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List of new areas:

  • Beach
  • Caverns
  • Harbor
  • Laboratory
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Wild Western Ranch
  • Metropolis
  • Medieval Castle
  • Haunted House
  • Bayou
  • Casino
  • Quarry
  • Forest
  • Scrapyard
  • Factory
  • Seasonal Plains
  • Ruins


(A view of the main valley is seen from the front as Jack and Maxwell give the recap while offscreen. Shows the scenes they are mentioning while going over the recap)

Maxwell: Last time on 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama! Our forecast called for a high chance of rain and thunder, with drama to come sweeping along later.

Jack: The challenge was simple, traverse the thunderous territories of Weather Valley. But a simple challenge allows time for the teams to get to know each other a bit more, and trust me it wasn't pretty.

Maxwell: In an effort to save his girlfriend, as well as some others who went missing, Tyler stuck it out for the other teams and managed to bring home the victory for Team Iron Will.

Jack: And Team Mind Blast ended up having leadership issues, resulting in a bet between a few individuals for the leader position. Needless to say, the bet backfired in yet another failure.

Maxwell: Though we can't say they can be blamed entirely, if it wasn't for Trent showing up late to the party, then they could've been safe. Well Trent certainly learned the hard way, but at least he went out with a bang!

Jack: Stop it, just stop it. (Transitions to the brothers along a river in a sunny area of the valley)

Jack: Anyways, I believe its time we test their cooperation and give them something calming this time. Wouldn't you agree dear brother?

Maxwell: Definitely, after violent gusts, storms with dust, and thundering clouds, its time to enjoy the sun, the calm, and oh yes, the potential drama to come.

Jack: Will Mind Blast finally escape elimination? Will Speed Demon finally get back on top? Can anyone stop the rampage of Iron Will? And what does Fashion Squad have in mind this time?

Maxwell: Better get out those life jackets and hang on for, well, dear life. Because this time, the waters are about to get rougher.

Jack/Maxwell: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 101 Ways to Leave Total Drama!

Start of the Show

(Begins outside at nighttime, Jack and Maxwell are just laying on the ground looking at the stars)

Maxwell: You know something bro?

Jack: Yes brother?

Maxwell: I'm getting worried these last few challenges have been a bit hard on them. I mean, we sent them parachuting off a cliff, had them fight amidst a dust storm, and had them run through a severe thunderstorm. I think for this next one we need something easier for them.

Jack: I know what you mean, but keep in mind, we would need to think of something easy for them to do AND keep it entertaining for our contestants.

Maxwell: Good point, but it still feels wrong that we've been putting them through this. I mean, this ain't just a pleasant ride to the lake. We have people watching this stuff, and the producers are counting on us to make this season a hit. So, I guess we'll have to find a middle ground.

Jack: Wait, what was that you just said?

Maxwell: We'll have to find a middle ground?

Jack: Before that.

Maxwell: I've been worried these last few challenges were-

Jack: No after that.

Maxwell: Oh I give up! What?

Jack: A pleasant ride to the lake.

Maxwell: Oh that, what about it?

Jack: I think I have an idea.

Maxwell: Will we need life vests?

Jack: Now you are catching on, dear brother!
(The next morning, at Team Fashion Squad's dorm)

Ella: *yawn*
(Ella is first to wake up, the rest are still asleep)

Ella: Good morning everyone!
(Despite the melodic tone, no one wakes)

Ella: Hello? Hm, I must be early.
(She decides to get up and get herself ready for the day. Once she's done she heads outside)

Ella: Ah, what a beautiful day!
(To spend some time, Ella decides to run around the valley singing to her heart's content, until she notices Jack and Maxwell down by the river)

Ella: I wonder what they're doing?
(She then runs over to them, Jack notices her)

Jack: Well, it appears someone is up early.

Maxwell: Huh?
(Turns to see Ella)

Maxwell: Oh! Good morning Ella!

Ella: Good morning to you as well.

Jack: I'm surprised you're up this early my dear.

Ella: Its just a habit of mine, early to bed and early to rise. So, may I ask what you are doing right now?

Maxwell: Setting up today's challenge, we thought it was time to ease things for you guys.

Ella: How so?

Jack: Look, I may like you, but I can't be unfair to the others. You'll have to wait and see.

Ella: Okay, is there anything you may want me to do?
(Jack thinks for a second)

Jack: Well, if you don't mind, Maxwell and I are almost finished with setting things up, we just need the life vests. Mind going down to the storage room and grabbing them?

Ella: I'd be happy to!

Maxwell: Terrific, here's the keys!
(Maxwell hands Ella the keys, she returns to the bunker to find the storage room)

Ella: Okay, best I be quick, I don't want to keep them waiting. (It takes a few minutes, but she eventually finds the storage room)

Ella: Ah, here it is!
(She opens it and starts looking for the life vests, once she finds them however...)

???: Excuse me?
(She turns around, and Dawn happens to be by the door)

Ella: Oh, good morning Dawn! I'm sorry if I woke you.

Dawn: Oh don't worry, I was already awake. Care to explain why you're in the storage room?

Ella: Jack said he needed the life vests for the challenge, and I happened to be there so I offered to help.

Dawn: That's very helpful of you.

Ella: Yes, but I think I'll need some help with these vests. If you don't mind-

Dawn: You want some help? Sure, I can help.

Ella: Thank you so much.
(Dawn grabs some of the life vests and they head to exit, but someone else happens to notice them)

Dawn: I know you're watching us Sky, no need to stay silent.
(Though confused at first, Ella turns around. Like Dawn said, Sky is behind them)

Ella: Oh, good morning Sky!

Sky: Morning. What's going on?

Ella: Jack and Maxwell needed some help getting ready for the challenge, so I offered to get the life vests they needed.

Sky: Keep in mind, we have 45 people left in this game, are you sure about grabbing all the life vests that were needed just for that.

Dawn: Hence why she asked me to help, I may not have much physically, but I am willing to help to ensure safety.

Sky: Mind if I help too?

Ella: Okay, they're in the storage room over there. (Sky runs in and grabs some of the vests)

Ella: Thank you for helping Sky!

Sky: No problem, let's get these to the hosts.
(They leave and return to the brothers)

Jack: Well well well, I see you decided you needed some assistance.

Ella: Well, considering how many we needed, I felt that some help was necessary.

Maxwell: I think this may be just about what we needed, the rest we have already on standby.

Jack: Thank you ladies for your help.
(Jack bows, in response Ella curtsies, Dawn and Sky decide to do the same thing)

Jack: We will inform you when the challenge will begin, do as you wish in the meantime.
(The girls walk away to talk privately)

Ella: Be still my heart.

Sky: I guess someone's glad they got to help Jack.

Dawn: I had my doubts before, but their auras are much more calmer than Chris'. They treat us with the kindness we deserve.

Sky: At least compared to Chris, but he doesn't even take that into account.

Dawn: I can see you were a bit nervous around Jack.

Sky: Huh?

Dawn: Its all over your aura, it turned a bit grey, you were nervous about something.

Sky: W-Well, I...

Dawn: Personally, I'm not surprised. I was bit nervous myself.

Ella: Y-You were?

Dawn: I can tell Jack has feelings for me, and well, I kinda feel the same way.

Sky: Ironic, the three of us together, and we have the feelings for the same guy.

Ella: Well, he did mention he would want to go out with someone, but who?

Sky: I think there's something we need to get across here.

Ella: What's that?

Sky: We all want to win his affections like he wants to win ours. So if we're going to do this, then let's agree to keep this clean and not sabotage each other.

Ella: I would never do anything like that, I swear it!

Dawn: Don't worry, I'm not the kind of person who would go around doing that. But its best we keep this to ourselves, otherwise the other teams will use this against us.

Sky: Agreed, we have a deal?
(Sky holds out her hand, Dawn shakes it, then Ella)

Dawn: Then let's do this cleanly and by the books.

Sky: And let's not get petty when he makes his choice.

Ella: Okay. So, should we wake the others?

Sky: Oh right, let's go!
(Later, at breakfast)

Shawn: Okay, we really need to start winning. We barely won the last challenge.

Gwen: Taking into account what happened to Trent, I agree with him.
(Flashback to Trent's elimination)

Sierra: Any idea what challenge we're doing today?

Sky: Beats me. But a victory for us is long overdue, so let's give it our all!

Geoff: Yeah! Let's do this!

Bridgette: Alright Geoff, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still have the other teams to contend with.

Mike: Then let's hope they won't be as much of a problem this time.

Gwen: Agreed.


Gwen: Okay, Trent and I may have had an on and off relationship before, but blowing him up is the last thing I'd do to him, even after getting back together. And while I wouldn't mind that, I'd also mind not getting so close to the blast zone. We better start winning, I'm starting to get worried we might be in someone's line of sight.

Confessional End

Amy: So, think we should go for them again?

Scott: Patience Amy, we can't be too hasty. If we are, then they'll find out.

Amy: I know, but I just want that stupid sister of mine gone.

Scott: And we'll get to that, we just need to take it one step at a time.

Amy: Fine fine, I'll wait until the next challenge.

Scott: Smart girl.
(Sugar walks up to them)

Sugar: Hey guys.

Amy: What do you want?

Sugar: So, got any plans for today?

Amy: Plans for what?
(Sugar gets close and whispers to Amy and Scott)

Sugar: Plans on eliminating someone?
(Amy and Scott's eyes widen)

Scott: Well ****.

Amy: You better not do what I think you're gonna do.

Sugar: Maybe, maybe not.

Scott: Relax Amy, I'll handle this.
(Scott stands up)

Scott: Let me guess, you have terms, of sorts?

Sugar: If you think you're so good, then get someone off the show for me.

Scott: And who's that?

Sugar: Get that prissy-faced, goody two-shoes, Ella outta here.

Scott: Ella? She could barely hurt a fly, let alone be an actual threat.

Sugar: I don't care I want her gone. Do it, or I'll reveal what you did.

Scott: Grrr....

Amy: What should we do?
(Scott whispers to Amy)

Scott: Don't worry, I've got this under control.
(Scott turns back to Sugar)

Scott: Okay, you want her out of your life, it's done!

Sugar: Smart choice, good luck.
(Sugar walks away, and Scott sits back down next to Amy)

Amy: Really? Look I don't underestimate the competition, but Ella? She's a good singer, but she's harmless.

Scott: Did I say we'd get rid of her?

Amy: You said we'd "get her out of her life", right?

Scott: I did, but not that way. Shes wants to be rid of Ella, then we'll do that, and be rid of our blackmailer at the same time.

Amy: How so?
(Scott whispers to Amy)

Amy: Oh my, I like the sound of that.


Scott: Its been a while since I sabotaged my own team, but this time instead of giving a false sense of security, this time I'm getting rid of an unwanted teammate. You poked the bear Sugar, and he's not happy!


(The loudspeaker comes on)

Jack: Attention everyone, the next challenge is prepared. Please meet us down by the river so we may begin.

Maxwell: Jack, it was my turn!

Jack: Maxwell don't complain about it!

Maxwell: I want to say it!

Jack: I already gave the message, hey give me that, let go you-
(A crashing sound is heard from the loudspeaker)

Maxwell: Oops. Jack I didn't mean to-

Jack: Maxwell! You idiot!! Sorry folks, it may be a while before we meet you there, just head for the river and we'll be there soon.
(Loudspeaker is turned off)

Tyler: Wonder what that was about?

Eva: Don't know, don't care, let's just go.
(Eva gets up and walks to the entrance, transition to all the teams by the river)

Alejandro: I wonder where our hosts are?

Dawn: Maybe there's something holding them up?

Heather: They better get here soon, they've kept us waiting long enough!
(Suddenly, Jack and Maxwell are heard in the distance)

Maxwell: Hey guys! Hang on, we're coming!
(Jack and Maxwell show up, out of breath)

Gwen: What happened?

Maxwell: It was my fault, I messed up the room where we gave the announcements from, so Jack and I scrambled to get everything back in place again.

Jack: If you had waited your turn Maxwell, we wouldn't have kept them waiting!

Maxwell: Well you said it was my turn to announce the signal for the challenge to them, but no, you had to take over again!

Jack: Why I oughta-

Dakota: Guys, the challenge please.

Jack: Right, sorry you had to see that.

Maxwell: Sorry. Anyways, may I?

Jack: By all means.
(Maxwell goes to the fourth and final curtain, when he uncovers it it reveals a picture of a boat going down a river)

Jack: This time, we've decided to take it down a notch.

Sky: Down by how much?

Maxwell: Its not a disaster zone, and there's very little danger if any at all.

Courtney: Wait, really?

Cody: Is it too good to be true?

Duncan: No way, this has to be a trick.

Jack: Tis no trick, its the straight truth. Here's your challenge, the teams must take these boats to the mouth of the river, which will act the finish line. Luckily, the river is wide enough for larger boats, so these will accomodate your entire team. First full team to the end wins, and last full team goes to elimination, much like the previous challenge.

Maxwell: Courtesy of some help we had earlier, we have enough life vests for everyone, on the off chance your boat flips over. You're gonna need the boat, because its much more exhausting and time consuming to swim from here to the mouth of the river. Also, some parts of the river can get pretty rough, so its really not advised to swim through those.

Jack: There are several branching paths from here to the finish line, some are calmer but take a bit more time. While some are shorter, but a bit more risky to take. The riskier paths have been marked with a danger sign, take it if you dare, but if anyone gets hurt, then do not say we didn't warn you.

Maxwell: Any other questions?

Sky: No sabotage is allowed, right?

Jack: Indeed, we have the whole river covered so don't even think about it!

Jasmine: And just to double check, the whole team PLUS the boat have to make it for it to count?

Maxwell: Yepperdoodles!

Jack: Alright, if there are no more questions, don your life vests and wait for our signal to begin.
(Transitions to the teams in their boats, donning their life vests)

Maxwell: The whole thing will take about 4 hours tops. Don't worry, we tested this, its safe!

Anne Maria: The less chance of getting my hair wet, the better.

Jack: We'll see you at the finish line! On your mark...... get set................. GO!
(At Jack's signal, the teams begin paddling their boats down the stream. Iron Will appears to be in the lead, but Speed Demon and Fashion Squad are close behind)

Lightning: Oh no they don't!

Jasmine: Keep paddling, its a long way to the end, and we're not going to go down here!

Scott: Well, no way we're going to be able to pull anything here.

Amy: At least not against the other teams.

Scott: Good point. We just need to get Sugar out of here, but how?

Amy: Let's just wait for an opportunity to present itself, then we strike!

Scott: Right, but for now, let's just keep paddling.
(Meanwhile with team Speed Demon)

Cody: They're so close, why can't we catch up?

Gwen: These guys are called Iron Will for a reason, arm strength is key in this challenge and they seem to have it covered.

Sky: We can't give up now, if we have to, we'll have to risk taking one of the rough paths.

Bridgette: As much as I hate to say it, we may have to. We barely got away from elimination last time, so we need to make this one a victory for us!

Shawn: Don't speak now, but I see danger ahead!
(They look to see a danger sign ahead on the left, and team Iron Will doesn't appear to be taking it)

Zoey: They're going the longer route.

Sky: Then this is the opportunity we've been waiting for, take the path on the left, and get ready for anything!

Katie: Sadie, if I don't make this, wear your best pink dress to my funeral.

Sadie: Oh my gosh, I was about to say that too!

Katie: Really? Wow, in sync again!

Shawn: Girls, focus!

Katie/Sadie: Sorry!
(Team Speed Demon takes the left path, meanwhile with Fashion Squad)

Dakota: It seems like Speed Demon is taking the path on the left.

Cameron: Should we follow?

Brick: Its a bit too risky, our team isn't equipped to handle those kinds of rough waters. Let's just double time it on the safer route, and hope they don't pull ahead.

Dakota: Sounds like a plan, paddle everyone, paddle!
(Meanwhile, with Mind Blast)

Scarlett: We're in last place, we don't have much to lose by taking the left path.

Alejandro: If we do take it, there's a better chance of the boat falling over.

Heather: But at the same time, we've already had two eliminations back to back, and after last time I do NOT want to go back.

Scarlett: Its a risk worth taking, we don't really have much more to lose if we do this. Head left!

Leonard: Quick, you heard her, steer the vessel left!
(Mind Blast takes the left path, while Fashion Squad continues on the right behind Iron Will)

To Be Continued

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