• Jack7809

    Hey everyone it's me Jack7809 with yet another blog entry. As some of you know I did an experiment called "Which Contestants Are Most Liked By The Fans". Since that was nearly a year ago and new contestants have been added to the franchise, I've decided to try this again. Remember please no troll votes. Results will be put in a separate blog post once I think I have a decent amount of responses. Thank you, and here are the polls! Simply answer yes or no. If you are neutral towards them don't answer yes or no. Simply comment who you're neutral towards.


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  • Jack7809

    Hey, fellow Total Drama Lovers! Today I would like to talk about the 52 teens who have competed on Total Drama! All of them have very interesting personalities. Some not so much... But enough with that I want to ask you guys which Total drama player your most like. And out of all the contestants I'm most like these people.

    Sierra (Duh... every Super Total Drama Fan is like Sierra) Noah (I'm sarcastic like a lot!) Jasmine (I'm a team player! and I'm very nice) DJ (I love animals) Leshawna (I don't let anyone talk crap to me) Brick (Like Jasmine I'm a team player)

    That's all! Tell me in the comments which character your most like!


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  • Jack7809

    I was Thinking about how Julie Giles said on Facebook that their will be new Contestants after season 6. And then I was thinking about their Personalities. So this is my Personality Prediction for after Season 6.

    1. Another Ladies Man

    2. Another Goth Person

    3. Zoey 3.0

    4. Izzy 2.0

    5. An Actress?

    6. Dakota and Lindsay Mashup Person

    7. A person who tries to act like a Villan

    8. Another Farmer

    9. A scientist?

    10. Another Austrailian Person

    Thats Pretty much What i think Contestants after Season 6 will be like any Ither predictions?

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