: You can't go home yet, the game hasn't started yet. We didn't go through all the trouble of gathering you all up so you could walk out before the fun begins.

Katie: Maybe we should listen to them.

Sadie: Totally, I mean what if they're not working for Chris.

Duncan: You two seriously think that? Look at the facts, a guy in a truck tells us to get in, and once were all in, he tells us it's for Total Drama.

Noah: When you put it like that, it makes it seem like you're not just some tough guy with a soft side. ]
(Duncan goes up and grabs Noah by his shirt)

Duncan: I'd watch those words carefully, may end up gettin you hurt someday.

Jack: Guys, listen. Chris is NOT the host for this. He got too many lawsuits and the studio refuses to cover for him, so they let us have a shot.

Courtney: Sounds like too much of a coincidence. How do we know your aren't working for Chris.

Maxwell: You should know miss CIT. A good portion of those lawsuits are from you, and from the rest of the casts.
(Courtney looks towards the door shocked, the rest of the cast follows)

Courtney: Wait, seriously? They actually went through this time?

Jack: Precisely my dear, the producers informed us about it. Half the lawsuits are from previous Total Drama competitors, the others are from fans raging on All Stars.

Maxwell: I told you that was a bad season!
(Jack turns his head to Maxwell)

Jack: Keep your opinions to yourself!
(Maxwell crosses his arms and looks away frustrated. Jack turns back to the door)

Jack: Anyway I digress, I promise you that Chris and even Chef have been completely wiped away from this season. They will not be hosting, only me and my brother.

Heather: Are you sure?

Jack: Positive.

Beth: Really sure?

Jack: Yes I am.

Harold: Abosulutely positive?

Maxwell: Yes yes YES! Now let us open up, the sooner we get into the carnival-circus the sooner I can go on the bumper cars!
(The contestants' eyes widen, several speak up)

Bridgette: Wait a carnival-circus?

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, sounds like sooo much fun!

Cody: That sounds too good to be true.

Owen: They have to have snacks there. Hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels, cotton candy! I have to see it!

Jack: So, now that we have established ourselves, may we open the door so you can participate?

Maxwell: We promise you won't die, you're only going to feel like it. But rest assured, you will all walk away from here safe and sound.

Courtney: Alright if you say so. Go ahead and open it.
(Both brothers go up to the door and open it together. The first-gen contestants walk out and gaze upon the gate, with the carnival-circus standing tall in the background)

Geoff: Whoa, you dudes weren't kidding. This place looks awesome.

Trent: Yeah no kidding, and Chris isn't here to greet us either.
(The brothers walk to the gate in front of the contestants, both grab their hats and subsequently bow. The contestants look confused)

Gwen: Um, hello?

Maxwell: And hello to you. Glad you were all able to make it.

Blaineley: I gotta say, speaking from experience you boys really know how set up a competition.

Jack: Thank you m'lady.
(Blaineley lightly laughs)

Blaineley: Such a gentleman, you surely know how to treat a lady. Wait, haven't I seen you two before?

Maxwell: Probably, considering our winnings in the TV competition world.

Beth: Winnings? Wait does that mean you're-

Jack: I am Jack Vonguarde, and this is my brother Maxwell.
(Maxwell waves his hand)

Jack: We will be your hosts for this one-of-a-kind competition. And might I say that we are grateful to be in the presence of such well known TV participants.

Gwen: What's with the British accent?

Jack: That's not important right now, so without further ado-
(Maxwell interrupts him by running up to him)

Maxwell: Allow me to explain, see Jack always thought of himself as this upper-class gentleman type, ever since we were kids. So our friends challenged him to a bet.

Jack: Maxwell.

Maxwell: He was to speak with a British accent for an entire year. Naturally he accepted, but even after the bet ended he still kept it. So-

Jack: Maxwell, stop it!

Maxwell: So he kept it, never using an North American accent for like 5 years. But one day, he tried to get out of his accent and-

Jack: Don't you dare!
(Jack looks away in shame and embarrassment)

Maxwell: And he couldn't get out of it. He was stuck with it, and he had trouble speaking in a normal accent. So, he speaks with a British accent like it's no trouble. That's the story.
(The contestants look shocked, mostly due to Maxwell's energy)

Jack: I told you not to say anything about it!

Maxwell: Well someone had to address that elephant sometime, so its better that its sooner rather than later.

Jack: Fine, are you finished?
(Maxwell nods his head rapidly)

Jack: Good, now let's get to business. The rest of the contestants should be arriving shortly, so let's wait until then.

Harold: Seriously? Given how long it took to gather us up and drive us here, there's a good chance that we'll be out here for hours. Given how far each possible contestant is from each other and the distance to the meeting area, I estimate that the arrival of the next truck will be about-
(Maxwell interrupts him)

Maxwell: Right about now.
(The contestants turn to see another truck pulling in next to the first one)

Tyler: Whoa, good call.

Maxwell: Thanks, it's not my first time.
(Harold looks dumbfounded)

Maxwell: Let's go get the next group Jack.
(Jack and Maxwell head over to the back of the second truck to open the door)

Jack: I am sure a few of you are well acquainted with some second generation cast members, thanks to Total Drama All-Stars.

Maxwell: The season that not many people look gladly upon mind you.
(Sierra is heard squealing with joy in the background)

Sierra: I can't wait. I never go to meet the full cast of Total Drama Revenge of the Island yet, and I've heard so much about them.

Noah: Yeah, I just can't wait.
(said sarcastically)

Maxwell: Let's not wait any further, time to open it up.
(Both brothers open the back and the second gen cast members each walk out, but one charges out)

Lightning: Sha-yeah! Another season means another time for Lightning to shine!

Jo: Yeah, like that went so well for you last time, Jock for Brains.

Jack: You are one to talk my dear. I am surprised to hear this, coming from the person who left after Lightning.
(Lightning laughs while Jo struggles to find a comeback. She just walks away)

Cameron: Wow, not many people are able to leave Jo speechless like that. Considering who she is and all.

Jack: You would be surprised what me and my brother are capable of.

Maxwell: Uh Jack, we're missing someone from this cast.
(Jack counts the second gen cast members, only to find there are only twelve present)

Jack: Oh dear, looks like we have a dilemma. Does anyone know who is missing?

Sam: I can answer that.
(Sam steps forward to the brothers)

Maxwell: Let me guess, it's your girlfriend Dakota right?

Sam: Yeah, she told me to tell you that she's sorry she couldn't make it with the rest of us. She had some business to finish.

Maxwell: Business? What sort of business would she need to-

Jack: Wait a minute! What is that?
(Everyone turns to see a long white limo pull up by the gate. When it stopped Dakota, looking like her normal self, stepped out).

Dakota: Thanks for the ride Marcelle!
(The limo drives off, and Dakota walks towards the other contestants)

Dakota: Sorry I'm late, just had some unfinished business regarding my wardrobe.

Jack: Wow! I guess those chemotherapy treatments your father put you on worked after all.

Dakota: Totally. After season 5, my daddy wanted to turn me back to my old self before Chris exposed me to that stupid toxic waste. It took some time, many treatments, a lot of money, and a lot of patience, but it was worth it. Especially since now I can be with Sam and people won't stare as much. They do stare, but it's not as much or as noticeable.
(Dakota hugs Sam, and Sam blushes)

Ezekiel: She managed to help me out too, eh?
(Ezekiel waves in the background)

Dakota: Oh yeah, I talked my daddy into helping out that homeschool kid too. No one should have their lives changed like that thanks to Chris.

Maxwell: Glad to hear. And I'm sure you guys will also be happy to hear that Chris will not be hosting this season.
(The recent arrivals are glad to hear that)

Zoey: Seriously? Thank goodness, I had enough of that stubble-faced jerk for some time now. When I heard that Total Drama was going to have another season, and that all previous cast members were participating, I was dreading to see to Chris again.

Jack: Understandable given what he has done to you all. But do not think just because Chris is not hosting, that you all will be safe.
(Everyone starts to look worried)

Gwen: What do you mean?

Maxwell: We'll explain once we go inside, which I hope is soon because I really want to go on the bumper cars right now.

Scott: Well what are we waiting out here for? If you want to go in, just go in.

Jack: I prefer we wait until all the participants have arrived, we still have one truck left.

Scott: There's one more? How many people you got on this thing anyhow?

Maxwell: 52, all of them returning contestants.

Jo: All of them?

Maxwell: ALL of them.

Mike: That seems like a lot of people.

Jo: Doesn't matter to me, let them come. I'll just beat them down anyway.

Maxwell: I like your enthusiasm, I look forward to seeing what it can do. Anyway before they arrive, I should let you know. Having seen these guys in action, I'll just tell you now that some of them are a bit... odd.
(The other contestants, having not met the third gen cast before, look worried)

Trent: Odd? Like how odd?

Maxwell: Very.

Heather: Would any happen to be stuck in their own world perhaps?

Jack: Strategizing now Heather? I see that you are an ends justifies the means kind of competitor.

Heather: End justifies the means? I don't know why, but I kinda like the sound of that.

Jack: To answer your question, yes some of them are. But I wish you luck if you are trying to manipulate some of them, underestimating any of them would be a BIG mistake.

Heather: I'll keep that in mind.

Alejandro: As will I.
(Jack and Heather turn to see Alejandro behind them. Heather glares menacingly at him)

Alejandro: Ah Heather, no matter how many times I gaze upon the moon and sun, that glare of yours is a sight I will never get tired of seeing.

Heather: Hope you won't mind seeing it when you are kicked off the show.

Alejandro: Even so, it will be a glorious sight.
(Heather groans in disgust)

Jack: I'll leave you two lovebirds to your pillow talk.
(Jack walks away as both turn and gaze angrily at him)

Heather/Alejandro: We are not lovebirds! Huh?
(Both gaze at each other in shock)

Jack: No matter how many times you say it, it will never convince me to think otherwise, heh heh heh.
(He walks to Maxwell, who is seen talking with Dawn. Jack starts to feel nervous as both turn to see him)

Maxwell: Glad to see everything is checking out ok with everyone?

Jack: Yes, I never thought I would be standing here amongst many of TV's reality show participants.

Dawn: Probably because you were always nervous being around others when you were a child.
(Jack turns to Dawn, he is feeling shocked)

Jack: What?
(Jack turns his head down)

Jack: I should have seen this coming.
(He turns his head back to Dawn)

Jack: My dear, I am well aware of the abilities that you are capable of. But I personally prefer that you not say that stuff out loud. Especially with the other contestants nearby. There are just some skeletons I would prefer to keep in my closet.

Maxwell: If you want to know about him, then come talk to me, I'll tell you what you need to know.

Jack: Maxwell!
(Jack blushes and Dawns laughs lightly)

Dawn: Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of. I understand there are some secrets you wish to keep, so I won't say a word to the other contestants. If you need anyone to talk to, then please come to me if you feel you need to.

Jack: Really? Well thanks, you are... very kind.

Dawn: Anytime.
(Dawn walks away from the brothers, but quickly glances back at Jack before continuing)

Maxwell: Well, how does it feel to speak to one of your TD crushes? I think she may have some feelings for you.

Jack: Shut Up! I do not need your encouragement!

Maxwell: It's okay Jack, I'll be more than happy to help you if you need any.

Jack: Is that so? Well I hope you do not mind me helping you out with any of your crushes. Just say the word and I'll do what I can.

Maxwell: Agreed.
(Both shake hands in agreement)

Maxwell: Good on see we have each other's backs.

Jack: And good timing too. The last one has arrived.
(Maxwell turns to see the third and final truck parking to the left of the second one)

Jo: Alright, time to scope out the last of the competition.

Dakota: I hope they aren't too mean.

Jack: We can vouch for some, others not so much.
(The brothers walk towards the back in preparation to open it)

Brick: Brace yourselves everyone, we don't know what we could be dealing with.

Jo: I'm sure it's something even you can handle Wiz-Cadet.

Brick: Why thank you I- hey what does that mean!?

Maxwell: Hey, save the trash talk and arguments for the game please!
(Just as they're about to open the door, someone on the other side starts knocking on it loudly and rapidly. The contestants and the brothers are shocked and back away slowly)

Maxwell: Ok, I know they aren't exactly normal, but I didn't expect that.

Cody: I'm freaking out right now. I don't know what's behind that, but I don't want to find out.
(As Cody tries to run, Sierra grabs him and holds him tightly and close)

Sierra: Don't worry Cody-cakes, I'll protect you!

Duncan: Is this the part where we should panic?

Maxwell: I don't know, I wasn't expecting someone to be so forceful.
(The person bangs on the other side again rapidly)

Jack: Relax everyone, I'll try to take control here.
(Jack walks up to the truck while everyone else watches in anticipation. The door continues to bang rapidly)

Anne-Maria: You sure this guy has everything under control? If not I'm leaving, these good looks can't go to waste here.

Maxwell: You're worried about that? Anyway don't worry, my brother has everything under control.
(Jack starts speaking to the person banging on the door)

Jack: Hello? Is everything alright? Is there an emergency?
(The person speaks, Jack instantly recognizes it)

Dave: Help, get me out of here! I need hand sanitizer, a clean towel, soap, water, anything! I need to get this greasy stain off my arm!

Jack: That's what the ruckus is about? Relax, I have some hand sanitizer with me, just let me open the door.

Dave: Ok, sorry. I just panicked, especially considering its this show.

Jack: Maxwell, your assistance please?
(Maxwell walks over to him and helps open the door, Dave immediately rushes out)

Dave: Where is it? I need this stain off my arm right now!
(Jack walks over to him and silently hands him the hand sanitizer. Dave squirts some out and rubs it on his arm, and then sighs in relief)

Jack: Glad to see you made a full recovery from Pahkitew Island. Though your cleanliness habit still need some on be put in check.

Dave: Sorry, it was dark and I felt something greasy land on my arm. It happened just before we pulled in, so I started panicking and caused a scene. Again, sorry.
(Maxwell walks up to him and put his hand on his shoulder)

Maxwell: No worries, to happens to the best of us. I mean it could've been worse.

Dave: Good point, well I'm fine now so hopefully I can try to keep it under control from here on.
(The rest of the third gen contestants walk out of the truck)

Jack: Glad to see you could finally join us, before we say anything else we need to say this. Chris will not be hosting this season, it will be me and my brother.
(The new arrivals sigh with relief at hearing the news)

Shawn: Phew, one less thing I need to worrying about while I'm here. Though, zombies won't be an issue right.

Maxwell: Last I checked there weren't any zombies, so you should be fine on that end.

Shawn: Thank goodness, I have time to prepare.

Sugar: Still worrying yourself over that crazy-shmazy zombie stuff, huh? Don't you think y'all had enough of that?

Jasmine: It may not be normal, but was I never into normal guys in the first place.
(Jasmine kisses Shawn on time the cheek, he blushes)

Shawn: Heh heh, glad to know.

Jack: Glad to see you have that worked out. Sadly I can not say the same for others.
(Jack turns to Sky as he says the second sentence, Sky just looks confused)

Jack: You know what I mean my dear, back on that island.
(Sky suddenly realizes what Jack means)

Sky: You think I wanted it to end that way? Anyone in my position would say they would NOT have it end the way it did, especially if it's Dave.

Jack: I do not blame you, I am well aware of the strings Chris pulled to make it go his way. But that does not mean I was willing to overlook your behavior towards him beforehand.
(Maxwell talks to Jack from a distance)

Maxwell: Oh my god Jack! Just let that go already! You don't think I'm not mad either right? It's for reasons like that that Chris isn't here today.
(Jack regains his composure then turns to Sky)

Jack: Right, sorry for that. I just get caught up in the show sometimes like my brother.

Sky: Its okay, I can understand where you're coming from.

Jack: Thanks, it was rude of me to speak like that to a lady such as yourself.

Sky: Seriously, it's no issue. But thanks anyway.
(Sky walks away and Maxwell walks over)

Maxwell: Well that's two for you so far, how do you feel?

Jack: I feel like I want to smack you right now.
(Maxwell laughs and Jack tries not to smile, but fails. Scarlett then walks over to them)

Scarlett: Excuse me, do you two have a minute?

Maxwell: I don't see why not, go ahead.

Scarlett: Thank you, if its not too much trouble, can I make a request not to be put on to a team with him?
(Scarlett points to Max, who is trying to speak with the other contestants)

Jack: Sorry my dear, but I cannot make any promises. Lady Luck will have the final say on who's with who.
(Scarlett frowns disappointingly)

Scarlett: I see, so there is a chance I should brace myself.

Maxwell: I don't see why not. But we understand given your, ahem, previous partnership with the guy. Now if you don't mind, we wish to begin.
(Jack grabs Maxwell's shoulder as he walks away)

Jack: Hold on Maxwell, considering who this is I need to get a message across.
(Jack turns to Scarlett)

Jack: Do not think you can fool me or my brother, because we know what you really are. We will not tolerate any attacks on this show, so if you try to take over, then we have a special punishment prepared for you.

Scarlett: Understood, I'll stay out of your way.
(Max suddenly appears behind Scarlett)

Max: I however have no intentions of yielding my uncontrollable evil to you do-gooders.

Maxwell: Is that so? Well go ahead and try if you're so evil, you won't last a second.

Max: Don't tempt me, I am an unstoppable force of evil, that shall refuse to cease until the world is in my grasp. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Jack: Like we said, go ahead and try. So if we may begin?
(Max and Scarlett go the sides and let the brothers pass. Jack addresses every contestant)

Jack: Pleasure to have you all here, I am sure it was not easy to gather you up. But despite that, we managed to gather everyone here.
(As Jack makes his speech, he hears arguing in the background. He glances to where he speculates it is coming from, and finds Amy and Samey arguing)

Amy: Give it up already, you won't last a minute longer than me.

Samey: Of course I can, I did last time and I will beat you again here.

Amy: That's rich, like I'll let you but even so.

(Amy and Samey both look up towards Jack, and everyone else looks towards them. They blush from embarassment)

Jack: Glad to see I have your attention, and I prefer to keep it.
(Amy and Samey silence themselves, Jack continues his speech, then Maxwell interrupts)

Maxwell: You know what, why don't we just get on with it?

Jack: Yes you're right, let us get everyone to the carnival grounds.
(The brothers walk up to the large door to push it open)

Scott: It's about time!

Maxwell: I know right, and not a moment too soon either. Well enough talk, open up the gates!
(The gates slowly swing open to reveal the park on the other side)

Maxwell: I hope you guys are all ready, because we are prepared for anything that you may throw at us.

Jack: He's not kidding, anyway these will be your temporary living quarters. I know it's not much, but I'll see to it that your needs are met for as long as you are in this game.

Maxwell: Follow us! Before anything we need to explain the rules and determine the teams.
(The contestants follow the brothers to the center of the carnival, just in front of the circus tent)

Jack: Alright, let us get down to business. This is how the game will work, working with your team you will all compete in challenges themed to the area we are in. First place earns a reward, second and third place earn immunity, and last place will have to send someone home.

Courtney: And how are you going to send us home exactly?

Maxwell: That will depend my dear, because we have 101 ways to do it, each one of them fun for us but terrifying for you.
(The contestants gasp at hearing that)

Cody: Seriously?

Topher: That many?

Izzy: Oh, so it's not just me.
(Everyone stares at Izzy)

Izzy: Uh, nevermind.
(Everyone goes back to looking at the brothers)

Jack: No worries, it will all be worth it in the end. Why, because the winner of this competition will walk away with a grand prize of $100,000,000.
(All the contestants cheer at hearing about the prize money)

Maxwell: If anyone has any thoughts they would like to give, we have set up a confessional in that tent over there.
(Maxwell points to a small tent)

Jack: Always handy for getting one's problems off their chest.


Gwen: So this is what they are talking about when they said we would only feel like we are going to die. Well, they did say we would walk away from this, but given that it's this show I have my doubts. But then again, for a prize like that, I'm willing to throw myself into the line of fire. Let's see what they have in store.

Justin: Hmm, not bad. Definetly a step up from the outhouse that's for sure. Anyway, I don't know what these guys are getting at, but as long as they keep their word, then I won't have any problems. I prefer to keep this face intact, unlike last time I competed.

Zoey: I'm glad that these guys aren't total sadists like Chris, but I get this weird feeling they aren't telling us something. Well whatever it is, I'll try my best not to let my guard down, can't just be a damsel in distress for Mike to save forever.

Dave: Given my experience in the last season, I have my doubts about these guys. At the very least they don't appear to be like Chris, but I'm keeping my eye on them just in case. At any rate, that prize money is going to keep a lot of people going, and as much as I hate to admit it, they got my attention with that too.

Lindsay: Wow, this place looks so nice. I've always loved carnivals when I was kid, though I was never good at that ring toss. How do they expect people to win if the rings can't go on those little bottles? Oh, but I always loved the ferris wheel, it's so relaxing to have such a nice view. Maybe Tyler and I go on it together, that would be fun.

Confessional End

Maxwell: So, it's time to determine the teams, you will each step up and spin this wheel. What it lands on will determine which team you will be on. If it lands on the blue wings, you're a part of team Speed Demon. If it lands on the red flexing arm, then you're on team Iron Will. If it lands on the green brain, then you're on team Mind Blast. Finally, if it lands on the pink camera, then you're on team Fashion Squad. Understood?
(The contestants nod in agreement)

Jack: Alright, who wants to step up?
(The contestants seem reluctant, but one decides to step up)

Gwen: I guess I'll go.
(Gwen steps up to the wheel and prepares to spin it)

Maxwell: Don't be afraid, just go for it.
(Gwen smiles then spins the wheel, it spins until it lands on the blue wings)

Jack: Congratulations my dear, you are the first member of team Speed Demon.

Gwen: Not my first pick, but I'll manage.
(Gwen walks over to the blue circle)

Lightning: Step aside, Lightning wants to have a crack at this.

Jack: Aiming for Iron Will are you? Then good luck and godspeed.
(Lightning spins the wheel until it lands on the red flexing arm)

Lightning: Yes, just what Lightning wanted!

Maxwell: Good job, you're on team Iron Will!
(Lightning walks proudly over to the red circle)

Scarlett: Let's see if 'Lady Luck' will smile on me here.
(Scarlett spins the wheel and it lands on the green brain)

Scarlett: Naturally.

Jack: Unexpected to no one. Regardless you are on team Mind Blast now.
(Scarlett walks over to the green circle)

Dakota: Alright, I'm not backing down now. Let's see where I end up.
(Dakota spins the wheel and it lands on the pink camera)

Maxwell: And Dakota becomes part of the Fashion Squad.

Dakota: Sweet, I hope to come in handy.
(Dakota walks over to the pink circle)

Jack: Well that is one for each team so far, who will step up next?

(A.N. Since the next scene consists of several contestants being placed on the teams, here's a little something to listen to while the scene goes on.)

(The montage starts as Sky spins the wheel)

Jack: Team Speed Demon.

Sky: Yes!

Jack: And another for Mind Blast.

Alejandro: Excellent.

Maxwell: Team Mind Blast yet again.

Heather: Very well then.
(Heather walks over to the green circle and sees Alejandro)

Heather: Looks like we'll working together in this. Don't get in my way, and I won't get in yours, deal?

Alejandro: Very well then.
(Both shake on it, but the camera shows both are crossing their fingers. Scarlett takes notice of it)

Confessional (A.N. If you are listening to the music, pause it here)

Scarlett: So this is what I'm dealing with here. Perhaps I can use this to my advantage, not a bad idea to mess with anyone else who could considered... evil.
(Scarlett laughs lightly)

Confessional End (A.N. Alright, continue the music playing if you wish)

(Ella starts walking up, but hesitates out of fear)

Jack: Something the matter my dear?

Ella: I'm not so sure about this, this seems very dangerous.

Jack: No worries, you have nothing to fear. Here, why don't I lend you a hand?
(Jack stretches his hand towards Ella and she grabs it. He walks her over to the wheel and she goes to spin it)

Jack: Don't hesitate, you will make it through. When the time comes, just act.
(Ella spins the wheel, then it stops)

Jack: Very well, you're on team Fashion Squad.

Ella: Ok then, and thanks for your help.

Jack: No worries, what sort of gentleman would I be if I did not help a lady in her time of need?
(Ella smiles and her cheeks blush as she walks over to the pink circle)

Confessional (A.N. Pause music)

Ella: I must admit, I was not expecting Jack to be such a gentleman. I'm well aware of what happened last time, so I will not assume he may be my prince yet. This time, I'll wait... hopefully it won't be long.

Confessional End (A.N. Play music)

Dakota: Nice to meet you, my name's Dakota. Hope we can work well together.
(Dakota and Ella shake hands)

Ella: My name is Ella, I look forward to working with you. (Maxwell walks up to Jack)

Maxwell: Well I guess that's three for you now, huh?
(Jack flinches, but grins devilishly shortly thereafter)

Jack: At least I've spoken to mine.
(Maxwell's eyes widen in shock)

Maxwell: That is... I mean... I'm just...
(Maxwell sighs and Jack laughs heartily)

Maxwell: I'll get you back for that later.

Jack: I wish you luck good sir.
(A few spins later, Max steps up. Scarlett is seen crossing her fingers)

Scarlett: Please don't let on my team, please don't let him on my team.
(Max spins the wheel and it stops, Scarlett drops to her knees)

(Everyone turns to see Scarlett, but turn away shortly after)

Maxwell: Guess Lady Luck wasn't on her side. Congratulations Max, you're on team Mind Blast.

Max: You have my gratitude... for now.
(Max walks over to the green circle, and stops next to Scarlett)

Max: For the record, I have no intention of working with you again. Evil does not repeat any mistakes it makes.

Scarlett: Agreed
(Jack is heard speaking)

Jack: Tyler, you are on Iron Will.

Tyler: Sweet.
(Tyler runs to the red circle, but trips right in front of it)

Scott: Ouch, is he okay?

Owen: Don't worry about him, he's handled much worse.
(Lindsay screams from the pink circle)

Lindsay: Tyler, are you ok?

Tyler: I'm okay, after what I've been through this is nothing.
(A few spins later, and Amy and Samey are seen walking toward the wheel)

Maxwell: Sorry ladies, one at a time.

Amy: Ugh fine, I'll go.

Samey: Why should you go, I should go!

Amy: Because, I am the pretty one.

Maxwell: Earth to Amy, you can't be, you're twins!

Samey: Exactly!
(Amy, in shock, turns her anger towards Maxwell)

Amy: Who asked you?

Maxwell: No time for that, get your butt up here.
(Maxwell grabs Amy by the arm and gets her to the wheel, she spins it and it stops)

Maxwell: Ok, you're on Iron Will now. Was that so hard?

Amy: Like I asked you!
(Amy walks towards the red circle as Samey walks towards the wheel)

Samey: Please don't put me on the same team as Amy.

Maxwell: Godspeed.
(The wheel spins, and just barely avoids landing on the red arm)

Samey: Phew, that was close.

Maxwell: Hope you can manage on team Speed Demon, a lot of the big name players are on there.

Samey: I can manage, I hope. Thanks for sticking up for me there, not a lot of people I know do even after Pahkitew Island.

Maxwell: No problem, just keep your chin up and stay sharp. Don't go down on me too quickly, okay?

Samey: Ok!

Confessional (A.N. Pause music)

Samey: That was really nice of Maxwell to say that. I definitely needed that confidence booster, hope it can help against my stuck-up sister. Hope she doesn't take her anger out on him though, I can imagine that it won't end well if she does.

Confessional End (A.N. Play music)

(Samey excitedly runs over to the blue circle, then Jack walks over to Maxwell)

Jack: Finally spoke to one of your crushes? Glad to see you made some progress.

Maxwell: I know right? Good luck on your end.

Jack: And to you as well.
(The brother shake hands, when Jack suddenly jumps at feeling a buzzing from Maxwell's hand)

Jack: Maxwell!
(Maxwell reveals a joy buzzer on his hand)

Maxwell: Told you I'd get you back.

Jack: At least you upheld your promise, let us hope we can do the same for them.
(A few more spin the wheel)

Maxwell: Fashion Squad.

Jo: What? Are you kidding me? I shouldn't be there, I should be on the red team.

Maxwell: Sorry, no second chances.
(Jo walks over to the pink circle)

Jack: And Mind Blast gains another member.

Dawn: Interesting, best I not let my guard down. Especially considering how many dark auras are over there.

Jack: Trust me, you'll do fine.
(Dawn smiles and turns her head to Jack)

Dawn: Thanks, I appreciate the thought.
(Dawn walks over to the green circle)

Maxwell: One more for Speed Demon.

Cody: Wait, but that means...
(Sierra is seen by the blue circle squealing with joy. Cody drops to his knees and grabs Maxwell's pants begging.)

Cody: Please, don't let me on the same team as her. I won't last a minute!

Maxwell: Stay strong, you can do this. It will be tough considering her, apparent fatuation with you, but it's nothing you can't handle. Trust me.

Cody: Ok, if you say so. Please give me strength.
(Cody walks over to the blue circle, where Sierra grabs him and hugs him tightly)

Sierra: I am so happy I get to work with my precious Cody-kins again. Thank you!

Jack/Maxwell: Don't mention it.
(Maxwell leans in and whispers to Jack)

Maxwell: I hope she doesn't.

Jack: Given its Sierra, she probably already has.
(The scene transitions and all the contestants have spun the wheel.) (A.N. Ok, you can stop the music here now)

Maxwell: Alright, the teams have finally been decided. On team Speed Demon, we have: Gwen, Sky, Shawn, Cody, Sierra, Zoey, Mike, Katie, Samey, Beardo, Geoff, Bridgette, and Sadie.

Jack: So basically the god tier group?

Maxwell: I wouldn't count your chickens until they hatch, but for now I'll say yes.

Jack: Okay, on team Iron Will we have: Lightning, Owen, Rodney, Jasmine, Scott, DJ, Tyler, Amy, Duncan, Eva, Anne Maria, Harold, and Sugar.

Maxwell: Easy to see who fits and who doesn't. Anyway, on team Mind Blast we got: Scarlett, Courtney, Max, Alejandro, Ezekiel, B, Heather, Staci, Noah, Leonard, Dawn, Trent, and Leshawna.

Jack: Hard to believe that team consists of villains and anti-villains. Can't wait to see what schemes these guys have in mind. Lastly on team fashion Squad we have: Dakota, Lindsay, Topher, Jo, Blaineley, Dave, Cameron, Izzy, Sam, Brick, Ella, Justin, and Beth.

Maxwell: Quite the group that team has. You have a few minutes to speak with your team members, then we will show you to your rooms.
(On team Speed Demon)

Shawn: Well, this is certainly quite the group of people we have together.

Sadie: I'll say, especially since I get to be with my favorite friend in the world.

Katie: Oh my gosh, I was totally thinking the same thing about you.
(Shawn turns to Sierra)

Shawn: Uh, are those two always like that?
(Sierra, who was distracted with hugging Cody, turns to Shawn)

Sierra: Huh, oh yeah those two have a history that goes waaaay back. Not to mention that those two are SUPER close, well not as close as me and Cody are.
(Sierra squeezes Cody very tightly, he tries to call for help)

Cody: Help me.

Shawn: Uhhh...


Shawn: While I admit we have some strong competitors, we certainly have a few that are sure to be a problem. A couple of people who constantly have their heads in the clouds. I swear, those guys would never last a minute in a zombie apocalypse. Well, maybe Sierra if those zombies tried to attack Cody, then they would have something to fear.

Confessional End

Zoey: Given that many of us have made it far on previous seasons, we could easily combine our talents to dominate the competition.

Sky: That's good. For what I'm planning to do, I need all the help I can get. Here's hoping we can be able to work well together.

Geoff: Right on! Let's show these dudes how a REAL team gets work done!
(Several team members cheer, but Bridgette sees Samey alone off in the distance and walks over to her)

Bridgette: Hey, Samey is it?
(Samey turns and nods)

Bridgette: What are you doing over here?

Samey: Just staying out of the way so I don't make any mistakes.

Bridgette: What? That's crazy talk. You can't seriously think you're that much of an inconvenience.

Samey: But it's true. I don't really have many friends and I suck at trying to stand up for myself. I mean I try, but every time just ends in failure. Maybe my sister was right, we may be twins but I am the inferior one.
(Samey is about to break out into tears, but Bridgette puts her hand on her shoulder)

Bridgette: Don't beat yourself up over something like that. I saw Pahkitew island, as I thought what you did was really brave. I would never be able to do something like that.
(Samey wipes her eyes)

Samey: You really think so?

Bridgette: I know so. Maybe you didn't have the best of luck before, but look now.
(Bridgette points to the other team members talking to each other, Samey looks in that direction)

Bridgette: You have people here who are willing to help out, not one person there who would want to belittle you. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, you are somebody, and don't let anyone else make you think otherwise.

Samey: Okay then. Thanks Bridgette, I appreciate it.

Bridgette: Well hey, what are friends for?

Samey: Friends? You really mean it?

Bridgette: Of course I mean it. Why wouldn't I?
(Samey hugs Bridgette while trying to hold back her tears, Bridgette is surprised, but then hugs her back)

Zoey: Aww, that's so sweet.
(Bridgette and Samey immediately break out of their hug to see that the other teammates were watching them)

Bridgette: How much of that did you see?

Mike: Enough.

Samey: Oh, sorry.

Gwen: Don't be. Like Bridgette said, you're our teammate, and our friend.

Samey: Thank you guys so much!
(The team keeps conversing as it switches to someone from team Iron Will watching them)

Amy: I cannot believe what I'm seeing here. People are actually being nice to that spare me? Oh, I swear it, Samey you won't last a minute here; especially while I'm around!
(Scott overhears her talking)

Scott: Don't mind me butting in, but I have a feeling you and your sis aren't on good terms.
(Amy turns to Scott)

Amy: Well no duh, farm boy! Look at her, acting all happy at having new friends. Well they should know, she's the INFERIOR ONE!

Scott: Well well well, you seem to have a lot of pent-up hate towards her. Why don't I cut you a deal that will help kill two birds with one stone?

Amy: Why? What do you mean, and what's in it for you?

Scott: Let's just say there are a few people on your sister's team that I would like to get back at for, let's just say personal reasons. Plus look at the team, many of them made it to the merge on their seasons, and those who could seem incompetent can easily be motivated. I want to take those 'Speed Demons' out before they start dominating us. But there's no way I can do it alone; work in an alliance with me and I'll assure you that whatever those hosts have planned for an elimination, your sister will be on it.

Amy: And how do I know that I can trust you. For the record, I saw what you did back on season 4.

Scott: Which is all the more reason that you should trust me. Believe me, I want all of those speedsters gone before I think of double crossing anyone.

Amy: And you promise Samey will go home?

Scott: Just let me know when, and I'll send her packing.
(Amy ponders for a few seconds, but grins devilishly as she makes her decision)

Amy: Alright, you piqued my interest. The sooner those guys become less of a threat, the more joy I'll take out of sending that walking husk of a me out of here. I'm in.
(The two shake hands in agreement)


Amy: For the record, I still don't trust that guy. But it might be fun trying to play the bad guy here, especially if it means taking down Samey. I'll cooperate for now, but the minute I suspect he's trying to double cross me, and he'll be gone in a heartbeat.

Scott: Trust me, I'm not afraid of someone like Amy. She's not like Heather or Alejandro, she justs wants to be the better sister. Well, let's see how she likes playing the game of sabotage. I'll keep her around for a while; but don't worry, as they say nothing lasts forever.

Confessional End

Scott: Alright, pleasure doing business with you. You won't regret it.
(Meanwhile other teammates, unaware of the conversation between Scott and Amy, are having a conversation of their own)

Owen: This is awesome, we get to be on the same team together.
(Owen hugs Duncan and Tyler)

Duncan: Whoa, take it easy there big guy. May want to save your strength for the competition, going off what those two said we may need it.

Tyler: Right, us guys need to carry this team all the way to the end.
(Eva walks by)

Eva: Yeah, you're gonna do the carrying here.
(Eva pushes Tyler to the ground by pressing her finger on his forehead as she walks past them)

Owen: You okay?
(Tyler gets up)

Tyler: Never better! If anything, I'm feeling SUPER pumped.

DJ: Anyway, it's good that we gonna have nicer hosts. Nicer that Chris and Chef anyway.

Duncan: Yeah, but there's something off about those guys. I can't put my finger on it, but those guys aren't the safest if you catch my drift.

Owen: Well they did warn us about something like that, I think.
(Harold walks over to the group)

Harold: If you ask me, there are only two possibilities. One, that their seemingly welcoming attitude is just a facade. Or two-
(Duncan grabs Harold by his shirt)

Duncan: Can it Mega-Dork! For your information, the geek squad is on that team.
(Duncan points to the green circle, unknowingly and unfortunately Courtney overheard him and he is pointing to her, everyone notices except Duncan)

Courtney: Ahem!
(Duncan looks and realizes his mistake)

Duncan: Wait I didn't mean you, you got in the way of my finger.

Courtney: I don't want to hear it, and don't even think about associating me with people like him.
(Courtney points to Harold)

Courtney: At least people like him don't make mistakes that are too big, too often.

Harold: Ha, beat that Duncan.

Duncan: With pleasure!
(Duncan starts beating up Harold as the other teammates try to break up the fight)

Courtney: Humph, once a mindless thug, always a mindless thug.
(Courtney walks away from Duncan's line of sight)

Courtney: Then again, a mindless thug would be better than some of the members on our team.
(Courtney looks to Leonard who is speaking to the other teammates, who look annoyed)

Leonard: And then, I took my staff and used the last of my mana to cast an ice spell, thereby freezing the entire army of orcs in place. Then my warrior comrades then charged forth and-
(Leonard is interrupted by Noah)

Noah: Look, it's not that your story isn't interesting, but I'm just not buying it.

Leonard: What!? How dare you try to belittle me, a level 99 wizard, when you look like you have not even passed level five.

Heather: Well why don't you take your dumb stories and tell them to people who actually care then?
(Leonard looks shocked then walks away in disappointment)

Noah: You know there are better ways to have told him to leave?

Heather: If I was trying to be nice, then he would have stayed and talked longer.

Ezekiel: I think I have to agree with Heather here.

Heather: Like I needed support from you, home school!
(Elsewhere in the team, Staci is seen talking to Scarlett)

Staci: And my great-great-great-great-great grandfather Louis invented pencils, before then people just stabbed sticks into wood or stone in order to communicate. And my great-great-great-
(Scarlett interrupts her mid-sentence)

Scarlett: That's a wonderful story and all, but I have trouble believing that your 'family history' has any truth to it.

Staci: Huh? Well, that's because...

Scarlett: Look, I don't really give advice; but if you want any, then don't try to make friends by constantly talking about your family. Try finding something else to talk about.

Staci: Really? Well ok then, thanks I guess.
(Staci is reluctant having seen season 5.2)
(A.N. Yes people, Pahkitew Island is not considered season 6)


Scarlett: For the record, no I am not turning over a new leaf. I simply told her that just to get her off my back. How am I expected to plot if she is constantly behind me talking to me?!

Confessional End

(Courtney sees Staci walk past her, then facepalms)

Courtney: Given that some our teammates are off in their own world, and others refuse to cooperate like a team SHOULD, we may be in serious trouble.
(Dawn overhears Courtney)

Dawn: As much as I hate to say it, I may have to agree with you about possible troubles with our team cooperating.
(Courtney jumps at Dawn suddenly being behind her)

Courtney: Ahh! Whoa, I didn't see you there.

Dawn: Don't worry, not many people react differently. Anyway, due to many members of our team being so dark-hearted and in it for themselves, cooperation may be an issue.

Courtney: Personally, I'm in it for myself too. But at least I can see the value in working together, unlike some of those guys.

Dawn: Probably because your father always worked by himself, refusing anyone else's help when you were a child.

Courtney: What? How did you-

Dawn: It's all over your aura. It's a bit hard to read, but some parts stick out.

Courtney: Is that so? Well, I'll try to keep that in mind. I just hope we aren't the first ones at elimination, I have a bad feeling about it.

Dawn: Good to see its not just me.
(Lastly over on team Fashion Squad, Jo is seen speaking to her team.)

Jo: -which is exactly why this team needs a leader. If no one else wants to step up, then I'll be happy to take the leadership role.

Cameron: Don't listen to her! She just wants power, she isn't going to help us!

Jo: Yeah, like anyone will believe-

Dave: I buy it.
(Jo's eyes widen in shock)

Jo: What!? You believe him!?
(Dave crosses his arms and turns his head to Jo)

Dave: At least more than I trust you. Given your attitude, I have reasons to believe what Cameron says is the truth.

Brick: I'll back up his statement.
(Jo turns to Brick)

Jo: Shut up! No one asked you!
(She then turns back to Dave)

Jo: And you, Dave-Stain-

Dave: Dave-Stain, really? That's the best you can come up with?

Jo: You know just as well as I do this team won't last a minute without a good leader.

Sam: Yeah, but honestly I'd rather have Dakota be our leader instead of you.
(Dave hears him, thinks for a second, then comes to a realization)

Dave: Actually, that's not a bad idea. I mean, Dakota made it clear she isn't the person she was when she first came on to the show. Besides, this IS team Fashion Squad, and it seems reasonable to have the most fashionable person as the leader.

Beth: But wouldn't Lindsay fit that bill too?

Dave: True, but unlike Dakota, Lindsay isn't exactly... all there if you get what I mean.

Beth: But Lindsay would totally be a great leader. I mean she has done it before, right Lindsay?
(Beth turns to Lindsay looking at Leonard in one of his stories)

Lindsay: Wow! I can't believe we have an actual wizard on our show! I wonder if he has any sparkly rocks?
(Beth looks dumbfounded then turns back to Dave)

Beth: Ok, I see your point. I think Dakota should be our leader.

Dave: Anyone else agree or object?
(Everyone except Jo agrees, but Dakota seems reluctant)

Dakota: I don't know, I mean I do fit the bill of leading a fashion squad, but I don't think I could be a good leader.

Topher: Would you rather have her lead us?
(Topher points to Jo as he says that)

Dakota: Well...

Sam: It's all right, if you need help just ask, we'll be more than happy to help.
(Dakota thinks for a few seconds, but then has a determined look on her face)

Dakota: Alright, I'll do it!
(The rest of the team, except for Jo, cheers)

Jo: What? How could you... alright fine! But you better not mess this up!

Dakota: I don't intend to.
(She then turns to Sam and kisses him on the cheek)

Dakota: Thanks Sam.

Sam: No problem, mutant or not you still mean the world to me.
(Sam holds her hands as he says that, then Jack and Maxwell speak up)

Maxwell: Alright everyone, sundown is approaching. Grab your belongings and follow us, we'll take you to your sleeping quarters for this area.
(Everyone grabs their stuff and follows the hosts, the scene transitions to them in front of four dorms. By the time it gets to this scene, the sun is setting)

Jack: This is where you will be sleeping. Each one is for each team, everyone has their own room, and boys and girls sleep SEPARATELY! It goes, in left to right, blue red green and pink. You can imagine which team goes to which. Rest well, for tomorrow we begin the game and it will be no walk in the park.

Samey: We won't get hurt, right.
(Maxwell laughs devilishly)

Maxwell: As long as you don't run for too long, or run period.
(A crowd is heard gasping, but it turns out it's just Beardo)

Jack: I suggest you go easy on the sound effects, they may prove to be your undoing for tomorrow.

Beardo: Huh?

Noah: Wait hang on a second, what do you mean?

Rodney: Sounds like it's going to be hard.

Justin: Yeah, what do you mean as long as we don't run we won't get hurt?

Jack: As much as we want to tell you, we prefer to keep these challenges a surprise. But no worries, you will see for yourself tomorrow I promise.
(The contestants seem reluctant, some even afraid)

Maxwell: In the meantime, please get some rest. It will be vital.
(The contestants grab their things and head into the dorms)

Jack: Sleep well everyone, it will not be an easy journey. But if you persevere, I promise you great things will come your way.

Sky: Glad to know we have a risk versus reward thing going on here. Well whatever you decide to do, bring it! I can handle it.

Lightning: Me too, Lightning is never one to back down from a challenge. Sha-bam!

Amy: Ughhhhh! Would someone shut this guy up already?

Alejandro: Sounds like someone is in desperate need of their beauty sleep, not that they need it.

Amy: Hey watch it! I- wait you think I'm beautiful.
(Amy giggles lightly and blushes)

Amy: Heh heh, thanks.

Alejandro: No worries.


Alejandro: There are two reasons why I complimented her like that. One is that I believe that she is up to something, and I want to find out what that is. And two, I was kind of inspired by those hosts speaking with the contestants.
(Alejandro realizes what he just said and speaks nervously)

Alejandro: Wait, I'm not jealous of them if that's what you're thinking! It's not that at all, honest. I would never be jealous of people in fancy suits and having exotic accents like me and their kind and gentle- I'm not making this sound convincing, am I?

Confessional End

(The contestants all head into the dorms, leaving only the brothers outside)

Maxwell: Well... that was something.

Jack: Yes... I look forward to what these guys bring to the table tomorrow.

Maxwell: I hope they don't think we're mean. I'm just trying to play up the mood is all, I would never want to-
(Maxwell gets interrupted when Jack puts his hand up)

Jack: I know, same here. I am sure they at least got the idea that we are NOT Chris McClean or Chef Hatchet. But rather, we are our own.
(Maxwell moves Jacks hand down and smiles sincerely)

Maxwell: Thanks Jack, you really know how to help a brother out.

Jack: Don't I always? Anyway, why don't you and I settle our business from earlier... at the bumper cars?
(Jack holds out his hand, Maxwell's eyes light up, grins and grabs Jack's hand with enthusiasm. As he grabs it, the theme to the American version of 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow plays)

The closest I could find to listening to the theme:

Maxwell: Alright, you're on! But shouldn't we finish business first?

Jack: Precisely.
(Both turn towards the camera)

Jack: Well the game is afoot. The players are as ready as we are, and we cannot wait to begin.

Maxwell: Join us next time for epic beginning to the game, right here on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! Now, if you excuse us.
(As the music and scene ends, the two brothers are seen walking side by side to the bumper cars as the sun sets, the screen then fades to black)

Episode End

Remaining competitors: 52

Final Author's Notes

Well, that's the first episode. Sorry it's so long, there was a few things I wished to establish. Anyway please tell me what you think so far, and don't be afraid to be critical because I'm not afraid of any rough criticism. Anyway, in the next episode, I'll give some ideas on some areas the remaining contestants can move onto after this. When that happens, let me know which one is the most interesting and vote for it. That way, it could be where they may go next; with its own challenges, rewards, and eliminations. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

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