Finally, some RP info lol. I've been talking about it for a while, and here it is. I'll be updating this blog with episode/elimination info as they happen. If all goes well we should be able to do the premeire this week!

Questions? Comments? Post them below

I'm tentatively placing our start date @ Wendsday, May 31st. If this day is inconvienient for anybody feel free to contact me and I'll try to work around everybody's schedules. Sometimes, people might get subbed but this shouldnt be a huge concern for anybody. No need to stress out over this its supposed to be fun lol.


Has-been actor and reality TV personality, Chris Mclean, has hit rock bottom. After the cancellation of Total Drama, Chris's career has taken a nosedive. Desperate to recapture the fame and wealth he once had, Chris has scrounged up whatever cash he has left and a dozen miscellaneous former contestants from the gutter to create the first ever "independent" rendition of Total Drama! He's not going to let TD die, even if it means producing it himself. 

Together with his old pal Chef Hatchet, Mclean is taking these 12 contestants on the ROAD TRIP OF A LIFETIME on a trashy old tour bus - all while they compete for a ONE MILLION DOLLAR cash prize through harrowing makeshift challenges. Just like old times, competitors will be stepping all over each other to take home the gold, and one by one they'll drop until the finale. Where will the road take our contestants?! What kind of low-budget adventures does Chris have in store for them?! And, most importantly, who's going to stick around for the finale?! Only time will tell... "It's life on the highway, and we're gonna ride it all season long!" - Chris 

Emphasis will be placed in this RP upon player creativity, improvisation, and interaction. Challenges are designed with these focuses in mind. Hopefully they'll be fun.

Cast/Character Information

Bowen567 - Heather and Lindsay

Epic~00 - Harold and Courtney

Gogogadget831 - Staci

Just a sarcastic boy - Noah and Shawn

JRO123 - Chris, Chef, and Max

Superdawnfan - Dawn and Jo

ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy - Cody and Dakota

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