I'm sure those of you who are reading this are wondering what this is. To put it simply, this is a cross between the shows Total Drama and 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow; the later of which I have personally adapted to a reality-show style format.

For those of you who do not know, 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow is like your typical quiz show, but with a twist. 8 contestants compete against each other for the prize of $50,000. Answer correctly, and you move on to the next round. Answer wrong, and the person is sent off the show in over-the-top methods; think the elimination methods from season 4 onwards, but jacked up to 11, and they literally had 101 ways to do it. At the end, the four remaining head up to the tower and the one left standing with the correct answer wins. Sadly, the American version was canceled after 6 episodes, probably due to the eliminations.

Here, I've managed to adapt the format to fit the Total Drama reality show style with my own personal twists. First off, all the contestants from the main series will be competing, all 52 of them. They will be competing for the grand prize of $100,000,000 and will be separated into 4 teams; they are Speed Demon, Iron Will, Mind Blast and Fashion Squad. There will be those who fit the team description and those who do not, and the inevitable merge will occur down the line. Second, Chris will NOT be the host. Instead the host, or should I say hosts, will be original characters who are both fair, but are not afraid to show their sadistic sides. They will be explained later in full.

Thirdly this is how the game will work. The four teams will compete in challenges in a themed area. Prizes will be offered to those in first at the end of the event, and elimination awaits the team in last. At elimination, all the contestants will vote on which person from that team should be eliminated, after hearing the other contestants plead their case on why they should stay. The four on that team with the most votes are in danger of being eliminated. They will be introduced to that elimination method, then be asked a random trivia question. There are three right answers, and one wrong answer, obviously the one with the wrong answer is eliminated regardless of how many votes they received. After four challenges in that area, the final challenge will be opened. No one will be eliminated from these, but a massive prize is on the line. It will be a race to find the finish line, when the team shows up determines the order. Teams must select a contestant to brave The Tower. Once there, a question will be asked, but one answer is correct. Answer wrong, and they are dropped from the tower to the water below. Get the correct answer, and that person alongside their team wins a bonus $10,000 and a special prize. Once that is done, the remaining contestants will move on to a new area, complete with its own challenges, rewards, and eliminations. Once the merge occurs, the rules will remained unchanged except it's every person for themselves, and they alone will win or lose.

However, I won't be doing this without your input. The questions will be made by me to avoid any spoilers, but the areas the game takes place and any elimination methods that could take place there, that I can leave up to you. If you wish, leave a suggestion below on places the game can be in, and eliminations that take place there. The first area and eliminations have already been decided, so wait until the final challenge for your votes.

I hope to write the first episode sometime soon, as well as explaining who the hosts are. In the mean time, please do not be afraid to state your thoughts below. This is my first original story, so I hope you can enjoy it; thank you for your time.

If you wish to see the descriptions for the hosts, then go here for the details.

If you wish to jump right into the first episode, then click here to begin the competition!

If you wish to see the actual show it is inspired by, then click on the link below.

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