After a long hiatus, Pick Your Side is finally back with it's fourth entry. In case you don't know what this blog series is, you are given two sides and must pick one to defend. This week, you'll be deciding which team is best. Here are the sides.

Side 1: The Screaming Gophers

The Screaming Gophers are the superior team of Total Drama Island, losing only five times as opposed to the Killer Bass's seven. In addition, every post-merge challenge in the season is won by a former gopher. This team also had several important interactions in the season, such as:

Side 2:The Killer Bass

The Killer Bass are the inferior team of Total Drama Island, losing seven times as opposed the the Screaming Gophers' five. Despite this, the team still had several important interactions, such as:

Which side do you choose?

After reading the descriptions of both sides, which team do you think is the best and why? The Screaming Gophers or the Killer Bass? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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